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How to Download Kodi on Android and PC (The Latest Version)

Kodi on PC and Android is the perfect combination for an unrestricted supply of great content.

As far as replacing a Home Theater is concerned, there is no piece of software better than Kodi.

Before we actually begin, we would just like to mention that Kodi’s old name is XBMC. And we’ll interchange between the two to make this guide comfortable for both old and new users.

Kodi is perhaps the best open source media player in the market today.

If you have an HTPC device, then Kodi can transform your streaming experience.

Kodi supports multiple platforms as well.

Right now, Kodi is compatible with the following platforms,

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Android
  • Mac OS

If you have a smartphone and it uses Android then you can install Kodi on it.

How about that TV in your living room?

Kodi can transform that too.

Kodi is the perfect media player for all your streaming needs.

The developers behind Kodi have made sure that its user interface remains pretty even on the largest of TV screens.

And when you add a remote control to the whole package, then you can see the reason why XBMC is ranked as the best open source media player.

Even without a remote control, XBMC is great.

Moreover, if you don’t have a remote control, you can command XBMC via your iOS and/or Android device.

Of course, you must first install Kodi on your HTPC device.

This guide will show you how to download Kodi to your device with Kodi links.

How To Install Kodi

With Kodi on Android and PC, you can make all your content dreams comes true.

As mentioned before, all HTPC devices which are based on the Android platform work with XBMC.

In other words, XBMC supports Android.

If you want to install Kodi on your Amazon Fire Stick, then we have a handy guide for that here.

And while we are talking about installing XBMC on your devices, we want to let you know that even if you want to, you can’t install Kodi on Roku.

Roku does support Android, but sadly it doesn’t support XBMC.

If you have a Smart TV then you are golden though. To learn more about that click here.

To install Kodi on Smart TV you must make sure that your TV set supports Android.

Now, the thing you need to know about XBMC is that it doesn’t come with any content on its own.

It is blank.

To give XBMC something to stream or play, you will have to make use of some storage device.

Only then can XBMC play some content from your storage.

XBMC can also stream media from other media sources such as Blu-Ray and DVD.

As you know, XBMC is one of the most in-demand open source media players on earth.

Part of the reason why that is such is the fact that XBMC can increase its content library with Kodi add-ons.

If you want to know which are the best Kodi add-ons and which can enable you to watch every channel you ever wanted to watch, then click here.

With Live TV Kodi add-ons, you can watch a lot of content live and for free via your IPTV device.

The above-linked guide will also show you the best add-ons for Kodi Live TV.

The latest version of Kodi is Jarvis.

Kodi Jarvis

Jarvis uses the Estuary skin in its current version.

But you can change the skin via XBMC customization options.

That way, you can also indirectly customize and reinvent your HTPC.

To boost XBMC performance you can install renowned add-ons such as Genesis and Exodus.

These add-on repositories will allow you to stream TV shows and movies from all over the world.

And that too for free.

But remember, some of this content shown is pirated.

And XBMC is not going to accept any responsibility about you watching pirated content via its service.

Kodi on PC and Android is any movie buff’s wildest dream.

Download Kodi To Your Device Or TV Via Links

This guide will show you how to download Kodi for your TV or any other device.

We will show you some download links as well.

Each link will cater to one specific operating system.

The latest version of XBMC has two builds at the moment.

One is the Nightly, or Beta, build and the other is the Stable build.

We recommend that if you are new to Kodi or aren’t an expert then it is best that you stick with XBMC stable rather than XBMC nightly.

Got Windows? Then Download Kodi For Your Windows

Maybe you have an HTPC device that is already operating on Windows.

If that is the case then you can easily download Kodi to your device using the links we will provide you shortly.

Moreover, we also recommend that you ahead and install Apple Bonjour.

Apple Bonjour is a service that allows users to pair their iOS and/or Android smartphone with the open source media player, XBMC.

Download Links For Kodi (Stable Build)

if you want to download Kodi via the Windows App Store.

Consider it as an absolute must that you download your copy of XBMC from Microsoft Windows.

It will guarantee you safe software and will also take care of updates automatically.
You can just go ahead and click on that link above.
When you get to the Windows App Store, simply hit the install button.

Once the Windows App Store has downloaded and finished the installation process, you can just go ahead and start to search for the new app from your start menu.

Just search XBMC in there and it should pop up.

Do take note that you cannot download anything from the Windows App Store if you don’t have Windows 8 or higher.

For Windows 7

If you are running Windows 7 then click here to get your XBMC.

The link above will take you to a place where you can download a .exe file.

This .exe file will easily work with Windows Devices that are running WIndows 7.

All you have to do is download the .exe file and then run it to install it on your system.

Kodi on PC is not so difficult to set up if you know what you are doing. We’ll show you what you should do to get Kodi on PC.

Download Links For Kodi (Nightly Build)

To get the installer .exe file for the Nightly build click here.

And remember, this build is not for users who are new to XBMC.

If you want to test some new features out, then this is the build you should go for.

Other than that, don’t install this build unless you know what you are doing.

How To Download Kodi For Android

Android is a very versatile operating system.

The primary reason for that is because of the features it offers.

If you have an HTPC device and you have installed Android on it, then you can easily download Kodi from the links below and then install Kodi.

Moreover, if you want to then you can install Kodi on Android boxes too with the links given below.

Download Links For Kodi Android (Stable Build)

We will provide you with four download links for Kodi.

Use the one you feel most comfortable with.

  1. If you want to download Kodi on your Android via Google Play Store then We are not biased, but this method is the fastest and the least painful way to install Kodi on your Android device via a simple download.
  2. If you don’t want to install Kodi via Play Store and have an Android device, including an Android TV, that runs on a Processor by the name of ARMV7A, then we think you should go ahead and click here for an APK file made for ARMV7A 32-bit processor.
    If you don’t know which processor you are using then turn on your Android device and then tap on Settings and then go to About.
    This is where you will find all the information about your processor.
    Moreover, you can also use an app called CPUZ app. This app will also give you information regarding your processor.
  3. If you have an Android device that is running ARMV8 64-bit processor then click here for an APK file made for the ARMV8 62-bit processor.
    Again, how do know which process you are running?
    Well, again you will have to turn on your Android device and then make your way to Settings.
    Then go to About.
    After that, you can easily see your processor information.
    Moreover, you can use the same old CPUZ app in order to find all the information about your processor.
  4. You may also have an Android device that is running on those x86 processors.
    If that is the case then go to this link and download Kodi from here.

Download Links For Kodi Android (Nightly Build)

  1. The process for nightly builds remains the same.
    So again, if you are looking to install Kodi on an ARMV7A 32-bit processor then click here.
    It will only work for you if you have an Android device that is specifically running the processor type  is for.
    As always, to check which processor version your Android device is using, you can go to Settings and then to About.
    OR perhaps use that CPUZ app that we keep mentioning.
  2. For an Android device or an Android box that is operating with an ARMV8 64-bit processor, click here for the relevant APK file.
    By now, you should know how to check your processor type and other information.
    In case you don’t, just go to Settings menu of your Android device and then hit About.
    That’s it.
    You should see your processor information now.
  3. And for those folks who have x86 processors on their Android devices, there is this link for an APK file specifically made for an x86 processor.


Here you have it.

Kodi on PC or Android is an amazing thing.

Make sure you experiment enough to fully enjoy XBMC.

And as we have mentioned time and time again in this guide, setting up this open source media player on your desktop and/or Android device is not difficult.

Of course, once you learn how to set the whole thing up properly, watching free content on your favorite device will become quite easy for you.

All you need to do is download the most suitable version of XBMC for your device and you’ll sail smoothly from there moving forward.

Why You Should Use A VPN With Kodi


Using XBMC (older name XBMC) on PC and Android is not illegal per se.

It all depends on how you use the program.

If you use it to watch copyrighted content on the internet, then you may get into trouble.

Even then, it would depend on the law in your region.

And of course, your luck.

The point is, your internet service provider along with your government like to spy on you.

If you want to stop them from doing so, then use a VPN service with XBMC.

The best VPN service that we think fulfills all the requirements is IPVanish.

IPVanish is ranked as the number one VPN service on our site.
Moreover, it is also ranked as the best VPN service by many other reviewing sites as well.

The reasons for that are simple enough.

IPVanish is,

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Fully encrypted
  • One of the few VPN service providers that have a genuine no-log policy
  • A VPN service provider that has reasonably priced packages
  • Perhaps the last remaining elite VPN service that still offers a seven-day money back guarantee.

Therefore, you take no risks when you sign up for IPVanish.

To sign up for IPVanish from the official website, [simple-link-aff rel=”nofollow” title=”click here.” url=”https://affiliate.ipvanish.com/aff_c?offer_id=1&aff_id=2089&source=sg”

In order to get every feature and addon possible on kodi and to not get sued if you accidentally watch something pirated, you need a VPN. You can find the 5 best VPN’s for Kodi here.

If you run into problems then don’t hesitate to let us know via the comments section below.

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