Google Improves Chrome Security by Adding “Site Ahead Contains Harmful Program” Feature

As it turns out, Google has become more powerful and effective towards alerting its users on unwanted software. Through SafeBrowsing, which is a new feature of Google, all the users can be informed on the dangers of sites and other online activities.

At last, Google has managed to Improve its features by adding a new powerful tool that is none other than a warning message that informs users that are about to pay a visit to a web site or download a really “dangerous” file. Do not be surprised and just tried it and you will see that in your attempt to enter to a site that considered being dangerous and with possible malware it will definitely alert you. This specific action will definitely help all of Google users to avoid any kind of viruses and in the end the user will have the final choice of visiting the site that they want. So, it is sure that it is up to the user to decide whether or not they will take that risk.

Lucas Ballard, one of the Google’s engineers, officially published information about the specific new feature of Google. Through their security blog he said that Google has the ability to offer to its user these important signals that are able to protect them from viruses and at the same time to protect them against the change to visit risky sites from the search engine results.

Lucas Ballard’s exact words are: “SafeBrowsing helps keep you safe online and includes protection against unwanted software that makes undesirable changes to your computer or interferes with your online experience.” The specific signal also appears to those irritating advertisements that always appear without your approval. This means the ending of such ads and the beginning of a really safe browsing through your favorite search engine. Mr. Ballard said about this matter: “We recently began to disable Google ads that lead to sites with unwanted software.”

It is absolutely sure that over the years thousands of people have been victims of hackers who have stole them personal information and they have also manage to hacked their IP, get inside their computer and just destroyed it. So, as you can easily understand from now on something like them will definitely be avoided. It is known that some years ago it was really easy to download dangerous software which has been able to overtake the old kinds of firewalls and many computers were destroyed back then.

A really important point that needs to be mentioned is the fact that Google has already informed web site owners, to register the site with Webmaster tools in order to always be informed whether or not it is something to their site that leads its visitor to unwanted situations such as malware and viruses or even the stealing of personal information.

All in all, there is nothing to be afraid of from now on, especially if you are a Google Chrome user and you always want to browse through the specific search engine safe and secure. The alert message will allow you to decide whether or not entering a web site that Google “thinks” that is really dangerous and full of malware. Do not lose time and be informed right now about this new feature and you will see that everything is safer now regarding to online browsing.

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  1. You are truly one of the blind, Really why should google choose what to label a good or bad experience on the web? are we talking G vs R ratings here?

    Get net nanny if you don’t know how to search for what you want… when will people take account for their own actions.

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