Why You Should Not Use Pirated Software under Any Circumstances

Software piracy has been spreading like the plague and many Internet users get tempted to make use of the counterfeit software packages available on the market. The issue is so grave that SOPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act) was put together for dealing with the consequences of piracy.

Although alternatives to buying the original software might seem appealing at first, in the long run you will learn the hard way why you ought not to trust pirated versions of the software you have been hoping to get at a much lower price. With so many dangers and with the fear of causing significant damage to your computer or even your finances, do you think that such deals are worth pursuing? Let us unveil the dangers behind pirated software one by one, after clarifying what piracy actually is and who pirated software targets.

What Is Piracy?

Instead of using the original software for computers, there are copies that are sold at much more appealing price rates to the public. So, rather than turning to the certified sellers of the product that you wish to purchase, there are less expensive solutions that include pirated software.

Copying the property of others is of course something that has been embraced by many people worldwide despite the downsides that are involved, due to the low cost. Apparently, piracy targets those who seek the best deals and do not hesitate to compromise the quality standards of the products that they use, for the sake of economy. The vast majority of people are certain that pirated products will ultimately save a great deal of money to the buyer. Is this true, though?

Reasons for Avoiding Pirated Software

There are several pirated software dangers that should prevent you from even thinking of buying such products for your computer. Some of them are evident and should be in the tip of everyone’s tongue, while others are a bit harder to realize or think of. Which are the dangers that will eventually result in putting you off from purchasing software that is not original and fully certified?

  • It Is Illegal: Since there is the authentic software available for sale, it goes without even questioning that every other version is illegal. You are not free to purchase pirated software, as there is copyright infringement and you risk severe penalties. Imagine somebody took advantage of your own work and sold it to the world, without offering you the profit that you are entitled to. You would be mad, if something like that happened, right? Well, it is the same thing for the companies selling the software to the public. This is why they have been defending their hard work with legal reassurances and they have made sure that their rights are solid and everlasting.
  • No Customer Support Available: File sharing and piracy may sound great to everyone trying to save some money, but think of that for a second; what if something goes wrong and you need professional assistance? There is no customer support offered to you, since you have not purchased an original product from a legitimate company. So, you have to figure everything out on your own. In times of crisis, there is no exception!
  • No Update for Your Product: Even though you like having your software updated from time to time and getting the latest version available, you have to make do with the single type and version of software that you have actually purchased. As there is nothing legit about the pirated software, it makes total sense why updates and upgrades are not included. In fact, you risk getting penalized when trying to update and connect to the original software.
  • Danger of Computer Crash: When you buy pirated software, it is pretty much like you are diving in dark waters with no idea of what you are about to see underwater. Although you might be celebrating the fact that you have saved some dollars off from the authentic software, there are red flags everywhere that should stop you from completed your purchase and installation of the software. Serious damage can be caused to your PC by malware and spyware included within the copy of the software you receive. Sometimes, such damage cannot be repaired and you end up paying way too much money for calling the experts or finally buying yourself a new computer. Let alone the info that can be obtained through the shady website, where it is more than likely that you have purchased pirated software!

Protect Yourself

There are simple and yet highly effective guidelines, helping you stay away from every trouble related to software piracy. Whether you are interested in Microsoft piracy or any other pirated version of software that might have seemed expensive and out of reach, you should stick to the rules and make the most out of your security online. If you are wondering how to dodge the bullets and remain piracy-free, even when you cannot see clearly whether or not the seller of the software is legit, here is what you should do:

  • Always Find Reputable Vendors: The Internet has been overwhelmed with vendors that offer great deals and a plethora of products for you to have your pick from. If you have never heard of the website you are visiting, you should probably look somewhere else. Luckily for you, competition has been growing stronger and therefore you will not have any trouble finding what you are looking for.
  • Identify Legit Sites: Similar to the above, you ought to pay attention to the signs that highlight the security layer of the site you have found. If there is the adequate security certificate in the form of a padlock on the address bar or as a banner somewhere at the home page of the site, you are fine. If not, there is something fishy and you would be better off trying to locate a different vendor.
  • HTTPS Is the Key: Encryption is always a bonus online! This is the reason why you should keep an eye for URLs initiating with HTTPS, rather than HTTP. This single letter makes a whole difference to the safety that you get while using the specific sites for purchases and sharing personal information. So, as a rule of thumb, HTTPS is your primary concern!
  • Be Realistic: When you already know the price of a specific product and you find it at a far more appealing price, you should ask yourself if this is realistic. The price should not vary that much, since the profit margin is mostly predetermined. So, if you read about too cheap software deals and prices that you would never have imagined, you should be critical and think twice before purchasing!

As you can see, there are grave dangers lurking in the dark behind pirated software and you need to be scholastic with your purchases. Even though saving some money is always a motivating factor for buyers, it should not be the only variable you take into account. Being safe and preventing much more severe problems with security from happening to you is your top priority! So, do not get carried away by the sirens of file sharing and piracy and stick to taking all the necessary precautions that will offer peace of mind to you!

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  1. Hello sir
    1. I want to say that if I can get a bullet of Rs. 1,50,000 in installments of Rs. 1500 per month why can’t we get the software in installments

    2. In other products we are choosing the plan as per our requirement but why we have to purchase the software of latest version with heavy prices.

    • Thank you for the comment.
      Sadly the analogy between a bullet and software applications don’t apply here.
      There are just so many types of applications that do so many different things, that it is impossible to come up with a single subscription plan for each and every kind of software.
      Bullets may have different kinds as well, but they all have the same purpose. To hurt.
      There is little point in discussing these things because then one could talk about government regulation and gun control.
      To your second question, actually you are never buying anything per your requirement.
      A company or a manufacturer has to agree to your requirements before they can process your order.
      The thing is, it depends on your point of view.
      Some believe piracy doesn’t hurt anyone.
      While others believe it does.
      We tend to take the later side.

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