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In Security Gladiators, we value online security more than anything else on the web and this is what has driven us towards creating such a website in the first place. Our aim is to make everyone well aware of the problems that are related to web security, in order to alert Internet users as to how they can protect themselves thoroughly and without fail. This is the reason why we review and evaluate different products and services offered in the field of online security.

Since you access and make use of this Site, you automatically agree to each of the terms and conditions set forth herein (which are now called “Terms of Use”). Along with any additional term and condition that is applied within our site, they are referred to as the Agreement between SG and every Visitor.

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Use of SG

You are given permission to access and read through the information provided within SG (which will in short be named “Content”). This permission is granted for non-commercial purposes and therefore you hold no right to make use of the Content for any monetary gain whatsoever. Full intellectual property rights are reserved by SG. Any distribution, copy or download, alteration or transmission of the Content is forbidden, unless stated otherwise in the Terms of Use. Copyright is reserved by Security Gladiators and you can only use part of the Content for non-public, personal use.


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You can link to SG of SG, as long as you do not use “deep links”. So, you cannot create links that bypass the home page or other pages of SG. You cannot mirror SG on any other site online. All the URLs used as links should clearly state SG.


You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible about the way you behave on SG. You agree to indemnify SG and hold SG harmless in any case of violation, misuse and inability to use according to the Agreement.

User Conduct

You agree to use SG for lawful purposes and not to act towards compromising its security. You agree not to cause any damage to SG or its Content or obstruct its accessibility to others.

Affiliate Disclosure

There is a plethora of such products and services and not all of them are equally beneficial to the public (despite what they might claim to offer). Our desire is to put everything to the test and only bring out the most suitable solutions that will never fail to provide you with security layering that lives up to your expectations. Apparently, this requires a lot of time and effort on our behalf.In order to make this website viable and cover some of our expenses, we have gone ahead with using affiliate links that can result in some monetary gain over time. Still, there is no correlation between the profit that we may get through affiliate links and the evaluation of each product and service. In fact, not all of the products and services that are mentioned by us in Security Gladiators are affiliates of ours. Nevertheless, you should know that through your redirection to some of the websites and links available throughout our web page, you help us earn some money in return.


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