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McAfee Mobile Security Review

If your mobile device runs on Android or Blackberry operating system, then you will have no problem at all with setting up the software. You just need to visit the app store, Google Play Store or App Word respectively, and download the app. When the download finished you will need to launch the application and verify your mobile number in a process that doesn’t last more than 20 seconds. In order to access your phone security system from another device just add your mail and set up a PIN code. Don’t skip this step because by this you are just founding the base for the anti-theft feature. You also need to allow the application to be device administrator in order to receive full protection.

After you have finished all of this you will open a very colorful home screen. The first scan of your device will begin automatically and you’ll have time to check out the user interface of the app. It may seem like there are lots of features thrown on the first screen, but as you begin to use the app you’ll notice that everything is there for a reason.


AV-Test, which is a German based company, conducted some of their most renown tests on McAfee Mobile Security and its competitors. The results were in favor of McAfee because it aced big number of the tests and the app had the highest score in protection and usability combined. There were over two thousand pieces of malware that were a part of this testing process and McAfee Mobile Security managed to detect them all setting a perfect 100% accuracy. The app doesn’t only detect malware and antiviruses, it also provides extend reports about the files and gives you the choice whether you want to install or download the specific file.


There is a free version of McAfee Mobile Security and a paid version with a price tag of $23.99 available on Amazon. What you get with the premium version is that you will no more get any adds on the application screen and you will have access to the customer support feature. All other options that are a part of the premium version are available with the free one as well.

Data Protection

When using the Backup Tab you will be able to create backup folders for all of your files and data on the McAfee cloud platform. Some of the data that you can protect and backup includes: call logs, media files, contacts, and text messages. You can restore all of this date whenever you feel like or even erase all of the data from the phone when needed. By clicking on the Find Device tab you will enter a whole new world of anti-theft features. Here you can choose one of plenty high quality options that include: Locate (uses GPS technology), Lock (through your web profile), Capture Cam (take a picture using the front camera in order to find out who is using your device at the moment), and the Wipe feature that is used to erase all user data currently located on the device.

Web Portal

In order to login to your online profile you will need to visit home.mcafee.com where you will immediately notice the login form. The interface of the web portal is similar in nature to the home screen of the application. You can easily reach great number of resources that will help you improve your overall experience, but at the same time you will not feel overwhelmed at any point. Here is the place where you can control your device from a remote location and arrange all of the data that you need to be backed up.

Pros in a nutshell:

  • Anti-theft options are truly top notch.
  • Expect to receive real time protection from all types of viruses and malware.
  • Creating an web based profile on their cloud platform, which allows you acces to various anti-theft features.
  • Browser options available that will protect you from phishing and different types of scam.

Cons in a nutshell:

  • The parental control feature could use some improvements.
  • The anti-spam filter feels incomplete.

Our verdict

We hope that this McAfee Mobile Security review helped you see all of the good things that this app can bring to the safety of your mobile device. It is a top of the line application that you can use for free if you can stand all of the commercials that popup and at the same time it will provide everything you need when it comes to mobile security. We know that there are lots of Android and Blackberry users among our readers, so we gladly hear out your experience with the app and what rating would you give to it.

Testing is good, but nothing beats user experience. That’s why customer reviews are so important when it comes to the success of any product. You can also subscribe to our newsletter as we will publish all of the latest news and reviews in the industry, so you can be the first to get all of the industry juice. Thanks for reading.

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