Best VPNs for Expats Anywhere in the World

Are you an expat? Then you need to read some new stuff on best VPNs for expats.

This is the guide we have for people who want to know more about the best VPNs for expats.

We have enough experience with VPN services that it doesn’t really matter where you live in the world.

We know which VPN would suit all of your needs.

The mere fact that you are an expat means that you are actually a member of a pretty exclusive club of people.

These are people who have enough money to live abroad.

Now, we also know the fact that when you tell someone that you are an expat (especially your family and friends) they immediately conjure up images of you living a luxurious jet-set lifestyle.

We’re not saying that is not true.

But what we are saying is that if being an expat has some advantages then it also has disadvantages.

And as many other expats would tell you that it is not uncommon for expats to miss their country of origin.

That is perhaps the biggest downside of living in a country that is not your home country.

And a small part of missing one’s home country is missing all the TV content that one could watch back home.

The other issue with expats is that of the security of their internet connection.

Along with that, there is also the problem of depending only on that content which is available in your current place of residence.

The thing we want you to know is that when you are far away from home, it is not always possible to have local content that you love and admire available for streaming.

This holds especially true for people who are living in China.

In China, the internet is governed by massive restrictions and content blockers.

And because of that, a VPN service becomes a very important tool for any and all expats.

A VPN service provider that knows what it is doing can assist users with both internet issues and privacy issues.

Not only that, but a VPN service provider also provides answers to a good number of other internet-related problems.

We’ll talk more about these in an upcoming section of this guide.

What you need to be concerned about right now is which VPN service is the best one for you.

You already know that if you are an expat it is pretty much essential for you to make use of a VPN service.

But the question of which one remains as open as ever.

Some review sites find it easy to mention a single VPN and call it the best VPN for all users and for all needs.

We do not agree with that approach.

When it comes to online consumers and their privacy needs, there is no such thing as one size fits all.

That is why in a later portion of this guide, we will give you all the suggestions that you need in order to know more about which VPN service providers you may want to choose from and which ones will probably suit you the best based on your preferences and needs.

So assuming that you are reading this as an expat by the pool while sipping your freshly prepared cocktail, let’s take a look at which VPN is the best VPN for expats all over the world.

How do i select the best VPN for expats?

Well, let’s just start off with the fact that there are some standard features that each and every VPN service provider needs to have in order to take care of the needs of an expat.

And we will mention some of them now.

While reading about these features you should keep in mind that when you are shopping around in the market for a good VPN service provider you need to know that if you sign up for a reliable VPN service provider then that would certainly make a big difference to your online life when compared to a VPN service that lacks the essential security features we will mention just now.

So here we go.

The range of VPN apps

If there is one thing about the expat lifestyle that we can all agree on, it is that the lifestyle if hectic almost all the time.

It doesn’t really matter if you are an expat who is living abroad or has just retired.

Being an expat means that you will always have something on your plate in terms of work.

And if you have good VPN apps available close to you then you can go about keeping things simple rather effortlessly.

All you need to do here is to make sure that the VPN service provider that you are so interested in allows people to make use of a good number of apps for all the mainstream internet-enabled devices that all modern online consumers have at their disposable now a days.


Now, as far as the sign-up process is concerned, we want you to sign up for only that VPN service provider that has an iOS app if you have an iOS device and has an Android VPN app if you happen to have an Android application.

Not only that, your selected VPN service provider should not have any problems in taking care of your needs if you happen to have an Amazon TV app.

Make sure you do not sign up for one that only offers VPN apps for Windows and macOS.

VPN servers in a nearby location

This is also very important.

Allow us to explain why.

By simply making use of a VPN service you guarantee yourself some sort of internet speed loss.

But what separates good VPN service providers from the bad ones is that the good ones are able to keep the losses to an absolute minimum.

And the only way for a VPN service provider to do that if by having lots of VPN servers located either in your locality or near your locality.

It should offer VPN servers not only in your own country but preferably also in countries that are considered neighboring countries of your own country.

Let’s say that you are living in Australia, but the VPN service provider that you have signed up for only offers VPN servers in India which are nearest to your location, then you do not need us to tell you that you will face a lot of problems.

All you need to do here is to make sure that the VPN service provider that you have signed up has a good number of nearby VPN locations.

Money back guarantee

VPN service providers are great at unblocking things and keeping data safe.

But not each and every VPN service is able to do that efficiently.

In other words, VPN services come in all shapes and sizes for any and all types of online consumers.

Because of that, it is very important that the VPN service provider that you are interested in offers users a lengthy official money-back guarantee.

This would allow you to actually test out the VPN service without any kind of risk or something like that.

Our research shows that there are a few VPN service providers that offer users free trials even though you will have to work hard to find them.

Zero-logs policy

Now the thing you need to understand here is that when you are making use of a VPN service you are actually allowing the VPN service to tunnel all of your data via their service to the wider world of the internet.

In other words, the user has no other choice but to hand VPN services their privacy.

Of course, users are free to not do that.

And end up offering the same to their internet service provider.

You should need us to tell you that you should go with handing your data to a VPN service rather than your internet service provider.

So while you are on the hunt for a good VPN service provider you need to make sure that the VPN service if offering users a zero-logs policy.

Without that, a VPN service becomes far less useful than it actually is.

An even better option is to look only for those VPN service providers who have gone under some kind of audit from independent security firms.

Or those VPN service providers that have proven cases in their record books to show everyone that they really do not keep any type of logs.

Best VPNs for expats

As mentioned before, there is no one single best VPN for expats.

We will mention just a couple of good VPN services in this section to let you know the options you will probably have.

Rest assured that we have reviewed all the VPN service providers that we will mention just now.

However, if you happen to have a suggestion that we have not come across then do let us know by using the comment section below.

We are always eager to know how the VPN services that you have used in the past or are using currently have benefited you.

We are also interested in the negative experiences that you might have had with some of the top players in the industry.

Again, use the comments section below to let us know about such VPN service providers.

As for best VPNs expats, you will see a lot of people throw up names such as ExpressVPN, IPVanish, NordVPN, CyberGhost VPN and VyprVPN.

We want to let you know that it is impossible for us to pick one from these and recommend it to you.

What you have to do is to click here and read our list of best VPN service providers for any given task for a wide variety of users.

And then you should make up your mind.

If you do not want to do that then know that it is probably easier than ever before to make the case of the best VPN for expats for any of the options that we have mentioned above.

Some would have no trouble in making the case for ExpressVPN as the best VPN service provider that you can find if you do not have a budget.

They would also say that ExpressVPN is the best because it offers an extensive VPN server network along with a great location spread.

All of these are great qualities for expats.


ExpressVPN currently offers VPN servers in over 94 countries around the world.

This is enough for ExpressVPN to become one of the best VPN for expats irrespective of which country the expat is living at the moment.

The other thing supporters of ExpressVPN would love to mention here is that the VPN service offers a near-to-complete range of VPN apps.

It really covers everything.

From tablets to mobile phones, to laptops and computer machines.

Moreover, ExpressVPN even offers an app for internet-enabled devices such as Amazon Fire TV which allows users to watch TV right from their home.

And if we are talking about things such as TV and such then you should know that ExpressVPN also happens to be one of the handful of VPN service providers that can block each and every streaming site out there in the open.

Hence, users who want to make use of their VPN service provider to watch streaming sites such as,

then all they have to do is to sign up for ExpressVPN and be done with it.

If that was not enough already then proponents of ExpressVPN would have no problems in pointing out that ExpressVPN also offers fast VPN servers for all your streaming needs.

As mentioned before, things are not simple when it comes to life a the top of the VPN ladder.

ExpressVPN would not have a problem in dominating the market if it were not for a VPN service like IPvanish.

IPVanish is probably one of the most popular names coming out of the VPN industry at the moment.

And some believe that IPVanish is the best VPN for expats.

We believe that it is certainly one of the best.

IPVanish has operated in the industry for a long time now.

And thus, it has a lot of experience behind it.

IPVanish knows everything there is to know about offering users a robust and reliable VPN experience.

Currently, the company is offering users VPN servers located in over 50 countries all over the globe.

IPVanish also offers VPN apps which are available for almost all the major internet-enabled devices such as,

  • Phones
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Amazon Fire TV Sticks

Not only that, IPVanish also offers users a total of 10 simultaneous connections per account.

So with the help of nothing but a single IPVanish account, you can probably provide protection not only to your entire family but possibly to one or two of your friends as well.

IPvanish has no problems in unblocking websites in all corners of the globe.

Detractors of IPVanish would say that IPVanish is not as accomplished as ExpressVPN when it comes to unblocking TV and streaming services such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix.

And we know that is true.

That is why we recommend that if the only reason you want to sign up for a VPN service is to watch Netflix then perhaps you should look at another VPN service provider other than IPVanish.

All IPVanish packages come with a seven-day money-back guarantee though and that might be enough for you to at least give this VPN service a try.

Though what we will say is that there are some other elite VPN service providers that offer longer money-back guarantee periods than IPVanish.

But that could also mean that IPVanish is confident of its service while others are not.

Things would still not go out of hand if the only two VPN services that you had to choose from were IPVanish and ExpressVPN.

But that is not the case.

There is NordVPN in the mix as well.


Our research shows that NordVPN is able to offer users the perfect combination of quantity of security features and quality of VPN service.

NordVPN is an easy-to-use VPN service and offers some advanced security features which are sure to entice expats living in all corners of the map.

Currently, NordVPN is offering users a total of 5000 VPN servers.

These VPN servers are neatly spread all across the globe.

That alone gives users a ton of choices when it comes to connecting to a given VPN server.

And there are other benefits as well.

With NordVPN, you can also rest knowing that you will never find their network overcrowded.

That, in turn, would allow you to gain excellent speeds while you are downloading stuff or streaming videos.

We also like the fact that NordVPN is great at unblocking various streaming websites.

In fact, in terms of consistency, we do not think there is a VPN service provider out there that can compete with NordVPN.

What we mean to say is that NordVPN is one of the handful of VPN services that are able to unblock streaming sites such as BBC iPlayer and US Netflix on a consistent basis.

NordVPN also blocks Hulu and Sky.

So if you like security but also want to watch stuff from your original or home country, then you cannot really go wrong with NordVPN.

NordVPN offers users a wide range of VPN apps and it covers almost all internet-enabled devices.

Our research shows that NordVPN VPN apps are very intuitive and very robust.

New VPN users will also find it easy to make use of NordVPN apps.

NordVPN also puts efforts into making the setup process easy.

It also makes sure that users do not have to press too many buttons in order to get connected to the internet via a given VPN server.

But the debate does not begin to end at NordVPN.

Not if CyberGhost VPN has anything to say about it.

CyberGhost VPN offers its services in a manner that makes it a very good VPN service provider for beginner VPN users.

And expats are, for the most part, beginner VPN users who really do not have the time neither the patience to deal with a VPN service that comes with a complicated setup process.

CyberGhost VPN offers users a good range of VPN apps which are not only intuitive but also easy-to-use.

The range of apps is good enough and it offers users connection types of various specific online purposes.

So if you want to unblock TV services then CyberGhost VPN offers you a special mode for that and points you to the right settings.

CyberGhost VPN is also very good at unblocking streaming services.

It can easily count itself among those VPN service providers that offer users a high level of encryption.

Its VPN apps cover all the popular internet-enabled devices as well.

With the help of CyberGhost VPN, you should have no problems in securing your internet connection whether you are on your mobile or Amazon Fire TV device.

A single subscription package allows users to connect up to a total of 7 internet-enabled devices all at the same time.

Apart from that CyberGhost VPN also comes with a fairly length money-back guarantee period of 30 days.

One other one that we have to through in here as well (just to let you know that you really need to read our guide about top VPN service providers with a simple click here) is VyprVPN.

VyprVPN may not top the list of any best VPNs in any category.

But it is still respected.

It is also pretty old so that may play against it.

Expats who are looking to sign up for a VPN service that is consistent should think about VyprVPN.

It is that rare VPN service that we talked about before that offers users a free 3-day trial.

All you need to do is to provide payment details.


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