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Watch Fubo TV Outside US: The Best Guide To Experience Premium Football

watch fubo tv outside US
Watch Fubo TV outside US right now with our three best methods.

Everyone likes to kill time (willingly or unwillingly) once in a while.

You can’t really work all the time.

Sometimes, you just need a break.

We can all agree that the best way to make use of the time that you want to kill is to watch some sports.

Sports has an advantage as a medium over other entertainment mediums such as movies, TV series and cartoons/anime.

It is real.

And real people take part in it.

One of the most widely watched and played sports is football.

And if you want to fill your time with football then there are very few portals better than Fubo TV to quench your thirst.

In this guide, we will show you how to watch Fubo TV outside US using various methods.

After you have read this guide, you will have no trouble setting up everything to watch Fubo TV outside US.

Sounds fair enough?


Let’s get to it then.

What is Fubo TV?

Fubo TV is essentially an online channel that presents content to its users via live streamings.

It offers football content for the most part.

Fubo TV streams content from all the major football leagues in the world.

We’re talking about the fastest and the most physical of football leagues.

Football Leagues such as,

  • La Liga
  • Primeira Liga
  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1
  • Bundesliga

The major problem that most people face when trying to watch Fubo TV outside US is that it is only available in the US.

Hence you need to unblock it in order to watch it in countries such as,

  • Brazil
  • Italy
  • France
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • The UK

Methods Which Will Help You To watch Fubo TV outside US

In the rest of this guide, we’ll discuss three main methods in which you can watch Fubo TV outside US.

The three methods are as follows,

  • Use a VPN service to watch Fubo TV outside US
  • Use a Smart DNS service to watch Fubo TV outside US
  • Or make use of Kodi to watch Fubo TV outside US

There are many other methods for users who want to watch Fubo TV outside US.

But those methods aren’t worth mentioning here.

The reason is that most of these methods waste your time.

And your money.

Our three methods are the most effective and economical methods when it comes to users wanting to learn how to watch Fubo TV outside US.

How To watch Fubo TV outside US

Basically, you will have to unblock it.

And then watch it from any place in the world.

You will either make use of a VPN service or a Smart DNS service to do that.

And there is always Kodi to help you out when everything else fails.

All of our methods will allow you to get rid of and bypass all types of regional restrictions.

After you have done then, you can easily access geo-blocked streaming channels like FuboTV.

Not only that, you can also unblock other streaming services such as,

  • US Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime

Keep reading this guide for more information and related instructions on how to watch Fubo TV outside US.

How To watch Fubo TV outside US With Smart DNS service

Don’t wait for your cable provider to show you what you want to see. Take control and watch Fubo TV.

The thing you need to understand about watching Fubo TV outside US is that streaming services can know where you live.

Not like, they know your street number and house address.

But most websites and streaming services can tell which country and city you belong to.

How do they do it?

Well, they do by reading your IP address.

Every computer machine has it.

So there is no point in getting rid of your IP address.

To access any and all streaming channels such as Fubo TV outside US and watch all the content, you will basically need to make sure that you have hidden your real IP address.

And that’s where our methods come in.

In other words, there are two main ways to make sure that streaming services and websites can’t see your IP address.

The first method is to use a Smart DNS proxy service.

What does a Smart DNS proxy service do?

Well, it has the capability to redirect the most relevant parts of the user’s internet connection which websites and streaming services use to identify the location of the user.

Once you have managed to do that, you will have enabled yourself to watch Fubo TV outside US.

As mentioned before, you won’t just get to watch Fubo TV outside US.

With a Smart DNS proxy service, you will also unlock other entertainment channels such as,

  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Youtube international version

Smart DNS proxy services come with many other benefits.

Let’s discuss some of them.

Benefits of Smart DNS Proxy Services

  • Most good Smart DNS proxy services provide full support for any and all streaming platforms.
    What we mean by that is users can watch Fubo TV outside US on their iPad, iPhone, Roku, Mac, PC, Android, Amazon Fire TV.
    Isn’t that great?
  • Smart DNS proxy services do not reduce the speed of the user’s internet connection.
  • Users don’t have to change their Smart DNS proxy service configuration each and every time they want to watch a particular kind of channel which is available in another region.

Once you get a hang of how to use a Smart DNS proxy service, your average internet service provider won’t find a way to block your access to any streaming service or website.

The Problem With Using Smart DNS Proxy Services

Smart DNS proxy services are great.

When they work, that is.

To put it another way, not all Smart DNS proxy services work the same way.

Some may allow you to watch Fubo TV outside US while others may not.

Therefore we recommend that before you sign up for a Smart DNS service, you must have a look at their official list of supported channels.

Smart DNS proxy services cannot prevent internet service providers from using techniques such as Transparent proxies and DNS Hijacking.

Moreover, streaming sites and other services are always coming up with new ways to block Smart DNS proxy services.

Therefore, a Smart DNS proxy service which works for someone at one given time, might not work for someone else at another given time.

So you have to take that into mind while you go out in the market and get yourself a Smart DNS proxy service subscription package.

Which Smart DNS Proxy Service Should You Sign Up For?

Now, there are a lot of Smart DNS proxy services in the market today.

Each one of those would like you to believe that they are offering the best possible service.

This is what we call information overload.

There are so many choices, that users end up confused as to which one they should sign up for.

As mentioned just now, on the face of it, they all look more or less the same.

Of course, this is the real world we are talking about and no two Smart DNS proxy services are the same.

Lucky for you, we have done all the research work and saved you a ton of time.

And our research shows that the best VPN service to watch Fubo TV with is StrongDNS.

It is the best as far as Smart DNS Proxy services are concerned.

The best thing about StrongDNS is that, it comes free with a subscription package of StrongVPN.

StrongDNS has a pretty big list of supported streaming channels.

Moreover, all StrongVPN packages come with a seven-day money-back guarantee.

To help out new users StrongDNS also has helpful setup guides on its official website.

Users who want to purchase StrongDNS service right now and that too from the official website should

How To Watch Fubo TV Outside US With A VPN Service

Football is world’s most popular sport.

Our first method involved the user making use of Smart DNS proxy services in order to access Fubo TV outside US.

The second method is similar but more convenient and effective.

It also involves a user making use of a software application to watch Fubo TV outside US.

This method is great for users who want to permanently get rid of geo-blocked streaming channels.

Fubo TV is one of those channels.

Yes, we are talking about you using a VPN service.

A VPN service is such a comprehensive piece of software application.

It is also fairly cheap.

A VPN service helps users obtain a new IP address which can be from any country the user desires.

Since this guide wants to target users who want to watch Fubo TV outside US, we’ll talk about VPN services that can provide users with the best US IP addresses.

How Does A VPN Service Work?

It’s a complicated process.

But our years of research has enabled us to explain the process in fairly simple terms.

Basically, a VPN service channels the user’s traffic via its own VPN servers.

And that is it.

That’s how a VPN service chances the IP address of the user which allows the user to watch any channel from any place in the world.

If for example, a user wants to watch Fubo TV outside then, then a VPN service would use a VPN server in US to channel the user’s traffic from.

Therefore, with the help of a VPN service, users can watch all US-only streaming channels such as Fubo TV and more.

Just like a Smart DNS proxy service, a VPN service also comes with many other benefits than just getting rid of geo restrictions.

Let’s discuss some of those benefits and advantages.

Advantages of Using a VPN Service?

  • A VPN service changes a user’s IP address in addition to hiding it.
    Users who want to view channels such as Fubo TV, HBO Now, Hulu, Vudu, Sling TV and Amazon Fire TV outside US can do so with a VPN service’s US IP address.
  • A VPN service helps users to fully encrypt their traffic.
    This allows all users to surf the world wide web securely and anonymously.
  • VPN services have dedicated apps for different devices and platforms such as Mac, PC, Android, iPad, and iPhone.
  • Internet service providers who like to use methods such as Transparent proxies and DNS hijacking can’t do the same to users who are making use of a VPN service.
    In other words, a VPN can protect users against the malpractices of their internet service providers.

Problems With Using a VPN Service.

VPN services don’t have any drawbacks.

But poor VPN service providers do offer a low quality of VPN servers and hence may slow down the user’s internet connection speed.

But users who have subscribed to a professional VPN service don’t have to worry about their decreased internet connection speed.

The other problem with VPN services is the same as it was with Smart DNS proxy services:

There are just too many of them.

And for any new user, it becomes a huge problem when they try to find the right VPN service provider for them.

Again, Security Gladiators comes to your rescue.

We have gone out in the world and have researched all major VPN service providers.

We have tested them as well.

And our recommendation, as far as users who want to watch Fubo TV outside US go, is NordVPN.

NordVPN has a working customer support (which is fairly uncommon in the VPN industry).

And it has fast VPN servers which can improve your streaming experience.

It has servers in more than 50 countries around the world.

Hence it too can unlock virtually all streaming channels.

There are other good VPN  service providers as well.

Use a VPN service to watch all football, from all corners of the globe.

These include,

But our recommendation is still NordVPN.

It offers the most complete package for a reasonable price.

As as far as value-for-money goes, there is hardly any VPN service that can compete with NordVPN.

To sign up for NordVPN right now and from the official website, 

How To Watch Fubo TV Outside US With A VPN Service Step By Step Guide

  1. First, sign up for a well-reputed VPN service provider.
    We have already recommended that you should sign up for NordVPN if you want to make sure that you get to watch Fubo TV outside US without any problems.
    To sign up for NordVPN right now and from the official website
  2. Then you need to download the VPN app file for your favorite streaming device.
    Users who are on the Windows platform should download the .exe file available on the official website of their VPN service provider.
    For Android users, they would probably have to download the official app either in the form of a .apk file or from Google Play Store.
  3. After downloading the proper VPN app file, users must run the file to install the app on their machines.
    For Android users, the download and install process is the same if they are using the official app from Google Play Store.
    Windows users will have to through an installation process in order to install their VPN app.
  4. After installing the VPN app users should run the app.
    Most VPN service providers put a VPN app icon on your desktop when they have finished installing their app on your computer machine.
  5. Then log in with your login credentials.

    That means, you will need a username and a password.

    These are the same credentials that you sign up with when you purchased your subscription package.
    If you didn’t get these then have a look at the confirmation email that your VPN service provider sent you.
    Most of the times the welcome email or the confirmation email contain the login information that users need in order to start using their VPN package.

  6. After inputting your login credentials, you basically need to connect to a VPN server.
    Since you want to watch Fubo TV outside US, you must connect to a server that is located in the US.
    Usually, the list of servers is available on the first screen that you counter via a search bar or a map.
  7. After selecting the server, you need to hit the connect button on the main menu screen.
  8. And that is basically it.

Now you should have no problems when trying to watch Fubo TV outside US.

Fubo TV Pro And Its List Of Channels.

Fubo TV also comes with a pro version which adds more channels for users to watch and enjoy.

Some of those channels are as follows,

  • BVB TV
  • BeIN Sports
  • Everton TV
  • Benfica TV
  • GolTV
  • SportTV Americas
  • FuboTV Network
  • Football Report Network

Fubo TV And Official Apps

Users don’t have to spend time in setting up Fubo TV on their smartphone devices.

This streaming channel offers all kinds of dedicated apps which make it easier for anyone who wants to watch Fubo TV outside US.

The apps currently support devices and operating systems such as,

  • Kindle Fire
  • Windows PC
  • iOS Mac
  • iPhone
  • Roku
  • iPad
  • Amazon Fire TV

How To Watch Fubo TV Outside US With Kodi

Kodi offers the ultimate football streaming experience.
It goes beyond Fubo TV.

Using Kodi instead of a smart DNS service or a VPN service is also another popular method that people use.

But remember, with Kodi, you won’t just get Fubo TV.

You’ll get any and all sports channels that are available to the entire Kodi community.

The thing about Kodi is that it is an open source media player.


It is more.

It is your complete home entertainment theatre system.

Kodi on its own doesn’t offer users any content.

Basically, you have these Kodi add-ons which do all the work behind the scenes to bring users the best content they can watch anywhere else.

So what’s the problem with using Kodi?

Kodi doesn’t solve the problem of you being outside US.

You will still have to use a VPN service.

We’ll get to that part a bit later in this guide.

For now, you need to know that even while using Kodi you will run into some errors if you try to access the official website of Fubo TV.

More on Fubo TV Official Website Errors

We know that you are reading this guide because you are tired and fed up of reading error messages.

Those annoying error messages tell you that the streaming company or service is sorry but currently the streaming service, in this case, Fubo TV, is not available in your current location.

Now, there are many reasons why you could come across this message while trying to watch Fubo TV outside US.

The first of those reasons is that you are trying to bypass Fubo TV geo-restrictions via a service that no longer has the ability to bypass those restrictions.

The second reason could be that you are one of those users who are trying to unblock channels such as Fubo TV outside the US without using a VPN service provider.

It doesn’t matter which reason do you identify with more.

We’re here to help.

You must understand that a VPN service is a must if you want to get rid of any and all error messages.

We have already mentioned the best VPN service provider for the job.

It’s NordVPN in case you forgot.

Anyway moving on.

Kodi And Fubo TV.

Currently, the best way for you to watch Fubo TV outside US with Kodi is to download and install unofficial Kodi addons.

We have already talked about Kodi addons before.

But what we did not mention was that Kodi had two types of add-ons.

Official add-ons.

And unofficial add-ons.

Official add-ons are more stable and secure.

But they don’t offer much in the way of content.

Unofficial Kodi add-ons are not that stable and less secure.

Sometimes these unofficial Kodi addons turn into botnets and use their Kodi users as bots.

But that’s another story.

Right now, you must know that if you are looking for some free and high-quality sports content, you have no other choice but to go with unofficial Kodi addons.

So which Kodi add-ons should you go with?

Well, we have selected two of the best sports Kodi add-ons on the planet.

Using these add-ons, you need not worry about Fubo TV anymore.


Because you will have more content than ever with our Kodi addons.

Let’s get to the meat then.

How To Watch Fubo TV Outside US With Kodi Using Sports World Kodi addon.

As the heading suggests, the Kodi add-on we want you to install is Sports World.

But where does this Kodi addon come from?

Can you trust it?

Well, StreamArmy is the developer studio behind Sports World.

It is their brand new unofficial Kodi addon.

Sports World definitely has the potential to replace your current one-stop solution for all kinds of live sports streaming.

And it will do that for free.

When you open Sports World Kodi addon it will great you with a screen which will give you options such as,

  • UFC
  • Wrestling
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Baseball
  • NBA
  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • American Football/NFL
  • Soccer

What Do You Need To Watch Fubo TV outside US with Kodi?

To watch content with Kodi, you need add-ons.
Unofficial add-ons.

Well, to use the Sports World Kodi addon you will actually need to install Kodi on your system.

And then install SportsDevil and then F4MTester.

To know how to install Kodi on your Android and/or PC, click here.

You could also go to the official website of Kodi by clicking here.

For SportsDevil and many other Kodi add-ons, click here.

And for F4MTester follow the guidelines below.

We’ll assume here that you are using Kodi Jarvis.

But this method will work on all versions with only minor tweaks.

Install F4MTester On Kodi Step-By-Step Guide

  1. First, run Kodi
  2. Then go to System
  3. And then go to File Manager
  4. After that make your way to Add Source
  5. Then click on None
  6. After that, you need to type this, without the quotes, “https://repo.lookingglass.rocks”.
    Type it exactly as it is without any changes whatsoever.
  7. After that hit Done
  8. Then to go the option that is underneath the previous box which says Enter a name of this media source.
    There you need to type LG.
  9. Then hit Ok
  10. After that go back to your Kodi home screen
  11. And then hit System
  12. Then click on Add-ons
  13. And then on Install from zip file.
  14. When you have done that, then you need to select LG.
  15. After that choose repository.lookingglass.zip
  16. And then wait for a bit before Kodi shows you a notification which says Add-on enabled.
  17. Then choose Looking Glass
  18. And then choose Video add-ons
  19. After that choose F4M Tester
  20. And then choose Install
  21. Now Kodi will move ahead and install f4M Tester for you.

Got it?


Moving on.

How To Install Sports World on Kodi Step by Step Guide

We’re going to assume three things from now on.

These are as follows,

  1. You have Kodi on your system
  2. You have installed SportsDevil on your Kodi setup
  3. And you have also installed F4MTester

With all of that done, we just need to go through the final step.

This step is to install Sports World.

And then watch all the sporting content your heart could desire.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Run Kodi
  2. Go to Home Screen of Kodi
  3. Then click on System
  4. After that click on System Settings
  5. And then choose Add-ons
  6. After that turn on the option that says Unknown sources
  7. And then ignore the warning that tells you that the user will be responsible for any data loss, or any kind of damage to the device.
    Don’t worry about this warning message too much.
    If you have any common sense you will be fine.
    Or you could just follow our steps down to a tee in order to avoid anything bad.
    In other words, just click YES.

Now we need to make sure that we can install the add-on we have been talking about for years now.

  1. Go to Kodi home screen
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Then choose the option that says File Manager
  4. After that click on the option that tells you to Add Source
  5. After that hit None
  6. When that is finished you need to type this without the quotes, “https://streamarmy.co.uk/repo
  7. After that just hit OKAY.
  8. Again, you will have to click on the highlighted box underneath that which says Enter a name for this media source.
    Click on it and type something along the lines of StreamArmy.
  9. After that click on the OK button
  10. Make your way back to your Kodi Home screen.
  11. Quickly click on the option that says Add-ons
  12. When you are finished with the previous step you must click on the option that says Add-on.
    This option usually comes in the form of a Browser icon
  13. After that hit on the option that says Install from zip file
  14. Done?
    Now click on StreamArmy.
  15. And then click on repository.streamArmy-x.x.zip
  16. This is another one of those times where you will have to show a bit of patience and wait for Kodi to show you a notification which will inform you that Kodi has installed the new Add-on.
  17. When you see the notification you will have to click the option that says Install from Repository.
  18. Then you will have to click on Stream Army.
  19. After that make your way to Video Add-ons.
  20. And then select the option that says Sports World.
  21. Hit Install
  22. Again, wait for Kodi to show you the notification which tells you that Kodi has enabled the Add-on which you just selected


That was tough.

And long.

But you made it.

Again Congratulations.

To access your Sports World Kodi addon you should access it via Videos and then Video Add-ons.

For Kodi Version 16.1

  1. Run Kodi
  2. Go to Kodi Home screen
  3. Then make your way to System
  4. Then click on File Manager
  5. After that click on the option that says Add Source
  6. Before we move on to the next step, you need to select None.
  7. After that input the following piece of text exactly as it is but without the quotes, “https://streamarmy.co.uk/repo
  8. Got it?
    Now click Done
  9. Now click on the box that appears near the option you are currently on.
    The box would say something like Enter a name of this media Source.
    Click on it and then input Stream Army.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Make your way back to your lovely Kodi home screen.
  12. Go to System.
  13. Then go to Settings.
  14. And then make your way to Add-ons.
  15. After that click on Install from zip file.
  16. When that’s done you click on Stream Army.
  17. Then choose repository.streamArmy.x.x.zip.
  18. Show a bit of more patience and wait for Kodi to show you the notification of Add-on Enabled
  19. Choose Install from Repository.
  20. Then hit Stream Amary
  21. Select the option that says Video add-ons
  22. And then choose Sports World
  23. Hit Install
  24. Allow Kodi to come up with the Add-on Enabled notification
  25. And then celebrate

You have installed Sports World on your Kodi device.

Just as before if you want to access the new Sports World add-on all you have to do is to go to Videos and then to Add-ons.

From there you have to select the new add-on by the name of Sports World.

Why You Have To Use A VPN Service With Kodi

Using Kodi can be legal or illegal depending on the country of your residence.

While it is practically safe to use Kodi all over the world, you need to make sure you hide your activity from everyone else so that no one can record your activities.

The other thing you need to keep in mind is that most of the high-quality content on Kodi is pirated content.

Now, we don’t know what is your position on piracy, but it always pays to be on the safe side.

Then there is some saying about always going for safe rather than “sorry”.

Let’s not get into the cliches.

The simple fact is, you don’t want to take the risk of someone looking up what you are doing online with Kodi.

To protect yourself and possibly your loved ones as well, you need to make sure that you are able to hide your online activities.

And hide it well.

The more sure-fire way to ensure that is to use a VPN service.

A VPN service will encrypt all your data.

Then it will route it through one of its own VPN servers.

Hence, no one will know where your internet traffic came from.

You’ll be free to do as you wish without anyone monitoring your activities.

For Kodi, we recommend IPVanish out of all the other VPN service providers.


Here is why.

Advantages of Using IPVanish with Kodi

  • Kodi is well-reputed
  • It is fast
  • The company offers great security and military-grade encryption
  • It has many VPN servers in many different countries
  • It works with all Kodi add-ons.
  • You can use IPVanish to access geo-restricted add-ons on Kodi without having to worry about your internet service provider or government agency.
  • IPvanish has topped most top VPN service provider charts for the past two years or so.
  • IPVanish offers all users multiple connections and devices per account.
    So you can protect up to five devices with a single IPVanish subscription package at the same time.
  • IPVanish also has dedicated apps for all major platforms.
    Hence you can watch Kodi and protect yourself on any device you like.
  • Not many VPN service providers have VPN servers that perform as flawlessly as IPVanish’s.
    In short, if you want the best value for your money, then go with IPVanish.

Apart from that, all IPVanish packages come with a seven-day money-back guarantee.

So you are basically taking zero risks while trying to sign up for IPVanish.

To sign up for IPVanish right now and from the official website,


We don’t know of too many people who doubt that Fubo TV is indeed a great soccer channel if one is looking for the best football matches around the world.

Moreover, Fubo TV has a fantastic selection of exclusive football channels.

With Fubo TV users can watch all the big football tournaments including Copa America and La Liga.

To make your football dreams come true all you have to do is to sign up for a VPN service or a Smart DNS service.

You could also use Kodi to view more than what Fubo TV offers and that too for free.

In any case, you will still require a VPN service to make sure that your streaming service is of high quality and buffer-free.

The great thing about Fubo TV is that you can create an account with them without paying them any money for a certain period of time.


We are talking about the seven-day free trial that Fubo TV offers to all its new users.

On a side note, in order to get every feature and addon possible on Kodi and to not get sued if you accidentally watch something pirated, you need a VPN. You can find the 5 best VPN’s for Kodi here.

Zohair A. Zohair is currently a content crafter at Security Gladiators and has been involved in the technology industry for more than a decade. He is an engineer by training and, naturally, likes to help people solve their tech related problems. When he is not writing, he can usually be found practicing his free-kicks in the ground beside his house.
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