Netflix Has Come Face to Face with the Truth about VPN Users

Netflix has been a popular streaming service, with 53 million subscribers internationally. However, the recent report from GWI highlights the fact that 29% of VPN users access Netflix bypassing geographical restrictions. This places Netflix a great dilemma as to how to deal with VPN.

The recent report from GlobalWebIndex about the users of Netflix practically came as no surprise.

In this report, it was highlighted that almost 3 out of 10 VPN users benefit from its ability to circumvent the geographical restrictions applied and gain access to Netflix.

It is true that there has been great discontent among the subscribers of other versions of Netflix in the world (for example, in Canada or in Latin America), in comparison with the genuine US version.

From the report’s findings, there are a lot of those subscribers who have found comfort to the use of VPN for getting their hands to the full version of the US.

Netflix has been found stricter against VPN usage recently, as well as against the use of proxies.

Although this policy was not confirmed directly by the service itself, there were a lot of people complaining about the hardening of the control for gaining access to Netflix in the first place. Calculating the numbers correctly, we find now that there are 54 million people using Netflix.

The strange thing is that Netflix has only got 53 million subscribers and this brings another issue to cause concern.

There are definitely people who share passwords towards gaining access to the content of Netflix everywhere.

From the report, it was also highlighted that China holds the sceptre of VPN using subscribers to Netflix (with the outstanding number of 20 million people).

What needs to be taken into some serious consideration on behalf of Netflix is that there are two sides on every coin.

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If the subscribers of Netflix did not use VPN for overcoming the barriers of geographical limitations, would this raise the international market share of Netflix?

At the same time, how greatly would this affect the US market share of Netflix?

The benefits and the losses of the company should be well calculated, prior to Netflix deciding what it should do regarding subscribers from the international market.

Perhaps becoming dormant could be the best solution, till the versions of Netflix become of the same value and till the company expands its market to other countries, as well.

Of course, there are no such signs on the horizon as to the growth of Netflix and therefore it is interesting to see just how things will turn out.

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