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HideMyIP is US based VPN service with numerous servers to cloak your device IP address. It is available for both mac and windows operating systems.  Besides HideMyIP VPN, the company offers a variety of other privacy packages which include cookie crumble, don’t spy on me, Anti hacker, Clear My history, and Firewall fortify all designed to protect your privacy on the web.

Note: According to our tests, this VPN provider is not at the same standard as the industry leader IPVanish.


HideMyIP VPN anonymous proxy available in two packages, a Standard and a Premium plan with a 30 day money back guarantee period. HideMyIP enjoys relative stable download speeds but their trial version is painfully slow and gives you access to only handful of servers. That Standard plan is a one payment plan but you have to upgrade to premium plan to enjoy better speeds and more servers to route your traffic.

HideMyIP works with both Https and SSL connection but their logging policy too is a bit grey. On the bright side, HideMyIP VPN has one of the most user friendly VPN client software with power customization. They also offer a fixed IP address system and remove packet headers to enhance your web privacy.


HideMyIp Servers

Availability of VPN servers is a key factor to consider when choosing a VPN service. Preferably choose a VPN with many servers spread in wide geographical location to enjoy more virtual IP addresses and unblock restriction in many countries.  Most of the VPN servers should be located in non-cooperative jurisdictions or in off-shore locations where the Law does not compel VPN companies to cooperate with authorities in handling users’ data.

HideMyIP has tens of servers in key strategic location including, US, Canada, UK, Spain, France, Netherlands, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. So HideMyIP VPN has done very well here, one thing that could make some users feel uncomfortable though is, most of these servers are located in cooperative jurisdictions.


HideMyIP gets an average rating for download and upload speeds on their VPN. The good thing is HideMyIP VPN has stable speed with few drop outs throughout your subscription period. However, their trial version is a little but slow and also the premium package is just an average once compare to other VPNs offered at the same price. It does not take time to get it going though, you just install the HideMyIP client, click a button and you’re protected behind another IP. Now how much easy is that?

Pricing and Packages

HideMyIp Windows

HideMyIP VPN is priced at $29.95 for the standard package. It is a onetime fee for the VPN client but you have to pay an extra $7 for the premium VPN service. Frankly, HideMyIP has one of the most unclear pricing policy among the many VPNs we have reviewed so far. You might be tricked to think the Premium VPN cost $7 per month only to later realize that you must first pay for the standard package before upgrading to the Premium plan.

Security protocols

The security of a VPN is enhanced by the VPN tunneling technology employed. A sophisticate tunneling technology is difficult to manipulate therefore keeps you is safe from cyber criminals. The most sought after VPN protocols include is PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, SSTP and TLS/SSL often referred to as OpenVPN support. Each protocol has its own strength and weakness which is a key aspect to consider.

It is hard to ascertain all the VPN protocols employed by HideMyIP VPN. All the same HideMyIP works with Https and SSL connections. Our tests indicate that HideMyIP is able to mask your device IP address with a dynamic address and removes packet headers for anonymous web experience. It also offers OpenVPN protocol, which is believed to be the best VPN protocol when one’s aim is speed an reliability.


A strong encryption is the backbone of any good VPN. Good VPNs use at least 3DES or AES end-to-end encryption to secure your data. With this type of encryption your internet traffic is encrypted at one end of the VPN tunnel and only decrypted at the other recipient end. The levels of encryption range from weaker 128 bits to the strongest 1024 bit encryption which would takes years to crack. HideMyIP employs a strong encryption to secure your data on the web.


Reliability in service provision means you’re able to enjoy a consistent quality service throughout your subscription period. On this front, HideMyIP gives good results. Their speed stability is reliable with very few drop-outs but for us only concern is their encryption mode.

Customer Support

HideMyIp Support

Unless you were born in a family of computer geeks, setting up a VPN, resolving compatibility issues and troubleshooting network problems could be difficult at times. In this case a reliable customer support is a key factor to consider when choosing a VPN provider.

HideMyIP VPN offers you a round the clock customer support through email, toll free telephone and trouble shooter available on their websites. It takes an average of 5 hours get help through email and their LiveChat feature is active during business hours/ Their FAQs section provides great insight for solving most problems and their set up procedures are well documented. Overall, customer support provided by this VPN Company is pretty good!

Logging Policy

Web privacy is currently a sticky issue in the wake of so much spying and eavesdropping on private communications by government agencies and other enemies of internet freedom. If you’re looking for total web anonymity, ensure you carefully review the privacy policy and more so the logging policy of a VPN provider before accepting the terms and condition.  Preferably, go for a VPN provider who do not keep online logs.

HideMyIP logging policy is a bit confusing. At some instance that company state that it does not keep content logs for premium user nor share your information with third parties. Then another statement says “we will turn over any information we do have if required to do so by law.” This implies the company could cooperate with authorities to hand in user’s data at some point.

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Device Compatibility

Device compatibility is another key selling point of a good VPN. With advancement in technology and growth in the internet of things most users have more than one internet connecting devices. In this case it is necessary to find a VPN service that is compatible with most if not all your device.

HideMyIP has a VPN client for both Mac and Windows operating systems.  It works well with most VPN enabled routers and have support for android. To run HideMyIP on multiple computers you don not need a seperate license for each, which is a very good thing about this VPN.

Pros in a nutshell

  • Easy to use VPN client Software.
  • Stable server speeds.
  • An active customer support.
  • Well documented users’ guides.

Cons in a nutshell

  • Unclear pricing policy and packages.
  • Unclear Logging Policy.
  • Most VPN servers located in cooperative jurisdiction.

At last we come to the conclusion of our HideMyIP VPN service review. It is clear HideMyIP has more setback that merits. The good thing about the service is their User friendly VPN client software and relative stable speeds. HideMyIP scores a bit low on trustworthiness, security protocols and the unclear logging policy which makes it difficult at times to fully trust them with your data.

Their customer support is good but the company could do better with an improved pricing policy which explicitly states what each plan will cost before you make the purchase. In a nutshell, HideMyIP is not one of the very best anonymous VPNs out there but just an average one and on its way to improvement. Overall, we can safely recommend it to our users, but there certainly are some improvements needed (perhaps going on at company level, already)

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6.3 Overall Rating
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Highlighted Pros
  • Easy to use VPN client Software.
  • Stable server speeds.
  • An active customer support.
  • Well documented users’ guides.
Highlighted Cons
  • Unclear pricing policy and packages.
  • Unclear Logging Policy.
  • Most VPN servers located in cooperative jurisdiction.
Help & Support5.5
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