Internet Systems Consortium Potentially Infected with Malware, Causing Grave Concern

ISC has been down for maintenance, after an alleged malware infection issue. It is of paramount importance, as ISC is involved in the BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) program and without DNS there can’t be Internet.

The heavily used ISC (standing for Internet Systems Consortium) site has been down for maintenance, due to reasonable suspicion over malware infection. Even if you do not know anything about ISC, you should keep in mind that it is an issue of great importance to tackle with. Just so you have a more thorough understanding of what is at stake here, ISC is related to the BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) program and this is the most widely known DNS software available on the market to this date.

In specific, the announcement from ISC is as follows: “The web site is down for maintenance. We believe the web site may have become infected with malware. Please scan any machine that has accessed this site recently for malware. This is a WordPress issue,, and our other network resources are unaffected.  We have not had any reports of any client machines that have been infected from our website.  If you believe you have caught a virus from our web site, please let us know, by email to”

Without DNS, Internet can never exist in the form we have been accustomed to. The DNS is what translates the numbers of each site to the actual name of the website and therefore you can see that such malware infection can trigger outstandingly and exponentially negative consequences. According to reports of Cyphort, ISC had been aware of the malware infection ever since 22nd December. Regardless of whether or not the company knew that something was wrong beforehand, it is now crucial to mitigate the damage and make sure that everything runs smoothly prior to bringing the site up again.

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