Unlock Safari’s Full Potential: The Best Safari Extensions Unveiled

Safari, Apple’s sleek and efficient web browser, has long been a favorite among users for its clean design and robust performance. While it offers a powerful browsing experience straight out of the box, it truly comes to life when you unlock its full potential with a carefully curated selection of extensions. In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of Safari extensions, revealing the best ones that can enhance your browsing experience, boost productivity, and add exciting new features to your favorite browser. Whether you’re a casual web surfer or a power user, you’re bound to find something that will take your Safari experience to the next level. Join us as we unveil the hidden gems that will transform the way you explore the web.

Explore the Best Safari Extensions for Maximum Browsing Experience

What Are Safari Extensions?

Safari extensions are small software programs that can be added to Apple’s Safari web browser to enhance its functionality. They are designed to provide additional features, improve efficiency, and customize the browsing experience to suit individual needs. These extensions can range from ad-blockers and password managers to productivity tools and tools that improve privacy and security while browsing the internet.

What Are the Benefits of Safari Extensions?

The benefits of Safari Extensions include:

  • Enhanced functionality
  • Customization options
  • Productivity boost
  • Improved privacy and security
  • Accessibility and convenience

Best Safari Extensions

Here are some of the best Safari extensions for you:

Safari Extensions Never Monitor Webpages, Meaning Users' Data Is Protected

Piper: Picture-in-Picture

Piper’s Picture-in-Picture feature enhances the user experience by allowing them to watch videos in a small, resizable window while simultaneously browsing other web content. This Safari extension is specifically designed for Mac users and enables them to have a more efficient multitasking experience.

With Piper installed, users can simply hover over a video playing on a webpage and click on the Picture-in-Picture button that appears. This instantly transfers the video into a separate window that can be moved around and resized as desired. The ability to continue watching videos while navigating through other web pages significantly improves productivity and convenience for users. Piper provides an excellent solution for those who often find themselves needing to refer back to information displayed in videos or who wish to follow tutorials or presentations without interrupting their workflow.


Grammarly, a popular writing assistant tool, offers users an effective solution to improve their writing skills and enhance the quality of their written content. With Grammarly’s integration as a Safari extension, users can unlock Safari’s full potential by seamlessly incorporating this powerful tool into their browsing experience.

By simply installing the Grammarly extension and adjusting its settings according to personal preferences, users can benefit from real-time grammar and spelling checks as they type in various online platforms such as emails, social media posts, or even when writing academic papers. This enables users to produce error-free and polished written content effortlessly. Furthermore, Grammarly provides suggestions or a comment for style improvements, vocabulary enhancements, and clarity adjustments to ensure that the intended message is effectively conveyed.


The 1Password Safari extension is a powerful tool that seamlessly integrates the popular password management service into your Safari web browser. With this extension, users can easily access and auto-fill their saved passwords, making the login process to websites a breeze. Not only does it enhance convenience, but it also significantly bolsters online security by generating strong, unique passwords for each site and storing them securely. The 1Password Safari extension is an essential companion for those looking to simplify their digital life and protect their sensitive information while browsing the web.

Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket is another useful Safari extension that allows users to easily save articles, videos, and webpages for later reading or viewing. With the increasing amount of online content available, it can be overwhelming to keep track of interesting articles or videos that we come across while browsing the internet. Save to Pocket simplifies this process by providing a convenient way to save and organize these materials within the Safari browser. By clicking on the extension’s button in the toolbar, users can quickly add any webpage they are currently viewing to their Pocket account. This feature not only helps in decluttering our browser tabs but also enables us to access saved content offline at a later time. Furthermore, Save to Pocket seamlessly syncs across multiple devices, allowing users to access their saved items from anywhere through the Pocket app or website.


StopTheMadness is a Safari extension that effectively enhances browsing experiences by blocking unwanted behaviors and features on websites, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable online experience. This extension allows users to unlock the full potential of Safari by eliminating distractions and improving overall productivity. It helps to block websites from hijacking control of scrolling, prevents link shimming, disables autofill prompts, and blocks annoying pop-ups.


By utilizing StopTheMadness, users can navigate the web without being bombarded with intrusive ads or disruptive elements that hinder their browsing experience. This Safari extension unveils the true power of Safari by providing users with a clean and streamlined interface, allowing them to focus on the content they want to consume.

Short Menu

Short Menu is a helpful tool that streamlines the process of managing and accessing frequently used URLs, files, and text snippets, allowing for more efficient navigation and organization within Safari. As one of the best Safari extensions available to unlock Safari’s full potential, Short Menu provides users with a user-friendly interface that simplifies bookmarking and sharing links. With its ability to shorten long URLs and save them as QR codes or customizable shortcuts, Short Menu offers a convenient way to access websites quickly. Moreover, this extension enables users to organize their bookmarks into folders for better categorization and easy retrieval.

Web Inspector

The Web Inspector feature provides users with a powerful tool for debugging and analyzing websites. It allows for in-depth examination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code to identify and resolve issues efficiently. By clicking on the ‘Extensions’ tab in Safari settings and enabling the Web Inspector, users gain access to a range of useful functionalities that enhance their web development experience. With the Web Inspector, developers can inspect elements on the page, modify styles in real time, debug JavaScript code, monitor network activity, analyze performance metrics, and much more. This versatile tool empowers developers to understand how web pages are constructed and perform various optimizations to ensure optimal user experience.

xSearch for Safari

xSearch for Safari is a convenient and efficient search tool that enhances the browsing experience by allowing users to quickly search for specific terms or phrases within a webpage, saving valuable time and effort. As one of the best Safari extensions available, xSearch for Safari plays a vital role in unlocking Safari’s full potential. With this extension, users can easily locate information on a webpage without having to manually scroll through the entire content. By simply typing in the desired term or phrase in the search bar provided by xSearch, users can instantly find relevant sections or instances within the webpage.

This feature not only improves productivity but also enables users to efficiently gather information from lengthy articles or research papers. To utilize xSearch for Safari, users must first install it from the App Store using their Apple ID. Once installed, they can access its features through the toolbar at the top of their Safari browser window.


Utilizing the URL to QR feature enhances the accessibility and convenience of sharing website links by quickly converting them into scannable QR codes. Safari, a web browser available on iOS and Mac devices, offers various extensions that can be added through Safari settings. One such extension is ‘URL to QR,’ which allows users to easily generate QR codes for any webpage they visit. To use this feature, users need to install the ‘URL to QR’ extension from the Safari Extensions Gallery or other trusted sources. After installation, users can simply click on the extension icon in their Safari toolbar whenever they want to convert a webpage’s URL into a QR code.

This process eliminates the need for manual typing or copying of lengthy URLs when sharing links with others. By simplifying link sharing in this way, ‘URL to QR’ streamlines communication and enables quick access to websites without the hassle of typing or mistyping URLs on mobile devices.

How To Install Safari Extensions?

To install extensions, follow these steps:

  1. Open Safari on your Mac.
  2. Visit the Safari Extensions Gallery on the Apple website or browse the Mac App Store for Safari extensions.
  3. Find the extension you want and click on it.
  4. Click the “Get” or “Install” button.
  5. Review and confirm any permissions the extension may request.
  6. The extension will be downloaded and added to Safari. You can access and manage your installed extensions by clicking on the extension icon in the Safari toolbar.


Please note that the exact installation process may vary slightly depending on the source of the extension, but these general steps should guide you through the process.

How to Configure Safari Extensions

To configure Safari extensions, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Safari settings.
  2. Select Safari “Settings,” then click “Extensions” in the menu.
  3. Navigate to the extensions settings.
This will take you to the Safari extensions settings where you can manage and configure your extensions as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Safari Extensions Only Available on Mac Computers?

Safari extensions were initially exclusive to Mac computers, but starting with Safari 14, they can also be used on iPhones and iPads running iOS 14 or later. This expansion to iOS devices has made Safari extensions accessible across devices of Apple’s ecosystem, allowing users to customize their browsing experience on multiple platforms.

Are Safari Extensions Slow?

The performance of Safari extensions can vary depending on the specific extension and how it’s coded. Well-designed and lightweight extensions load faster, thus enhancing your browsing experience. However, some complex or poorly built extensions may introduce some latency or sluggishness, so it’s important to learn and choose your extensions carefully to minimize any potential performance issues.

Can I Customize the Appearance of Safari Extensions?

The extent to which you can customize the appearance of Safari extensions depends on the specific extension and its developer. Some extensions may offer customization options, such as themes, color schemes, or display preferences, while others may not provide extensive visual customization. It’s essential to check the settings and options within each extension to see what level of appearance customization is available.


Safari Extensions provide users with powerful tools that enhance their productivity and browsing experience. Whether it is watching videos while multitasking or improving writing skills, these extensions offer diverse functionalities catering to different needs. Additionally, they ensure a secure online presence by managing passwords effectively. With the ability to save articles for later reading and shorten URLs effortlessly, these extensions streamline tasks and make browsing more efficient. Furthermore, developers benefit from tools like Web Inspector which assist in website development and debugging processes.

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