Flixxo: A New Platform for Video Which Utilizes BitTorrent and Blockchain

Flixxo will become the next YouTube, is what The Flixxo team wants you to believe.

Federico Abad, the creator of Popcorn Time, has now joined a new team.

This team will (hopefully) bring us a blockchain and BitTorrent powered video platform which will compete with YouTube.

The video platform we are talking about here is called Flixxo.

In about two weeks, the new video platform will launch its token sale.

This will effectively launch a new kind of video platform.

A video platform that will actually reward online visitors and users for distributing content.

The platform will also reward users who would produce and create content.

And Flixxo will achieve all of that with the use of BitTorrent.

Will Flixxo Take Over YouTube?

Of course, we are talking about a video platform here that hasn’t had a single visitor yet.

But no one can deny the fact that YouTube is by far the most important website on the planet.

People from all over the world and all walks of life visit the site multiple times each day.

There is only one other site that can compete with YouTube in terms of traffic:


Apart from google.com, YouTube beats every website that currently exists on the internet.

But YouTube didn’t get to this position by chance.

It used its huge and incomparable archive of video content that brought pleasure to all kinds of people.

YouTube serves millions of users each day of the week.

So what’s the problem then?

Why do we need or don’t need another video platform?

YouTube, for all its greatness, has a rather serious problem.

It has a centralized system.

And since Google owns it, Google can always step in and control what happens and doesn’t happen on the website.

Flixxo isn’t the first time someone has tried to fix that problem.

People have worked on it for years now.

The main problem that no one has fixed till now is that of centralization.

YouTube without centralization is the thing all online users want.

So is there a way to decentralize YouTube?

As mentioned before, there are many concepts around the market.

The latest of those concepts is Flixxo.

Flixxo is a project that hopes it would shake up the entire market.

Maybe Flixxo will become big enough of a player in the industry to one day take over YouTube as the world’s number one video platform, who knows.

But who is behind the project?

Can we even trust the people working behind Flixxo?

Let’s talk a little about the team that wants to overtake YouTube in the coming future.

Federico Abad

How will Flixxo address issues related to piracy?

No one except the insiders of the industry know about Federico Abad or Sebastian.

That is unless you’re living in 2015.

Who is Federico Abad anyway?

He is the guy, or more like the shadowy figure that gave us all the notorious but popular content sharing online platform by the name of Popcorn Time.

Now he has left that project.

And has joined the team that is building Flixxo.

Flixxo, as mentioned before, is a new kind of video platform.

It makes uses of modern technologies such as blockchain and BitTorrent.

Yes, you can call it a startup if you want to.

What does Flixxo want?

Flixxo wants to wrestle away some of the share of the huge video market away from the likes of YouTube and others.

How will the team behind Flixxo ensure that?

Well, that’s what we’ll talk about in a moment.

You might find it interesting to note that Flixxo already features a particular blockchain startup by the name of RSK labs.

How do they plan to take out the likes of YouTube?

Let’s find out.

Flixxo: The New Video Platform

The first way in which Flixxo will try to differentiate itself from the rest of the video platform is its decentralized nature.

In other words, it would not store data in a centralized system.

Hence, it will effectively eliminate any need for an expensive hosting system.

That would also mean that Flixxo would not have to worry about other associated costs with hosting video content.

So how will transfers take place?

You guessed it.

They will take place between the usual suspects:


And “peers” will make use of BitTorrent to handle the transfers.

Does that mean that all the video content on Flixxo will actually reside on the machines of the service’s users?


That is correct.

How will that go down in practice?

In the real world, users will upload and download the content the same way they do on sites like The Pirate Bay.

Or as users did on Federico Abad’s Popcorn Time.

But, as you expected, there is a slight twist.

What is the twist?

The twist is actually the new system.

This system envisions that network participants (the seeders) along with content consumers as well as content creators can make revenue from the fruits of their labor.

In other words, the system wants everybody to make money for the effort they put in.

What will drive this Flixxo system?

Digital tokens.

Digital tokens will form the heart of the Flixxo economy.

They will work like any virtual currency would.

Flixxo is calling this virtual currency as Flixx.

So basically people will have these Flixx coins.

Flixxo will put them on sale in about 12 days.

Users will have a chance to use these Flixx coins in order to access content on the video platform.

Moreover, creators will also have the option of paying consumers when those consumers help the creators to distribute their online content to other users or consumers.

The team behind Flixxo says that they have come up with a way to run a video platform that is free from all structural costs.

The team also says that their platform will enable content producers to share the earnings of their product (their content) with everybody else including the network that would eventually support the creators.

Flixxo Team Vision

The team behind the new platform wants to reward users for their efforts.

Flixxo team recently said that their video platform will actually pay consumers and creators for helping the Flixxo team improve their new video platform, Flixxo.

Moreover, consumers will earn credits in the form of a virtual currency, digital tokens, called Flixx.

This would allow consumers to watch all the high-quality content on Flixxo.

The Flixxo team also said that their new video platform would not have any intermediaries.

This would ensure that the price consumers would pay for watching high-quality content on the site would be fairer by being lower.

Moreover, consumers will actually get to watch what they would want to watch rather than the other way around.

Additionally, apart from allowing consumers to earn token, Flixxo will also bring in some other features.

These features should help creators to distribute their content.

The Flixxo team will build an ecosystem in which consumers would have a chance to earn virtual currency by simply watching sponsored content.

In other words, users will have an opportunity to earn money by watching advertisements.

How is that different from what we have today?

How Is Flixxo’s Model Different From What We Have Today?

Traditionally, people do not want to watch ads.


Because they waste time.

THey aren’t enough high-quality ads.

And of course, they are annoying as hell.

Most of the online users consider ads as a nuisance if anything else.

This is where Flixxo would flip the system.

Flixx tokens would actually carry real value.

THis value will also come with a promise.

A promise that consumers, end users, will have the chance to trade their hard-earned Flixx coins.

Trade with what?

Well, we have already mentioned that Flixxo will allow consumers to use their Flixx coins for video content.

But there is more.

Flixxo will also allow consumers to trade their coins for semi-tangible and tangible goods.

The Flixxo Team’s Vision.

The Flixxo team explained recently how its system would actually run.

It said that consumers could use their Flixx to actually reward the content producers they followed.

IN this way, consumers would encourage those producers to create more of the same awesome content.

However, if users wanted to then they could save up their Flixx in their wallets.

Then they would use those saved Flixx to buy a full movie ticket.

Users would also have the opportunity to buy things like shoes and other stuff from selected online retailers.

Flixxo will also come up with a system where users could use their coins to buy a chest in their favorite video game.

Moreover, users could also convert their coins to old-school cash.

But that’s not all.

Flixxo will accommodate everybody by also giving users options such as Bitcoin and other digital assets.

The Flixxo Team Has More In Store For Everybody.

Will Flixxo find the right combination in using blockchain and BitTorrent technologies? Only time will tell.

As mentioned before, the Flixxo team has an ambitious plan.

And that’s what we need right now.

The Flixxo team laid the foundation for their video platform last year in the early part of 2016.

Then, the Flixxo team, launched and completed a functional alpha release in the second quarter of the year 2017.

As we have pointed out before, the team will use the new project to begins its much-hyped token generation event in less than two weeks.

The Flixxo team has planned new office in the city of Los Angeles in the early part of 2018.

Moreover, the Flixxo team will use the first half of 2018 to launch the premiere of its new Flixxo video platform.

Flixxo recently stated that Flixxo would issue a total of 1 billion Flixx tokens.

The company will try to sell a maximum of 300 million tokens.

Additionally, the company will keep some of the Flixx tokens to sell them in anticipation of other token allocation events.

These will aim at strategic investors.

The ratio of these tokens will be around 33% or 100 million Flixx tokens.

What Does Flixxo Have To Do To Survive In The Industry?

The video content industry, just like any other digital industry, is a tough business.

You might have heard about other video streaming platforms such as Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe and others.

But you never visit them.


You only go to YouTube.


Because YouTube has the best quality of content.

It also has a neat interface that none of the other websites have.

And that is what it will take for Flixxo to survive in the industry.

Flixxo will have to give users high-quality content.

And it will have to make sure that it does that in a convenient manner that user’s don’t find difficult to understand and consume.

Afterall, Flixxo is just another video platform.

And just like all the other video content platforms, or content platforms in general, Flixxo will have to make sure that the quality of its content is high.

But Flixxo will also have to take care of another thing since it will compete with established video platforms.

Flixxo will have to find a way to convince and persuade online users to give up their real and hard-earned cash.

That will hold true at least for the first phase of Flixxo’s launch.

Of course, no one can say with certainty whether people would want to buy into such an ecosystem.

Will Flixxo provide enough high-quality content to users for them to pay a premium for it?

Remember, YouTube doesn’t just give you high-quality content.

It gives you high-quality content for free.

And because YouTube has made high-quality content so readily accessible, it has fought off all competition in the past.

YouTube, because of its size and ingenuity, has also managed to do the same at much-reduced expenditure.

But Flixxo’s model also reduces costs.

Like a lot.

And that is one of the ways in which Flixxo can tempt content creators to seek its service out in order to have a bigger piece of the cash pie.

Flixxo Team And How It Will Take Care of Content Creators And Consumers.

The Flixxo team recently said that it would educate the online community.


By teaching the relevant users that in the new era of the internet they could hold and transfer value without any online intermediaries.

Moreover, the Flixxo team said, they wanted users to understand that they could earn back value by simply participating in the community.

They can do the same by contributing to the community as well.

The Flixxo video platform will enable and reward users for each and every social interaction.

Now, Let’s Talk About The Elephant In The Room.

One persistent fact about the online world is copyright infringement.

In other words, what will Flixxo do when people start to share copyrighted content on the internet without prior permission from the creators of the content via the Flixxo platform?

Well, to address that problem, let’s take a look at the current situation with Flixxo.

Flixxo has Popcorn Time’s creator, Federico Abad, as an integral part of its core team.

Somehow Flixxo has also managed to get a rival online streaming platform by the name of Stremio on its side.

In other words, Flixxo has already teamed up with Stremio.

This gives Flixxo a lot of opportunities to spice things up a bit some time in the future when the need arises.

Regardless, the Flixxo team points out that spam along with piracy would not cause them problems.


Because their content system will have mechanisms which will limit spam and piracy.

Moreover, their video platform will come pre-built with those features.

The Flixxo team recently explained that authors would have the time to actually time-block their tokens by using smart contracts.

These smart contracts would act as warranty periods.

They would have to do so in order to upload their content.

These smart contracts will then handle and then block their online earnings for a fixed period of time.

Hence, if a dispute about a certain content arises, the unfair-uploader will lose those Flixx tokens.


Flixxo will also bring some good news and some bad news for online users tired of seeing the “not available in your country” notifications on their favorite video content.

Flixxo will not geo-block any of its content.

But it will allow individual creators to do so via special features.

To read the full Flixx whitepaper you can click here.


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