Best Live TV Kodi Add-ons You Mistakenly Ditched

Lets read more about the Kodi add-ons you might have missed out on.

Before we proceed though, we would just like to inform you that making use of Kodi Live TV add-ons can cause problems for you if you do not make use of a VPN service.

Most of the good Kodi add-ons for Live TV come with geo-restrictions and there is no way to get past them without using a VPN service.

If you make use of a decent Kodi VPN you can not only unblock the Kodi add-ons that we have listed before but almost all other Kodi add-ons.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at how you can go about getting the best Kodi add-ons for live tv anywhere and at any time.

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You probably do not need us to give you reasons on why cable TV is on its last legs.

Before long, cable will all be but over.

This is a new era.

And it is the era of cord cutting.

In this era, more and more people will ditch traditional ad-ridden TV for live streaming.

They will want to have access to live TV along with their favorite movies and TV shows on all of their devices no matter where they are.

And part of this new revolution will be applications like Kodi.

Kodi has revolutionized the way people consume TV in the online world.

And to use it, all that you really need to do is to install just a few, not all, of the best Live TV Kodi add-ons.

Why would anyone want to pay a good amount for Premium TV stations when they can simply watch anything and everything via Kodi at pretty much zero cost?

Current Live TV Kodi add-ons are very good.

In other words, they help users watch:

  • PPV Events
  • Live Sports
  • Live audio content
  • Live webcams 24/7
  • Premium channels for Live TV on Kodi

Not only that, Kodi Live TV add-ons also come with more features that enable it to offer users region-wise broadcasting channels.


We’re talking about channels such as,

  • Spanish TV
  • US TV
  • Canada TV
  • And many others.

Of course, if you want to make use of all these channels then you will first have to find a way to sign up for the best Kodi VPN.

Again, Kodi add-ons come with geo-restrictions and the only way to get rid of those is with a VPN service.

But VPN services do a lot more than just unblock Kodi add-ons.

They are also very good at helping you protect all of your online activity against the likes of internet service providers and others.

Remember, that this is a list about best Kodi add-ons for Live TV that you may have ditched too early.

If you want to know more about Kodi TV Shows and movies add-ons then we have a separate guide for that.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the list.


Maverick TV as your best Live TV Kodi add-on.

Maverick TV Kodi addon is still very popular.

And we think it is due to the fact that it offers good quality streams and gathers data from tools such as Google Trends.

Maverick TV Kodi also has quite a presence on various Facebook groups and other Kodi communities.

There are many Kodi guides sites out there that rank Maverick TV as the best Kodi add-on for Live TV.

And we do not have anything against that.

One other reason why we think Maverick TV Kodi add-on is still a fan favorite after so many years is that it is one of the handfuls of Kodi addons for Live TV that is able to manage stream all of the available Live Channels either in SD or HD.

That is good streaming quality if you ask us.

Maverick TV is not just your average joe Kodi Live TV add-on.

It is more.

It is more because it is able to stream 4K UHD TV shows and Movies as well.

Maverick TV Kodi add-on makes use of a multiple number of streaming links in order to do that.

If you look at some of the most popular Kodi add-ons over the past 30 days on Google Trends, you may find Maverick TV hanging in there with all the good Kodi add-ons for TV.

List of best Kodi add-ons for Live TV

We have researched a lot of Kodi add-ons.

And our research tells us that there is quite a few number of them that not only performed perfectly well but also offered high-quality streaming links.

That’s why we decided to include them in our list of best Kodi add-ons for Live TV.

  • Loki
  • cCloud TV
  • Firecat
  • Phoenix Reborn
  • DeathStar
  • Supremacy
  • Maverick TV
  • Vukovar
  • Whisky One

Whisky One.

What does this add-on do?

Firstly, the content that this Kodi addon for Live TV offers you has little to do with its name.

Whisky One is a Kodi addon for Live IPTV that comes packed with different features and channels based on different categories like,

  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Kids

To take an example, if you go to the Kids section, you will not have to look around too much to find all the greatest cartoon channels available in the market today.

We’re talking about cartoon channels such as,

  • Baby TV
  • Disney Channel
  • Cartoon Network
  • And many others

Whisky One also offers users a separate section for USA Channels.

As the name suggests, this category streams a ton of those channels that are only available to people living in the US.

If you want to get a hold of this Kodi Live TV add-on then you will have to make use of the T2K Repository.

The source for this Kodi Live TV addon is

If you are wondering about the developer behind this Kodi addon then know it is W1.



Believe it or not but this is a Croatian Kodi add-on for Live TV.

However, it shows different Live TV channels from almost all corners of the globe.

When you install this Kodi add-on for Live TV you should have no problems in finding various menu options.

The only problem is that the interface language is Croatian.

However, that should also not be a problem for you since all of the available videos would be in the language of the exact country the movie comes from and/or in English.

Our research shows that Vukovar currently offers from a total of 9 countries including the likes of,

  • Portugal
  • The UK
  • The US
  • Italy
  • France
  • And many more.

If you want to get this Vukovar add-on then you need to download the repository by the name of Zadar Repo.

And the source from which you can get this is (No longer available)

As for the developer, it goes by the name of Vukoverac

Death Star

The first thing you should know about the DeathStar Kodi addon is that it is available in some very popular Kodi repositories.

One of them is UKodi1 and the other one is Team DNA Repo.

We have come to know that these repositories offer users a good number of other popular and hence working Live TV Kodi add-ons neatly organized in a single place like,

  • DNA
  • Expose
  • Wow
  • Many others

We have no doubt about the fact that if you take your time, these add-ons can provide you with almost all the Live Sports, Live TV, TV Shows and Movies that you could ever want.

Remember, the main repository you need to install is UKodi 1 Repo

If you want the Death Star Kodi addon then you will have to go to the Ukodi 1 Repository.

The source link for this repo is

As for the developers of these Kodi add-ons, they are Team DNA and UKodi1 repositories.

Hard Events

This is another one of those Kodi add-ons that specializes in streaming live events.

You don’t need us to tell you what type of events you will get to see via Hard Events.

There are hardly any Kodi addons in the Live TV category that have similar features where people are able to watch their favorite live events from the comforts of their home no matter where the event is taking place in the real world.

You do not need to pay for an expensive ticket when you know that you can enjoy the full event live without leaving your room.

To find this Kodi add-on you need to go to the KNE Repository

From there, all should become clear to you.

The source that you are looking for is (No longer available)

Painkiller is the developer behind this Kodi add-on.



Perhaps one of the most downloaded and liked Kodi add-on of all time, USTVNow Kodi.

You may not have realized this by now but the USTVNow Kodi addon is actually a Live TV add-on for Kodi.

Remember, this Kodi addon does not come for free.

Instead, you have to purchase a subscription package from the official website of USTVNow.

Our research shows that this Kodi add-on provides users with a relatively low number of channels at the time of writing this guide.

Currently, you get access to,

  • Fox News
  • NBC
  • ESPN
  • CBS

However, it is still good enough to rank itself pretty much in all good Kodi Live TV addon lists.

We are sure that one of the reasons for its good reputation is its popularity in countries such as the United States.

As for the repository, you should have no problems in installing this Kodi add-on from the Official Kodi Repository.

For the source, you should find that in Kodi as it is already installed there. USTV Now Kodi addon is part of the built-in repository.

If you want to know more about the developer of this Kodi add-on then you need to search for Lunatixz.

Phoenix Reborn Kodi addon IPTV

Now, first off, you should stop confusing the Phoenix Reborn IPTV addon with the much older Phoenix Kodi add-on.

We know that the developer of Phoenix Reborn IPTV Kodi add-on has invested a great amount of time to develop this add-on to work exactly like the old Phoenix add-n in terms of features list, Live Sports and Live TV.

Again, this Kodi add-on comes to you straight from Croatia.

So you will have to deal with the language of this Kodi add-on, Croatian.

Of course, if you have any experience with Kodi add-ons you will not find it hard to figure the options out and hence the different sections.

You can find this addon in the Tojelako Kodi repository.

To know more about the developer of this Kodi add-on go to a search engine of your choice and then search for Kodi Phoenix Reborn.

Maverick TV

You know for a fact that whenever someone is talking about live TV Kodi add-on, the name Maverick TV is going to pop up at some point sooner or later.

Granted, Maverick TV is no longer a completely new Kodi add-on.

However, at the time of writing this guide, it has managed to climb up the ranks of best Kodi add-ons for Live TV in terms of popularity.

Currently, it streams various different World IPTV channels along with documentaries, movies, and live sports.

There is a ton of content to consume here and we do not think you will be able to touch even half of it if you are an adult and have responsibilities.

Of course, before even thinking about using Maverick TV Kodi add-on for Live TV, you need to make sure that you have access to a decent VPN for Kodi.

Don’t know where to start?

Then simply click here to read our guide.

The maverick TV actually comes with its own Kodi repository.

You can download it directly from there.

So the repository you want to search for is Maverick Repository and the source link you will need is (No longer available)

To search for its developer, type Maverick in a search engine of your choice.

cCloudTV Kodi Live TV add-on


So maybe you did not ditch this one entirely.

But that does not change the fact that it is a good Kodi add-on for Live TV.

In fact, it is great at that.

cCloud TV is actually one of the few Kodi add-ons that are totally cloud-based.

It offers users channels picked from various community streams around the map.

However, because of the nature of some of the add-ons that it offers, some of the channels that are available on cCloud TV Kodi come from regions that make use of different languages than what you might be accustomed to.

Subscribers to this Kodi add-on have the option of using the cCloud TV Kodi Live TV add-on to watch sports along with documentaries and news channels.
The repository that should get you this Kodi addon is the Kodil Repository.

And the source that you are looking for is

To know more about the developer of this Kodi add-on you need to click on the option that says Rattlehead.


Firecat is another sublime Kodi add-on for live TV brought to you by Team UKodi1.

Some have called this Kodi add-on as a blockbuster Kodi add-on for Live TV for the simple reason that it is able to provide users with each and everything that a person could need for his/her entertainment needs.

The Firecat Kodi add-on also comes with a separate live TV category and/or section.

This section covers a ton of channels coming to you from all corners of the map.

Apart from that, there are other sections as well such as,

  • Documentaries
  • TV Shows
  • Latest Movies section
  • Audio content
  • Video content

Our research shows that Firecat Kodi has no problems working for a different variety of devices.

Most importantly though it works with Amazon FireStick.

To find it you will have to get your hands on the very reputable Kodil Repository.

As for the source, the link you are looking for is

To know more about the developer of this addon you should search for UKodi1.


It may come as a surprise to you but StreamHub is not exactly a new Kodi addon for Live TV either.

It is actually a fork of the fairly famous Kodi add-on by the name of Live Hub.

Previously, Kodi users could find this Kodi add-on for Live TV in the official StreamHub repository.

With that said, you need to keep in mind that since the older version is not available anymore, you will have to do with the StreamHub Kodi add-on.

Our research shows that this Kodi add-on does a decent enough job to be considered as a replacement for the old one.

Overall, the traffic statistics are pretty good on this one.

StreamHub Kodi addon for Live TV possesses another built-in add-on by the name of Mobdro.

Mobdro also offers high-quality live TV channels from all over the globe.

Again, you will need the help of a VPN service if you want to stream from any channel that is not locally available in your country.

The repository you are looking is the Kodil Repository and the source link is

As for the developer name, search for sClarke.


Gen-X has nothing to do with how social scientists like to group people.

Gen-X, in the context of Kodi add-ons, is a very important All-in-One Kodi addon.

Again, it is not just a simple Kodi add-on that provides Live TV content.

Why do we say that?

We say that because along with Live TV channels, this Kodi add-on also features 4K UHD Movies that users can stream without any paywall.

There is also a New Movie Released section.

In addition to that, this Kodi addon for Live TV has a totally separate section called Klassic Kids.

In this category, the Gen-X Kodi addon streams various different and entertaining Kids Live TV channels.

If your kids are not messing up at school and homework then there is no reason to let them watch content from Klassic Kids all day and sometimes all night.

In the end, Gen-X also has live CCTV webcams for you that you can watch till you are content.

These webcams are usually placed in various different popular places all over the map.

The repository that you will need for this Kodi add-on goes by the name of Maverick Repository.

And the source link you are looking for is the (No longer available)

As for the developer, the group you are looking for is Maverick PLC Limited.

Monster Munch

Monster Munch can easily count itself among the world’s best Kodi add-ons for Live TV.

It has different sections for different types of content such as,

  • 24/7 Live Streams
  • World Live TV Cams
  • Fitness TV
  • Live Radio Channels
  • Live Sports
  • Movies

If you look closely in the 24/7 stream section you should be able to see that the Monster Munch Kodi add-on has actually divided different channels into categories such as,

  • Western
  • Horror
  • War
  • Mystery
  • Sci-Fi
  • Others

If you go to the available Sports section, you should have no problems in accessing the option by the name of Tube Sports.

This is where you have the option of streaming various different live matches that may be happening in different parts of the globe right now.

As for the repository, you will need to access the Step Toes Repo in order to get this add-on.

Similarly, the developer behind this Kodi addon is StepToe


Another Kodi addon where users have the option of watching live cam feeds and many other categories.

One of those important categories is live channels.

It has two lists,

Channel 1 list and Channel 2 list.

Given the country, you can filter channels according to the country they are local to.

You can find this Kodi add-on via the Midian Repository and the source link you should use is the

The name of the developer is Wolfey B.

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