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How to Watch AFL Grand Final Outside Australia in 2023 (With Images)

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to watch AFL Grand Final.

Do you want to watch the AFL grand final from outside Australia?  Well, the good news is that watching the AFL grand final has never been easier before than it is now.

The bad news is that you’re going to have to do a bit of work to watch AFL grand final from outside Australia.

The AFL grand final will go out to viewers in over 240 countries around the world and will be available on every possible platform including television, online through desktop, tablet, mobile or a mix of both.

But you don’t need to panic if you can’t watch AFL grand final from outside Australia using those devices. You can watch AFL grand final from outside Australia by going to specified pubs, clubs, and hotels located around the world that have set up, or at least are in the process of setting up “party” sites.

Party sites are basically websites that will show, in this case, the AFL grand final from outside Australia.  You can go here and check out those various party sites. You can even add one of your own if you want to.  But is going to a party site the only way to watch AFL grand final from outside Australia?  Definitely not.

Because AFL Grand Final has become one of the most prestigious sporting event in Australia, people around the world, who are deeply interested to watch AFL, have come up with several methods which enables them to watch AFL (including the AFL Grand Final) from outside Australia.

We’re going to describe one quick method (not necessarily the cheapest)  and six other detailed methods to watch the AFL grand final from outside Australia. Many of these methods are free or are close to free depending on your current location (we have a way around that too in some of the later methods).

Best Method for AFL Grand Final in 2023

The simplest method is to go to 7Plus.

Fortunately for people living in Australia, 7Plus is streaming the Grand Final 2023 in full. If you want to watch AFL Grand Final 2023 on 7Plus (via Channel7) you need to:

  1. Sign up for a good VPN service that has multiple servers in Australia like NordVPN. to go to the official website of NordVPN right now.
  2. Download the app from the official website for your platform (Android, Windows, macOS, iOS) and then install the app.
  3. After that, connect to a server in Australia and go to 7plus.com.au/live-tv to start streaming the final outside Australia.

With that said,if you live in Australia you can also subscribe to Kayo Sports streaming service for just AUD 25 per month. The service comes with a 14-day free trial as well so you really aren’t taking any risks while signing up with Kayo Sports. 

If this is the first time you are signing up for Kayo Sports, you can simply use the 14-day free trial to watch AFL Grand Final and then cancel the subscription before your 14-days are out to watch AFL Grand Final for free. 

The Quick Method


If you want your own live stream then you need to get a hold of the Watch AFL Global Pass (now revamped as just Watch AFL). The Watch AFL Global Pass (as mentioned just now,  AFL Global Pass is more. The AFL Live Pass is defunct as well. The only official streaming service for international viewers is Watch AFL)  makes the whole process of watching AFL grand final from outside Australia much simpler and more convenient.

If you can just hop on over to WatchAFL website, you can subscribe to Watch AFL Global Pass (now, just Watch AFL) and watch AFL grand final from outside Australia along with your ex-pat buddies. Not to mention other travelers and converts who will watch the AFL grand final stream live with you.

The Watch AFL currently has three packages. The weekly package costs $17 per month. For the monthly package you have to pay $33 per month and the annual package comes in at $165 per month. Any coverage problems can be solved via a VPN service.

The Watch AFL service is available in more than 130 countries and broadcasts AFL matches on a weekly basis. It has a huge customer base in USA, UK, Canada, Thailand, Germany, Singapore, and Hong Kong along with Japan.

In other words, AFL’s global reach and appeal have never been greater. That is also the reason why many international broadcasters have flocked to AFL authorities to buy rights to show the AFL grand final to people outside Australia.

It doesn’t matter where you live, here is the list of channels where you can watch AFL grand final from outside Australia.

  • Asia Pacific (Australia Plus)
  • the UK (BT Sport)
  • Europe (Eurosport)
  • USA (Fox Soccer)
  • Canada (TSN)
  • South America (Viva Sports)
  • the Middle East (Orbit Showtime Network)
  • New Zealand (Sky NZ)

If you couldn’t find your region or a specific channel then go here for the full list of channels covering the AFL grand final from outside Australia.

The AFL Grand Final Start Times Outside Australia

AFL Grand Final is one of the biggest football events in Australia. Don’t miss it.

The AFL grand final will take place on September 24, 2023, and will we broadcast live at 2.30pm AEST if you’re living in Australia. However, if you want to watch AFL grand final from outside Australia then the list below will help you.

  • United Kingdom: 5.30am BST, Saturday
  • Europe: 6.30am, Saturday (western); 7.30am, Saturday (eastern)
  • United States of America: 9.30pm, Friday (west coast); 12.30am, Saturday (east coast)
  • Dubai: 8.30am, Saturday
  • New Zealand: 4.30pm, Saturday
  • Thailand: 11.30am, Saturday
  • Japan: 1.30pm, Saturday
  • Bali: 12.30pm, Saturday

Now we’ll list out some of the ways you can watch the AFL grand final from outside Australia.

Method 1: Subscription based Streams For People Outside Australia


As mentioned before, the best method to watch AFL grand final from outside Australia is through the Watch AFL streaming service.  It should be clear to you now that this method is only applicable to people who are watching the AFL grand final from outside Australia.  The Watch AFL Global Pass is the official, internationally available, subscription service that fans of the AFL, who live outside Australia, can make use of to watch AFL grand final.

The Watch AFL Global Pass enables users to watch AFL games live on their PCs, smartphones, and tablets. The other benefit of subscribing to Watch AFL Global Pass is that you can catch up on all the AFL action that you might have missed throughout the season. You can do that with the Watch AFL Global Pass On-Demand service.

What’s more, the pass also allows users to watch the AFL TV channel which is a dedicated channel that shows AFL 24/7, i.e round the clock.  So if you feel bored while you wait for the next AFL match (like the AFL grand final) then you can amuse yourself with On-Demand matches to pass time.

Apart from that, the channel has special sections for classic quarters, player interviews, match replays and football panel shows.

Visit: https://www.watchafl.com.au

International Membership to watch AFL grand final from outside Australia

AFL Grand Final will take place on September 24, 2023. Mark the date on your calendar.

As the name suggests, this offer is for international viewers only. With international membership, users can usually watch matches for all clubs who play in the AFL. Most of these international memberships cost around $133 (USD) per year.

With an international membership, AFL supports can watch AFL games live from outside Australia or can view them later using On-demand feature just like an AFL Global Pass.

Of course, the added benefit of an international membership is that members actually support their favorite clubs monetarily merely by subscribing to the service. Members also receive an exclusive membership pack.

You Can Also Use AFL Live Pass To Stream AFL Grand Final And Other Games

Update: Both the AFL Live Pass and Global Pass have been retired.

Do take note that the AFL Live Pass is different from Watch AFL Global Pass. The AFL Live Pass service is only available for users who live in Australia and New Zealand.

But there are ways you can subscribe to AFL Live Pass from outside Australia and we’ll come to those shortly in this guide.

The AFL Live Pass allows users to watch all AFL games, that includes the AFL grand final, through live video streams. There are also other features such as on-demand matches, match replays, and the AFL.TV which is a 24 hour AFL channel.

The difference between an international pass and the AFL Live Pass is that users can only stream AFL matches  to their smartphones or tablets using the AFL Live Pass. With an international pass, users can also stream to their desktop computers.

As mentioned before, there are ways to avoid this but we won’t cover those ways right now.

  • Season Pass $89.99 (AUD)
  • Monthly Pass $14.99 (AUD)
  • Weekly Pass $4.99 (AUD)

Visit: afl.com.au/livepass  

Download the 

This is one of the most prestigious sporting trophies in Australia.

The quality of the streams that you’ll get from the methods described above is usually very reasonable though you might pace some stuttering problems.

But advantages like live action and convenience more than make up for the high cost. The only negative, possibly, side effect is that streaming AFL games or any other sports will use up your mobile data pretty fast. So be careful.

Method 2: Online Live Streams

You can watch free live streams of AFL matches such as the AFL grand final (from outside Australia) from various online websites.  Right now, the most reputed one is AFLdude on VaughnLive.tv (which has been closed now) but you can also follow these as well:

  • www.vipboxoc.co (not working in some countries)
  • http://cf.freestreams-live1.com/fox-sports-504/
  • www.firstrow1 .eu(not working in some countries)
  • livetv.sx/enx/(not working in some countries)
  • www.atdhe.eu(not working in some countries)

If you want to find AFL games then go to “other sports” section and search for related sites.  There are a lot of other options as well if you don’t like the sources mentioned above.  There is the AceStream application, which users have to download on their computer, which enables users to stream AFL games on their VLC media player instead of the browser.

But do keep in mind that these streams normally have poor video quality. They do offer live matches and don’t cost a dime but don’t expect to watch each and every AFL game using these streams.  You’ll have to get extremely lucky in order to find the right stream for your desired match. They can also get annoying because of the million pop-up advertisements which can sometimes inject viruses into your computer.

Method 3: Online AFL Replays

Very few people know this, but you can watch match replays from AFL’s official website usually a day after the actual game has been played.  Of course, this service is only available for those who live in Australia and New Zealand but as mentioned before, you can circumvent that problem with the help of a VPN serviceA VPN service,essentially, will “tell” a website that a user is from another country if the content the user wants to view is blocked in his/her real/actual/current country.

There are a lot of VPN services out there and you can read about some of them in our VPN guide but we recommend that you use  to watch AFL games or AFL grand final from outside Australia.  You can subscribe to   The quality of AFL replays is usually pretty acceptable. And since you don’t have to pay anything to watch AFL game replays, it’s all good anyway.


You can watch any AFL match at the time of your choosing using this service. The only problem is that it is difficult to jump from one point to another point in the match using AFL’s video player.

The only available jump points are selected important moments such as quarters,free kicks, and goals. You will also have to go through a short tutorial to use the service. That might or might not be a con depending on your work ethics.

Method 4: Watch AFL Grand Final Using International TV

As mentioned before, you can watch AFL games from outside Australia by tuning to multiple TV stations around the world. Usually you’’ have to sign up for cable services to view AFL games.  You can check out AFL website to view the whole broadcast guide if you want to watch AFL games from outside Australia.

If you live in North America then Fox Soccer and Fox Sports 2 are expected to broadcast some live and replayed AFL matches each week. For Canada, you should tune into TSN 2. For Asia/Pacific, the Australian Network itself broadcasts several live AFL games each week. They also stream the Finals series.

New Zealand: You can watch about six live AFL matches and three delayed ones on Sommet Sports. You can also watch all the finals matches on the same channel.  Sommet Sports also broadcasts AFL International Highlights show.  If you have Sommet Sports for some reason then you can tune into Sky Sports for all your AFL needs.

You can watch AFL from outside Australia, i.e New Zealand, on Sky Sports AFL coverage. The channel shows one AFL match per week and also has content for NZ Anzac Day. It also has a weekly highlights package.

But the biggest feature is that Sky Sports broadcasts each week of the Finals series and the AFL Grand Final as well.

Latin America and Mexico: Your best bet is to watch Viva Sports which usually broadcasts AFL live matches including the AFL Grand Final.

United Kingdom: BT Sport and ESPN are right up your alley if you want to watch AFL games and AFL Grand Final from outside Australia

Europe: Go for Eurosport 2 that shows one HD match per week of the home and away AFL season. Additionally, it shows the entire Finals Series.

The Middle East and North Africa: Check out Orbit Showtime Network that shows four live AFL matches every round of the home and away season.

It has exclusive weekly highlights program and also broadcasts the complete Finals Series including the AFL Grand Final.

Africa: There is no other choice but SuperSports. Though we’re not sure if you can watch AFL Grand Final 2023 on the channel.

The one thing you should know about all these channels is that usually, the video quality is supremely good given there are no problems at your end.

The price factor is definitely one of the problems with cable TV channels.

For more information on which channel is showing AFL Grand Final in what region click here.

Currently, it is too early in the season for us to show you the league table. So scroll to the end of this post to see how the 2023 AFL league table ended up looking. For now, you should know that Melbourne, Port Adelaide, Geelong Cats and Brisbane Lions made up the top 4 in 2021. You can learn a lot about who will win the AFL Grand Final this year by taking a look at the standings last year.


This year, it is still too early to call which two teams will end up in the AFL Grand Final. For now, Melbourne, Brisbane and Carlton sit at the top of the league.

Method 5: Watch AFL Grand Final From Outside Australia Using Kodi

You already know that Kodi is a complete media player but not a media provider. In other words, you must provide some form of content to Kodi if you want to watch anything on Kodi. Luckily, some third-party add-ons are available at your disposal to make use of and access exclusive streaming content from multiple sources.

Of course, as with all third-party applications, there is no guarantee if they will work. The quality and reliability of Kodi add-ons are also, for the most part, sketchy. Now there are some official Kodi add-ons (which aren’t that useful) and some unofficial Kodi addons.  And since there are no official options, you’re going to have to use some unofficial Kodi addons to watch AFL games from outside Australia.  The unofficial Kodi add-ons are maintained by their developers and a dedicated user community.

Kodi add-ons are basically small snippets of code that enable Kodi to access content from a variety of online sources.

Get ready for the biggest AFL game of the season.

Usually, the content source comes in the form of a zip file but sometimes users can also make use of repositories to watch their desired content.

A repository is nothing fancy, it’s just an online server that is used by the Kodi addon developers to upload their add-ons. Users who want to view a specific type of content can get Kodi add-ons from these unofficial Kodi repositories.

Think of unofficial Kodi repositories as a Dropbox or Google Drive account where only one user is allowed to upload but there is no limit on users who can download from that account.

And that’s where Kodi builds come into play. Kodi builds are basically souped up versions of standard Kodi player where someone has already added a set of repositories along with other Kodi add-ons to the base Kodi player.

As you might expect, Kodi builds are faster to set up and easy to view content on. Though sometimes they can come with a lot of bloatware.

You’ll need to set up Kodi on your machine first, to do that, read this guide.

After you have installed Kodi on your machine, you’ll need to configure your application with Fusion Installer. To learn more about that there go here (Defunct) . After that, to use Kodi add-ons (such as the one with which to watch AFL grand final from outside Australia) you will need the Config Wizard tool or Addon Installer if you want to do it manually.

To watch AFL Grand Final from outside Australia using Kodi, go to this XBMC CatchupTV AU repository and download the files.

On a side note, in order to get every feature and addon possible on Kodi and to not get sued if you accidentally watch something pirated, you need a VPN. You can find the 5 best VPN’s for Kodi here.

The general steps should look like this:

  1. Install Kodi app
  2. Get any AFL Kodi add-on
  3. Launch AFL Kodi add-on
  4. Input your Telstra credentials while you are in the Kodi app
  5. Stream matches as you normally would

Method 6: How About TV And Radio

This method might seem a bit old school but trust us, it is not.

It is quite a fun way to watch AFL matches online from outside Australia. You can view the broadcast guide for TV and Radio on AFL’s official website, click here.


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