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Small text files that are placed on your browser by SG upon your visit are called cookies. They allow us to improve your user experience, due to us recognising who you are and providing information and details that match your personalized needs. There are of course multiple different types of cookies and we only use those that will optimize the features and services offered by SG to the visitors. Tracking and Customization cookies are used for the above highlighted purposes. There are also cookies placed independently by third parties, so as to collect anonymous information. More details can be found at and

How These Third-Party Cookies Work

Unless stated otherwise by the settings of your browser, you will be placed some cookies (both essential and non-essential) from every website. These cookies aim at informing the website on who you are, so that the Site can personalize what it offers to you. Some cookies allow you to avoid logging in or giving out personal information every time. In addition, with the use of other cookies the website provides customized advertising and prevents intrusive advertising. If you do not agree with the use of cookies, you can go ahead with either deleting them or forbidding their use. Nevertheless, you should know that this will affect your user experience in a negative manner. You will not be able to save time or have a fully personalized visibility of the Site, if you decide to disable the cookies on SG. For further information, you are strongly advised to visit the following:

Please be informed that every browser requires different handling, in order to disable cookies.