5 Best Secure WhatsApp Alternatives that Safeguard Your Privacy

It goes without even saying that over the years there has been a significant increase in the percentage of people who make daily use of the web. There are innumerable features that people take advantage of, in order to make the most out of their online experience and either benefit to their work or their social life or both. And Whatsapp is one of the social apps that have revolutionized the lives of many folks worldwide.

With the technological progress that has taken place over the past few years, almost everybody in the so called developed countries knows how to use technology to his maximum benefit. However, there are various threats that have come along with the progress and these threats are imminent and have to be tackled with on the spot. And even the extremely loved WhatsApp isn’t the exception.

The threats are related to privacy leaks and the loss of anonymity. Imagine you want to communicate with others, but with the constant risk of being compromised by the ones who wish to intercept your personal information and harm you in many ways.

Well, there are no limits as to what hackers can do and therefore online privacy is of paramount importance to all of us. If you are wondering why we need online privacy (not just WhatsApp privacy), below we have gathered the major reasons why we have to safeguard privacy on the web at all times. So, let’s rock!

Why You Need Online Privacy

Among the most important reasons why you need to enhance and optimize your online privacy layers, you should consider the following:

  • Protecting Your Photos: It can be really risky to share photos with people who you do not know. However, it is even riskier to have your photos compromised and used for the benefit of others. Especially photos of children can be used for malicious intent and advertising purposes.
  • Protecting Your Messages: In a similar pattern, you can have your messages intercepted. This can jeopardize the top secret nature of several information you share with close friends or with colleagues and therefore great attention is required.
  • Being Kept Safe: As you can easily comprehend, it is not safe to have all the data of yours hacked and used by others. Online hazards include the use of financial accounts for purchasing goods without you knowing about it and a lot of other threats.
  • Staying Away from Hackers: Hackers should not target you and even if they do, they should not pose a threat to you. When they do, they can mislead you or take advantage of any file or document, account or other info you offer to them.
  • Phishing Protection: Phishing has become more of a plague these days and this is why you need to keep your eyes open, in avoidance of the negative consequences that derive from phishing.

For all these reasons and for many more alongside recent incidents, it is essential that you learn how to safeguard your online privacy. Below, you can get a fair idea as to which the alternatives of WhatsApp are that can help you out accomplish your goals of lethal privacy and security for all your communications. So, let’s hit it with the 5 best WhatsApp alternatives!

Updated June 2016!

  • WickrWickrThe motto of Wickr is none other than the most trusted messenger in the world. It is available for Android and iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux. You get a Wickr ID that is unique, personal and therefore impenetrable. As you can imagine, Wickr is free to download and make use of. They do not collect any user data and this can add to the overall privacy of the conversations and file sharing. With 4,096-bit RSA encryption, Wickr can take pride in using an advanced security protocol to safeguard all communications among the people who have chosen this app.
  • TelegramTelegramOn May 13, Telegram announced hitting 2 billion messages sent on a daily basis. The experts behind this scheme come from a non-profit organization and this is why the app is free. It is also ad-free and consequently they depend on donations. Telegram is available on Windows and Mac, Linux and iOS, Androids and Windows Phone. With this app you can coordinate up to 200 users and synchronize all the communications to multiple devices of yours.
  • Hike MessengerHikeThis is indisputably India’s biggest chat application and it prides over 35 million people sharing over 10 billion messages on a monthly basis. Hike Messenger is also free of charge for everyone who wants to download and install, introducing people to free calls of premium quality. The group chat formed can host up to 500 members at a time and you can also get free SMS to people who are offline. Located in Delhi and Bangalore, the app has become international.
  • Surespot Encrypted MessengerSurepostSurespot is 100% open source application offered to the public. You can get it on Google Play Store and Apple Market, using 256 bit AES-GCM encryption and keys created with 521 bit ECDH. You can synchronize communication to multiple devices and you can get various identities, should you wish to do so. You are encouraged to donate for keeping things moving for Surespot, while unlocking audio messages requires only $1.99.
  • ThreemaThreemaTheir motto is seriously secure messaging and this is what Threema actually offers. End to end encryption is provided for ensuring that privacy is achieved in the highest levels. Your contacts are synched and you can easily share files and documents with others. The servers of the company are situated in Switzerland, making things really advanced with the fertile environment of Europe’s modernity. It is available for Androids and iOS users, as well as Windows Phone.

Pros and Cons in a Nutshell

Let’s check out each and every single alternative to Whatsapp privacy with pros and cons, in a nutshell, shall we?


Pros: Advanced Encryption, quick file sharing, thorough compatibility

Cons: Some issues with contacts not being recognized automatically during synchronization. Plus, you cannot select non distraction for the messages sent.


Pros: Cloud based and open source, ad free and easy to use. In addition, you can choose whether or not to destroy a message after a while.

Cons: From a non-profit organization, funding can be hard. Plus, it can be slower than alternatives.

Hike Messenger

Pros: Great and funny stickers, ability to send SMS to everyone, File sharing up to 100MB

Cons: Can be slow at times, Indian market can disorientate

Surespot Encrypted Messenger

Pros: Self destruction service, no association with email or phone

Cons: Working on support for encrypted file sharing, video calls and stuff, unlocking requires monetary fee


Pros: Based on Switzerland, advanced encryption, no subscription fee

Cons: Download costs $1.99 (low, but still costly)


It is true that WhatsApp is not alone in the field of free messengers. You need to know that there is a plethora of apps that can be offered on the market globally without any fee (or to be honest without requiring much money – just donations or low download fees). With their use, you can benefit from great privacy enhancement and a lot more wonderful advantages.

Now communication is affordable and easy, with multiple different methods to achieve a great result. You can group chat and you can share files and videos up to substantial MBs for free. These top alternatives of WhatsApp can live up to the expectations of every single user, so as to cover the needs of young people, teens and adults of all ages and groups.

Feel free to check these apps and find the one that truly does the trick for you. Do not hold back and settle for something that you find mediocre or average, when you can get the sky as a limit of yours. It is in your hands to get the best app that you find easy, simple to use, practical and of course highly effective towards meeting your needs and desires! And of course, help the community out by revealing your experiences about these alternatives below – or if you think we missed one that could have made it to the list.

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Pierluigi Paganini Cyber Security Analyst; Member, European Union Agency for Network and Information Security Threat Landscape Stakeholder Group; Founder, Security Affairs Blog. Co-author of The Deep Dark Web: The Hidden World.

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  1. Both of them are okay, I think as they’re well encrypted and don’t ask for your phone number or email address. I’d also add Utopia p2p there as it seems to be the most encrypted and anonymous one (being based on its own blockchain). The only minus of such messengers is that not so many people use it. But you can easily invite your friends and family there.

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