How to Watch IMDb TV Outside US [2023 Edition]

There are lots of streaming services that offer premium content to consumers who are willing to pay a price. Many free streaming services offer mediocre content for free as well.

But very few offer top-quality content for free to all users without asking for their credit card information. In this guide, we will take a look at one such streaming service: IMDb TV.

IMDb is where you go to check out the ratings, reviews and aggregate information about movies or TV shows. In 2019, the site launched a free streaming service to consumers in the U.S. (and within the U.S. territories).

For readers outside America, we’ve tested IMDb TV to come up with a foolproof method of streaming content from anywhere in the world, not just the United States.branded image imdb tv

What Is IMDb TV and What Does It Offer?

First launched in January 2019, IMDb TV is probably the best and most convenient way to stream your favorite TV shows and movies online legally—and completely for free.

Of course, plenty of streaming services also offer good content, but they charge you a monthly fee to access it.

imdb movies

IMDb TV offers some of the greatest content Hollywood has available, at no cost to users. Though IMDb is owned by Amazon, the free-of-charge IMDb TV service is separate from Amazon Prime Video.

Its content catalog includes popular titles like “The Big Short,” “Spotlight,” “Eat Pray Love,” “Blade Runner 2049” and “Elf.” There are a ton of TV shows as well, including “Cold Case Files,” “White Collar,” “Friday Night Lights” and “The First 48.”

The site also has a growing selection of original content.

But before embarking on a movie/TV extravaganza on IMDb TV, you need to know two things about the site as a free streaming alternative to paid subscription services like Netflix:

  1. The service isn’t ad-free. On its FAQ page, IMDb says the free collection of content is supported by advertisements.
  2. It’s not available to people outside of the U.S. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot watch IMDb TV from any other country around the world. We’ll show you how to do just that in the following section of the guide.


Security Gladiators in no way encourages or condones any kind of copyright violation or circumvention of restrictions. That includes streaming illegal content as some services can host both legal and pirated content. You need to do your own research to see if these services and content are legal in your own country. We suggest to always use a VPN while streaming or downloading anything from the web.

Easiest Way to Watch Movies and TV Shows on IMDb TV Outside the US

Simply use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to change your IP address and stream it on a browser.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to stream IMDb TV outside the U.S.

  1. Go to the IMDb TV website: You can use any web browser you like. From our experience though, Firefox and Chrome work the best with streaming sites. When you do get there, you’ll likely see a message saying you can’t view anything on the site because IMDb TV is only available to U.S. customers.
  2. The easiest way to fix this error is to use a VPN service—but not just any VPN service. You need a VPN that has fast servers in the U.S. Click here to learn more about the top VPNs on the market.
  3. Once you’ve signed up for the VPN service of your choice, install the VPN app for your system. Your VPN provider’s website will show where to download their app.
  4. Launch the VPN app and then connect to a server that’s based in the United States. While you can connect to any US server, we’ve found that American servers located in New York and Los Angeles tend to be faster than others.connect to us vpn
  5. Now that you’ve signed up for a VPN and connected to a US server, head back to the IMDb TV website and create an account. The website will ask you to sign up or sign in. If you’ve already registered for an account on IMDb TV, use that account. Otherwise, create a new one. IMDb will automatically select your current country as your default location, and since you have a VPN, your location should be the US.
You can now stream all the content available on IMDb TV for free, but with ads. At this point, we don’t know of a method that guarantees to remove ads forever from IMDb TV.

Watch Movies and TV Shows on IMDb TV Outside US on the IMDb TV App

Currently, IMDb TV does not have a dedicated mobile app, but you can still use the service through IMDb’s main app.

imdb running on phone

  1. You can download the IMDb app on both iOS and Android devices. Click here for the Apple App Store and click here for the Google Play Store. Download and install the app for your device.
  2. Instead of opening the app, just open up your mobile web browser. Install a VPN on your mobile device and connect to a server based in the United States.
  3. Don’t close the VPN app. From your browser, go to IMDb’s website and log in with your IMDb account. Make sure the IMDb account you use is the same one used in the previous section.
  4. The page will show you a bunch of movies and other video content. Click on the title you want to watch; the web browser will open it on your IMDb app.


Is IMDb Included with Amazon Prime?
No. But since the service is free, it doesn’t really matter.
Can I Watch IMDb On My TV?
Yes. If your TV supports Android apps or a mainstream browser like Chrome or Firefox. IMDb should work on Amazon Fire TV devices as well.
Is IMDb Free to Watch Movies and TV Series?
Yes. All content is free to watch. You just have to create an account and watch ads.
How Do You Watch Your Watchlist on IMDb?
If the movie is available on IMDb TV, then the IMDb website will automatically say “Watch it for free on IMDb TV” just below the name of the movie’s IMDb page.
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