How to watch YouTube TV in the UK right here and right now.

Let watch some YouTube TV together in the UK

YouTube TV, how do you get that in the UK? We know you have been trying desperately to find an answer to that question.

And for good reason.

We know for a fact that YouTube TV has taken the United States of America by storm.

And perhaps there is a good reason for that.

We’ll get to those in a couple of minutes.

However, the thing we want to let you know here is that if you are living in the Uk you cannot access YouTube TV.

And that is indeed a shame.

What we really mean to tell you is that you cannot access YouTube TV in the United Kingdom.

And it is a pretty massive shame that it has to be this way.

YouTube TV is the only service that allows users to have access to various premium TV channels without ever wanting to lock users into a long and expensive TV or cable subscription.

The best thing about YouTube TV is that, users have the option of adding packages as they need them in order to get all the channels that they want to watch at any given point in time.

Now, even though officially YouTube TV is not available to users who live in the United Kingdom but there is a simple workaround that we want to let you know through which you can first sign up for YouTube TV and then watch stuff on YouTube TV even if you are living in the UK.

In this guide, we will show you the exact steps that you need to take in order to get up and running with YouTube TV even if you are a beginner at these things.

You do not need to worry about a single thing in your quest to watch Youtube TV in the UK.

What do I need if I want to watch YouTube TV while I am in the UK?


Well, in order to successfully watch Youtube TV in the Uk you will need the services of a good VPN app.

What does a VPN app do?

Our research tells us that a VPN app is a perfect tool for you if you want to disguise your original IP address and hence your location.

Once you do so, you can easily appear to YouTube TV as you are living in the United States of America.

In short, a good VPN service allows users to both, first, sign up for a package on Youtube TV and then watch YouTube TV from any location they want.

Find a good VPN for your needs here.

The other thing that users need to note here is that VPN apps are absolutely and completely legal to make use of.

You can easily use a VPN app in order to protect your online anonymity and privacy.

And your data as well.

But as the market is filled with a ton of VPN service providers, it can actually become very difficult for a person to know which Vpn service or VPN app he/she should purchase and then use.

The only fortunate thing here is you do not need to sign up for a single VPN service that is best VPN for YouTube TV in the UK.

There are actually many VPN service providers that may work for you depending on your preferences and likes.

We have written a full guide on the best VPN service providers in the world at the moment and rest assured that all of them will help you get to YouTube TV in the UK.

Click here to read that guide right here and right now.


With that said, it is absolutely essential for you that you do not just go ahead to Google and then sign up for the very first VPN result that you see on the first page.

Do not sign up for any old and random VPN service.

Google is good.

But for some things, it is not.

If you do go through the route of signing up for the VPN service that you think you like because it appears on the first page of Google then there is a good chance that it would simply not work with a service like YouTube TV in the UK.

How to watch YouTube TV while in the UK (the complete step-by-step guide)

  1. First, you need to visit the official website of the VPN service that you have decided to work with. Then you need to sign up for their VPN service in the form of packages that suit your needs.
  2. After that, it is time for you to download the VPN app for your VPN service provider either from the app store or from another reputable source. You can search for the name of your VPN service provider on Google Play Store or the App Store if you want to use a VPN on mobile. Or you can also go to the official The Apps section of the official website of the VPN service that you are working it. Then you can download the official VPN app from there.
  3. When that is done, you need to open up the VPN app and then login with the new VPN account details that you have acquired. Remember, that these are just the details that you yourself created at the time when you signed up for your preferred VPN service.
  4. Now is the time to actually go ahead and click on the button that allows you to expand the window of the VPN app that you are making use of. It is here that we would like to remind you that some VPN service providers allow you to connect to specific VPN servers which are optimized for activities such are streaming. If your VPN service provider does not offer that then you need to connect to a server that is located in the United States of America and then move forward from there. There are some good VPN service providers that offer YouTube Red optimized VPN servers. If you are on the mobile platform, then your VPN service provider might furnish you with a stream-friendly option. That is great as well. When you do connect to the stream friendly VPN server, make sure you connect to the server that is located in the US and not someplace else. Again click here to read our guide about the best Vpn service providers available in the market today for the purposes of watching YouTube TV in the UK.
  5. Now, the next step is for you to wait until the VPN app that you have installed has connected you to the server that you have chosen.
  6. After that, you need to follow some more steps which we will mention below.

How to sign up for Youtube TV if I live in the UK.


If you have followed the steps correctly so far, you should be connected to a VPN server in the United States and ready with the YouTube TV service.

The service will think that you are living in the United States of America.

And that is good.

Now is the time to actually sign up for the official Youtube TV streaming service on your machine.

How to sign up for YouTube TV step by step guide

  1. The first step as always is to visit the official website of YouTube TV. You can do that right now by clicking here.
  2. Now you need to make sure that you press the button that says Try It Free
  3. After that, it is time for you to sign in with the help of your standard and official Google account assuming you have one. If you happen to not have one then you need to create one right now.
  4. Now we want you to go ahead and input a zip code that belongs to the US. You are free to use any kind of US zip code. You could use 94022 or 10013. Or how about 33109?
  5. In the next step, you need to select the option that says Paypal to choose this as your primary method of online payment. When you have gone through the process of adding that as your payment method do not forget the fact that you get to make use of YouTube TV service for a total of 5-days for absolutely free. It is a trial period to make use of it.
  6. Now, in the next step, after YouTube TV has accepted your payment method, you should have no problems in signing in to the official YouTube TV streaming service.
  7. At this point in this guide, we are more than confident that you have signed up for the Youtube TV service and are able to watch each and every channel that is on offer there.
  8. Of course, the actual number of TV channels that you will have available in your library would be the ones available in your TV subscription package.

How long should be the period that you should sign up with a given VPN service?

Of course, it is entirely upon you to sign up for a given VPN service for as long as you want.

We would recommend that you should sign up for a VPN service for only as long as you intend to use it.

The thing about YouTube TV is that there is so much content on the platform that YouTube TV is likely to become your primary source of media entertainment instead of your Cable TV.

And for that reason, among many other reasons, we believe that you should sign up for at least 1 year with any of the VPN service providers that we have mentioned in our guide (click here if you want to read the guide right here and right now).

Remember, VPN service providers give you bigger discounts if you sign up with them for longer periods.

If you sign up for the best VPNs for the longest periods then you get to avail the best discounts as well.

Regardless of what you do, the most expensive way to make use of a VPN service on a monthly basis.

If you have a lot of money to spare, then, by all means, go do that right now.

However, most online consumers find that they can get the best price if they just sign up for the annual package.

Hence, the best option is to go give yourself some moments and then think about the future a little bit.

With the right decision, you could to net in a huge discount.


Can I watch the official YouTube TV streaming service in any country that I want?

The short answer is yes.

If you happen to have a VPN app though.

We have tailored our guide today for users who are living in the United Kingdom.

But VPN services are not limited to specific countries and certainly not just to the United Kingdom.

In fact, if you follow the exact same steps as we have mentioned right now in this guide, you can actually watch YouTube Tv outside US from any location in the world.

In other words, from any country in the world. Period.

So it doesn’t really matter where you find yourself on the whole planet.

You too can watch YouTube TV from any occasion if you have a VPN app nearby.

Preferably on your machine.

YouTube TV will allow you to have access to all its premium channels if you access if from the right country.

Can I watch Youtube Tv on a tablet or on a mobile device?


It might just be possible for you to watch YouTube TV either on your mobile device or table.

However, our research shows that it is rather much easier to watch YouTube TV on a dedicated computer machine like a desktop or a laptop since you would need the help of any kind of additional applications apart from the official VPN app of the VPN service that you have subscribed to.

However, for those of you who prefer that way and like to watch stuff while on the move, we would say go ahead if you have a device that is running either on the iOS platform or on the Android platform.

Conclusion: how to watch YouTube TV on anything.

For those who have this desire to watch YouTube TV in the UK, they need to first get hold of a VPN service that offers a good VPN app.

That VPN app should allow you to change your location and hide all your data.

In other words, you would appear like you are from another country.

In this case, you will need to appear as if you are from the United States of America.

The critical point that you need to remember here is that you cannot choose just any random VPN service provider because our research has shown that plenty of VPN service providers simply do not work with YouTube TV.

Click here to read the list of best VPN service providers for any purpose in order to sign up for the one that is for you only.

Once you do so, you need to sign up for that VPN service by going to its official website and then download the VPN app that they offer.

After that, you will have to connect to a server that is located in the United States of America.

Sometimes, your VPN service may offer a dedicated streaming server and that is okay as well.

You should have no problems watching YouTube TV in the United Kingdom or any other place on earth for that matter.


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