Security Predictions for 2015: 8 Major Threats Ahead as we Enter the New Year

Now that 2015 is practically on our doorstep, it is worth taking the time and reminiscing on what has already been done in the field of security. There are several breakthroughs that have been made, causing grave changes to the concept of online security. The Internet of Things has become more apparent and the aspects that are under threat nowadays are pretty different than a few years ago. Nobody can argue that the online convenience is something that does not appeal to him.

Instead, we all seek ways for making our life a lot easier, simpler, fun and more safe. This, however, in terms of security has got a price that we are obliged to pay. As we are going to see below, there are control and entertainment systems already installed in residences and buildings hosting businesses and these systems are expanded literally exponentially. So, the future holds a new potential threat that we should not overlook.

Along with the revelations in the field of technology that have made us sigh with relief and enjoy great options and services that we could not even have anticipated in the past, we should also be made well aware of the dangers that lie ahead. Only with the proper knowledge and with the right tools and education can we confront with the challenges that are shaped before us. So, without any further to do, let’s have a closer look at the security predictions for the year of 2015!

1st Security Prediction: Smart Home Hacks

It is true that there are many people who have engaged in smart home automation, due to the unparalleled convenience that such solutions provide. Nevertheless, such connectivity can lead to trouble. Hackers have become well aware of the increasing rate of home automation purchases.

As a result, it is only a matter of time before they start penetrating the systems and attempting to control them entirely. 2015 is a turning point towards using the necessary tools and focusing on smart homes. Besides the relatively insignificant consequences that some of the controlling options can cause (for instance, changing the temperature at the thermostat or altering the dosage at the coffee maker), there is also substantial risk that one should be cautious of. Indeed, accessibility to a place can be monitored remotely. Imagine the distress that can be caused, if you are locked inside your home trying to get out and vice versa.

2nd Prediction: Crime Ware and Darknets

In 2015, cybercriminals will certainly dig deeper into the darknets in search of trading their knowledge and any info they might have accessed. Selling and sharing crime ware will continue on and this is why it is crucial for both security firms and the law enforcement authorities to do their research and aim at taking them down. Otherwise, the year of 2015 will somehow unleash Pandora’s Box and cybercriminals will expand the damage that they have done in the past.

3rd Prediction: Mobile Vulnerabilities Increased

Apparently, this comes as no surprise. There is an alarming rate of mobile vulnerabilities detected and Android devices have got the lion’s share among them. In the first quarter of 2014, McAfee Labs published a report highlighting the 167% increase in the overall mobile malware samples detected. The same trend goes on and therefore great attention needs to be drawn to the security experts, as much as the mobile users everywhere.

Along with the security breaches of mobile phones and their vulnerabilities, innovative payment methods introduced via mobile phones can trigger new dangers as well. For instance, Apple Pay and similar payment methods that are about to launch in 2015 might be the cause of new attacks and data interception.

4th Prediction: Online Banking Breaches

Despite having rung the bell as to the imperative character of using two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption, online banking remains vulnerable. Unfortunately, a report published by CIO Network revealed that about 45% of the Chief Information Officers did not spend enough money in cyber security. Financial services are prone to breaches in general and 2015 will most likely continue with the same lack of proper security layering.

5th Prediction: Open Source Apps Targeted

Everyone remembers Heartbleed and Shellshock to this date! These are just two examples of open source apps targeted by hackers. The truth is that the impact of these two cases has been dramatic and this is what will definitely motivate cyber criminals to continue on with their search of dormant breaches of security and vulnerabilities. All at once, in 2015 it is certain that attention will be paid to less popular platforms that have got much greater chances of being left without shield.

6th Prediction: Cloud Storage Penetrated

We all know how massively people store their data using the cloud. It is only fair that hackers concentrate on how to gain access to cloud storage services in 2015. Of course, this does not mean that everyone ought to rule out cloud storage as an option. Nevertheless, security quality should be strictly checked twice; as the popularity of such a storage option increases, so do the experts who wish to go ahead with taking advantage of this data.

7th Prediction: Healthcare Gravely Injured

Healthcare has become digital and as a consequence there are many records of patients online. Having personal information abundantly present on the web, the real challenge for 2015 is not to expose this information to skilled hackers. Name and address, as much as social security numbers and even medical history records can be placed in the wrong hands, unless the adequate security layering is applied.

8th Prediction: Emails Attacks Becoming More Sophisticated

Although most of us have become suspicious of spam emails and emails containing un-trusted links and attachments (and not to forget – the browsers alongside email providers have turned smart, too) but still, this does not mean that we have been made immune against email threats. On the contrary, hackers have focused on more sophisticated emails and threats that go undetected, passing through the security protocols of junk mail and spam filters and reaching your email account without any barrier. In 2015, email attacks will become more powerful and harder to identify as threats, until it is too late.

These are the major security predictions that we have gathered for you. Of course, it is always exciting to be able and learn new things and facilitate your life through the use of innovative methods and tools.

Still, it is safe to say that with the introduction of new devices, new services and new ways of dealing with everything, at the same time the risk is multiplied as well. Feel free to read carefully through these security predictions and have a great year, full of challenges and amazing discoveries!

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