Https // : How to Fix this Kodi Problem guide
This is the guide for all those people who are suffering from the error

What is this error anyway?

Well, this is the question that we will try to answer here today.

It is safe to assume that most common internet users wouldn’t know a thing about error.

And why should they?

This error only pertains to people who use an open-source media player called Kodi. Users who can’t live without some Kodi apps know what this error is.


Because lately, they have had to experience this error a lot of times when trying to consume some media via Kodi. Some Kodi users have said that they have been experiencing this for the past two or three months.

So today, in this guide we will try to guide you on how to fix this on Kodi devices.

A lot of people who use Kodi apps on a daily basis have asked the question of how to fix error on Kodi, on various online forums and websites.

And most of the time they get a firm no.

In fact, most people try to “help” them by asking what is Kodi error. It is true that most Kodi users have not faced this kind of error ever before.

We have to do quite a bit of research to come up with a solution for ourselves. Basically, the error is better put if one asks the question of how to fix your Kodi device’s vshare pair Stream Authorization error. If you search for this term on any popular search engine you are likely to find very few answers.

And most of them will not talk about the actual solution.

Well, now you won’t have to search for the error because we have a solution that works just for you.

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Let’s Start With When Will You Receive This Error

So when do you get this error? You get this error when you try to watch video content via Kodi. More specifically, you will face this error when using the vshare pairing option in Kodi.

We have already experienced such kinds of pairing problems. And our research has shown that most of them occur on Kodi. We’re talking about errors such as,

  • pair error
  • Olpair
  • pair error
  • Openload pair error
  • Flashx tv pair

You don’t have to worry about the anymore because we have the solution for you.

After reading this guide you will be able to solve this error within minutes.

And of course, will fix this error. The solution itself is simple. But you will have to follow the below-mentioned steps in order to solve the error. Don’t worry about the difficulty though.

Once you have read our steps, you’ll know that we have made a good effort in explaining these steps to you as simply as possible. We’ll also show you some images which are related to the same error. Remember this is the pair stream authorization error that we are talking about here.

So just follow our guide and you won’t have to bang your head against the wall anymore.

Step By Step Guide On How To Fix Error on  Your Streaming Kodi Device

The thing that happens with Kodi users when they try to open a list of Kodi streaming servers, is that they get slightly more than 10 URLs/links in the category of available servers.

If they click on any of the servers from the list, they usually get the error. To fix that, you simply have to follow a simple guide to enjoy all your TV shows and movies again. After we show you the steps we will also talk about a fantastic Kodi add-on that we will use as an example in our case.

People who want to watch video content via Kodi usually do so with the help of a list of Kodi streaming servers. These streaming servers are usually available in one of Kodi apps. Most of the time they will see a list with more than 10 links.

Each link would point to a server.

In the list, Kodi will also show the user a vshare origin option. And this is where Kodi users will face the vshare pairing issues. In order to fix those issues, you have to follow the guide we will mention below.

Now, remember when we told you that we will use a fantastic Kodi add-on to use as an example in our fix guide? Well, we’re going to use the Covenant Add-on as our example.

So let’s say you are also using the Covenant Add-on.

Here are the actual steps.

  1. First, open Kodi
  2. Then open the Covenant Addon
  3. After that, from the shown list, choose any type of movie that you want to see
  4. Then simply try to pair that with VSHARE.
  5. Once you try to do that you should see a Stream Authorization error.
    This is the exact error that we have referred to as the error.
  6. In order to fix the error, you need to open up a web browser.
  7. Any web browser would do.Selection_001
  8. Then you need to go to the URL address bar and type
  9. Then hit Enter
  10. After that, your web browser will take you to a website.
  11. There you must click the box that says I’m not a robot.
    That is basically a CAPTCHA test, so pass it by clicking the box.
  12. If you have passed then the box will show a green tick.
    Wait for it to appear (since you are not a bot).
  13. After the website has shown you the green tick in the box, you should click on the option that says Activate streaming.
  14. When you are done with the previous step you must see a pop-up message somewhere on your screen.
    This message will tell you that Your Device Paired Successfully
  15. Now you must make your way back to your Kodi device.
  16. And then try again in order to watch the same video.

Maybe you want to watch free high-quality content not only on your desktop machine but also your Smart TV. Well, guess what? 


You have successfully fixed your Kodi error. There is a chance that you might see the error again, even after you have completed all the steps that we have mentioned above.

If that happens to you then you can follow the next guide which will permanently fix the error for you.


Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) logs everything you do online, movie studios and TV companies hire law firms to go and track illegal downloaders and people that stream pirated content so they can prosecute them with MASSIVE fines. You need to use a VPN to hide your identity (IP) and encrypt your internet traffic so no one will have any idea what you are doing. This comes in handy if for some reason someone using your device accidentally watches something that is prated without knowing.

You can find the best VPN’s for Kodi here.

The second Method To Fix Error On Kodi

If the first method doesn’t work for you then you are free to follow this next method.

  1. First, open your official Kodi app.
    You can usually get this done by clicking the official Kodi icon.
    It is usually placed somewhere on your desktop.
    If you are using a mobile phone then you’ll have to check all your screens to find the Kodi icon.
  2. After you have launched Kodi, we want you to go to Add-ons.
  3. And then to Video Addons.
  4. After that, while you are in the Video Addons window, you should open any Kodi addon that you like.
  5. Then click on Settings
  6. After that hit Select Playback.
  7. And then turn off options such as Hosters With Captions
  8. When you have finished the previous step you must click the option that says Done

And that is basically it.

The error should go away now. In fact, we are confident that the will not bother you in the future in the least bit.

The steps that we have mentioned above to fix the error on your Kodi streaming device are pretty similar to what you might have come across while fixing the openload pair error.

Similar steps also solve other Kodi error problems such as:

  • error
  • error
  • error
  • Openload pair error

Kodi users have fixed all of these errors using the same set of steps. These methods work for all these errors but you do have to make adjustments for different types of errors.

In other words, there are some variations.

Especially in the URL that you will use to fix the error. If you want to fix the pair error then instead of using the link, you should use the link Then follow that link and see where it takes you.

As of now, there is no SINGLE website that provides solutions to all these Kodi errors. Your best option is to follow our error guide and then try to replace the URL with the URL that is associated with your specific Kodi error.

Hopefully, that will fix your Kodi error as well, no matter what its nature. Our research shows that the two methods we have shown you above will work for you for the majority of the time.

These are unique methods that only work if you want to fix the error on your Kodi streaming device.

As you can probably tell on your own, both methods are pretty simple.

You can complete them successfully within no time. More precisely, in about 2 minutes or so. We have already told you that the first method is a temporary fix, not a permanent one.

In other words, if you use the first method to fix error then you will have to apply the solution after every 4 hours.

Why is that?

Because the solution we told you only allow the user to pair with for a time period of 4 hours from the time that you pair. Now, that time might seem a bit short to you.

But consider the fact that in 4 hours you can actually watch pretty much 2 feature-length movies. If you like YouTube a bit too much then you can probably finish 20 to 30 videos on the platform as well.

Again, we would like to mention that the first method fixes the error on a temporary basis. So use it after every 4 hours to make sure that you don’t get the Steam Authorization error from We would also recommend here that you should use an ad blocker while you browse the website because it shows users a lot of ads.

Zohair A. Zohair is currently a content crafter at Security Gladiators and has been involved in the technology industry for more than a decade. He is an engineer by training and, naturally, likes to help people solve their tech related problems. When he is not writing, he can usually be found practicing his free-kicks in the ground beside his house.

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