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How to Unblock Crackle Outside US

Crackle is a subsidiary of Sony, offering a plethora of videos, movies and series, shows and other cool stuff online on demand. It was founded back in 2007 (since this is the time when Grouper was re-branded and started carrying its new name, Crackle) and it has attracted the interest of people everywhere, due to its quality and mainly due to its free character.

Unlike many of Crackle’s competitors, there is no monetary fee that subscribers are forced to pay prior to being granted access to its content. This is why many people prefer such a streaming service instead of other options available on the market. Crackle enables streaming on various devices, including gaming consoles and mobile phones. This is a bonus for everyone who wants to keep up with entertainment options even on the go, without having to pay any price.

Nowadays, Crackle is available for viewing mainly in the United States. There are versions of Crackle offered in the rest of America and Australia. All the other parts of the world are denied access to its content.

We will try to display why this happens and then we are going to show you how you can succeed in your goal being unblocking and enjoying Crackle outside US. Let’s begin with the analysis of the geographical limitations applied to Crackle and its content.

Why is Crackle Blocked Outside US?

Crackle is an on demand video service provider that allows streaming of movies and other stuff online, as we have highlighted earlier. Its presence poses a threat to the film industry, as one can easily comprehend. This is why there are copyright restrictions that only permit digital streaming of content to certain locations in the world.

Otherwise, the profit would be remarkably less for the people who work in the industry of filming and entertainment as a whole. Crackle complies with the restrictions applied to its content, after the respective mutual agreements that have been reached with representatives of the copyright holders. Now that we have realized how things are in this scenario, let’s start checking out ways that will allow us to watch Crackle TV shows and other content freely and without limitations.

How to Unblock Crackle outside US and Literally Anywhere

There are several methods that you can benefit from toward getting what you want, which is none other than to enjoy Crackle movies and TV freely everywhere. We are going to show you three methods that are reliable and have been proven extremely effective. So, let’s get started!

Unblock Crackle via VPN

This is definitely a popular solution worldwide. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is indeed a service that enables you to mask your IP address and remain incognito while surfing the web. Crackle identifies your location through your IP address. So, having taken care of that, you can get a brand new IP from the United States and gain access to Crackle and any other geo-restricted site in the world. There are numerous different VPN service providers out there that you can reach out to, but as a perfect VPN for unblocking Crackle, we recommend using – it’s the fastest VPN out there and thus, best for streaming. Let’s have a look at the steps that need to be followed in this case:

  • Subscribe to a VPN service provider
  • Make the necessary installation and setup
  • Login after finding a US server
  • Enjoy the full, free content of Crackle

As you can see, there is no difficulty in following the instructions for gaining access to the content of Crackle universally. The fees are quite affordable and there are added benefits of using a VPN account. The major advantage is that it helps encrypt all of your data throughout your connection to the Internet. This is vital, in avoidance of security breaches and data interception.

Unblock via Tor

Apart from using VPN, there is a trustworthy alternative that you can use. To be more specific, Tor is able to provide a safe passage toward gaining access to Crackle everywhere in the world, regardless of your location. It is free and open source, helping you make the most out of remote servers. Nevertheless, there is no data encryption involved and therefore you cannot expect to get the deep and thorough protection that is accomplished through VPN. These are the steps required:

  • Install Tor Browser
  • Set the Nodes for exit and entry to US
  • Visit the website of Crackle
  • Enjoy!

This is also super easy to use and it is free, so it is a perfectly affordable combination along with the free service of Crackle.

…Via StrongDNS or Any other Good SmartDNS

is the third method that we are about to display, in our effort to help you unblock Crackle outside US. This is a Smart DNS service that permits you to change your IP, just for the selected sites that you wish to access and you cannot. There are hundreds of channels that you can unblock in this way, using the very same service.

The cool part about StrongDNS is the fact that it allows you to use it for free up to a certain point. After the trial that usually extends up to 7 days, you can subscribe to its services and worry not about your location. Still, this is similar to the Tor and does not enable data encryption. So, basically this is just a way of unblocking sites without any extra protection. Let’s have a look at the steps you out to proceed with:

  • Subscribe to a good SmartDNS provider (like StrongDNS – test and benefit at first, using the free trial)
  • Configure the settings
  • Choose a US DNS server
  • Enjoy streaming Crackle content

This method works on almost every single device and OS, making it a practical solution. However, you do need to manually configure every device before using it.

Which One Is the Best Way?

We have outlined the three different methods that you can use, so that you can watch Crackle free movies and other digital streaming options. They are not identical, even though they have been aiming the same thing. There are both pros and cons in every method that we have mentioned here and it is up to you to place your priorities before deciding which one you should choose.

If you value safety first, VPN is the perfect solution that will help you remain anonymous as you surf the web. This method will enable you to encrypt your data and thus keep all the hostile intruders at bay. If on the other hand you just need a free solution that is going to help you unblock Crackle without any obstacle or delay whatsoever, both Tor and StrongDNS (during its free trial) will do the trick for you. Read through their benefits and weigh the disadvantages that come with each choice and decide accordingly.

Whatever you choose, though, it is certain that you are going to enjoy the free streaming content of Crackle no matter where you are at a time – this is a great start for free and uncensored Internet that improves our lives and enables us to enjoy everything we want, without red flags to watch out for every time!

Stella Strouvali Stella is a certified writer and zealous wordsmith, a true fan of Placebo, technology, Panionios and wellness. Still, her true passion has to do with eagerly learning new things and passing them on to others. “An unexamined life is not worth living”, to quote Socrates.

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