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How to Install a VPN on Kodi in the quickest way possible

Modern internet users tend to take granted a lot when it comes to convenience and enjoyment. A VPN service isn’t one of them.

Of course, that in no way negates the fact that VPNs are multi-purpose tools that everyone should use in a world where government surveillance and data breaches have become common sights.

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

As mentioned before, it is a tool that can perform many tasks for the user. Perhaps the best use of a given VPN service is to simply use it to protect data.security gladiators vpn for kodi guide

How does a VPN service protect user data?

It does that by encrypting each and every packet of user data. After that, the user is free to surf the world of the internet without worrying about his/her privacy.

A VPN service doesn’t just make use of encryption.

It also makes sure that none of the user’s traffic goes out into the open without first traveling through its own VPN tunnel. With measures like these, a VPN service is able to offer users many other types of protections.

Users who invest in a VPN service can protect themselves from annoying problems such as,

  • Internet service providers who would just not stop throttling the internet connections of their users.
  • Spying and government agencies who try to look up everyone via mass surveillance programs.
  • Streaming sites like Netflix who use geo-restrictions in order to restrict access to their premium content.

Online consumers who use a VPN service don’t have to pay attention to any of these problems after they sign up for a good VPN service provider. But that’s not what we are here to do today.

an image of a room filled with VPN serversToday, we’re going to describe another situation where users can install a VPN service and protect even more of their stuff. That’s right. Today we will discuss VPN on Kodi. There are many cases where online consumers would want to use VPN on Kodi.

Using a VPN service with Kodi is even more important for users who have a standard internet connection. Remember, Kodi is open-source. So, that leaves no hurdles in anyone’s way when it comes to developing add-ons for Kodi. That “anyone” can be evil. Or a hacker. The other thing Kodi users need to keep in mind is that third-party Kodi add-on developers sometimes don’t give proper respect to copyright issues. That means, if the user is not careful enough, some Kodi add-ons might lead the user to consume content that has copyright protection.

Once the user accesses the pirated content (with or without having any knowledge of it), the user may get into trouble. Content publishers, copyright holder groups, and internet service providers all would want to have a talk with a user who has just consumed illegal knowledge. In fact, all publishers have now taken strict measures in order to ensure that they are able to guard their premium content.

And no one should be more concerned about new developments than Kodi users.

They will come under scrutiny. If, however, Kodi users just use a VPN on Kodi, then they would not have to worry about anyone coming after them. In this guide, we’ll try to take a look at some of the absolute Virtual Private Network services that one can install on Kodi.

This guide will also show a comprehensive tutorial on how to install VPN on Kodi. Many Kodi users think that installing a VPN service on Kodi is a tough ask. But let us assure you that it isn’t.

In fact, we think it is fairly easy for anyone to install a VPN on Kodi. Remember, a properly configured VPN on Kodi can protect users from all kinds of troubles that entities like internet service providers can cause them. So it is a wise decision on part of the Kodi user to take the time out and read about VPN on Kodi in order to have more protection against these irritations. Let’s get started.

How To Install A VPN on Kodi- The Basics

Kodi users need to run a VPN service in the background if they safely want to hide from nosy internet service providers and spies.

But the VPN has to be good. Otherwise, the user may inadvertently compromise her/his protection. Now, using a VPN on Kodi is something that Kodi users can accomplish in more than one way.

Let’s give some thought to the different ways Kodi users can put VPN on Kodi.

Installing a VPN Service On Kodi Streaming Device

an image of a cyber lock guarding the entire city through a VPNStudies show that this method is the one that Kodi users most commonly use.

Why? Because it is easy. All that the user has to do is to install the VPN service and then use the Kodi streaming device to stream media from Kodi. What’s the actual process then? The actual process is also pretty simple.

Just follow the step-by-step guide below.

  1. First, sign up for a good VPN service provider.
    By “good” we mean reliable.
    IPVanish is one of them for reasons we will explain shortly.
    To sign up for IPVanish from the official website right now,
  2. Then go to the official VPN website and download the official VPN app.
    Make sure you download the app for your specific streaming device.
    If you have an Android device then download the app from Google Play Store or the .apk file from the official website of the VPN service.
    On the other hand, if you want to stream content via Kodi then download the VPN app for Windows.
    Do the same for Mac and iOS if applicable.
  3. After downloading the appropriate file, now is the time that the user must install that file on the Kodi streaming device.
  4. When that is done, then the user has to run the app and start the process of logging in.
  5. After logging in the user has to connect to a VPN server of his/her choice.
  6. The next step is to simply launch Kodi on the streaming device.
  7. And then start streaming in a secure and safe manner.

In short, all that the Kodi user has to do is to first run the VPN application each and every time he/she wants to stream content via Kodi on his/her Kodi streaming device.

Doing so will ensure that each and every piece of user data that leaves the user’s Kodi system is not only hidden but also secure.

That, by the way, will include all the movie streams on Kodi that the user decides to watch.

But there is a downside to this specific method as well.

What is that downside? The downside is that some Kodi streaming devices don’t support VPN services. Remember that even if a device supports a VPN service, there is no guarantee if Kodi would work with that VPN service. The same goes for Kodi.

Even if Kodi supports a VPN service, there is no guarantee that the streaming device supports a VPN or not.

an image of a network guarded by a vpnSo users should check if their Kodi version and streaming device are compatible with their VPN service.

With that said, generally speaking, this problem only occurs with smart TVs and some streaming devices such as TV set-top boxes. Users who are on the Amazon Fire TV device should know that it may not be possible to install a VPN service on that device directly.

But one can install any given VPN service on Amazon Fire Stick via sideloading. To learn more about how to install a VPN service on Amazon Fire Stick, click here.

Of course, that may not work each and every single time either. That is why we have compiled a full list of methods in which users can use a VPN on Kodi on any of their streaming devices.

Let’s take a look at another method that users regularly use in order to use VPN on Kodi.

Router-Based VPN for Streaming Content On Kodi

Most of us have used the internet long enough to know that there are many people who have installed VPNs directly onto their routers rather than on their streaming devices. Some people even prefer this method over all the other methods. So the obvious question is why?

Why do they think that by installing a VPN service on their router they are getting something other people aren’t? Well, let’s have a look.

Installing VPN on router ensures that the user is able to stream from any of his/her streaming devices. With a VPN service installed on a router, the user no longer has to worry about installing the VPN service on each and every single one of his streaming devices. In other words, if the user has a VPN on router then he/she can protect his/her TV boxes, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and the rest without having to install VPN apps on these devices.

So install a VPN on your router and forget about protecting your streaming devices by installing a VPN app on each and every one of those streaming devices.

Installing VPN on router is actually a decent but sure-fire method of keeping one’s online activity secure and private. Of course, this method isn’t for the absolute beginner. Why do we say that?

Because users will have to get their hands dirty whether they like it or not before they can install a VPN on router.

So prepare yourself for a bit of manual router configuration if and when you do decide to go this route.

Can I Install A VPN Service Directly On Kodi?

Well, let’s be honest here:

two people enjoying the benefits of havng a vpnIn a strict sense, there is actually no method which allows a user to install a VPN service on Kodi. We have already mentioned the fact that Kodi is an open-source software application.

That allows Kodi to support a ton of third-party Kodi add-ons. It even includes extras.

But the ability to integrate any VPN protection into itself with the help of an app or a Kodi add-on is something that Kodi developers don’t really consider as a priority. So what’s the next best solution? The best solution is to install a VPN service on your device.

Keep the VPN software application entirely separate from the Kodi setup and always keep it running in the machine’s background processes.

As mentioned earlier as well, users need to make sure they turn on a VPN service BEFORE they actually run Kodi. Streaming with a VPN service can bring a lot of side effects (some of which we will discuss a bit later).

Users who are determined enough can try out a few pieces of different Kodi add-ons that enable users to manage their (on their own) external VPN through the official Kodi interface. One Kodi add-on that users need to keep in mind is the VPN Manager.

Users should read further in this guide to see our discussion about this Kodi add-on. We will talk about all the installation instructions as well as setup requirements for setting up this VPN Manager Kodi add-on.

Interested users should keep reading and prepare themselves to finally install something that will not only protect their data but also their online identity on Kodi.

a person using a vpn in the future

Best Kodi VPN: How To Find One?

Needless to say, the most difficult part of getting a VPN on Kodi is not the Kodi software application or the VPN itself.

The hardest part is to select a VPN service that is good enough. That is the part that most Kodi users, and users in general, get wrong.

Users need to learn the type of features that they should consider as most important. They also need to have enough knowledge to know the features that VPN services offer just for marketing purposes. Of course, this process will take a good bit of time.

This is especially true for users who haven’t spent years trying out (and getting hurt by) different VPN services. So in this guide, we will outline the most relevant criteria that users must pay attention to if they want to choose the best VPN for Kodi.

  • Security
    In order to ensure maximum online security, users need to make sure that they understand features such as automatic Kill Switch, DNS Leak protection and a 256-bit AES encryption as vital.
  • Reputation
    We’re not saying that every reputable VPN service provider will work out perfectly for every user, but usually, it is a good indication.
    Any VPN service that has received a lot of customer praise and positive reviews on various internet forums and review sites has a higher chance of providing a good service to the user.
    So if users want to keep themselves safe and sound while they surf the web, then they should try to sign up for VPN services that have managed to build a name for themselves in the market over a long period of time.
  • Logging Policy
    The VPN industry is pretty crowded right now.
    And while there are many contenders for the top spot in the list of best VPN for Kodi, it is true that there are many pretenders as well.
    These pretenders aren’t very good.
    They keep a record of their users’ online activities.
    This behavior is similar to what internet service providers usually do.
    So, users who want to preserve their online privacy should always sign up for a VPN service that has a genuine and strict zero-log policy.
  • Network reliability
    A good VPN service has a large network of VPN servers.
    Moreover, a good VPN service offers fast VPN servers.
    These two aspects of a VPN service can make or break the VPN service and the speed it can offer to users.
    Remember, since Kodi users want to use a VPN service in order to stream content, a slow VPN service would ruin the entire experience.
    There are only a handful of VPN services which are suitable for Kodi streaming.

So which is the best VPN for Kodi? Our research shows that IPvanish is the best VPN for Kodi.

The obvious question that arises from the above statement is why? Why is IPVanish the best VPN for Kodi? There are many reasons.

Let’s discuss them right here and right now.

Why Is IPVanish the best VPN for Kodi?


ip vanish vpnSimultaneous Connections: Ten

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days

IPVanish VPN Official Site

About IPVanish

seems to have hit the sweet spot for Kodi users where the VPN service providers only those features that Kodi users need in order to lead a happy online life.

Kodi users need speed. Why?

Because they want to stream HD movies, TV series, and documentaries. Kodi users also want security. Why?

Because they don’t want copyright trolls and internet service providers sending them notices of copyright infringement. Moreover, security is a must for any type of online streaming activity let alone Kodi. IPVanish is a VPN service that offers lightning-fast VPN servers.

These enable blazing fast downloads.

IPvanish has a huge network of servers.

It has VPN servers located in over 60 different regions.

IPVanish offers a total of 950 VPN servers. The company tops that off with thousands and thousands of IP addresses.

Users have the freedom of using any of these IP addresses in order to have access to a superior form of anonymity. To offer the maximum amount of privacy, IPVanish has dedicated apps for users.

All of these apps come with advanced security features such as DNS Leak Protection and the very important automatic Kill Switch.

IPVanish keeps all of the user’s data secure with the help of AES 256-bit encryption.

The company also has a very strict zero-log policy. It does not record any information about what the users are doing on the internet while they are connected to its servers. This ensures total security each and every time the user connects to the internet.

Not to mention, IPVanish offers users a comprehensively unmonitored internet traffic and unlimited bandwidth.

Users are free to engage in P2P file-transfer and torrenting. The most important feature that IPVanish offers, especially to Kodi users, is that it has full compatibility with all Kodi add-ons.

IPVanish not only improves the user’s daily web browsing experience but also enhances downloads and Kodi streams. How? By offering unparalleled privacy.

If that wasn’t enough for you already then IPvanish also offers an official seven-day money-back no-questions-asked guarantee. That means Kodi users will have a total of seven days to test out the service. They don’t have to take any risks by trying out IPVanish. If you are lucky enough you might catch a discount as well.

to sign up for IPVanish from the official website right now.

VPN Apps

Apple App Icon
Android App Icon
macOS App Icon
Windows App Icon
amazon fire tv tiny png
Amazon Fire TV

Our Score: 9.0/10

Are There Any Alternatives to IPVanish on Kodi?

Yes. There are. Even though our research indicates that IPVanish is indeed the best VPN for Kodi but there are other VPN service providers that do the job as well.

These VPN service providers deliver security and privacy and that too with pricing structures which users will find reasonable. Let’s list them out.


express vpn logoSimultaneous Connections: Five

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days


About ExpressVPN

is probably the fastest VPN on this list.

Not only is it fast, it is also secure.

And any VPN service that offers both these features is a VPN that one needs to give some consideration to.

ExpressVPN offers the right kind of bundles which really do a great job of satisfying the users. How? They offer this unique blend of the right price and lots of features. With each ExpressVPN subscription package, the user gets to experience the incredible internet in all its glory without any restrictions.

ExpressVPN sets itself apart from other VPN service providers in the sense that it runs its own dedicated VPN server network that contains hundreds of these (servers). The company has VPN servers spread across 94 countries.

All of these countries are carefully selected so that they dot the whole map. And when you combine that with the fact that ExpressVPN offers users a 256-bit AES encryption, ExpressVPN becomes quite a deal. Remember that ExpressVPN uses its encryption technology on each and every packet of data that the user is involved with.

ExpressVPN is also very thorough when it comes to ensuring a zero-log policy on all of its traffic.

Therefore, ExpressVPN, just like all the other good VPN service providers, has no idea what the user is doing in the online world.

It also does not keep any record of the user’s traffic, activities, DNS requests and/or IP addresses. Just like IPVanish, ExpressVPN also offers dedicated software applications that have advanced security features such as automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection.

There is a lot more to know about ExpressVPN’s security features and speed but we’ll leave that for some other time. The last feature we want to mention here is that ExpressVPN offers all users an amazing 30-day official money-back guarantee.

So users can check ExpressVPN for a period of 30 days without having to worry about paying ExpressVPN money for a service that they don’t like. ExpressVPN is very clear on its money-back guarantee. If the user doesn’t like the service, the user deserves his/her money back.

VPN Apps

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Linus App Icon
amazon fire tv tiny png
Amazon Fire TV

Our Score: 8.9/10


nord vpn logoSimultaneous Connections: Six

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days

an image of the nordvpn homepage

About NordVPN

probably offers the strongest protection features of all VPN services available in the market today.

But that isn’t the only impressive thing about NordVPN. The more impressive thing, for some users, is that NordVPN offers one of the absolute biggest VPN server networks in the entire VPN industry. The company offers 3300 plus VPN servers in over 59 countries around the world. This setup ensures that users have a chance of experiencing fast connections regardless of their physical location.

NordVPN works in most countries that other VPN service providers wouldn’t dream of entering as a business. Moreover, NordVPN has some unique features which we haven’t managed to find in many other elite VPN service providers.

The first of those features is the availability of dedicated and fast P2P connections. It also offers double encryption. For even more security, it provides users with onion over VPN routing. This is the most complete VPN in terms of security features that we have seen for quite some time. On top of all these security features, NordVPN has a strict zero-log policy. Its zero-log policy document not only covers the bandwidth but also DNS access, timestamps, and traffic.

Add to that advanced security features such as DNS leak protection and automatic Kill Switch. Did we mention that NordVPN makes use of a 256-bit AES encryption? Yes. It does. And that’s what keeps all its data safe and secure. NordVPN, just like ExpressVPN, comes with a 30-day official money-back guarantee. Don’t like the service? Great.

Use the money-back guarantee feature and get a refund.

VPN Apps


Our Score: 9.8/10


cyberghost vpn

Simultaneous Connections: Seven

Money-Back Guarantee: 45 days

Selection_001 (1)

About CyberGhost

is unlike Express VPN, IPVanish, and NordVPN in the sense that it isn’t a market leader in any one aspect.

With that said, it is a pretty solid VPN service that offers superb online security. CyberGhost puts all of its focus on security and speed.

As a result of that intense focus, it comes out with a product that delivers near to perfect online user experience. CyberGhost should be the premium choice for streamers and surfers of all ages and types.

But why is CyberGhost good? Let’s start off with the fact that it has a moderately large VPN network that consists of 1200 servers. The company spreads these servers over a total of 60 countries. That ensures fast VPN access to anyone in any location. Since we are only talking about elite VPN service providers here, it is no surprise that CyberGhost also makes use of a 256-bit AES encryption technology. It also has a zero-log policy. This means CyberGhost has no record of any traffic, IP addresses and/or time stamps related to any of its users.

Its dedicated VPN applications come with the usual (but important) advanced security features such as DNS leak protection and the fast-spreading automatic kill switch.

CyberGhost has lots of other minor but interesting features as well.

The company also offers the unconventional subscription package that lasts two years. It benefits the user mostly because when the user signs up for such a long period of time, the company offers the user discounts.  And huge ones.

About CyberGhost

CyberGhost constantly gives users plenty of good reasons to choose it without regrets. It offers a huge VPN server network and combines that with a robust set of privacy and security features.

The company places a strong emphasis on privacy. As for their VPN app, it is easy to use and has a standard user interface. Users are allowed to connect up to seven devices per account.

VPN Apps

Apple App Icon
Android App Icon
macOS App Icon
Windows App Icon
Linus App Icon
amazon fire tv tiny png
Amazon Fire TV

Our Score: 9.3/10

Zomboided VPN Manager


We have already mentioned the fact that most users go for VPN services that are separate from their Kodi setups.

And that is perfectly acceptable.

There is nothing inherently wrong about wanting to use a VPN service separately from Kodi.

But for users who want another option, there is a useful little Kodi addon tool that we would like to mention here. As the heading of this section suggests, that tool is Zomboided VPN Manager.

It is a neat little tool that users can install in order to facilitate themselves with a few VPN security features when they are watching content on Kodi. But, as with all other tools, Zomboided VPN Manager doesn’t come without its flaws. So what are the pros and cons of using a VPN manager?

We will discuss that and more instructions on how to use a VPN Manager in the next section.

Why Should You Use A VPN Manager?

By now, most of our readers would have come to understand that running a VPN service on their streaming device affords them many kinds of benefits.

A VPN encrypts the user’s data. And the user gets to enjoy invulnerable protection.

The user’s data is always hidden and safe while it leaves the user’s device, travels through the wild and finally reaches its destination.

a person giving the thumbs up to a vpnKodi content along with all of the Kodi streaming add-ons come within the scope of that user data. In other words, if a VPN can just protect the user’s data while not having any connection with Kodi, then why would anyone feel the need to install a dedicated Kodi VPN add-on?

Even without the add-on, one can use all the VPN features. So why take the pain to install a Kodi VPN add-on?

The answer to that is a bit complex. But let’s start off with the advantages of using a Kodi VPN add-on.

a person using a futuristic version of a vpnThe first advantage that users need to keep in mind is that with a Kodi VPN add-on extension such as VPN Manager, they gain the ability to control the type and number of add-ons that they want the VPN to protect. In other words, users can decide which data goes through the VPN protection mechanism and which doesn’t. The other thing is that not all Kodi add-ons work with a VPN service. Some work. Others don’t. So you need to take that into consideration as well.

There are many official Kodi add-ons which only allow access to their content via a subscription package. With a Kodi add-on like VPN Manager, users can decide if they want to use VPN protection for a specific given Kodi add-on.

For the rest of the add-ons, they can just set the VPN Manager to OFF. That will allow the data from all the unprotected Kodi add-ons to go through the internet unimpeded. The other benefit of a VPN Manager is that it makes the use of Kodi fairly simpler if the user wants to stream content via Kodi for a considerable amount of time. There is one other advantage of using a VPN Manager: Accessibility.

VPN Manager

It makes access to content easier.

A lot of readers ignore the fact that not each and every online consumer runs his/her machine on Linux or Windows. Some users run Kodi via operating systems such as LibreElec and/or OpenElec. For these operating systems, a VPN Manager can ease the setup efforts.

Or maybe the user may not want his/her VPN to work and start protecting data when Kodi isn’t active.

a woman giving a vpn a thumbs upFor those situations, a VPN Manager like Zomboided VPN Manager can assist the user in accomplishing all related tasks. Zomboided VPN Manager has the ability to control various types of VPN actions without any user input. In other words, some of its functions are automatic.

It keeps the user’s Kodi add-ons safe and secure at all times. The best part is that the user does not have to mess with any settings within the VPN program. Readers should note that Kodi users would still require a VPN application on their system if they want to make use of Zomboided VPN Manager.

They will also need a valid and active VPN subscription from a reputable VPN service provider. Zomboided VPN Manager is, in no way, a replacement for a VPN service. Think of Zomboided VPN Manager as an automated and smart VPN management program. It doesn’t provide a VPN service.

It provides features and measures to manage the VPN service. That is it.

How To Install Zomboided VPN Manager

If the user wants to install the official VPN Manager tool then the user will first have to find its package in the official Zomboided repository.

The Zomboided repository is an unofficial Kodi add-on.

In other words, some third-party developers came up with the official Zomboided VPN Manager.

But these are all small technicalities. The fact is, Zomboided repository does not offer services to users using which they can stream resources.

And since there is no content for users to stream via Zomboided repository, there is no chance of the user potentially accessing content that is pirated. To put it another way, using Zomboided repository is totally legal. The official Zomboided VPN Manager comes with a total of two VPN related tools.

One is the VPN Manager for the OpenVPN protocol. The other one is, in totality, called Zomboided Tools.

Let’s take a look at how to install the first of these tools.


Step By Step Guide On How To Use Zomboided OpenVPN Protocol

  1. First go here. This is the official Zomboided repo page.
  2. Then download the latest edition of Zomboided OpenVPN protocol.
  3. Now, you need to click on a specific file by the name of repository.zomboided.plugins-#.#.#.zip.
    Make sure you are downloading the latest version of the marked file.
    After you have clicked on the file, it will start the download immediately.
  4. Then go to your Kodi device.
  5. Run Kodi.
  6. Make your way to the official home screen of Kodi media player.
  7. Then go to Add-ons.
  8. After that select the option that comes in the form of an open box.
    It is an icon that is usually located in the top left corner of the screen right beside the small navigation menu.
  9. When that step is finished, then hit Install from zip file.
  10. After that, do a bit of navigation and find the repository that you downloaded in the previous step.
  11. After you select the repository, Kodi will take over and will then begin the process of adding that repository to the system.
    Kodi will also copy all the necessary data and files for its use.
    In other words, if you want to then you can delete your original download which came in a zip file.
  12. The next step is to go back to that same open box icon menu.
  13. Then select Install from repository.
  14. After that, search for Zomboided from the given list.
    Since Zomboided starts with Z you need to look for it somewhere near the end of the shown list.
  15. After you have found Zomboided you need to click on it.
  16. Then select the option that says choose the Services folder.
  17. When you are finished with the previous step you should have no problems in seeing the VPN Manager for OpenVPN option right at the top.
  18. When you see the option, click on it.
  19. Then select the button that says Install.
    This button usually appears in the lower right corner of the screen.
  20. Once the user has clicked the button, Kodi will start its magic and will install the chosen add-on.
  21. It will also show the user a notification message when it’s done (but if it doesn’t, don’t panic. Just stay the course).
  22. Once Kodi has finished installing the VPN Manager, it means you are all set to use it.
  23. So how do you use it?
    First, you try to access it via the main Kodi Add-ons menu.
  24. Once there you will have to look at the option Program Add-ons.
  25. Find the new add-on and then launch it.
  26. Once you launch it, it will show you a number of options regarding different stuff.
    You will see options such as settings,  different filters, pause features, and the ability of the VPN Manager to show the current use VPN status.

How To Set Up Zomboided VPN Manager

If the user has followed our tutorial this far, we will assume that the user has actually installed the Zomboided VPN Manager.

After installing it, users need to know how to operate it.

That is what we will show the user in this section.

For first of all, right after the user has installed Zomboided VPN Manager, the user should look at the screen that presents the user with all sorts of settings. The user will have to go through at least some of the shown sections in order to configure the Kodi add-on.

Only after that will the VPN Manager Kodi add-on work with the user’s VPN service. But what to do if the user accidentally closes the shown menu? No problem. All that the user has to do is re-open the menu. How to do that? First, the user will have to open up Kodi. Then go to the add-ons menu

Once there, the user will have to highlight the newly installed VPN Manager for OpenVPN. After that, it is just a matter of performing a right click in order to access all the options on a single screen. From that screen, the user will have to choose Settings.

Right at the top of the options shown on the left, the user should see the option that says VPN Configuration.

Zomboided VPN Manager will automatically select this option for the user. This is where the user will have to enter his/her VPN credentials. In other words, the username and password that the user gave to his/her VPN service provider while he/she was signing up for the VPN service provider. The box for username and password will eventually become visible somewhere on the right-hand side of the screen.

It is perfectly fine for the user to leave all the other fields empty and forget about those details. Why do we say that? We say that because Zomboided VPN Manager will take care of everything else for the user after the user has input his/her VPN details.

Zomboided VPN Manager

When the user has finished with everything above, we would like the user to follow another step-by-step guide given below.

  1. From the VPN Manager for OpenVPN Settings page, the user should go to the tab that says VPN Connections.
    The thing users need to understand here is that once they have successfully entered the VPN account details in the previous step, they will have the ability to specify the same VPN account in order to connect to the actual VPN service each and every time they run Kodi on their streaming device.
    Of course, this is not a mandatory step.
    But it is crucial in the sense that if the user happens to run multiple VPN services, then without this step it will become very difficult for the user to manage them all without stress.
    However, if the user has no plans of using multiple VPN services then, for a single VPN user, this step isn’t necessary and hence this kind of user should just skip this VPN connections step and move to the next section.
  2. With that said, let’s go to the Monitor Tab.
    This is the tab where the user has to specify how and in what way Zomboided VPN Manager an manage the user’s VPN connection itself.
    From the screen, the user should recognize that, by default, most of the shown settings are turned to ON.
    Hence, here, the user doesn’t have to do much other than to leave the settings alone.
    On the other hand, just for the sake of informational purpose, the user would do well to look at all the options and then skip right ot the bottom part of the shown list.
    There the user should set the ACTIVE status on the following option:
    Display IP, Location and Service Provider in VPN cycle message/notification.
    If the user toggles the button to the right-hand side then that means it is set to active.
    What will this step do?
    This step will allow the user to see all the information that the VPN Manager Kodi add-on can show about the user’s VPN connection each and every time the user connects to the internet via the VPN service.

It basically serves as a rather useful and convenient reminder for the user that the VPN service is working and keeping the user’s data safe. There is also the Add-on Filter tab.

This category is also pretty much optional for those users who want the Zomboided VPN Manager and their VPN service to protect the entire instance of Kodi without any regard for which Kodi add-ons the user is currently using.

However, if the user wants the VPN service to not protect some Kodi add-ons then this is where it should be done.

a vpn locking your data making it privateFor example, if the user finds out that a specific Kodi add-on doesn’t function well with VPN services then the user can easily and quickly specify the options available here to do so. But which Kodi add-ons are we talking about here? We’re talking about live sports Kodi add-ons that enable users to stream live sports content via the official Kodi repository.

The Zomboided VPN Manager also provides options for the user to invert the filter. Doing so will ensure that only the add-ons that the user specifies get VPN protection. Our research shows that the inverted filtering option is less secure than the default option which protects all Kodi add-ons without any specification. What about the last three tabs?

Users who don’t know much about Kodi should skip these. These options are only for the advanced users who know what they are doing.

It is not safe for a beginner Kodi user to mess with these settings. There is also the Windows Filter option. This option essentially performs exactly like the previously-mentioned add-on filter except that it only works with active windows. There is also the Utilities section. This is where users should go if they want help in clearing their VPN data and/or change any of the present key mappings.

The last section we want to talk about is the Debug section. It enables users to configure some more advanced technical information regarding the OpenVPN protocol that Zomboided VPN Manager utilizes.

How to Use The Zomboided VPN Manager?

After the user has installed Zomboided VPN and then configured it, then the process if more or less finished.

There is nothing further that the user needs to do to make sure that the Zomboided VPN Manager works for the user rather than the other way around.

The Zomboided VPN Manager will quietly run in the background. Of course, it will do its job and protect all of the user’s Kodi add-ons depending on the user’s settings.

No internet service provider would have the opportunity to throttle the user’s internet connection. The Zomboided VPN Manager will also keep the user safe from spies.

Users just need to remember that whenever they add a new Kodi extension and/or add-on to their Kodi setup they need to re-check their Zomboided VPN Manager’s settings. Apart from that, there is nothing more to do. Users are free to enjoy their high-quality Kodi streaming experience as much as they like.


As readers can probably tell, the process of installing a VPN service on Kodi doesn’t involve a lot of difficult steps.

The entire process should not take any user more than seven or eight minutes to complete. Once the VPN Manager is installed, it is mostly about setting it up and then running it. After this step, users should face no problems in streaming any kind of content while maintaining their online privacy to the maximum.

With a VPN on Kodi, users will never have to worry about their online privacy, slow internet connection, unstable servers or their internet service provider spying on them ever again.

Zohair A. Zohair is currently a content crafter at Security Gladiators and has been involved in the technology industry for more than a decade. He is an engineer by training and, naturally, likes to help people solve their tech related problems. When he is not writing, he can usually be found practicing his free-kicks in the ground beside his house.

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    • Thank you for the comment Erik,
      NordVPN is a good choice.
      But as far as Kodi is concerned, IPVanish is the one that we lean towards because it supports all Kodi add-ons and comes with a money-back guarantee.

    • I can share my experience with Nordvpn if you want. In my opinion, if you’re planning to use a vpn not only for Kodi, then it’s the best choice as it also works with Netflix, Hulu, etc. I can add that Kodi worked great at home on my router, but at my friend’s place, I needed to configure it on his device. I reached out to their support team and they gave me a guide on how to do it easily. If you need it – let me know, I can find it for you.

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