Reasons why you need to hide your IP online

Your IP address is a unique number that you get, so as to identify yourself online throughout your connection. It is given to you by your Internet Service Provider (or else your ISP), and it contains a lot of personal pieces of information.

hiding your IP addressIf you think that it is harmless to reveal where you are located in the world or what you use for connecting to the web, think twice! Let’s have a closer look at what the critical reasons behind hiding your IP address are, shall we?

Avoiding Targeted Ads: It is true that advertising takes up much of the revenue from the Internet and thus it is a source of income for many people out there. This does not mean that ads are not irritating to the user! On the contrary, it is frustrating to visit a new website, only to find out that the same targeted ads follow you around.

And as the cyber-criminals are getting smarter and smarter, you can even get malware or become victim of ransomware from ads. Thanks to your IP, the browser can identify your habits, desires, and needs and consequently adjusts the ads illustrated to you. As a result, there are much better chances of you actually being convinced by an ad that appeals to you in the first place.

Protecting Wi-Fi Connections: When you use a Wi-Fi connection at a public place, this is usually an unsecured connection. This leads to several vulnerabilities that might end up harming your overall online security. On the contrary, when you mask your IP, you do not reveal anything, and therefore, you protect your Wi-Fi established connection online. So, nobody can see the data that you are sending or receiving.

Bypassing Geographical Restrictions: There are multiple geographically restricted sites and channels out there, which are not available worldwide. As a consequence, there are people able to enjoy a specific show online in their country and not to be able to watch that when traveling abroad. To lift such inequalities, hiding your IP and changing it to a new one that covers the needs of the geographical location at a time is the key.

Overcoming Firewalls and Censorship: There are times when you wish you were somewhere else, due to the heavy censorship applied to your country? Maybe the working environment of yours is pretty strict, and you hate it that you are not allowed to surf the web carefree. Perhaps you are a student, and you do not have unlimited access to the Internet. Either way, hiding your IP enables you to overcome all the firewalls and avoid all types of censorship.

Conceal Where You Are Located: This is the simplest and yet most important reason for hiding one’s IP. If you do not want others to know where you are located in the world, the only solution is to mask your IP address. This happens pretty easily with the help of a VPN service provider, which allows you to change your IP and connect to a different VPN server, located somewhere remotely. This is the first step towards maintaining your anonymity and privacy online.

Do Not Reveal Search Info: Last but not least, you may not want to give out information about what you do when you are online. Especially with static IPs that do not get changed that often by the ISPs, the browsers may gather a lot of information about your online activities. Which websites you visit, what types of searches you do on a weekly basis, how much time you spend on specific sites, etc. might seem danger-free, but they aren’t!

Having covered the core reasons to hide IP address above, it’s time to see how you can hide your IP – right? There is no rocket-science in it, you don’t need any technical knowledge either. As stated above, you just need to use a VPN and there you go with changing your IP! Done.

So, there you have it! Hide your IP, so as to enjoy the wonderful world of the Internet, without having to tolerate all the negative consequences that go hand in hand with revealing your digital footprint.

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  1. An informative article, yet isn’t too technical which I like. Covers a range of requirement, but isn’t overly long and doesn’t get the reader ‘yawning’!!!

    To sum up, it’s a bite size article which I digested without problem, thank you.

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