How to change your IP to any other country you want


The Internet is a truly remarkable tool that can be used in various different ways by users everywhere in the world, from gathering information, communication, entertainment, end even education.

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) make sure that they provide you with the necessary connection needed to effortlessly access the web, but for a fee.

Every single time a device; smartphone, computer, tablet and even a smart refrigerator connects to the internet, an IP address is assigned to it.

In this guide we will show you how to get a fake IP address to access websites in the UK.

What’s an IP Address you may ask?

Before we talk about fake IP address we’ll talk about what is an actual IP address.

Well, an IP address is a unique number that is assigned to a device connected to the internet or network. This number can be used to identify a particular device including your physical location.

You can think of it like a fingerprint. No two devices have the same IP Address. When you access the internet

When you access the internet, your IP address is broadcast for all to see it.

Every website you visit, and every network you use will know your IP address and they can use it for a number of different purposes, some completely fine, and others you should be very worries about.

IP addresses are however not written in stone and can be changed.

And this is where we will perform the most of our work.

With a fake IP address you will have no trouble in accessing websites that are only available to viewers in the UK.

This is a good thing because there are times when you’ll want to change your IP Address.


For instance, some content providers (eg. BBC iPlayer) will only serve their content to IP addresses in a particular geographical location (eg. United Kingdom), which in turn means that all IP addresses not from that locale will be blocked.

This is known as Geo-Blocking.

To bypass such restrictions, you need to change your IP address to a different one that is registered in the location you want to appear to be located in.

In other words, you need a fake IP address.

With that fake IP you can watch all content from streaming sites such as BBC iPlayer.

But fake IP address isn’t just useful because you can watch content from sites such as BBC iPlayer.

Fake IP address can come in handy in many other situations.

There are tons of benefits if you change your IP address in certain circumstances…

Why Change Your IP?

  • Remain Anonymous Online: One of the major reasons why people want to learn how to change their IP Address is so that they can stay anonymous online.To what end, you may ask?By using a different IP address you appear to come from a different location, therefore if anyone is monitoring you and trying to track you down then they thnk you are somewhere else other than where you actually are.With the amount of cyber crime going on these days, this is a major draw for people to change their IP address.
  • Appear From a Different Location: You’ve probably heard or noticed that when you try booking a flight online from different locations (different IP’s) there’s usually a price difference even though it is the same flight.This is despite the fact that the departure time and location remain the same.What usually happens is that booking sites will take note of your IP Address and if it shows you’re from a country with a higher GDP (indicating wealthier populations), you will be shown more expensive flights than someone with an IP Address from a location with a relatively worse off economy.Also, these airfare websites can take a peek at your browsing history by looking at cookies stored on your website.If it shows you’ve been looking for flights, you’re likely to be shown more expensive flights than other visitors who are checking flight price for the first time.Hackers are also not likely to track you down and steal your sensitive data.
  • Unblock Sites: There are quite a few geographically restricted websites that you cannot reach from certain countries in the world.For instance, if you’re a fan of the wildly successful Netflix sci-fi drama Stranger Things, you can’t watch it online while on holiday in China.Should you wish to unblock Netflix from China – you would require a US-based IP address.Some Geo-Restricted websites include but not limited to: Netflix, HULU, HBO, NFLSeasonPass, BBC iPlayer, ABC iView, Channel 7 (Aus), and just about every TV Network that also streams their content.
  • Access Blocked Content Everywhere: Sometimes, it’s not geo-IP restricted websites that are the issue.Some educational institutions and workplaces, install firewalls that restrict content that you can access.Schools, Universities, and workplaces are notorious for this; usually blocking sites that serve no educational purpose.With a VPN, that also changes your IP address, you can circumvent the firewall and access restricted content because your internet will be encrypted so they won’t know what you are trying to look at.
  • Bypass Online Censorship: Authoritarian regimes are infamous for heavy censorship and online surveillance.In environments such as these, you need to be vigilant and innovative.However, censorship and online surveillance are not just limited to 3rd world dictatorships.For instance, Europe is one of the biggest advocates of Internet freedom whereas in reality censorship also exists in Europe.Changing your IP address and getting another one representing a different location in the world, should get rid of such problems right away!

How to change your IP address to one in another country

To put it another way, how can you gain access to a fake IP address.

There are multiple different methods you can use to change your IP address to appear like you are in another country or city. The process varies from method to method and some methods suit certain needs better than others.

  • VPN: VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and is the intermediary between your Internet connection and the sites that you wish to visit.With a VPN, you get to use remote servers that are spread out across the world to tunnel your internet connection through (exactly like in the movies when trying to trace hackers); as a result, you can change your IP country address and choose a brand new one from a country that suits your needs the most.In addition, the VPN safeguards your data with the use of data encryption, through safe tunneling and firewalls protecting your traffic, you don’t risk having your data snooped on while surfing the web.Your ISP or Government won’t even know what you are doing online.You simply need to subscribe to a reliable VPN service, download their app and you’ll be all set, whenever you want to change your IP you just turn on your VPN and choose a location.The best thing about using a VPN service to get a fake IP is that a VPN service makes it so easy to get one.A VPN service is perhaps the most reliable method to obtain a fake IP address.Security Gladiators highly recommends IPVanish for a solid VPN choice. They have awesome speeds, simple to use and we hooked up a special 57% discount for our readers.

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  • Smart DNS: This is an alternative software similar to a VPN, it helps mask your IP Adress.Unlike a VPN, though, it does not offer any data encryption and this can lead to security hazards.To use a Smart DNS, find a reliable Smart DNS service provider and activate it to conceal your true identity (the IP address).After manual configuration and selecting another country’s server, the Smart DNS is going to offer the desired outcome for you.A SmartDNS is the best choice if your only purpose to change your IP address is to stream video at home and nowhere else.This will provide the quickest speeds as there is no encryption. Note: If you are wanting to use it on multiple devices in different locations (eg school, home, work etc) then the VPN is a much better option.You don’t need us telling you that if you are looking for a fake IP, Smart DNS services will get you one.But smart DNS services aren’t as effective as VPN services when it comes to fetching a fake IP address.That doesn’t mean they are not effective.They are.

    You will need to log into the SmartDNS dashboard and set your actual current IP address every time you try to use it from a different location.

  • Tor Browser: Tor is an open source, free web browser that enables you to mask your true IP address regardless of your location.If you visit the official website of The Onion Router, you will be instructed on how to get a new IP address and thus shield your anonymity online.You will have to download the Tor browser and proceed with other instructions as advised to get a brand new IP address.While this will change your IP address and encrypt your internet connection it does have some downfalls.For starters, it is extremely slow. Don’t even bother trying to stream video or music with it, it is even very slow to open up a normal web page.Secondly, this is the browser that is used to access the Dark Web, so ISP’s and the Feds are monitoring who is using the Tor browser.

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Which is the safest method to benefit from?

To answer the question “how to change my country IP?”we’ve highlighted all effective methods and hope you’ll find them helpful.

Not all methods are created equal. Some of the solutions we’ve offered come free (but there are some security issues and hassles involved on your end), whereas some others require an inexpensive subscription.

Some of them simply provide a change of IP addresses, whilst others offer additional bonuses such as encryption and speed.

Being avid users of VPN services ourselves we recommend IPVanish. Not only do they provide a diverse range of servers but you also protect your online privacy through deep data encryption.

Feel free to change your country’s IP address according to your needs and explore the depths of online freedom at your own pace!


How to change your IP manually to one in the same country

Some of you may only want to change your IP address but don’t care if it is in another country, you just want a different IP for some reason.

We will show you how to do it but be warned that it can cause problems in some cases wehre you will not be able to access the internet any more.

To start with, we’ll list methods that can change your IP manually without any tools.

If you are using Windows 10, you can follow the steps outlined below (Windows 8 and below is similar):

Firstly you need to find out if your ISP has given you a Static IP. If you have a static IP then the only way to change your IP address is to contact your ISP and request that they change it.

You might be able to do this once or twice but you will end up hitting a brick wall. Luckily this is not often the case.

The Simple Method That Is an Overnight Solution

The first method is quite simple, but you have to wait and it doesn’t always work.

  1. Go to and note down your IP Address, take a screen shot if easier.
  2. Then you will need to switch off your Modem and Router and PC for around 8 hours.
  3. In a lot of cases, simply doing this will change your IP address.
  4. After 8 hours, turn it all back on and then go and check your IP address again to see if it has changed.


If it has not changed or you can’t wait then follow the below set of instructions.

  1. Open your windows menu by clicking the bottom left Windows icon or the Start Menu
  2. Find the “Command Prompt” app by searching for it
  3. Right-Click it and “Run as Administrator”
  4. When you get a “pop-up” message asking you if it can make changes to your system you click “Yes”
  5. Your Command Prompt window will now open
  6. Type “ipconfig /release” and press Enter
  7. Go to Control Panel by “right-clicking” on the windows icon in the bottom left.
  8. Click on Network and Internet
  9. Click on “Network and Sharing Centre”
  10. Click on “Change adapter settings” in the left column
  11. Righ-Click on the Internet connection of yours (in this case my ethernet connection) and click the properties
  12. Select “Use the following IP address. Type a new IP address eg
  13. Change your Preferred DNS Server to (Googles DNS Server)
  14. Click OK and then do step 11 again
  15. Select “Obtain an IP address automatically”
  16. Click “Ok”
  17. Click “Ok” again
  18. Restart your PC and you are done!
  19. Head to and see if your IP address has changed. If it did not then you probably have a static IP.

For Mac OS X, things are rather simpler BUT you are using a proxy instead:

Note: Using proxies will change your IP address BUT the proxy you use can see EVERYTHING you do and can intercept all of your data and do what they want with it.

This is why we don’t recommend using proxies for anything other than browsing. NEVER submit anything sensitive or log into any accounts using a proxy.

Don’t bother trying to stream any video or music with a proxy either as the connections are very flakey (drop out a lot) at best and very slow.

  1. Open Safari and choose Preferences
  2. Go to Advanced
  3. Choose the Proxies and Change Settings
  4. Check HTTP (Web Proxy)
  5. Get to a new IP address by using a free proxy service
  6. Copy and Paste the IP address and the port number
  7. OK and Apply


We really hope we answered everything you wanted to know about how to change you IP Address to another country. If you have any further questions then please write them in the comments section below and we will try and help you out in solving your problem.

If you need to change your IP address to another country, then the simplest and best method is using a VPN, if you want the cheapest way then it is using Tor, and if you don’t care about the location of the IP address and it to be more of a permanent change then do it manually.

Top/Featured Image: By Juandavo (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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    • It depends on which VPN you choose. For eg. IPVanish have over 60 different countries.

  • Thank you it didn’t work on my Mac after following the instructions, they still see I am out of Australia.

    • Did you use a VPN? This is the best way by far.

      If you did use a VPN and it still shows you are outside Oz then you may need to change your DNS settings. Change your DNS to google DNS which is

      1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Network.

      2. Select the network connection service you want to use (such as Wi-Fi or Ethernet, unless you named it something else) in the list, then click Advanced.

      3. Click DNS, then click Add at the bottom of the DNS Servers list. Enter the IPv4 address for the DNS server (

      When you’re finished, click OK.

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  • I suggest you simply add dedicated socks5 proxy on your computer with that you are in complete control, choosing the IP address of whatever country you desire to surf anonymously. Thanks for sharing this useful tips with us.

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    • There are so many ways to do that. You can use a proxy service or a smartDNS service or a VPN service.
      Using a VPN service is the best and easiest method to view any site.
      There are many free VPN service providers such as ProtonVPN and OperaVPN that comes with the Opera browser.
      But if you want to make sure that your privacy isn’t messed around with them paid VPN service providers are the way to go.

      For that, we recommend IPVanish.

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