How To Watch Australian Open Live Stream 2023 [From US & Anywhere]

The 2023 Australian Open is only a short time away, provided that the people behind the Aussie Open tournament can negotiate successfully with the government to relax COVID restrictions (which have already been relaxed to a large degree). If the event proceeds as planned, it will be held from January 14 to January 30, 2023.

As the first Grand Slam tournament of the year, the Australian Open features 12 days of non-stop action from some of the top tennis players in the world—including Djokovic (hopefully), Nadal, Medvedev, Alcaraz, Zverev, Tsitsipas—competing to win the championship in Melbourne Park, one of the most popular courts in the world.

The following guide will cover the best ways to watch the 2023 Australian Open live and for free, from anywhere in the world.

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This year’s program is sure to be a big one, with prizes to the tune of $75 million AUD (close to $54 million) expected to be offered to winners of both the men’s and women’s programs.

Tennis fans and general sports fans alike won’t want to miss the opportunity to tune in and see who wins the title. Let’s look at your options:

How To Stream Australian Open Live Online at No Cost

There are two ways for you to watch the 2023 Australian Open live and online come January.

  1. First, several national and international TV stations will cover the whole Australian Open 2023 event in different countries for free. To watch, all you need to do is sign up for a good VPN service and then change your location to the country/region where these channels will allow users to stream the event for free.
  2. The second method will involve you signing up for online streaming services that will also broadcast every game and match in January 2023.

As mentioned in the first method above, you can easily access Australian channels using a VPN (which stands for Virtual Private Network). VPN services allow you to change your IP address so that it appears as if you’re accessing a site/service from any location. Accordingly, you’ll have to connect to a VPN server that’s based in the Land Down Under to access channels that are exclusive to Australian users.

There are plenty of VPN service providers on the market today. To help you decide which one is best for you, we’ve made a separate guide on the top 10 VPNs to choose from.

Regarding the second method listed above, you might be happy to know that most of the paid streaming services that will broadcast the 2023 Australian Open live stream do, in fact, have a free trial option. For each of these streaming services, you can simply sign up for the free trial just before the Grand Slam tournament starts and then cancel your subscription after it is over.

Now, since the tournament will last around 14 days and most of the paid streaming services we’ll cover in this guide only offer a free trial that lasts close to seven days, you will have to move on a tight schedule and sign up for one streaming service at the start of the Grand Slam event, cancel your subscription during the middle of the tournament and then sign up for a free trial with another streaming service to take advantage of the free trial option once again and stream the full event free of cost.

Of course, signing up for a free trial doesn’t mean you’ll get to avoid providing any payment information. If you’ve already used your credit card information to watch another sporting event through the same streaming service in the past, you won’t be able to sign up for a free trial again. In this case, you can ask a friend or family member who isn’t interested in streaming services or sporting events to lend you their credit card information for the trial period.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the channels and streaming services that can help fans of the 2023 Australian Open stream the whole tournament, potentially for free, in January of next year.

How To Watch Australian Open 2023 Without Cable

No one likes to pay for long-term cable subscription packages only to have limited access to the best sports content available. In this section, we’ll list all the streaming services you can sign up for (with a free trial) to view Australian Open 2023 live for free.

Watch Australian Open for Free Using 9Now

An image featuring multiple tennis balls that represents the Australian open tournament

The fastest and cheapest way to watch Australian Open 2023 is via 9Now. You just need to create an account to stream all the tennis content the streaming service offers for free.

Additionally, a 9Now account gives you access to all of Channel 9’s content from divisions such as Nine, Nine Life, Nine Go and Nine Gem. 9Now does not lock users into long contracts.

Regarding compatibility, 9Now supports almost all platforms, including PC, macOS, Android and iOS, along with ChromeCast and Apple TV. It also offers HD content with Closed Captions.


If you find that 9Now’s website is showing a geo-restriction error, you can use a VPN service to change your location to Australia and stream the 2023 Australian Open for free.

Aside from 9Now, many other paid streaming services offer free trials to new users. You can utilize them to stream the entirety of Australian Open 2023 for free. We will list the best options below:

Step-By-Step Guide: How To Watch 2023 Australian Open With a VPN

  1. First, subscribe to a VPN service that has VPN servers in Australia. Most top Virtual Private Network service providers do offer servers in Australia. Not sure which VPN to choose from? Check out our roundup of top VPN service providers here.
  2. Since the 9Now website doesn’t work for users outside of Australia, you need to connect to a server that is located in Australia.An image featuring a screenshot of IP addressAn image featuring how to select Australia VPN guideAn image featuring how to select Australia VPN guide
  3. After you have your VPN running and connected to an Australia-based server, go to 9Now’s website and sign up for a free account.An image featuring the homepage of the 9now websiteAn image featuring how to create an account on 9now websiteAn image featuring how to login on the 9now websiteAn image featuring how to enter personal information on the 9now websiteAn image featuring how to select subscription on the 9now websiteAn image featuring how to verify account on 9now websiteAn image featuring the logged in confirmation on the 9now website
  4. While going through the registration process, you will have to provide a name (use any name), an email address (use a burner email address if you want), a password, birth date (use any, as long as it is over 18) and a postcode (you can check for Australian postcodes on the internet or try the one we’ve used in the screenshots of this guide).
  5. After that, navigate to the sports section or use the search function in the top-right corner of the screen to search for the Australian Open.An image featuring how to search for Australian open on the 9now website
  6. Once the stream for Australian Open 2023 becomes available, you should have no problems streaming the whole tournament.


An image featuring the Direct TV Logo

DirecTV offers several channel bundles for users. We’ve listed some of DirecTV’s sports-inclusive packages below. (Note that the prices for these packages are subject to change as DirecTV regularly adds new offers and discounts to its services.)

  • Entertainment, currently at $74.99/month (for the first 12 months of service after which prices increase significantly for all packages)
  • Choice, which ranges from $79.99/month to $134.99 per month
  • Ultimate, at $99.99/month
  • Premier, at $149.99/month

DirecTV’s parent company, AT&T, also offers the AT&T TV NOW service (formerly known as DirecTV NOW). Update: AT&T TV Now has been rebranded as DirecTV Stream.

Entertainment Package, $54.99 per month plus tax. (65+ channels)

Choice Package, $74.99 per month plus tax. (90+ channels)

Ultimate package, $89.99 per month plus tax. (125+ channels)

Premier package, $134.99 per month plus tax (140+ channels)

DirecTV offers lots of customization options. The new streaming for Spanish-speaking audience offers packages at a slight discount starting from $59.99 per month and going as high as $139.99 per month. For premium networks such as HBO, you will have to pay more depending on the package.


The list of supported devices includes virtually every operating system, from macOS and PC to Android and iOS, as well as most smart TVs and web browsers.

There is also a DVR feature that can record up to 20 hours worth of content with a 30-day limit. There are no expansion options available.

AT&T TV NOW and DirecTV offer a seven-day free trial for new users.

If you want to make sure you can stream every Australian Open Grand Slam match, then you should go for a bundle that offers the Tennis Channel. In the case of DirecTV, the Ultimate, Xtra and Choice options offer access to the Tennis Channel. But if you don’t want to do that, you still shouldn’t have any issues since all the bundles come with ESPN.

If you’re located outside of DirecTV’s service area, feel free to consult our guide on how to watch DirecTV outside of the U.S. for more information.

YouTube TV

An image featuring the YouTube TV Logo

For YouTube TV, there is only one bundle available for around $64.99 per month. Special offers and discounts may apply, especially during the holidays.

You can augment YouTube TV with additions such as NBA League Pass or Fox Soccer Plus (among many other add-ons) for anywhere between $2 per month to $30 per month.

Do take note that YouTube TV has dropped support for The Tennis Channel. Hence, users will have to see the Australian Open 2023 via ESPN and other channels.

For the 2023 Australian Open, YouTube TV will allow you to see the entire tournament on pretty much any platform, including Android, iOS, smart TVs and web browsers. YouTube TV offers all users unlimited storage space with a validity period of over nine months.

YouTube TV comes with a seven-day free trial, which allows you to watch the Australian Open from anywhere, free-of-charge.


An image featuring the Hulu Logo

Hulu is another streaming service with a single package at $6.99 per month with ads and $12.99 per month without ads.

While you can add channels such as ESPN+ for $6.99 per month and a special Sports Add-on for $9.99 per month, the better option is go for one of the three bundle plans. The bundle plan Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ with ads costs $13.99 per month. Without the ads, the cost of the same package goes up to $19.99 per month. The final bundle plan is Hulu+ Live TV which costs $69.99 per month.

However, Hulu doesn’t have the premier Tennis Channel (as mentioned now, with the right add-ons and bundle plans users can get access to NBC and ESPN channels that do cove major tennis tournaments).

As for its DVR capabilities, Hulu allows users to record up to 50 hours of content. Users can record 200 hours for an additional $15 per month.

Just like most other streaming services in this guide, Hulu also comes with a seven-day free trial and allows two simultaneous streams if you have a need for it.

For readers outside of the U.S., you might need to connect to a VPN in order to use Hulu. We’ve made a separate guide on how to to do that. Read it here.


An image featuring the ESPN+ Logo

ESPN+ is a relatively new service, launched in April 2018. Though it’s new to the scene compared to the other options on this list, it competes well with a price of just $6.99 per month. You can save a bit by signing up for a year for $69.99. Users can also access ESPN+ via the Hulu bundle package mentioned above.

Do keep in mind that ESPN+ currently works best in the U.S. So, to stream the Australian Open live in 2023, you’ll need to get a VPN and change your location to the U.S.

For more on how to watch ESPN from outside of the U.S., read our complete guide here.

Sling TV

An image featuring the Sling Logo

Sling TV offers total sports coverage with these plans:

  • Blue, priced at $35/month
  • Orange, at $35/month
  • Orange + Blue, which costs $50/month

You will have access to ESPN in both the Orange + Blue package as well as the regular Orange package.

If you want more than that—plus the ability to watch the Tennis Channel—then you’ll have to pay an extra $11 per month if you have already signed up for the Orange bundle. The Sports Extra bundle will add a further 14 sports channels to the whole package.

This service has a seven-day free trial and comes with 50 hours worth of DVR with no storage expiration time.


An image featuring the fuboTV Logo

fuboTV offers a variety of channels through its Pro package at $69.99 per month package, but the streaming service also has a Elite package for $79.99 per month and a Latino plan which costs $32.99 per month.

Previously fuboTV did not offer ESPN, and users had to subscribe to the Sports Plus add-on for $8.99 per month to watch the Australian Open live. That has changed now as the base FuboTV package allows access to all the ESPN channels covering Australian Open 2023 live. Apart from ESPN, Fubo TV is now offering access to the Tennis Channel as well for even more Australian Open and tennis coverage throughout the year.

Which Channels Are Broadcasting the Australian Open Internationally?

The answer to this question depends on your current location (or your new location, should you choose to subscribe to a VPN service and change your location to unblock geo-restricted content on streaming sites).

Australian users can just sign into their 9Now account and navigate to the “Tennis” section to tune into the Australian Open.

Here’s a quick rundown of which channels are showing the Australian Open around the world, outside of the Land Down Under:

Australian Open on TV in the US

These are the channels you should take note of:





If you live in the Asia-Pacific/Oceania region, you have these channels streaming live events and for free (provided you have the right location, an account or valid cable subscription):

Central Asia

People living in Central Asia really only have two options:

  • Sony Six (linked above)
  • Eurosport (linked above)

Latin America and the Caribbean

In Latin America and the Caribbean, you will need to log on to ESPN Global to watch the 2023 Australian Open.

Middle East

  • beIN Sports (linked above)
  • Eurosport (linked above)

All of this might seem like a lot of work, but the basic process remains the same: Simply sign up for a VPN service and connect to the appropriate VPN server to start watching sports content.

Best Way To Watch the Australian Open From the UK?

An image featuring the Flag of U.K.

Fortunately, this time around, you won’t have to work hard to stream Australian Open 2023 from the U.K. You can sign up for services such as Eurosports and Amazon Prime to watch the entirety of Australian Open 2023 live from your home.

Still, it is uncertain if the tournament will proceed as planned in 2023 as there are some issues to be resolved between the Australian government and organizers of the Australian Open. But assuming the event will go on, you should be able to watch the whole event via these two streaming services.


Existing Amazon Prime members don’t have to pay extra to access the Australian Open. If you aren’t a member, you can always get access to Amazon Prime through its 30-day trial offer (if you haven’t used it before) to view Australian Open for free.

Australian Open 2023 is expected to last around two weeks. So, theoretically, you can watch the entire program for free and then cancel your trial period so that Amazon Prime doesn’t charge you anything.

Best Way To Watch the Australian Open From the US?

An image featuring the Flag of USA

For people living in or traveling to the U.S., watching the Australian Open via ESPN is the best option. In addition to the main ESPN channel, ESPN Brazil and ESPN Latin America have also purchased broadcasting rights to the Australian Open 2023.

The most convenient thing about watching Australian Open 2023 via ESPN is that ESPN offers users mobile apps that they can install on all major platforms such as Android, iOS and other streaming devices.

Such a wealth of streaming options means that you no longer have to schedule a time slot at home to watch the event and can essentially watch it wherever you are, no matter what you’re doing.

2023 Australian Open Dates and Schedule

Venue: Melbourne Park, Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club


Do take note that the dates given below are provisional. Due to the situation with COVID-19 (travel restrictions and a mandatory two-week quarantine period which may or may not be implemented), the exact date for Australian Open 2023 is an open question.

With that said, Australian Open 2023 will get the go-ahead since Australian Open 2022 happened without any problems but still, the actual dates would most likely not be further than one or two days from the dates given below.

Mon, January 18, 2021Day: 11:00 am
Night: 7:00 pm
Men’s and Women’s 1st Round
Tue, January 19, 2021Day: 11:00 am
Night: 7:00 pm
Men’s and Women’s 1st Round
Tue, January 19, 2021Day: 11:00 am
Night: 7:00 pm
Men’s and Women’s 1st Round
Wed, January 20, 2021Day: 11:00 am
Night: 7:00 pm
Men’s and Women’s 2nd Round
Thu, January 21, 2021Day: 11:00 am
Night: 7:00 pm
Men’s and Women’s 2nd Round
Fri, January 22, 2021Day: 11:00 am
Night: 7:00 pm
Men’s and Women’s 3rd Round
Sat, January 23, 2021Day: 11:00 am
Night: 7:00 pm
Men’s and Women’s 3rd Round
Sun, January 24, 2021Day: 11:00 am
Night: 7:00 pm
Men’s and Women’s 4th Round
Mon, January 25, 2021Day: 11:00 am
Night: 7:30 pm
Men’s and Women’s 4th Round
Tue, January 26, 2021Day: 11:00 am
Night: 7:30 pm
Men’s and Women’s Quarterfinals
Wed, January 27, 2021Day: 11:00 am
Night: 7:30 pm
Men’s and Women’s Quarterfinals
Thu, January 28, 2021Day: 11:00 am
Afternoon: 1:30 pm
Night: 7:30 pm
Women’s Semifinals 1 & 2
Men’s Semifinal 1
Fri, January 29, 2021Twilight: 3:00 pm
Night: 7:30 pm
Mixed Doubles Semifinal/Women’s Doubles Final
Men’s Semifinal 2
Sat, January 30, 2021Day: 1:00 pm
Night: 7:30 pm
Girl’s & Boy’s Singles Finals
Women’s Final/Men’s Doubles Final
Sun, January 31, 2021Twilight: 4:30 pm
Night: 7:30 pm
Mixed Doubles Final
Men’s Final

Latest on the 2023 Australian Open Tennis – Will It Go Ahead?

Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley last year that there was very little chance of Australian Open  taking place if the government did not relax rules such as a mandatory two-week quarantine for tennis players taking part in the first Grand Slam of the year.

With that said, Tiley did express confidence that the tournament would take place as planned from January 18 to January 31, 2023. He also mentioned that many of the lead-up tennis events before the Australian Open 2023 would also proceed as planned.

Hopefully that won’t be the case for Australian Open 2023.

It is reasonable to assume that Tiley will have to seek assistance from the federal and state government to relax current border restrictions. Last year, for the Australian Open to go ahead  the world’s tennis superstars were required to stay in a training bubble. And for that, the Australian Open organizers needed special approval from the government.

In October, Tiley said he’s still negotiating with the government on the terms of the quarantine, which requires each player to stay in a hotel for a period of two weeks just before they go out to play a Grand Slam. He said that it was unreasonable to ask tennis players to quarantine without training for two weeks and then quickly compete at such a high level in a Grand Slam.

As far as the tennis players are concerned, Serena Williams and Roger Federer have confirmed participation in the tournament, but Tiley believes that not every player will not participate if there are obstructions in the way of training properly.

At the moment, he added, the biggest challenge to solve is border controls. Tiley mentioned that his organization had to plan on the basis that borders would be open and that they are still negotiating with the government.

The Land Down Under has seen a sharp decline in COVID-19 cases in the past few months. In November, the state of Victoria (home to Melbourne) had zero new COVID cases for 14 days.

Still, Melbourne remains a major hot zone for coronavirus cases compared to other parts of Australia. According to the lastest public health statistics, Victoria has reported just over 20,300 cumulative COVID-19 cases and 819 deaths from January 22 to November 16. As a whole, the country has recorded 27,750 cases and 907 deaths.

Update for Australian Open 2023: Right now, the only requirement seems to be that all players (and visitors) must have vaccination proof to play in and attend the Australian Open 2023.

How To Watch the Australian Open in India?

To view Australian Open 2023 live in India, you will have to access Sony Six, courtesy of Sony Pictures Network. Sony Six is not only covering the Australian Open 2023 for India but also for regions such as:

  • Sri Lanka
  • Nepal
  • Maldives
  • Afghanistan
  • Hong Kong
  • Bangladesh
  • Bhutan

If you want to live stream the entirety of Australian Open 2023, you can use the Sony LIV app.

Click here to download the app and subscribe to the proper subscription package.

How To Listen To Australian Open 2023 Live via Radio Commentary

If you don’t want to watch the Australian Open 2023 via video stream, another option is radio commentary. The Australian Open 2023 program will offer a point by point commentary of all matches taking place on the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, along with some other courts.

Most of the time, the radio broadcast will start at 10:45 a.m. if you’re in Australia. You can catch all the action by switching to 99.7 FM, ATP Tennis Radio, ESPN Sirius, TalkSport, TuneIn BBC, Macquarie Sports Radio and Vision Australia.


To summarize, all you need to do is connect to one of the channels we’ve listed above for your region. If none of the above channels are covering the 2023 Australian Open in your region, then you’ll need to utilize a Virtual Private Network service to change your location and stream the whole tournament for free.

Or, you can sign up for the many streaming services that should also work with a VPN. Just be sure to connect to the right server, as we described above.

This is important:

Assuming COVID-19 restrictions won’t prevent the tournament from going on as planned, the 2023 Australian Open will be held in Melbourne from January 18 to January 31.


Can I Watch the Australian Open Live?
Yes, you can watch the Australian Open live, provided you follow the instructions above and select the right streaming service for your area. We have an entire section covering the Australian Open 2023 schedule, so you should be able to watch it if you access your streaming services at the right time.

Generally speaking, though, Channel Nine is the service you want to have access to.

Where Can I Stream the Australian Open Live?
Depending on where you live, you can stream Australian Open 2023 on ESPN, Amazon Prime Video, Eurosports, 9Now, and plenty of other channels. Refer to the sections above for more details on how to connect to the right channel from anywhere in the world.
Where Can I Stream Australian Open Final?
You can watch Australian Open Final only via live streaming if you don’t live in Australia. This year’s Australian Open will not offer tickets to people outside of the country due to COVID-19 restrictions. Even with that, there is no guarantee that people in Australia will get to see the first Grans Slam of the year in person either.
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