How to Surf Anonymously on the Internet

Anonymous browsing has become more of a necessity over time, due to the alarming increase in the breaches of online security. Since privacy is a grave concern for most people nowadays and due to the fact that hackers and snoopers have been made a lot more competent than in the past, there certainly is the need for surfing the web anonymously.

This is the sole way for somebody to be able and keep all threats at bay, when it comes to leaving his digital traces for the world to see. As we understand that this is an issue of huge importance to the vast majority of Internet users to this date, Security Gladiators are going to dig deeper and offer a thorough review of how to browse anonymously and stay out of trouble online!

Prepare Yourself for Battle

You cannot expect to have everything running smoothly from one moment to the next. Instead, it takes time and a lot of effort for you to learn as many details as possible concerning your digital identity and how to keep it private. Gathering all the information and knowing which weapons to put into effect will definitely help you out, in order to ensure that you leave nothing to chance. Find out all the alternatives that you can use for masking your IP address and encrypting your data and then you will be ready to breathe the clean air of online freedom! Let’s see how you can succeed in your goal of anonymous surfing websites, shall we?

Making Use of Web Proxies

One of the simplest things that you can take advantage of is that of using proxies for visiting websites. There is nothing complex about the use of web proxies, sine you only require an Internet connection. As soon as you pay a visit to one of these proxy services (for instance or Anonymouse), you will be required to enter the URL you want to visit anonymously. In this way, you will not appear to have the IP address of yours; instead, a fake IP address will be your online identity at the time. Web proxies can either be free of charge or premium, depending on your needs and your preferences.

Setting Up Proxies on Your Browser

Another solution when trying to figure out how you can surf the web anonymously without fail is the manual configuration of a proxy on your browser. According to the browser, you will be expected to follow some simple steps and have the proxy settings completed in a few moments. Below, there are simple guidelines for the most widely used browsers online:

  • Mozilla Firefox: You click on the Firefox button and then you choose the Options. You then click on the Advanced Settings, the Network and the Settings. At this point, you select the manual proxy configuration and enter your proxy IP address. Upon clicking the OK button, the proxy settings have been configured.
  • Internet Explorer: You open the Internet Explorer and head to the Tools Menu, Internet Options and Connections. At the LAN Settings, you choose to use a proxy server for your LAN and enter the details of your proxy IP address and port.
  • Google Chrome: You open your browser and go to the upper right side of the taskbar. There, you click on Settings and then you choose to Show Advanced Settings. You click on the Change Proxy Settings button and LAN Settings. This is where you are displayed the option of using a proxy server on your LAN, which you tick. You enter the details of your proxy IP address and port and voila!

There are similar settings that you can comply with, regardless of the actual browser that you are using at a time. Our advice would be to use at least two different browsers and have these settings completed in all of them for thorough protection and anonymous web surfing.

VPN Masking Your IP

Anonymous web browsing can be accomplished once and for all with the use of encryption and more specifically with the contribution of a VPN (or else Virtual private Network). All your data is tunnelled through a different server somewhere far away from your exact location. As a result, you do not connect to the web directly from your own computer, but use the VPN as an intermediary. According to the server that you have used as the middle man, you acquire a brand new IP address. Luckily, this IP address has got nothing that can trace back to you.

Therefore, you can surf the web without having to worry about the privacy level of the websites you visit and so on. There are innumerable VPN service providers out there for you to have your pick from, many of which can offer solid solutions empowering your online protection. Just make sure that you read through their log policy very carefully, in avoidance of any fragment of information being available and eliminating your sense of online freedom.

The Onion Router (Tor) Project

If you are serious about concealing your true digital identity from prying eyes and snoopers who wish to take advantage of your personal information, Tor is a great free solution that allows you to remain anonymous online. It has been supported by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and it aims at providing you with a safe passage, in the form of a VPN.

Other Suggestions for Shielding Your Privacy

Apart from these fundamental things that you ought to do for keeping your true identity a mystery online, you can go the extra mile and make sure that your digital record is spotless! First of all, you can benefit from the use of anonymous remailers. Such options are going to help you out tremendously when trying to send emails, without revealing anything or risking having your data leaked in any way. Additionally, you should be scholastic regarding the history of your browser and delete all the cookies and other tidbits that are of no use to you. If there is no cookie tracking down your web patterns, you do not have anything else holding you back from becoming totally anonymous when surfing the web!

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