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How to Watch NFL Outside US: The Comprehensive Guide With Images

You know what time it is right? It’s time to watch NFL.

But not just watch it.

We want you to watch NFL online outside the US using a variety of uncommon but super effective methods. Some of which are free (somewhat) while others are paid (and are probably worth it, we hear).

You don’t need us to remind you that the NFL season is one of the most-watched sports in the US. But you probably want us to tell you that, the NFL has gained some significant following outside the US as well.

And when the NFL season is in full swing, everybody wants a piece of the action. There are just so many teams to support and bragging rights to be had.

How To Watch NFL Outside The US (The One Complete Guide) featured image security gladiators

In short, there is nothing quite like the NFL in the US and increasingly outside the US as well. Concurrently, there are people in this world who want to watch the NFL season but can’t because they are not in the US.

Either they don’t live in the US on a permanent basis, i.e are citizens of another country, or have just gone out of the country for business or leisure purposes.

Besides, the NFL season waits for no one.

If you’re out in Europe somewhere trying to close a deal, the NFL season as heck isn’t going to wait for you or anyone else. Hence, you along with many other people want to know how to watch the NFL outside the US.

Thanks to this super guide, there is hope for people who want to watch the NFL outside the US, or even for US citizens to watch games that are blocked in your own city because the game is played in your city.

Security Gladiators wants to make sure that if you want to watch the NFL outside the US, then you get to watch the NFL outside the US.

an image of a football player staring directly at the camera

We don’t want anyone to miss his/her favorite team in action in the NFL season. Luckily, we live in the 21st century. And brilliant people have been hard at work behind the scenes.

In other words, there are now many ways to watch the NFL outside the US without much problem.

Pro Tip:

You can stay in touch will all of your NFL team matches and results.

If you want to stream the NFL outside the US then you can. We’ll tell you the exact process in a bit.

First, let’s take a look at the ways you can watch the NFL outside the US.

There are, mainly, four which are as follows,

  • Use a VPN service to watch NFL from outside the US
  • Use a VPN service to change your location in the US to a different city so the game isn’t blocked and use a special free website (keep reading).
  • Get NFL Game Pass and watch the NFL all you want (every game).
  • Install Kodi and run NFL games from there to catch up on all the action that you might have missed.

How To Watch NFL Outside The US With A VPN (Also works within the US)

The NFL Game Pass isn’t exactly cheap. Most of the time, you are expected to pay around $200 for it in one go.

More precisely, you’ll have to pay $176 for the privilege. That’s the pro version. There is also a $99 version but that only allows the user to stream replays rather than live games.

As you can probably imagine, most online NFL users will not want to spend that amount of money on NFL games. But maybe you do want to spend that amount of money on an NFL Game Pass but can’t.


Because you live in another country. You read that right. NFL GamePass is not available for people living in Mexico.
an image of two football players playing

Talk about a bummer.

Worry not though. We’re going to teach you other ways of how you can watch NFL outside the US without blackouts or an expensive cable subscription.

How to Watch The Best NFL Games Online For Free.

an image of three NFL refereesThis is what everyone has been searching for, and we have the answer.

There is a little know US local TV streaming service called Locast, it streams channels from 23 US markets. Locast is free to sign up to and just asks for donations, although this is optional.

If you don’t live in the US then you can not access Locast without a VPN. If you live in the US and your game is on but in your own city, then you can not watch your game without a VPN.

Locast will give you access to the games on Thursday night, Sunday afternoon and Sunday night, and with a VPN you will unlock it all for free.

  1. Sign up to a good VPN with lots of servers in the USA. We like  for this.
  2. Download the software app to your device.
  3. Launch your VPN and connect to a city in the USA. (Different city than where the game is being played)
  4. Make an account with locast.org
  5. Find the game you want to watch.
  6. Play.

Get Yourself A VPN Service Right Now

You read that right. The only way to bypass these geo-restrictions is through the use of a VPN service.


All you need to do is choose a VPN from the list here and then sign up.

That’s it.

What Is A VPN?

A VPN is nothing fancy. It stands for Virtual Private Network. Moreover, a VPN is a subscription-based online service.

Checking Your IP Address...

IP Address



Screen Resolution

It secures users’ internet connection and protects their personal and sensitive information online. When you turn on a VPN service, all your internet traffic data is sent through a secure tunnel.

During this process, your internet data goes through the VPN servers of the VPN service you have subscribed to.  These VPN servers are encrypted by default.

Consequently, these VPN servers make sure that no hackers can get to your data. A VPN service also protects users from online prying eyes.

Forget about having to worry about identity thieves when you have a VPN to protect you. With a VPN service installed and running, your credit card information is also safe and will never fall into the wrong hands.

How To Watch NFL Outside The US Using NFL GamePass

You already know that users can stream NFL games live with the help of a neat facility called NFL GamePass.

And to be honest, it is indeed the best option of the lot. Why?

Because with an NFL Game Pass all NFL games become available for online streaming. Moreover, the NFL itself has marketed the NFL GamePass to solve the problem of watching NFL from outside the US.
an image of the nfl logo with footballs in the background

In short, the NFL Game Pass is exactly what it sounds like. It lets you have a pass with which you can watch all the games. All the time.

From the comfort of your home.

If you want to watch all the teams for the whole of the season then NFL Game Pass allows you to do that. There is no limit to the amount of content users can consume with the NFL GamePass.

This is important:

But because of reasons such as NFL blackouts, the best way to enjoy the benefits of NFL Game Pass is not in the US. It is outside the US.

You heard that right.

an image of a football player preparing to hit the ball

NFL Game Pass To Watch NFL Outside The US

If you live outside the US then the NFL Game Pass is made for users like you. Users who can’t make it to the US in person and want to watch NFL from their motherlands can now watch NFL but only with the NFL GamePass.

The NFL goes a distance to make sure that people overseas can watch NFL outside the US without any problems. And for that purpose, they have introduced multiple packages to suit different user needs.

In other words, the NFL Game Pass lets you,

  • Watch all the teams for the whole of the season including replays and on-demand videos
  • Only watch your favorite NFL team
  • Or just subscribe to special events like NFL playoffs/regular season/ off-season or even all three combined.

As mentioned before, with the NFL GamePass watching previous NFL games becomes a breeze.


Because it lets you replay NFL games that you might have missed otherwise. If that wasn’t enough for you already then get this, with an NFL Game Pass you can watch Super Bowls from its archives as well.
an image of NFL players playing

Not to mention other games that are easily accessible with the NFL GamePass. Let’s say you don’t have the time to watch the whole NFL games. And to keep updated on the scoreline.

Then for you, NFL Game Pass has live score facility which is updated in real-time. Moreover, there are in-game statistics to look at and some really neat chat options.

Did we mention the DVR controls?

All of these options and features come with the basic subscription plan. What if you take the plunge and sign up for the premium version of NFL GamePass?

Well, a premium NFL Game Pass subscription will net you exclusive access to the NFL RedZone. You’ll also get advanced viewing options such as condensed NFL games and multiple game viewing modes. Add to that picture-in-picture mode and you get a facility that will make your wildest NFL dreams come true.

Fox Sports Is Taking The Lead

You may not have noticed this, but Fox Sports Go has quietly charged itself into the NFL streaming business.

How? We just told you. It’s called Fox Sports Go.

For the past couple of years, Fox Sports Go has constantly streamed over 200 NFL games per season.

You might say that’s quite a long season right? Yes.

But it all adds up.

Combine the 256 regular-season NFL games with the four extra NFL playoff games and you get over 200 NFL games every season.

This is important:

What’s even crazier is that all of these games are played in a 17-week period. Go figure.

We have more to talk about. What about Super Bowl then? The Super Bowl is actually available for streaming with Fox Sports Go.

Make no mistake, Fox Sports Go is serious about breaking into NFL broadcasting business. And it has everything it needs, in terms of content, to achieve that goal.

There is one slight little problem though. Users can only avail in-market NFL games with Fox Sport Go. That may sound like bad news but don’t worry.

With a VPN service, you can get past that as well. We’ll discuss more about what you can do with a VPN service a bit later in this guide.

Is Directv Any Good? Can I Use It To Watch NFL on Sunday? What Else Is Made Accessible With A Directv Subscription?

an image of a football NFL player holding his footballIn the good old days of low competition and a new market (the online market), a Directv subscription was the only way one could stream NFL Sunday Ticket.

The NFL Sunday Ticket enabled users to stream any NFL game they wanted. DirecTV even had the NFL RedZone feature.

As you probably know, the Red Zone feature is a fantastic piece of technology. What does it do?

Simply put, the Red Zone is a feature that cuts to NFL games, in real-time, to a match where a team is about to score. More recently though, we have seen the likes of AT&T coming into the picture as well.

They too offer services with which users can stream NFL Sunday Ticket and watch everything they want to watch on Sunday without any extra charges. It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or a condo.

These online services work for everyone. So far so good right?


Let’s move on.

Attention College Kids

More like college students right? We want to tell you that one of NFL and AT&T loves you. Why?
Because if you are a student then the price for NFL Sunday Ticket is cut in half for you.

No need for hawks outside stadiums, this is the real deal. The official deal rather.

In the end, it is a smart business deal. AT&T has enough smart engineers and marketing people to figure out that very few students would want to spend $49.99 per month for NFL privileges.

So they have halved it for students at $24.99. Still not cheap, but some discount is better than no discount.

VPN Services Can Be Used To Get Discounts On NFL Game Pass as well.

a professional businessman using the power of the vpn for his business needsAnother great use of a VPN service is that you can buy the NFL Game Pass from any region in the world. You don’t have to do it from inside the US.

You do know that NFL Game Pass is priced differently for different countries right? With a VPN service, just log in (you must do that every time you know) and choose a VPN server that is not located in the US.

Try to not connect to a country that is located on the North American continent. As an example, you could just choose a VPN server that is located in the Netherlands.

Pro Tip:

If you do that, then your NFL Game Pass subscription could become free and would come without any restrictions. Some people say that it was a glitch of some sort and the NFL fixed the issue way back in 2013.

But it never hurts to try it again.

The Best VPN Service For NFL GamePass

an image of a bunch of footballs on a rackThe VPN that we recommend for watching the NFL outside the US is NordVPN. It is our top-ranked VPN service and for good season.

NordVPN is not only fast and reasonably priced, but it is very reliable and keeps no logs. Moreover, it can unlock content for most streaming websites.

It doesn’t work with Netflix though. Too bad right?

Not too bad, since you can always fill your time with NFL games. You can go  and get yourself a subscription and start watching NFL with the NFL Game Pass on the cheap right now.

Best Country To Buy NFL Game Pass In With A VPN Service

Update 2021:

As we have indicated earlier, with a VPN service you can literally choose the country in which you want to buy your NFL GamePass. So which country offers the cheapest NFL GamePass?

In other words, how can you stream NFL from outside the US on the cheap? Well, people have researched this topic for the past couple of years now and have come to some important conclusions.


There are no more “free countries” as far as NFL Game Pass is concerned. But there are still countries where you can access NFL Sunday Ticket games on very low prices.

Just don’t get your hopes up and start searching for free countries. You may be able to find one, but the chances of finding one are so rare that it is just not worth the time.

How Much Does NFL Game Pass Cost?

We already alluded to the price before, but here we go again. The Netherlands and New Zealand are the best countries from where you should buy your NFL GamePass.

The NFL GamePass Team package is priced around €125 while the NFL Game Pass Season package costs around €145. If you want to have everything there is in the NFL, then the NFL Game Pass Plus package will cost you around €194.99.

The prices above convert to about $165,$191 and $257.

Fastest Countries For NFL Streaming

Our research tells us that VPN servers located in Netherland and New Zealand do offer fast servers for NFL streaming. They also have more stable VPN connections as far as international users are concerned.

How To Watch NFL Outside The US With A VPN (Step-by-Step Guide)

  • First, go to the official website of NordVPN and sign up for a package of your choice. You .nordvpn ss1
  • After that, download the VPN application file from the official websiteDownload Nord VPN_1
  • Then install that file on your favorite device.Install the VPN Nord VPN
  • Run the VPN application and choose the VPN server that is located in the country of your choice.NordVPN connectinng to the United States
  • When that is done, then log on to NFL Game Pass official website here.
  • After that enjoy the discount and start watching the NFL.

How To Watch NFL Outside The US With Kodi

Who doesn’t want to save money?

Especially on NFL streaming.

The good news is that there are a couple of free Live TV options and other NFL streaming options that might save readers a lot of money relatively speaking.

There are tens of channels that will broadcast NFL games by over-the-air broadcast networks.

You can watch NFL game via these channels,

  • AFC
  • CBS
  • NFC
  • Fox
  • NBC
  • ESPN
  • NFL Network
  • NBC via Twitter
  • CBS via Twitter
  • TSN
  • beIN Sports
  • Sports 1

The best way to watch NFL outside the US with Kodi is to use Kodi add-ons such as SportsDevil, Phoenix, cCloudTV and Oblivion streams.

These Kodi add-ons can be installed within minutes and provide users a large number of NFL streams.

You can see our guide for this here.

Sometimes these streams will show pre-recorded games.

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