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Best VPN for India (The Comprehensive Guide to India VPN)

Everyone can agree that you need a VPN in India. But which one?

Online freedom rights activists living in India have had the toughest past twelve months that they might have ever endured.

Indeed, the government in India has introduced plenty of online censorship programs in the past year or so.

And all of them have had a significant impact on how people access the internet.

The Indian government has brought down the hammer on various sites and apps (some of them justifiable) so hard that even international online streaming services such as Netflix and others have had to give in to the demands of the government in India.

With that said, we would like to mention that at the same time, the Indian government has not shied away from handing some of its own departments pretty much sweeping powers (all of them new) to help it carry out and deploy mass surveillance programs.

Needless to say, the government in India wants to monitor the Indian people who use the internet on a daily basis.

Recent reports in the media suggest that at the time of writing this report no fewer than a total of ten separate Indian government agencies had now gained the ability to snoop on Indian online consumers and monitor their internet data.

Therefore, no one should be surprised at the fact that the use of VPN services among other online privacy tools in India has only increased in the last couple of years or so.

And all trends indicate that more and more people will start to use a VPN service in India very soon.

However, the obvious question that arises from all this discussion is that which VPN service is the best VPN for India.

Since there are so many options available in the market today it stands to reason that not all of them would be great.

Indeed, our research shows that indeed there is one specific best VPN for India that the people of India can use in order to access the free and open internet right here and right now.

In this guide, we will also reveal some of the other results we have obtained from various other VPN services that we have researched independently.

While doing that we will also give you a comprehensive lowdown on the exact best VPN for India.

We will also touch upon some other VPN services that VPN users in India and elsewhere can use in order to do specific tasks.


How to select the best VPN for India quickly

As mentioned just now, the action of choosing the best VPN for India has become more or less a tricky task.

Why do we say that?

We say that because the market is nowhere near a shortage of VPN service providers.

Once you start your own research you will quickly find that there are a ton of VPN services in the market today that claim to be the best VPN for India.

Our research shows that one or more of them is lying.

It is true that only a few of the many available VPN services are actually up to the task of being the best VPN for India.

Moreover, our research along with some valuable user feedback has also allowed us to identify a good number of critical features that the majority of VPN users in India would find useful and hence should keep a lookout for if they want to choose the best VPN for India in the real sense.

Let’s take a look at the criteria that we use to determine the best VPN for India.

Best VPN for India should have strong encryption

In order to ensure that a given VPN service is able to get past all the government surveillance programs and other online prying eyes, a VPN service has to make sure no one is able to see what the user is doing in the online world.

The best way to do that is to use strong encryption.

Best VPN for India should guarantee no user logs

Online consumers in India and elsewhere must make sure that their online data remain private.

For that to happen, they have to sign up for a VPN service that is reliable and guarantees zero user logs.

It is absolutely essential for any type of VPN usage and not just for accessing various sites in India.

Best VPN for India should have fast VPN connection speeds

This is a no brainer really.

India, despite the fact that it has become the third biggest economy in the world ahead of Russia, the fact remains that internet coverage in the country is more or less poor.

Moreover, even in places where there is internet, the actual internet quality varies a lot.

Hence, the worst thing that an online consumer can do in India is to sign up for a VPN service that is slow.

A slow VPN would slow down an already slow internet connection for most Indian online consumers.

Because of that, you need to sign up for a VPN service that offers fast VPN servers in various locations.

Always go for that VPN service provider that has fast and preferably purpose-specific VPN servers available for all users.

Best VPN for India should have good local servers

Online consumers in India who want to sign up for a VPN service because they want to bypass state censorship should know that they have to sign up for a VPN service that offers plenty of VPN servers not just in various regional countries but also in India.

You need VPN servers in regional countries because it is highly likely that they would not block the same websites that the Indian government has blocked.

Best VPN for India should be cost-effective

There is no doubt about the fact that a good number of people in India are somewhat put off by the prohibitive pricing structures of some VPN services.

That is the reason why we suggest that users should look for discount deals along with those VPN service providers that offer users money-back guarantees.

Once you are able to navigate the market using this tactic you will come across many best VPNs for India that will not break your bank.

Best VPN for India should have multiple and concurrent VPN connections

Another great way to save a lot of money on the use of a VPN service is to look for that VPN service provider which allows customers to have multiple and simultaneous VPN connections.

After signing up for such a VPN service you can actually share it with some of your friends and family to further drive down the costs.

Best VPN for India

Now, what we want you to do is to use the features that we have mentioned above as your starting point to hunt down the best VPN for India.

Or you can rely on our research which will definitely land you the best price for best VPN for India.

Security Gladiators has reviewed all the major VPN service providers available in the market today and here are the top five VPN service providers that we think qualify to become the best VPN for India.

  1. IPVanish
  2. NordVPN
  3. ExpressVPN
  4. CyberGhost VPN
  5. VyprVPN

Let’s take a look at each of these options in a bit more detail to get a better idea of which might suit you more.


If you are thinking about sharing the total cost of a VPN service with your family or friends and that too for a high-quality VPN service then there is no option which is more tempting than IPVanish.

IPVanish is the best VPN for India in any case but when you factor in the fact that it supports up to 10 simultaneous connections for each account, it is easy to see why it takes the lead over other VPN service providers.

IPVanish not only provides a good price point for VPN users in India but it also makes sure that it provides a high quality of VPN service in all other areas.


In other words, IPVanish makes use of really strong VPN encryption technologies.

We do not know of a single VPN service that we can say is better than IPVanish at securing the user’s connection.

More specifically though, IPVanish provides each user with an AES 256-bit connection.

In the last year or so, some have criticized IPVanish for a lapse in their privacy policy but the company responded that by firing the whole department for that slip-up.

This shows us that IPVanish is as committed as ever when it comes to ensuring the protection of user data and privacy.

As far as VPN network goes, IPVanish has a decent VPN server network.

It may not outrank the likes of ExpressVPN and/or NordVPN in terms of size but it certainly does so in terms of quality and uptime.

IPVanish offers users plenty of VPN servers based in South Asia and operates its own servers in many other locations around the world.

The fact that IPVanish owns its own VPN servers is a testament to the fact that the company indeed has full control over the quality of its service.

IPVanish offers pretty decent VPN server speeds as well.

And while we can agree that IPVanish is not the cheapest VPN server that you will ever come across, it is definitely the best-value-for-money VPN service.

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To purchase an IPVanish subscription package right here and right now from the official website and at a discount,


If there is only a single VPN service that can give the likes of IPVanish and ExpressVPN a run for their money then it is NordVPN.

NordVPN comes close to IPVanish in terms of security and reputation and comes close to ExpressVPN in terms of speed and vastness of its VPN network.

In fact, if someone twisted our arm we would have no problems in admitting that NordVPN is as good as ExpressVPN and all the while it is cheaper than ExpressVPN.

If the user purchases a NordVPN subscription package which lasts two years or slightly more, then NordVPN becomes one of the cheapest VPN services available in the market today.

NordVPN, just like ExpressVPN, is based in another country as an offshore company.

More specifically, NordVPN is based in Panama.

So it can guarantee zero-logs policy and no data retention just like some of the top VPN services available in the world right now.

As far as encryption goes, our research shows that NordVPN offers the strongest VPN encryption standards alongside IPVanish and ExpressVPN.

In more detail, NordVPN offers a 256-bit AES encryption standard.

Apart from that, NordVPN takes the lead over the likes of ExpressVPN and others with its features suit.

NordVPN offers the most number of advanced security features in the VPN industry.

NordVPN is able to maintain great speeds on all its VPN servers thanks to the company’s recent investment in the infrastructure of their VPN server network.

Our research shows that the company has a very big Vpn server network.

That means you will hardly ever notice any shortage of VPN servers to connect to either in India, South Asia or any other region for that matter.

Currently, NordVPN offers over 15 VPN servers located just in India.

Most of all, these VPN servers allow P2P activity.

Our research also shows that NordVPN outranks the likes of ExpressVPN and others in terms of number of simultaneous connections allowed.

It offers six compared to ExpressVPN’s three.

If you want to make sure that you sign up for the best- value-for-money VPN India then you could actually do quite a bit worse than sign up for a VPN service like NordVPN.


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According to some, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for India because of various things that it does really well.

Some believe that as far as people in India are concerned, the best VPN for India is ExpressVPN.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why that might be true.

ExpressVPN offers users a 256-bit AES encryption standard.

So that takes good care of user security and data privacy.

The encryption level that Express VPN provides to users is pretty much on par with the encryption level that most governments around the world make use of in order to protect their own data.

There are very few governments that use a stronger encryption standard than ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is based as an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands.

So that has to count for something well.

More concretely, ExpressVPn does not come under the various intrusive data privacy laws that some other countries based in Europe and America are subjected to.

Because of that, ExpressVPN is able to ensure a true zero-logs policy.

Our research shows that ExpressVPN has a pretty big VPN server network as well.

It has a multiple number of VPN servers available in India.

However, it also offers the same amount outside India in its neighboring countries.

This means that ExpressVPN is able to maintain high and consistent speeds on its VPN servers.

ExpressVPN is certainly nowhere near being the cheapest VPN serve in the world.

There are some cheaper and perhaps even better options available.

But users who want to sign up for ExpressVPN as their choice for best VPN for India should save a lot of money if they sign up with the service for a longer period of time.

Keep in mind that all ExpressVPN subscription packages come with an official 30-day money-back official guarantee.

As far as simultaneous connections go, ExpressVPN is on the lower side with three.

So it is best to avoid ExpressVPN if you want to share a VPN service either with your friends or members of your family.

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CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is the VPN for all those people who are wary of using VPN services and are also new to the world of VPN services.

In other words, CyberGhost VPN offers users dedicated VPN apps which the company tailors to suit the needs of first-time VPN services.

With the official CyberGhost VPN app you can get up and running very very easily and quickly.

CyberGhost VPN tries to take maximum advantage of its user-friendly market strategy and compliments that with a VPN service that is almost as all-around as IPVanish.

Our research shows that CyberGhost VPN privacy policies say all the right things and we have no reason to suspect otherwise.

As for encryption, CyberGhost VPN offers all its users a 256-bit AES encryption standard.

We have also come to know that the CyberGhost VPN servers offer pretty good connection speeds.

Of course, it will not set any speed records any time soon.

The CyberGhost VPN server network is far away from being bad and offers plenty of VPN servers in India.

It also offers a sufficient bunch in other parts of the world.

As far as simultaneous VPN connections go, currently CyberGhost VPN offers users a total of seven.

This is on the higher side since the industry average is around five.

If we give some thought to the price and then see what CyberGhost VPN offers to users, we should not have a hard time in noticing that CyberGhost VPN actually offers excellent VPN value to users in India.

Beginner VPN users in India should definitely give this VPN service provider a try.

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Perhaps the greatest need of VPN users living in India is that of privacy.

If a VPN service cannot ensure that, then it is pretty much useless.

That is why we think that VyprVPN is probably the one you would want to sign up for once you find out what it offers for the money you have to pay for it.

The first thing that you should know about VyprVPN is that it is the only VPN service on the list of best VPN for India here that has had the confidence to go under an independent audit to very its claim of guaranteed zero-logs policy.

So when VyprVPN tells you that it has a no-logs policy then you can rest assured that VyprVPN really is not keeping any records of the things that VyprVPN users are doing in the online world.

In other areas, our research shows that VyprVPN does a decent job of hitting the average mark in almost all departments.

Nevertheless, VyprVPN is an established VPN service.

The company has a reasonable server network and also includes a good number of VPN servers in India.

It also offers VPN servers in areas surrounding India.

As for speeds, we have found them to be pretty consistent.

Of course, VyprVPN is far away from being the fastest VPN in the world.

VyprVPN protects all of its customers with a 256-bit AES connection.

This means that the company not only offers a robust but also a reliable VPN service.

VyprVPN offers enough to keep all of your data safe and secure from hackers and other bad actors.

If we talk about the price, then VyprVPN is pretty mid-range in that category as well.

Online consumers in India who do not want to settle for anything less than guaranteed zero-logs policy and good privacy really have one choice.

And that choice is VyprVPN.

We would like to remind you again that even though VyprVPN is not the best VPN for India ahead of IPVanish or NordVPN, but it is certainly the one that can prove that it takes care of the user’s data as much as is possible.

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