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How to Watch American Channels on Apple TV outside US

American TV options truly rock and nobody can deny that.

There is a plethora of online streaming services, such as

  • Netflix,
  • Hulu,
  • Fox,
  • Showtime,
  • HBO
  • and ABC

just to name a few and give you an idea of what our friends in the United States are able to enjoy.

Apple TV is able to provide full access to these channels and many more, enabling its owners to get an integrated package of entertainment and information within their hands.

Nevertheless, as you might have found out yourself, such access is only granted in the United States. In fact, as soon as you have traveled overseas you lose your privilege of having the most complete solution toward keeping up with films, shows, series and sports events. Due to copyright restrictions and after thorough agreements with the studios of the filming industry, the accessibility to American channels is not free and unlimited everywhere in the world.

There have been several complaints as to the discrimination among people from different countries on the matter of entertainment. More than that, it is irrational to accept the fact that you pay for a service in the US and you cannot use that overseas. Expats and students, tourists and businessmen are constantly deprived of their rights to make use of what they have actually paid for.

This is definitely unfair and therefore it is only just to try and change the current situation. On the bright side, there are methods that allow you to jump over the fence and overcome the boundaries applied to you due to your current location. As you are about to see, there is a way for you to enjoy American channels on Apple TV outside US. We feel your anticipation and we are ready to show you how! So, let’s get started!

What Channels Will I Be Able to Watch on Apple TV?

First of all, let’s begin by having a look at the attractive package that you can grab hold of on your Apple TV. Many of these channels have already been mentioned above, but they are not the only ones that you can enjoy! Besides Netflix and Hulu, HBO and Showtime, Fox and ABC, you get access to iTunes Movies, Music and Radio. ESPN, MLB.TV and NBA, NHL and FX, A&E and Lifetime, History and Disney, PBS and Red Bull TV, CBS News and CNBC, Sky News and Vevo are available to you and provide literally everything you may need.

The content is top quality and there is remarkable versatility, in order to meet the criteria of everyone in the family. So, if you are wondering what channels are on Apple TV, you can rest assured that the list is not at all limited. On the contrary, you are most likely to get at a dilemma as to what you are going to watch next!

Methods for Unblocking American Channels on Apple TV

Now, let’s move on with the listing of methods that will allow you to access American channels on Apple TV outside US. As you will come to realize, there is no difficulty in putting these methods into effect. So, we begin with the most frequently used method that does not only offer you safe passage to the American channels of your liking on Apple TV internationally, but also provides security and anonymity.

Using a VPN

Indeed, using a VPN is the backbone of accessing restricted content everywhere in the world. Through the use of remote servers, the VPN will help you mask your IP and offer you the proper IP that unlocks the content of your favourite channels, sites and services. There are quite many reliable VPN service providers available for you to have your pick, offering competitive prices and unique features. After having decided upon the right kind of VPN for you, you will be expected to follow the steps highlighted just below:

  • Install the VPN
  • Login
  • Choose a US server
  • Check Your IP
  • Enjoy the content of Apple TV’s American channels

Along with the access to these prestigious and qualitative channels, VPN allows you to remain anonymous all the way as you surf the web. All your data is encrypted and this helps you to stay out of reach from hackers and snoopers lurking in the dark and trying to access your personal information. Along with all that, of course, you get any IP you need for unblocking restricted content.

US iTunes Store Access

As soon as you have changed your IP and gained a US IP address, you will be able to sign up to US iTunes store and thus gain the benefits offered by the service. If you are in search of an alternative, you can purchase a US iTunes gift card from sites like eBay.  After that, you can instantly sign up using the code of the gift card. Of course, if you are found in the United States or you have somebody there, you can buy such gift cards directly from the Apple Stores in the country. This is a great way for you to preserve your right to access US iTunes store without any worries.

British Sky TV Packages

Another alternative method for you to access American channels on your Apple TV outside US is to gain access to one of the available in Europe (provided that you reside somewhere in Europe, apparently). Sky TV hosts a lot of American movies and shows, helping you get a decent substitute fairly easily and at a competitive, affordable price rate. All at once, you will get access to a plethora of British shows, series and other quality content from the UK.

Use StrongVPN or Other Smart DNS

Instead of using VPN, you can benefit from Smart DNS services. , for example, is a reliable Smart DNS that is compatible with nearly all OS and devices. It works in a similar manner to the VPN, being the intermediary between your computer and the site you wish to access. However, no encryption is involved in this method and therefore you cannot expect the Smart DNS service to protect you against hacking attempts and additional intruders. In order for you to take advantage of this method, you need to:

  • Choose the Smart DNS service of your liking
  • Follow the setup guide
  • Access the content you want

Select the Proper Apps or Passes

If you wander through the various applications of iOS and Android, you will be surprised at the accessibility that they provide.

It is up to you to choose:


And install the right app.

Make sure that it will grant you the access that you have been seeking.

Feel free to read through the benefits of other passes that are available within your reach on the web; they can offer the ultimate value for money and provide you with the American channels on Apple TV while being outside of US that you have been looking for.

These are some methods and tips that will definitely help you a great deal, in your effort to overcome the restrictions applied to non-US residents toward getting the content they are entitled to. We hope that we have shed some light as to how to get more channels on Apple TV, promptly and efficiently. Make sure that you weigh pros and cons, prior to reaching your final decision. Happy streaming and enjoy the unlimited options that American channels can offer to you so generously!

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