What is Security Gladiators?

Security Gladiators is a website dedicated to online and mobile security. Use Security Gladiators’ how-to articles to avoid internet frauds and deceptive, fraudulent business operations. Security Gladiators acts as an online protection and security information source, as well as a privacy and security protection agency for internet users. Security Gladiators is an encyclopedia of web security for every possible internet vulnerability for web users, from VPNs to anti-virus applications.

When were Security Gladiators Founded?

The Security Gladiators was founded on July 14, 2014, as a place for consumers and tech enthusiasts to meet and share their knowledge and experiences concerning online security, as well as to provide the greatest tools and information to make their everyday life easier and more pleasurable on the internet.

Who Founded Security Gladiators?

Ali Qamar was the Security Gladiators’ original founder. He is a seasoned blogger who enjoys keeping an eye on the future of technology. He’s a geek. He is a big fan of and supporter of privacy. He is obsessed with (and knowledgeable about) internet security, digital finance, and technology. Ali is the CEO of PrivacySavvy and a budding entrepreneur. Ali parted ways with Security Gladiators in 2016 when Damien Mather took it over.

Who are Security Gladiators Owners?

Leading Edge Marketing, an Australian firm, owns and operates Security Gladiators. It is located at 600 Bourke Street, Level 4, Melbourne, Victoria 3000.

Who are Security Gladiators Executives?

Damien Mather is one of the Security Gladiators’ executives. He works as a Director, Chief Editor, and Lead Developer.

Who are Security Gladiators Staff?

The Security Gladiator’s staff and their background in the industry are listed below.

Matthew Innes: Matthew is a technology enthusiast and aspiring mechanical engineer. I enjoy seeing the intersection of these two fields. He can be found fishing, playing guitar, playing video games, or making something while not working or studying.

Ali Qamar: Ali is an Internet security researcher who enjoys conducting “deep” research to uncover cutting-edge security breakthroughs. To be honest, Ali began working online as a freelancer and continues to offer his skills for a living. He is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge with others and strives to provide only the finest.

Pierluigi Paganini: Member of the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security Threat Landscape Stakeholder Group; Founder of Security Affairs Blog. The Deep Dark Web: The Hidden World, co-author.

Zohair A.: Zohair is a content creator at Security Gladiators and has worked in IT for over a decade. He is a trained engineer and, as such, enjoys assisting others in resolving technical issues. When he’s not writing, he’s usually practicing his free-kicks in the grass next to his house.

Diego J. Asturias: Diego discovered his interest in technology as a child by breaking his parents’ cassette radios, and he went on to dabble in the fields of electronics, cybersecurity, and wireless devices. Diego has traveled the world as an engineer, researcher, and writer, researching wireless sensor networks and assisting in the development of an African country’s first LTE mobile network.

Ilija Miljkavoc: Ilija is a technology and cybersecurity writer based in Leeds, UK. His interest in technology began as a child and has resulted in a computer science degree and writing on the subject since 2015.

Isa Aliu: Isa has over 7 years of experience as a seasoned writer and cybersecurity specialist. He has collaborated with essential cybersecurity websites around the world, where he has written hundreds of authoritative pieces on the subject of internet security. He’s always been passionate about digital security, and he’s now dedicated to educating people all over the world about it.

Rexter Marqueses: Over two years of experience using his writing to educate and motivate people in the following areas: data privacy, internet security, and VPN technology. Skilled at writing articles, ebooks, and workbooks that are plagiarism-free, SEO-optimized, and of high quality.

Emmanuel Ojodun: Emmanuel Ojodun is fascinated by technology and has a degree in Mechanical Engineering to back up his beliefs. During his undergraduate studies, he established great research abilities that proved essential in uncovering the secrets of internet security and privacy.

Junaid Ahmad: Junaid Ahmad is a senior content writer and analyst with extensive experience in cybersecurity and technology. As a Senior Content Writer, he examines security services critically. He may be found evaluating VPN services and writing how-to guides when he isn’t polishing his tinfoil hat or plunging into the depths of cybersecurity.

Stella Strouvali: Stella is a qualified writer and ardent wordsmith who adores Placebo, technology, Panionios, and wellbeing. Nonetheless, her greatest love is eagerly learning new things and passing them on to others. To Socrates, “An unexamined life is not worth living.”

Ali Raza: Ali is a freelance journalist with 5 years of web journalism and marketing experience. He writes for a number of internet outlets. With a Master’s degree, he currently combines his interests in internet security and technology writer for SecurityGladiators. He enjoys traveling and playing video games while he is not working.

Lawrence Mwangi: Lawrence is a business and technology reporter. He has written for a number of technology websites and periodicals as a freelancer. He is a web enthusiast who is particularly interested in online security, entrepreneurship, and innovation. He can be seen on a tennis court or a chessboard when he is not writing about technology.

Sarah Green: Sarah Green is a blogger and researcher specializing in cloud computing, web hosting, and related technology trends. She is combining her love of writing with her interest in technology to promote problems she believes deserve the attention of online communities.
Stephen Kiboi: Steve Kiboi is a qualified statistician and internet entrepreneur with a passion for internet security and anonymity. He is a great believer in people’s right to talk and participate online. Steve is a passionate sports lover who enjoys masculine fashion in his spare time.

How does Security Gladiators Work?

There are a plethora of recommendations in the form of “how-to” tutorials at Security Gladiators in overcoming limitations and unblocking websites, protecting your personal information, streaming, gaming, file sharing and storage, and more.

What is the Purpose of Security Gladiators?

Security Gladiators’ purpose is to be the authoritative source for everything relating to internet security, consumer technology, online streaming, and gaming. This information is disseminated through news stories, in-depth how-to guides, comparisons and product reviews, fast takes, and the occasional market study.

What are the Values ​​of Security Gladiators?

The Security Gladiators place more value on online security above all else on the internet, which is why they created this website in the first place. The Security Gladiators’ goal is to raise public awareness of web security issues in order to educate Internet users on how to defend themselves properly and consistently. This is why they review and evaluate various goods and services in the realm of online security.

What Kind of Services do Security Gladiators Provide?

Internet security, consumer technology, online streaming, and gaming are all areas where Security Gladiators aims to be an authoritative source. There are news articles, in-depth how-to tutorials, comparisons and reviews of products and services as well as fast takes and occasional market analysis.

How Security Gladiators Uses User Information

The Security Gladiators provide information to the user for legal purposes only, not to compromise the user’s security. The user agrees not to harm Security Gladiators or its content, or to prevent others from accessing it.

What User Data does Security Gladiators Collect?

The user data collected by the Security Gladiators is more concerned with internet security news. The Security Gladiators want to stay up to date on the newest cybersecurity developments. Security Gladiators examines the most relevant stories in the security domain (even before the bell rings).

What is the Privacy Policy of Security Gladiators?

If a user is dissatisfied with one or more of the points below, the user’s sole option is to exit the website immediately. The Security Gladiators pledge to keep all information provided by the user confidential. In accordance with EU law, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the company does not share, sell, or divulge any information obtained through its website to a third party.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Security Gladiators?

Security Gladiators’ goal is to raise public awareness of web security issues. The company reserves the right to revise and modify the terms and conditions of this Agreement at any time without prior notice. Every time this document is updated, the date of the most recent modification of the Terms of Service will be posted at the bottom of the page of the website.