What is Tor Proxy and Whether You Should Use It or Not

Tor is actually an open network and free software, aiming at camouflaging your IP and providing you with a secure pathway to the Internet.  Standing short for The Onion Router, you can see where its logo of an onion came up. Indeed, Tor encrypts your data using multiple layers of security and therefore offers you a solid solution online.

Nowadays, there are daily incidents highlighting the vulnerability of Internet users in front of hackers, prying eyes and even governmental initiatives spying on their citizens and posing restrictions to them. So, it is crucial that the proper tools are used towards fighting such threats on people’s online privacy.

Although Tor has been linked to ambiguous users and acts, nobody can argue that it offers reliable services to everyone seeking to remain anonymous on the web. Since everything can be improved, it is worth noting that there is an ongoing effort launched by the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) for optimizing the level of security provided by Tor. Below, we are going to find out exactly what Tor proxy is and whether or not it lives up to our expectations of online protection, anonymity guarantee and great performance.

Describing the Use of Tor 

If you want to visit a specific website, normally your IP is exposed. With the use of Tor proxy though, you can expect the traffic to be directed to different servers through tunnels. In this way, you get the IP of a random server that is certainly not yours and this leads to full anonymity to your end. Even if somebody wished to trace you down, there would be no actual way of finding who you are and where you are located. All at once, Tor offers encryption and so your data is secured against all kinds of malicious threats.

In a similar manner, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or a different proxy server. They all result in masking your IP address and thus making you impossible (or almost impossible) to trace. As you can imagine, this service can come in extremely handy in cases of heavy censorship from the place where you are located, as well as in cases of limitations at work and at school, public Wi-Fi hot spots and even awkward situations when you do not want to give away any of your personal info.

Limitations and Glitches

Although Tor online proxy is meant to help out in the field of online security, it does not mean that it is immune to problems. Indeed, there has been a revelation by Edward Snowden regarding the exploitation of Tor over the years by NSA. As a result, its accuracy and effectiveness towards providing a safe passage to every Internet user seeking anonymity is threatened on a regular basis.

What is more, due to the Tunnelling of information through multiple servers, there is the possibility of slowing down the performance of your computer. So, if you are strict as to the speed you get while surfing the web, you might be appalled by the potential delays when connecting with Tor.

How and Where Can I Use Tor?

Tor proxy online has been offering solutions to every person, who is interested in optimizing his online protection layering. As a consequence, there is the option of downloading the respective Tor browser bundle and have everything installed promptly and efficiently. Additionally, there is Orbot for you to make use of in Google Android devices.

Tails can also be used, in the form of a CD/USB pre-configured operating system targeting the creation of safe pathways for you online. At their official website you can find all of their projects and choose the perfect solution for you and your personalized needs. Gaze through these solutions and download Tor proxy, based on what you are actually looking for. Tor is offered for free and this is one of its major advantages over other solutions with the same benefits.

Will Tor Protect Me at All Times?

Tor proxy is a great tool, in the hands of all Internet users who have been trying to come up with a solution enabling them to surf the web anonymously. Still, nothing is bulletproof and Tor is no exception to this rule. In other words, there are ways for professionals to reach out to your personal information, even if you are using Tor proxy online; however, it would take time and effort, not to mention knowledge and experience on the subject. If you wish to go the extra mile and really protect your safe browsing, you have to combine Tor with other means of precaution. For instance, EFF calls out for attention and suggests that you use HTTPS for thorough protection.

Source: https://www.eff.org/pages/tor-and-https

Bottom Line

Tor is certainly a trustworthy and highly effective tool, which can assist you in your struggle to maintain privacy on the Internet. Nevertheless, it comes packed with several disadvantages like the slowing down of your computer’s performance and the potential penetration in the personal data of its users (mainly due to NSA and other similar man-in-the-middle attacks, which are quite frequent).

Feel free to use Tor online proxy, but always keep in mind that you should always be on alert and combine different tools. Only in this way can you rest assured that the level of your online security is great and that it cannot jeopardize your anonymity, which you have worked so hard for!

Top image by: Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tor_(anonymity_network))

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