Why You Ought to Use a Proxy Server for Strengthening Your Online Privacy

If you want to be more efficient in business, you have to be open-minded when it comes to middle-men. The same applies to the use of the web, if you want to be more efficient in terms of privacy and overall security. The role of the middle-man here is impersonated by a proxy server, which is a term that you need to become extremely accustomed to.

In this era of continuous online threats and breaches of privacy (with the latest Celebgate or the Snappening taking place and exposing the dangers of storing your photos on a cloud) that seem to be an avalanche eager to take every Internet user with it, it is crucial for us to come up with solid protection on the web. This is where the secure proxy can step in and help out beyond imagination.

Let’s find out together why you need to embrace the use of a security proxy server in your daily life at home or at the office, both for personal and professional endeavors.

How a Proxy Server Works

Your computer needs to connect to the Internet, in order for you to send or receive emails, engage in social networking or sharing files, documents and such. Instead of doing this directly, you can connect to the proxy server (like a VPN) and add a filter that encrypts your data, and thus grants you with precious anonymity.

This typically means that, even if somebody is trying to track you down and look through your correspondence or hack your bank account, the data of yours will be out of reach. This is the reason why the proxy server is called an intermediary or a middle-man, as stated above.

Benefits Deriving from the Use of Proxy Servers

It makes total sense why proxy security is more than plainly valuable. If we wish to know exactly the profit that is gained via this online pathway that we agree to walk on, the information as to how we can better our overall protection online using this tool will astound us. In specific:

  • LAN Sharing: There are times when we use a single Internet connection at home or at the office for multiple devices. Of course, nobody is willing to pay a different fee for using various Internet connections towards meeting the needs of his business network or his tablet, laptop and mobile devices at home. This is why LAN takes the wheel and a proxy server enables you to share a single Internet connection smoothly, and without any problem whatsoever.
  • IP Concealing: Hackers and hostile intruders lurk behind every corner of our digital sphere. All at once, it is really important to keep your anonymity and not leave tracks of your web surfing for multiple different reasons. As a result, your IP should not be the detail that spoils your goal to be kept out of sight on the Internet. Fortunately enough, a proxy server is able to help you mask your IP and get a brand new one. This new IP is apparently not related to your name or your online identity and therefore your goal is accomplished!
  • Internet Speeding: This is a pretty straightforward reason, since everybody is in need of getting the optimal feedback at the minimal time required. Using the method of caching data, most proxies will offer great performance and will eliminate the lags and delays that you might have been accustomed to in the past. So, besides the anonymity and privacy benefits, you can also acquire much better services in Internet speed.
  • Restrictions Bypassing: Although many people do not even think about such a problem, it is true that there are abundant restrictions, as far as the Internet usage is concerned. Governments prevent their citizens from accessing certain online content and the same goes for businesses or even educational institutions. Of course, when you indulge in secure proxy servers, you do not have to worry about such limitations. Instead, through the IP masking that has been highlighted earlier you can access any website and data that you desire. No consequences should frighten you, as nobody will be in the position of tracking you and realizing what you have accessed in the first place!

How Do I Put a Proxy Server into Effect?

Luckily for you, there is nothing complex in activating a proxy server and connecting via this filter. Whether you use a free proxy server or a premium one (there are many reliable VPN and proxy service providers on the market), there are detailed guidelines that will help you out step by step.

In general, keep in mind that you will be obliged to change your connection settings and specify the IP address of yours as per your own country selection for it (you will be able to get an IP from any country that you’d like). After the configuration has been completed, you can check whether or not the activation has been successful pretty easily. You just click on the computer information of yours or you gaze through your Internet connection and look for your proxy’s IP address. This is it!

Security via the use of a proxy server can offer remarkable benefits to every single one of us, whether we are experienced and literate in computing or not. So, in avoidance of any negative consequence linked to the lack of solid privacy settings on our Internet connection, a proxy is a one-way street!

Do not settle for the hazardous navigation in the depths of the web, when you can shield your data in the most effective and easiest manner possible! Of course, we are always eager to hear your experiences, have you got any tips on using proxy servers?

Top-right image by: Wikipedia (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Esquema-proxy-internet.svg)

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