How to Install Kodi Genesis Add-on on Any Kodi Device (Latest version)

Kodi is great. Everybody knows that. But Kodi Genesis is greater. Read on to find out how.

This is the tutorial you all have waited for a long time.

And finally, it is here.

This guide is more than a tutorial though.

It is the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to know how to install Genesis on Kodi.

Genesis is probably the most used Kodi add-on in the world.

And primarily, people use it to access ultra-quality TV shows and movies.

All of this is really great.

Except that Genesis is not really an official Kodi add-on.


Officially, Kodi does not provide any support for the Genesis add-on.

And this is probably the reason why many people face trouble while trying to install XBMC Genesis Plugin on their machines.

But let’s just straight the fact right here and right now:

XBMC Genesis Plugin has enabled millions of people to watch movies and TV shows from the comfort of their homes.

XBMC Genesis Plugin has also helped a lot of streaming sources of TV shows and movies to stay alive.


By bringing people to their content.

XBMC Genesis Plugin uses several online websites for its content.

It makes use of them as its sources.

And it has succeeded in doing that.

That is why many online streaming sources have actually changed their APIs in order to accommodate XBMC Genesis Plugin.

So you want to know how to install XBMC Genesis Plugin for your Kodi setup.

That’s great.

Because this guide will teach you how to install XBMC Genesis Plugin on any Kodi device.

We will also show you where you can get legitimate downloads for XBMC Genesis Plugin.

Moreover, don’t expect XBMC Genesis Plugin to live forever.

Copyright holder groups and other trolls are constantly trying to take it down.

And that is why we will also list some XBMC Genesis Plugin alternatives in this guide.

How To Add Genesis Kodi Add-on To Kodi

With this special add-on, everything impossible becomes possible. There are a few problems now. Read on to find out more about them.

As mentioned before, there is hardly a Kodi add-on out there that is better than XBMC Genesis Plugin.

This guide will show you all the steps on how to install it.

You can use it on any of your Kodi devices.

With this XBMC Genesis Plugin, you can stream HD content right from your HTPC.

We will also describe some little-known methods with which you can install Genesis on Kodi.

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How To Quickly Install Genesis Kodi Add-on On Your Kodi

Follow the below-given steps in order.

  1. Run Kodi on your device
  2. Then go to System
  3. And then open File Manager
  4. After that choose Add Source
  5. Then select None
  6. Now in the link section, you need to input a link.
    This link must be from the creator of the addon you are trying to install.
    In our case, it is XBMC Genesis Plugin.
    So here is the link you must use, (Defunct)
  7. Now hit Done
  8. Look for the section that asks you the name of your source.
    You need to input Fusion in there.
    Then you need to click that Ok button
  9. Go back to your Kodi home screen
  10. Then make your way to System
  11. And then click Add-on option
  12. Then select install from Zip
  13. And then navigate to the Fusion option.
  14. Then choose xbmc-repos.
  15. After that choose English
  16. And then choose
  17. Now show some patience and wait for a while.
    After Kodi has installed the add-on it will show you an add-on enabled message
  18. Once Kodi enables the add-on for you, you can go ahead and finished the next step.
  19. Hit install from the repository
  20. Then select lambda add-on repository
  21. After that, you need to go to the Video addon section
  22. Hit Install
  23. Then wait for the add-on enabled message

That’s it.

You now have XBMC Genesis Plugin on your Kodi system

To use XBMC Genesis Plugin go to Video section from your Kodi home screen.

And enjoy.

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What To Do If XBMC Genesis Plugin Doesn’t Work For You Or Doesn’t Show Any Stream?

There is little doubt that Genesis add-on is great. But we have to move forward into the future.

We warned you before, XBMC Genesis Plugin is big.

And when something is big, it is going to have a lot of detractors.

Unfortunately, some have got to XBMC Genesis Plugin.

And it is basically dead now.


XBMC Genesis Plugin isn’t working anymore.

Moreover, no one is going to provide you with any support for XBMC Genesis Plugin issues.

Its developers won’t work on it anymore either.

Lambda is gone.

And it will no longer develop XBMC Genesis Plugin.

In other words, XBMC Genesis Plugin is no more.

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So XBMC Genesis Plugin Is Completely Dead? No.


We just said that XBMC Genesis Plugin is gone.

Some would say for good.

But here is the thing:

Developers can come back anytime.

They can also change the way their APIs work and hence upload some working streams again.

As mentioned before, XBMC Genesis Plugin uses several web hosts in order to stream its data.

This means XBMC Genesis Plugin will work for some people and not for others.

If web hosts are generous enough, and do not change their existing code, then XBMC Genesis Plugin is on track for a revival.

If they do change their code, then XBMC Genesis Plugin is probably completely dead.

Some stream sources have actually changed their API code.

And hence Kodi Genesis Add-on can’t stream from these sources.

Two Big Reasons Why Kodi Genesis Add-on Is Not Online

It doesn’t matter which Genesis alternative you end up with as long as you have what you want to watch.

The first reason is

Some of you might already know that provided Kodi Genesis Add-on with a lot of content.

Kodi Genesis Add-on used as its primary source of content.

In other words, all the stuff you see with Kodi Genesis Add-on comes from this source.

All the high-quality movies along with TV shows as well.

Moreover, this media source also provides some other functionalities.

For example, if you want to search for movies via Genres or popularity or even some other category, the Kodi Genesis Add-on fetched that data from none other than

Now, has modified its API.

And hence Kodi Genesis Add-on has become useless to a certain extent.

Of course, the developers behind Kodi Genesis Add-on can change all this.

All they need to do is to change their own code.

But as mentioned before, the people behind Kodi Genesis Add-on are gone now.

So no updates mean no Kodi Genesis Add-on.

Second Reason

Another Kodi Genesis Add-on source changed its code.

Real-Debrid provided Kodi Genesis Add-on with a lot of functions as well.

But Real-Debrid ended their support of their older API back in February.

Now Kodi Genesis Add-on can’t use data that streams via Real-Debrid

And because Kodi Genesis Add-on can’t fetch data from two of its biggest sources, it is finished.

Changed APIs along with trouble with Genesis coding means that Kodi Genesis Add-on will not stream any more content anytime soon.

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Kodi Genesis Add-on Replacement

Now we will list eight replacements for Kodi Genesis Add-on.

Make sure you try each of them out, as time permits of course, and then settle down with one.

Or all, if you want more sources for more content.


Who came up with Exodus?

The answer is Lambda.

Yes, this is the same developer behind Kodi Genesis Add-on.

Exodus is newer than Kodi Genesis Add-on though.

Go here (Defunct) for more details.

And for a complete guide on how to install Exodus on Kodi, click here.

So, for now, we know that the people behind Kodi Genesis Add-on are the same people behind Exodus.

That also means that both plugins work in the same way.

Exodus though, is working at its peak potential.

It doesn’t have any major streaming issues.

Moreover, just like Kodi Genesis Add-on, Exodus streams content from many online sources or web hosts.

This makes it better than Kodi Genesis Add-on.

If you want to install Exodus, you must first install Fusion.

That is pretty easy.

After you have done that, you are more than ready to watch HD movies and TV series.


Specto is pretty similar to Kodi Genesis Add-on as well.

It has the same code as Kodi Genesis Add-on.

But the author behind Specto has tweaked the code a little bit in order to get rid of some major Kodi Genesis Add-on errors.

This allows the users to stream content from sources without any buffers or performance issues.

Moreover, the author of Specto is very active.

So we can rest assured that Specto will have a steady supply of streams for some time to come.

For us, Specto is probably the best Kodi Genesis Add-on replacement.


Velocity belongs to a newer breed of Kodi add-ons.

But that doesn’t mean it is not popular.

It is.

And the number one reason for that is it organizes its sources almost to perfection.

This means, a constant supply of uninterrupted content.

You already know that you don’t like it when Kodi gives you the “no stream available” error.

Velocity gives you none of that.

And that’s why more and more people are starting to use this Kodi add-on.

In short, if you think you liked Kodi Genesis Add-on then you will love Velocity.


Phoenix is a versatile Kodi add-on.

It doesn’t just focus on streaming high-quality movies or TV series.

It also makes it easy for users to search for more great content.

You Kodi setup will markedly improve once you install this Kodi add-on.

Phoenix is perfect for those users who are into Live TV, Movies, and Sports.

Pheonix can stream all of that content right to your TV or any other Kodi device.

If you want to install Phoenix then you will need to install Fusion as well.


Movie Hut

If you don’t care about sports or TV series or documentaries then this add-on is for you.

In other words, if you only want to watch movies then this add-on is for you.

As with all other Kodi add-ons, this one is also very neatly organized

It also has a search feature.

You can search for all movies with Movie Hut search feature.

Most of its sources work perfectly once you have gone through the installation process properly.

And that’s why we think that Movie Hut is also a pretty dependable Kodi Genesis Add-on replacement.

And remember:

If you want to make sure that you can run all Kodi add-ons as smoothly as possible then always update them via a schedule.



If there is one add-on that has the most number of recommendations as a Kodi Genesis Add-on replacement, then it is this one.

It will bring back that excitement in your streaming experience.

It will change your streaming experience as well.

Icefilms is known for streaming high-quality movies and the developers of this add-on continue to add more sources to it.

Right now, Icefilms has more than seventy thousand movies in its library.

As you can probably imagine, it will take you several lifetimes to go over the content that Icefilms has in store for you right now.

Much Movies HD

Most Kodi Genesis Add-on alternatives work like this:

First, you select a movie.

And then you select its source.

As expected, most of the movie sources don’t work.

And this is where Much Movies HD is so convenient.

It automatically searches for movie streams.

You don’t have to search for anything after you have installed Much Movies HD.

Though we will say that some of the movies that are available with Much Movies HD aren’t equal in size to the ones that were available with Kodi Genesis Add-on.

But that doesn’t matter.

The fact that you don’t have to search for sources means that you can relax and watch more movies in less time with fewer headaches.

All you need to do is to click on a movie.

And it will start to play.

To use Much Movies HD, you will need to install the SuperRepo repository on your Kodi.

We think that Much Movies HD definitely deserves a shot.

At least once.

Stream All The Sources Beta

As with all other add-ons on this list, this add-on is also a bit like XBMC Genesis Plugin.

Just like Genesis, it has multiple sources from where it streams content.

We will give you one advice though:

If you do end up using this add-on, make sure you update it regularly.

This is the only way to ensure that you have working links and streaming sources.


If you want to know how to install Kodi on a Smart TV then read this guide.

Don’t worry if we have missed a spectacular Kodi add-on that you are using right now.

You can always use the comments section below to let us know about it.

If you have any add-on that is better than the ones we have listed here then let us know using the comment section below.
Moreover, we will continue to test more Kodi add-ons.

Once we find one that is better than the ones mentioned here, we will update this list.

So go ahead and try these add-ons.

Because XBMC Genesis Plugin isn’t coming back.

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