How To Watch Cartoon Crazy – (Is It Safe & Best Alternatives)

In this guide, we will take a look at how to watch CartoonCrazy on all the platforms you have access to. Cartoon Crazy is one of the top in-demand websites for watching all sorts of cartoons, but mainly anime.

The website offers both mainstream and obscure titles in the anime genre.

It doesn’t cost anything to watch anything on Cartoon Crazy. Because of this, the website has attracted attention from copyright groups and law enforcement agencies that contend with the site’s business practices.

And this is where we will start our guide.

Cartoon crazy net homepage screenshot

Is Cartoon Crazy Safe?

First, let’s cover a few safety considerations to take while using Cartoon Crazy. If you’re just visiting this website, you most likely don’t have to worry about malware or viruses entering your computer or mobile device.

It’s tough to get malware onto a device if the user is just browsing a given website and not downloading any files. The anime website doesn’t really give you any options for downloading files. Instead, you have to stream the movies and TV shows you want to watch.

We would also like to mention here that Cartoon Crazy offers clean content, and you are very unlikely to get viruses by just surfing the website.


However, if you provide the website with your email address in any shape or form, then all bets are off as your contact information could get into the hands of hackers who can bombard you with malware-infected email messages (you still have to open them and download attachment(s) to get infected, though).

So, avoid entering your name, email address, phone number or any other personal information on sites like Cartoon Crazy. Otherwise, you’re exposing personal data to anyone and everyone who can take advantage of it.

To be safe, we recommend that before you visit the official website, you should install antivirus software along with a VPN service and an ad-blocker.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get these three valuable security tools:

  • You can start with a free antivirus product such as Avira or Avast.
  • For a VPN, going free isn’t a safe option. Many free VPNs are often inconsistent and unreliable at best and insecure and malware-ridden at worst. Fortunately, there many affordable paid VPN services in the market today for users on a budget. For more details about the best VPNs available right now, click here.
  • For an ad-blocker, you can try uBlock Origin (available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox), AdGuard, AdBlock and Adblock Plus. It’s wise to use an ad-blocker not just for Cartoon Crazy but for almost every website since you never know which ad will take you where.

Now, let’s move on to the legal considerations to take while watching CartoonCrazy anime. More specifically, you may be asking: Does the website host any illegal content? And, will users run into trouble if they unwittingly watch copyrighted material?

Well, the answer to that is not clear. Online piracy is considered a crime in many countries. You should only use sites like Cartoon Crazy to view content that you already have access to but can’t view. This can happen if you’re out of your home country and in a region where your streaming service does not offer content, or if you don’t have an internet connection that’s fast enough to stream from standard streaming websites.

Security Gladiators does not condone piracy. We recommend that you should always consider your actions online and think about the creators of the content you’re trying to watch. 

With that said, due to the nature of how streaming services work, sometimes you have no choice but to stream content from sites that aren’t exactly legal. Streaming services have to deal with different countries’ copyright laws, which can cause issues with their distribution systems.

According to one recent report, subscribers of streaming services pirate more content than people who don’t pay for any streaming service at all. The reason for that is simple enough: Streaming services are not as good as sites like Cartoon Crazy and rarely have the quantity and quality of movies and TV shows that the website can offer to users.

How To Watch Cartoon Crazy

The process of finding/accessing and watching Cartoon Crazy TV shows and movies is fairly simple, thanks to the website’s user-friendly interface. Here’s how to do it on a PC/desktop computer, mobile phone and Kodi:

On a PC

To access the Cartoon Crazy website on your computer—whether you have the Windows operating system, Linux or macOS—you need a mainstream web browser.

So, any web browser that does not support HTML5 and/or Javascript is out. Stick with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Brave to stay safe and simplify the user experience.

searching through a web browser on pc

Use a VPN and an antivirus software program for extra security. Then, open up your web browser, go to and just click on the cartoon movie or TV show you want to watch. And that’s it—you’re done.

This simplicity is why sites like Cartoons Crazy continue to attract audiences and compete with the presence of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. Again, make sure you use Cartoon Crazy to only access the content you have purchased before and/or do not have access to your current streaming service for one reason or another.


Keep in mind that if a streaming link on the Cartoon Crazy website does not work for you, try and disable your ad-blocker for a bit to see if it starts loading. If it still gives you trouble, then use another browser.

On a Phone

The process is exactly the same as the PC section above. Open up your browser and go to to start watching content. Again, we recommend using a VPN and antivirus software while using the website.

Step 1 on Android Kodi guide

On Kodi

On Kodi, the process of accessing the Cartoon Crazy website is a bit more detailed, but we’ll go through it step-by-step so you don’t miss anything important.

To view the Cartoon Crazy website via Kodi, you will first need to install Kodi on your system. Kodi is a free, open-source media player that you can install on any computer, whether it’s running Microsoft Windows, Linux or macOS. It’s also compatible with Android devices.

For the purposes of this section, though, we will take a look at the Windows version. So, if you haven’t already, download Kodi for Windows on the company’s website.

Kodi install on Windows guide

Once you’ve downloaded the official Kodi .exe file, double click on the downloaded file and continue with the installation process until you have installed Kodi.

Every step we’ll mention from now will assume that you have installed Kodi on a Windows operating system. But, the process we have described below will work for any other operating system and platform, including Android.

Step-by-Step Guide: How To Watch CartoonCrazy on Kodi

Step 1: Run the Kodi app and go to Settings.


Keep in mind that we will use the Lucifer Repository to install the Cartoon Crazy add-on for Kodi.

the settings tab in Kodi

Step 2: Go to Addons and then click on Unknown Sources.

the system settings in Kodi

the add-ons section in Kodi and unknown sources

Step 3: From the Kodi home screen, click on the System page.

Step 4: Click File Manager and click Add-Source.

the file manager option in Kodi

Add source in Kodi

Step 5: Download the zip file from

Step 6: Go to Addons from the Kodi home screen.

Add-ons option in Kodi

Step 7: Click the open box icon in the top-left corner of the screen.

the add-ons browser in Kodi

Step 8: Hit Install From Zip File.

the install from zip file option in Kodi

Step 9: Choose the file you downloaded in step 5. showcased in Kodi

Step 10: Hit Kodi will show you a message saying Addon Enabled.

Add-ons in Kodi search

Step 11: Hit Install From Repository.

install from repository in Kodi

Step 12: Hit Lucifer’s Repository.

Lucifer's Repository showcased in Kodi

Step 13: Hit Video Add-ons.

Step 14: Click CartoonCrazy.

Step 15: Hit Install. Kodi will show an Add-on Enabled message again.

And that’s it.

To access cartoon content offered by the CartoonCrazy Kodi add-on, you will first need to go to Kodi’s main menu and then click on Add-ons. From there, click on the add-on item that says CartoonCrazy and you should be good to go.

As we covered above, you should not use Kodi add-ons to view copyrighted material. Only view content that you have purchased or have a subscription to.

Now, there is always a chance that the official CartoonCrazy website may not open up for you and the Kodi add-on might not load. For these cases, we have prepared a list of the best CartoonCrazy alternatives below. You can use these to search for anime and cartoon content when the official Cartoon Crazy website is down.

Best Cartoon Crazy Alternatives image

Now that KissAnime is no more, is your best chance of viewing anime content that you can’t find anywhere else and in English-language dubs. The layout of the website is excellent, providing a fast user interface you can use to get your favorite anime, sub or dub, within a matter of seconds.

The best part about watching is that there is a comments section with each anime series. You can view comments and reviews while watching the anime to get a sense of how the rest of the anime community is reacting to the anime episode you’re watching.

This is a great way to feel part of the community and discuss what you liked or disliked about a given show. Be warned, though, sometimes the comments section can be mean and NSFW, so you might want to tread carefully on this portion of the website.


Gogoanime homepage

Gogoanime is another good anime website that offers an unlimited amount of choices and a great user experience. The Gogoanime library features an extensive collection of both anime and manga. So, whether you’re looking for Korean, Japanese or Chinese anime, chances are you will find it all on the Gogoanime website.


Animeheaven homepage

Animeheaven is another popular anime website that takes care of all your anime needs. The main page of the website organizes the cartoon content into different categories, which should make it easier for you to search and find a new anime series that matches your taste.

This website also allows users to share the content they like. It even has a download feature in addition to the standard streaming feature. All of these additional features cost nothing.

The only hurdle you have to cross is that you need to make an account on the website to start consuming anime. But this should be a no-brainer, especially if you can’t access the original Cartoon Crazy anime website for your anime fix.


AnimeLand homepage

The departure of KissAnime from the anime scene means that there is now more competition than ever for the top destination of free anime streaming (not necessarily legal anime streaming). And AnimeLand is one of the top contenders.

It has several complete anime series (with language dubs) and offers users a quick online video player that streams links without delay. The user interface is clean and gives users the option of choosing the streaming quality that your internet connection, fast or slow, can handle. Overall, AnimeLand is a very impressive anime website.

This is important:

To protect your privacy and security, you should always use an ad-blocker and a VPN service when accessing free cartoon websites.

Watch Cartoons Online

Watch Cartoons Online homepage

If we’re talking about premium cartoon content, then there is no streaming website better than Watch Cartoons Online. The website’s name is self-explanatory. Watch Cartoons Online not only offers users anime but also a ton of western cartoon and manga content as well.

The website is free to use and allows users to download as much cartoon content as they want. Just use the search feature to find what you want.

AnimeToon is another popular cartoon website that offers both anime and western cartoon content. Every movie or film title is free for users to stream, and you can find plenty of Japanese content that is in the English language. That’s a huge plus if you don’t know the language of a particular anime film or series, and you don’t have a way to translate the dialogue.

Besides offering options for users who speak different languages, the variety of content on AnimeToon is expansive, with categories such as adventure, crime, comedy and action. There is something for everyone on this website. In terms of the quantity and quality of content available, this is the website that comes closest to CartoonCrazy.


Nickelodeon homepage

This is another cartoon streaming website that has a considerable collection of kid-friendly cartoons and games.

The great thing about consuming content on Nickelodeon is that all of it is legal and free, so you don’t have to worry about copyright infringement or blocked content.

As mentioned, the selection of cartoon content is pretty decent and easy to search for, considering it does not offer any anime or manga content. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you’re looking to take a break from your regular anime schedule and you want to search for new titles to watch.


As you can see, the Cartoon Crazy website is one of the best places to go to if you want to consume cartoons, anime and manga content. But even if the official website is not working for you, there are plenty of alternatives.

For any questions, please feel free to use the comments section below.


Security Gladiators in no way encourages or condones any kind of copyright violation or circumvention of restrictions. That includes streaming illegal content as some services can host both legal and pirated content. You need to do your own research to see if these services and content are legal in your own country. We suggest to always use a VPN while streaming or downloading anything from the web.
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