How to Get Fake IP & Change Your IP Address to Another Country?

In this guide, we will show you how to change IP address to another country which means you get a fake IP address, this will allow you to access blocked and restricted websites and apps in any country you want while remaining secure.

The Good News:

There’s a way to do all of this easily, and your internet service provider (ISP) won’t be able to block you from accessing restricted content, they won’t even know what you are doing online anymore.

Security Gladiators IP Scanner Tool

Our custom Security Gladiators IP Scanner Tool below shows you your current IP address that is broadcast all over the internet when you are online. It also shows the information that is easily looked up that related to that address. This could then be further narrowed down to your street address.

Checking Your IP Address...

IP Address



Screen Resolution

Change Your IP with NordVPNGet a New IP, Visable Location, with a 70% discount!

However, assigned device IP addresses are not written in stone and can be changed/masked/hidden.

We will perform most of our work here.

Before we go into why you may need to change your IP and the different methods of how, the best way is to use a VPN. A VPN is easy to use, cheap, and has tons of benefits we explain in more detail below. The best VPN we found for this purpose is NordVPN, click here to get a 70% discount.

So, you want to change your IP country location to another one and fake your device’s public IP address, but let’s first find out what an IP address is.

What is an IP Address you may ask?

Command prompt showing the ip config settingsWell, your IP address is a unique number that is assigned to your device connected to the internet or network. This number can be used to identify your particular device, including your physical location.

You can think of it like a fingerprint. No two devices are assigned a single IP Address. When you connect to the internet and surf websites, your device’s IP address is broadcast for all to see it unless you hide your IP address.

Some examples of popular websites and what their IP addresses are:

Every website you surf on the internet, and every network you access will know your devices IP address, and they can use it for many different purposes, some completely fine, and others you should be very worried about indeed.  In this digital age, it makes sense to mask or hide your IP.

By using a fake IP address, it can effectively change your location to another country so you will have no trouble accessing websites that are blocked or restricted in your country. You will still be able to use any device, and it will work with most of the internet service providers (ISPs).

Geoblocking across Europe
Geoblocking happens in almost all countries.

For instance, some content providers and their websites (e.g., BBC iPlayer) will only serve content to IP addresses in a particular geographical location (e.g., the United Kingdom), which in turn means that all IP addresses not from that locale will be blocked. This type of censorship is known as Geo-Blocking.

Some news websites serve different news to different areas of the world based on the IP address of the reader.  Maybe you’re visiting Turkey and still want to read online news articles specific to your home country, the USA. Similarly, you cannot use the most popular email service provider Gmail in China and other heavily censored countries.

To bypass such restrictions, you need to change your IP address and its broadcast location to a different one, this will then make it look like you are actually in the location you want to appear to be in.

In other words, you need a fake IP address with a fake location/country.

With a fake IP, you can watch all content from streaming websites such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, HBO and many more. But a fake IP address isn’t just useful to watch content from sites such as BBC iPlayer. Having a changed and fake IP address can come in handy in many other situations.

There are tons of benefits of changing your IP address and location of the IP.

Why Change Your IP?

Remain Anonymous Online:

Hooded Hacker is Anonymous Online

One of the major reasons why people want to learn how to change their assigned IP Address, fake it or change IP address to another country is so that they can browse the internet with anonymity in a secure and private way.

To what end, you may ask? By using different assigned IP addresses on your devices (mobile or desktop), you appear to be physically in a different location (city and country), therefore if anyone is monitoring your activity and trying to track you down, then they think you are somewhere else other than where you are.

With the amount of cyber-crime going on these days, this is a major draw for people to change their IP addresses to fake ones.

Graph showing the number of cybercrime complaints
Cybercrime complaints are skyrocketing. Data source: internet Crime Complaint Centre.


From 2014 to 2018 cybercrime losses have rocketed up 337% to $2.7 billion USD!

Hackers can track you down and steal your identity and sensitive data.

Some sites also collect and share data about you with third parties without your knowledge. Selecting an IP based in a country that has strong privacy laws will help you keep a high level of anonymity.

6British Virgin Islands

Table showing the top-ranked countries that value their citizen’s privacy.

Appear From a Different Location:

Different locations to appear from

You’ve probably heard or noticed that when you try booking a flight online from different locations (different IP’s), there’s usually a price difference even though it is the same flight. This price difference is despite the fact that the departure time and location remain the same.

What usually happens is that booking sites will take note of your assigned IP Address, and if it shows you’re from a country with a higher GDP (indicating wealthier populations), you will see more expensive flights than someone with an IP Address from a location with a relatively worse off economy.

It pays to appear to be located in a poorer country here.

Also, these airfare websites can take a peek at your browsing history by looking at cookies stored on your website. If it shows you’ve been looking for flights, you’re likely to be shown more expensive flights than other visitors who are checking the flight price for the first time.

To, get better ticket prices, change your IP location to another country that has low GDP.  You can find low GDP countries on this page.  Later in the article we will show how to change your IP address country/location using VPNs.

RankCountryAvg. $/100km

Table showing the top 10 cheapest countries to book flights from in 2017, and also some of the most expensive. Source

This is also the case when buying goods and services online. You will notice that you can buy online subscriptions to software (e.g. Adobe PhotoShop etc.) and other things from the USA cheaper than say in Europe or Australia.

Unblock Sites:

Most popular streaming services logos

There are quite a few geographically restricted websites on the internet that you cannot connect to from certain regions of the world. For instance, if you’re a fan of the wildly successful Netflix sci-fi drama Stranger Things, you can’t watch it online while on holiday in China.

Should you wish to unblock Netflix from China – you would require a US-based IP address. Some Geo-Restricted websites include but not limited to Netflix, Hulu, HBO, NFLSeasonPass, BBC iPlayer, ABC iView, Channel 7 (Aus), and just about every TV Network that also streams their content on the internet. In other cases, blogs and social media accounts of dissidents are usually restricted in regions of the world where freedom of thought and speech is not prevalent.

In some countries, social media websites Facebook and Twitter are blocked. Change your IP to the required country, and you can unlock it to view content and websites while also remaining anonymous.

Access Blocked Content Everywhere:

School firewall meme
Your school firewall can be circumvented in seconds.

Sometimes, it’s not geo-IP restricted websites that are the issue. Some educational institutions and workplaces install firewalls that restrict the content you can access.  Schools, Universities, and workplaces are notorious for this; usually blocking sites that serve no educational purpose and clog up the network (especially video streaming sites like YouTube and Netflix).

With a VPN, you can change IP location country and city, circumvent the firewall, access restricted content and visit blocked websites because your internet will be encrypted with a VPN, so they won’t know what you are trying to look at.

Bypass Online Censorship

Censored stamp

 Authoritarian regimes are infamous for heavy censorship and online surveillance. In environments such as these, you need to be vigilant and innovative.

However, censorship and online surveillance are not just limited to 3rd world dictatorships. For instance, Europe is one of the biggest advocates of Internet freedom, whereas in reality censorship also exists in Europe. Changing your assigned IP address by getting another one that is fake, should get rid of such problems right away!

Avoid Online Surveillance:

Online Surveillance at the NSA

If you value your privacy and don’t think you should have everything you do online saved for eternity and sifted through by countless different entities then you probably want to use a VPN.

There is an alliance called the 5 Eyes alliance, another one called the 9 eyes alliance and another called the 14 eyes alliance. These alliances came about after various wars and were originally thought up and created to stop the Russians in the cold war.


How well do you trust these governments?

Over the years the power of these alliances has grown exponentially and they have data on everyone. No one even knew about its existence (outside those high up in government) until Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the various legal and illegal tactics they use to collect data and carry out mass surveillance.

5 Eyes9 Eyes14 Eyes
New ZealandNew ZealandNew Zealand

The 5 eyes countries share everything, the 9 share almost everything and the extra countries in the 14 eyes alliance are though to also share info with the 9 eyes but they do not confirm this.

Encrypt your Internet Connection Over Public WIFI:

When you connect via a public WIFI, you’re at risk because hackers can compromise the security of your device, access it and steal valuable data.  Worse, they can send nasty malware your way or steal your device’s mac address. You can be safe by changing your IP address using good quality VPN software that will encrypt your internet connection.

How to Change IP Address to Another Country?

To put it another way, how can you gain access to a fake IP address and location?

World map with different ip addresses

There are multiple different methods you can use to change your IP address to appear like you are in another country or city. The process varies from method to method, and some methods suit certain needs better than others.



VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and is the intermediary between your Internet connection and the sites that you wish to visit.

VPN sheildWhen you sign up with a VPN provider, you connect to their network in a secure, simple and easy way to remote servers that are spread out across the world to tunnel your internet connection through (exactly like in the movies when trying to trace hackers). With the use of their VPN Software, you can change your IP address country and choose a brand new one from a country that suits your needs the most.

VPN service providers usually provide client software that supports Windows, MAC OS, iOS, Android and Linux. The setup for VPN client is different on different devices but usually is simple and easy. Even though a VPN will give you multiple servers from the same location, but all of them will not have similar speeds.

The difference in quality between different VPN services is huge.

In the same way, not all VPN services have the same features.  A good place to start to find the exact features you’re looking for would be to check out the VPN comparison table here. Don’t forget to read terms of service because some VPNs don’t allow specific uses.

In addition, a VPN safeguards your data with the use of data encryption, safe tunneling and firewalls protect your traffic, so you don’t risk having your data snooped on while surfing the web, especially while using a public WIFI. Your ISP or Government won’t even know what you are doing online.

How a VPN Protects You

To change IP address, you need to subscribe to a reliable VPN service, preferably that is based in a country with strong privacy laws, download their app and you’ll be all set. Whenever you want to change your IP you just turn on your VPN app and choose a location. The best thing about using a VPN to get a fake IP is that a VPN makes it so easy, just a couple of clicks and you’re done.


A VPN that is compatible with all of your devices is perhaps the most reliable and easy method to obtain a fake IP address. Security Gladiators highly recommends NordVPN for a solid VPN choice, is based in Panama; a country that has strong privacy laws and outside of the US legal jurisdiction.

They have awesome speeds, great support, 30-day money-back guarantee, simple and easy to use and we hooked up a special 70% discount for our readers making it one of the cheapest VPN’s on the market.

> Click here to check out NordVPN and get the 75% discount <<


  • Fast Downloads & Uploads
  • Military Grade Encryption
  • Large Selection of IP's
  • Ease Of Use
  • Can Choose Location


  • Paid Solution

If your main priority for a VPN is to remain private and anonymous then you definitely want to run a test on your VPN for leaks to make sure it is safe and secure. There are many different times you will want to do this:

  • Before doing anything super sensitive.
  • Just after purchasing a VPN while you still have a money-back guarantee period.
  • Then every few months is a good idea.

Test your VPN with our custom-built Security Gladiators VPN Leak Test Tool here.

Smart DNS:

This is an alternative software similar to a VPN; it helps mask your device IP address. Unlike a VPN, though, it does support data encryption, and this can lead to security hazards on the internet.

DNS IconThis lack of encryption means traffic going in and out of your device is not protected at all. To use a Smart DNS, find a reliable Smart DNS provider and activate it to conceal your true identity (the IP address) on the internet. After manual configuration and selecting another country’s server, the Smart DNS is going to offer the desired outcome for you.

You will need to login to the SmartDNS dashboard and set your actual current IP address every time you try to use it from a different location.

A SmartDNS is the best choice if your only purpose to change your IP address is to stream video (from a service that hasn’t blocked the SmartDNS) at home and nowhere else. This will provide the quickest speeds as there is no encryption. Note: If you want to use it on multiple devices in different locations (eg school, home, work, etc.) then the VPN is a much better option.


Unfortunately, a lot of the best streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu have figured out how to detect SmartDNS services, they have blocked them making them useless for this purpose, the best VPN’s still work for this purpose.

You don’t need us telling you that if you are looking for a fake IP then a Smart DNS service will get you one. But smart DNS services aren’t as effective as VPN services when it comes to fetching a fake IP address and changing the location of your IP address.


  • Super Fast Downloads & Uploads


  • Paid Solution
  • Won't Work on Netflix etc.
  • Complicated to Set Up
  • Limited Selection of IP's

Tor Browser:

Tor is useful not only for people like Snowden but also for much the average joes like Wikipedia editors.

Tor is an open-source, free and easy to use web browser, based on Mozilla Firefox, that enables you to hide your true IP address regardless of your location. Originally TOR technology, the software behind TOR Browser, was developed by the US military for secure communications with its spies and whistleblowers.

If you visit the official website of The Onion Router (TOR), you will learn how to get a new IP address and thus shield your anonymity online. You will have to download the Tor browser and proceed with other instructions as advised to get a brand-new IP address.

The default settings are pretty good for security and anonymity. While this will change your IP address and encrypt your internet connection (i.e., traffic) it does have some downfalls. For starters, it is extremely slow.

Tor Browser Process 1
Tor Browser Process 2
Tor Browser Process 3

Don’t even bother trying to stream video or music with Tor, it is even very slow for browsing. Secondly, this is the browser that is used to access the Dark Web, so ISP’s and the Feds are monitoring who is using the Tor browser.

Download and upload speed of ISP
Download and upload speed of the ISP.
Download and upload speed using a good VPN
Download and upload speed using a good VPN
Download and upload speed using Tor Browser
Download and upload speed using Tor Browser

Even though TOR browser is masking your IP, governments still have ways to figure out your real IP address location. Some people also use a combination of TOR and a VPN to ensure anonymity and security.


  • Free
  • Onion Encryption


  • Very Slow Speeds
  • Won't Work on Netflix etc. (speed)
  • Can't Choose Location
  • Only Works On Browser

If you like to follow video guides better than reading then watch the video below to see how easy you can change your IP address.

>> Find the latest and cheapest VPN’s here <<

Which Is The Safest Method to Benefit From?

To answer the question “how to change my country IP safely?” we’ve highlighted all the effective methods and hope you’ll find them helpful.

Not all methods are created equal.

Some of the solutions we’ve offered come free (but there are some security issues and hassles involved on your end), whereas some others require a cheap software subscription.

Some of them only provide a change of IP addresses, while others offer additional bonuses such as encryption, speed and large selections of locations.

Being an avid user of VPN services myself, I recommend NordVPN. Not only do they provide a diverse range of servers, but they also protect your online privacy through deep data encryption, making them one of the safest and best options.

Feel free to change your country’s IP address according to your needs and explore the depths of online freedom at your own pace!

How to change your IP manually to one in the same country

Some of you may only want to change your IP address but don’t care if it is in another country or private, you just want a different IP for some reason.


We will show you how to do it but be warned that it can cause problems in some cases where you will not be able to access the internet anymore.

To start with, we’ll list methods that can change your IP manually without any tools.

If you are using Windows 10, you can follow the steps outlined below (Windows 8 and below is similar):

Windows Logo

Firstly, you need to find out if your ISP has given you a Static IP address or dynamic. If you have a static IP, then the only way to change your IP address is to contact your ISP and request that they change it.

You might be able to do this once or twice, but you will eventually end up hitting a brick wall with this method. Luckily this is not often the case when following our guide.

The Simple Method That Is an Overnight Solution

on - off button

The first method is quite simple, but you have to wait, and it doesn’t always work, and it will still show you are at the same location (but a different IP).

  1. Go to IP finder tool (click here) near the top of this page and note down your IP Address, take a screenshot if it is easier. Then you will need to switch off your Modem and Router and personal computer (PC) for around 8 hours.
  2. In a lot of cases, simply doing this will change your IP address.
  3. After 8 hours, turn it all back on and then go and check your IP address again to see if it has changed.

If it has not changed or you can’t wait, then follow the below set of instructions. 

  1. Open your windows menu by clicking the bottom left Windows icon or the Start Menu
  2. Find the “Command Prompt” app by searching for it


  1. Right-Click it and “Run as Administrator”


  1. When you get a “pop-up” message asking you if it can make changes to your system, you click “Yes”
  2. Your Command Prompt window will now open
  3. Type “ipconfig /release” and press Enter


  1. Go to Control Panel by “right-clicking” on the windows icon in the bottom left.


  1. Click on Network and Internet


  1. Click on “Network and Sharing Centre”


  1. Click on”Change adapter settings” in the left column


  1. Right-Click on the Internet connection of yours (in this case my Ethernet connection) and click the properties


  1. Select “Use the following IP address. Type a new IP address eg    (Default option is “Obtain an IP address automatically”)


    1. Change your IPv4 Preferred DNS Server to (Googles DNS Server or, which is Cloudflare DNS server. Tests show it’s faster than Google)
    2. Click OK and then do step 11 again
    3. Select “Obtain an IP address automatically”
    4. Click “Ok”
    5. Click “Ok” again. This step saves your settings.
    6. Restart your PC and you are done!
    7. Head to near the top of this current page and see if your IP address has changed. If it did not, then you probably have a static IP.

For Mac OS X, things are rather simpler, BUT you are using a proxy instead:

shutterstock_154330919Note: Using proxies will change your IP address, BUT unlike a good VPN service the proxy server you use can see EVERYTHING you do and can intercept all of your data and do what they want with it.

This is like asking a stranger on the street to collect your mail every day, open it, read it, change it if they like, and then give it to you, then take your reply and change that to whatever they like and forward it on if they want.

This is why we don’t recommend using proxies for anything other than browsing. NEVER submit anything sensitive or login to any accounts using a proxy server.

Also, ensure web browsers from well-known sources. E.g., Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Brave (based on Google Chrome) and Opera.  Well known proxy websites are usually blocked by places that don’t want you to use a proxy service and bypass their blocks.


There are also malicious proxy services out there. Proxies can be found in proxy lists.  Again, you will not be sure who is running the proxy list and if the proxies in the list are safe to use.

Don’t bother trying to stream any video or music with a proxy either as the connections are very flakey (drop out a lot) at best and very slow. A fast VPN service does not have this problem.

  1. Open Safari and choose Preferences
  2. Go to Advanced
  3. Choose the Proxies and change Settings
  4. Check HTTP (Web Proxy)
  5. Get a new IP address by using a proxy service. (We urge everyone to not use free proxy service )
  6. Copy and Paste the IP address and the port number
  7. OK and Apply

The default/real IP address can be changed in Linux OS using a similar method with some differences. We will cover Android-based phones and iPhone in a later article.

We hope we answered everything you wanted to know about how to change your IP Address to another country. If you have any further questions, then please write them in the comments section below, and we will try and help you out in solving your problem and please share this so others can also find out about it.

If you need to change your IP address to another country, then the simplest and best method is to use a VPN, if you want the cheapest way then it is using Tor, and if you don’t care about the location of the IP address and it to be more of a permanent change then do it manually.

Stella Strouvali Stella is a certified writer and zealous wordsmith, a true fan of Placebo, technology, Panionios and wellness. Still, her true passion has to do with eagerly learning new things and passing them on to others. “An unexamined life is not worth living”, to quote Socrates.

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  1. under “how to change your ip into different country” for Mac, you stated Get to a new IP address by using a free proxy service (get one from the link/list we just provided above)” , which exactly is the link?

  2. How can sites justify making you pay them? I’m guess it’s not very legal and after all if your using it to get content you’ve not paid for what’s the point in paying someone else,especially someone who makes no secret of the fact they can hide themselves when ever they feel like it

  3. i love these method and although my school has found away to keep us from using theme i still love getting education from this site i am 14 and i love technology and i want to maybe one day do stuff like this for money finding ways to get down fire walls so i actually want to be a computer haker in a way

    • Did you use a VPN? This is the best way by far.

      If you did use a VPN and it still shows you are outside Oz then you may need to change your DNS settings. Change your DNS to google DNS which is

      1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Network.

      2. Select the network connection service you want to use (such as Wi-Fi or Ethernet, unless you named it something else) in the list, then click Advanced.

      3. Click DNS, then click Add at the bottom of the DNS Servers list. Enter the IPv4 address for the DNS server (

      When you’re finished, click OK.

    • There are so many ways to do that. You can use a proxy service or a smartDNS service or a VPN service.
      Using a VPN service is the best and easiest method to view any site.
      There are many free VPN service providers such as ProtonVPN and OperaVPN that comes with the Opera browser.
      But if you want to make sure that your privacy isn’t messed around with them paid VPN service providers are the way to go.

      For that, we recommend NordVPN.

  4. “If it has not changed or you can’t wait then follow the below set of instructions.”

    Setting your adapter IP address, will NEVER change what your public address will be. Those steps are useless. Rebooting your modem is likely the only thing to change what your outside address will be if the ISP is setup to provide a new one on reboot.

    You CAN set your PC’s IP through the properties to anything you want, but ultimately the Modem/Router will Hide NAT any address destined to the internet with the IP it has been given via the ISP.

    • Thanks for the feedback.
      You are probably right.
      That is also one of the reasons why we recommend people use VPN services to change their IP addresses instead of getting caught up in changing their adapter settings.

  5. Hi, you are suggesting that BBC iplayer will work if your VPN is connected to the UK. I don’t think that is true I am using nord, connected to the uk and it won’t play.

  6. Being a senior of 70, am not very techy so bare with an old senior as to my question. I watch Netflix Canada,which I pay for and through my apple tv device and would like to change it to Netflix United States. I am told that all I have to do is change the IP and DNS on the apple tv under settings, network. I am wondering if someone could provide me with these codes or alternatively, other suggestions. Thanks in advance and much appreciated.

    • One way is to sign up for a VPN service.
      Then install the VPN’s app.
      Then connect to a server in the US.
      After that go to the official Netflix site.
      Log in.
      And enjoy US content.
      The other way is to change your DNS settings on Apple TV.
      For that, just go to Settings.
      Then Network.
      And then tap on the name of your network.
      After that go to Configure DNS.
      And then click on Manual.
      After that, use,
      When that is done, restart your Apple tv device.
      You should restart your Apple device by going to the bottom of your General Settings menu and clicking on the appropriate option.
      When the device has restarted, you will have access to US content.
      Good luck and let us know if you have any problems.

  7. Hello, I’ve occasionally bought lottery tickets on website that is restricted to Quebec in Canada. I’m currently outside Quebec and the website doesn’t even let me log in and just check my results. It’s so frustrating. Is there a way to fake my geolocation on my macbook and pass the log in process? Thank you, (by the way, I’ve tried the google chrome way of changing the location coordinates in the Sensors, but it didn’t work)

    • Thank you for the comment Lena.
      You can use a VPN service as mentioned in the guide.
      There are many geolocation spoof apps as well.
      All you have to do is search a bit.

    • Hey Lena,

      It’s not that hard. Try searching for a VPN provider online, I think you’ll find something you like.
      I personally use NordVPN, it’s not free, but it provides the highest safety level, in my opinion. And also, it lets me stream US Netflix. Good luck finding your favourite one!

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  9. Hello, Zohair! And thank you for the smooth article. Are you experienced with rotating residential proxies to change your IP address? I am looking into and as those seems the best at the time. Do you have any information on those to share?

    • Thanks for the comment Shawn.
      Well, at the moment, we’re having a hard time pinpointing the best rotating residential proxy.
      But we appreciate your suggestions.

  10. How to use 2 vpn together? I do not want to show my actual ip to 1 of these vpn servers. That is the reason why I want to use 1 vpn to fake my ip then connect to other vpn server with that fake ip.

  11. I am a retired non tech type person. I have “cut the cord” and have a FireStick on one tv and a Roku on another. I want each of these devices to think I am in a different city so my HULU local network channels will be from my hometown. I want to keep up with the local news and sports going on there. Please help me learn how to do this. Please. Thank you so much.

  12. i want to purchase a software license for a cars diagnostic program and the purchase is allowed in some countries only ( my country not allowed to purchase ) , so I would like to ask if this will work fine or not especially the license is very expensive

    • Hi Hassan.
      Thanks for the message.
      Generally speaking, it should work. But it also depends on whether or not the provider of the program takes a look at your location via your payment details rather than your IP address.
      If it does look at your payment details, then you should get in touch with anyone that you know in the country from where you want to purchase your software.
      Then ask them for their payment details.
      Afterwards, you can pay them back via your own card.

  13. a family member is leaving for a year long visit to Kenya but would like to continue to use Netflix, AmazonPrime,, etc. She currently uses her MacBook to access most of the time. She will have fast internet access in Kenya.

    Can she use her GSM iPhone to access the VPN as well to do the same thing? Would this be over the local wifi or the phone services?

    • Hi Malang.
      Thanks for the comment.
      If you have followed the instructions that we have given above and still have not managed to have access to Netflix without credit card, then there is very little you can do.
      Without a credit card or any other type of payment (you can pay for Netflix via giftcards as well), it will be hard for you to access Netflix or its free trial.

  14. Is there any point in getting VPN on desktop?Internet Service Provider knows your IP and other details forever, so they will register the fact when you sign up for VPN but they still have your details.Can they see your internet traffic with the knowledge about you they have??Do they know your MAC address??

    • A VPN is very useful on a desktop, that same as any other device. Let me be clear in addressing your question, yes, your ISP knows your IP address and personal details, they always will, when you use a VPN then it will encrypt and hide EVERYTHING you are doing online from your ISP and anyone else watching. Your ISP will know you are online and that is all. They do not know what sites you are visiting, what you download or upload. Even better is the sites you are visiting will not know anything about you, where you are or who you are. Everyone is BLIND to what you are doing and who you are.

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