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Best VPN for Netflix

Netflix is an amazing service for video-on-demand that covers a broad spectrum of content in HD, attracting millions of people from all over the world. The latest statistics show that over 65 million subscribers have been streaming their preferred content via Netflix, which is really awesome – with an upward trajectory taken for granted. Due to the versatile nature of Netflix and thanks to the abundance of films and series available on offer, there is no doubt that the global demand for its services will continue to grow. Netflix also boasts its own high-quality productions, such as House of Cards and Hemlock Grove. This also adds to its prestige and value.

Enough with the good news! Now, it is true that there is copyrighted content everywhere in the world and it is also needless to state the fact that the copyright holders wish to hold tight to their gains. This in the film industry leads to forbidding streaming services from broadcasting their copyrighted content globally, and only allowing them to do so in specific areas – the areas where they have paid the respective rights and where there is no conflict whatsoever. So, you pretty much understand why Netflix has not officially expanded worldwide yet and why its expansion is taking so much time. There is just too much to consider and too many people to take into account, prior to starting their broadcast online.

This is the basic principle behind the geographically restricted websites. They are available for accessing in several parts of the world, not all of them!

Where Can I Watch Netflix?

Netflix is based in California, United States. So, you see why the original version (which is the most treasured version universally) is the US one. Apart from the authentic version, though, you can find Netflix internationally in various parts of the world. To be more specific, you can watch Netflix in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • France
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • Dominican Republic
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Ireland
  • Luxembourg
  • Belgium
  • Norway
  • Hispanic America
  • Iceland

In the near future, the network of Netflix will be multiplied, with the following additions:

  • Italy (October 2015)
  • Portugal (October 2015)
  • Spain (October 2015)
  • Czech Republic (2016)
  • Hong Kong (2016)
  • Singapore (2016)
  • South Korea (2016)
  • Taiwan (2016)
  • Hungary (2016-2017)
  • Turkey (Planned)

How Can VPN Help Me Watch Netflix?

This is a truly common question, asked not only by those who cannot access Netflix in one of these locations displayed above. Indeed, this is a question that many ask towards upgrading their Netflix subscription. More particularly, there are many Netflix subscribers who are not satisfied with what the service is like in their own part of the world. These people seek to get their hands on the original, US version of Netflix. This is what has been described by many as the epitome of Netflix, meaning that it is the most complete version (quantity and quality-wise). If you contact a Netflix representative, you will be informed that this cannot happen and that you should make do with what you already have access to (if any). We know better

The VPN is the best solution for all people to unblock Netflix no matter in which part of the world they are. Whether you are located somewhere with no access or you have got a less attractive Netflix version (all of the countries’ versions except United States) that restricts you too much, the VPN will set you free! Upon subscribing to a top quality VPN plan, you will be opened the door to Netflix one and only US version. Do you want to know how? With the use of US based remote servers, of course!

The VPN consists of a plethora of remotely located servers in the world. According to your demand at a time, you connect to the VPN and you do that via the origin of the geographically restricted website you want to unblock. In this case, you will be aiming at connecting via a US based server. As a result, you will instantly get a US IP address; this in turn will reveal that you are located in the United States – even if (obviously) you are not!

Other Benefits of VPN

The VPN was not invented solely for unblocking geographically restricted websites, such as Netflix. Many people take VPN as an IP changer but on the contrary, the VPN is a multi-tasking tool that empowers your security layering and watches your back — as you surf the web. When you are connected to the VPN, all of your traffic is encrypted and this means that nobody can access the data received or sent by you over the Internet.

Hackers will have a difficult job, trying to decrypt the encrypted data of yours and therefore you will not need to worry anymore about classified documents getting in the wrong hands or people accessing those naughty pictures of yours, neatly stored within your computer. Even the Government (as well as Internet Service Provider) will be prevented from snooping around and seeing what you are doing.

No more prying eyes for you to keep looking for, even if they were lurking in the dark – you are now protected! What is more, lifting all geographical limitations means that no censorship can affect you and your online activities. This VPN technology is quite a weapon, right?

Best VPN for Netflix

We have done our research and we have come up with the 5 best VPN service providers for Netflix at the global market. This will hopefully help you out make the most out of your user experience:

  • ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN is a truly reliable VPN service provider. From their site, you can read the following: “Bypass Netflix IP blocking with the world’s fastest VPN. Access the full Netflix catalog in less than 5 minutes.” This is true, as they offer pretty fast speeds to the subscribers and the whole setup process is really simple and easy to complete. With a huge network of servers and with cool mobile apps enabling you to watch Netflix even on the go, they live up to your expectations. The only true downside is their location, as they are based in the US and they may be tied up by the respective legislation about logs in the future (no such mess as of now).
  • HideMyAss VPN: HideMyAss! VPN is another VPN service provider that offers an impressive server network. It is located in the UK, which is not as bad as the US – still, there are restrictions as to the use of logs there too. Unlimited bandwidth is always welcome, especially in cases of streaming. The price can be really affordable and there is great support, alongside practical apps and setup guides. The speed can vary significantly during peak times, but you can experiment with multiple server switching – if you do not mind the annoyance.
  • IPVanish VPN: IPVanish VPN is based in the US, just like ExpressVPN and many others. Among the major advantages, its speed is really fast and therefore you can watch streaming content at high quality. The bandwidth is not limited, which is another bonus. Still, you cannot connect to the same VPN account for more than two simultaneous devices. Along with its location that can be a problem, the support can also be proven less efficient than expected. Overall, the services provided are satisfactory.
  • VyprVPN: VyprVPN is located in the Cayman Islands, making it smoother to bypass policies about logs due to legislation. However, some logs are indeed kept and this makes us wonder why they have had to head there in the first place. Other than that, the speed is blazing fast and there are multiple servers available for you to have your pick from. It is a truly decent VPN solution, which offers quality live streaming for Netflix. If the price is good for you, check it out (bearing in mind what we have said about the logs and the fact that they only offer three-day trial).
  • Hide.me: Hide.me VPN is a Malaysian VPN service provider, with a free plan that does not well cover the needs of Netflix streaming, but with a Premium Plan that is just right! Even though the price is not that much affordable, you can expect great speed and consistency in the quality that you get. Unlimited bandwidth and server switching, along with advanced encryption and great support complete a reliable VPN solution – away from the jurisdiction of the US and EU.

The Single Best VPN For Netflix

All of the above options are great.

But the best option is NordVPN.

It is fast, secure, cheap and works with US Netflix flawlessly.

To sign up for NordVPN right now and from the official website, click here.

More on VPN And Netflix

There you have it! These are the best VPN service providers for watching Netflix everywhere in the world. If we had to go with only one Netflix VPN here, I’d recommend using ExpressVPN, due to its super-fast speed and its great network of VPN servers. It is a top provider with positive feedback and years of business existence in the field of VPN, managing to balance between its actual location and the right of people to privacy and anonymity.

The Security Gladiators team has gone out in the wild and done a massive amount of research to bring you a humongous list of thousands of hidden categories for Netflix shows. Find all of your favorite categories with just one click right here.

Now What? Can I Access Netflix Anywhere?

As long as you have subscribed to a trustworthy VPN plan and you have followed the instructions as to its setup, you will be able to sign up to US Netflix and start enjoying premium-quality content on demand! In order to clarify things even more, let’s have a closer look at some of these countries where you will be able to make a difference with the use of VPNs:

  • Netflix in China: Most of you know the deal with the Great Firewall of China. So, you get the picture that it is not that easy for Netflix to broadcast there on its own any time soon. With the use of VPN, though, you can choose to connect to the Internet via a US based server and appear to be living in the States. As a result, you will be given full access to Netflix. Cool? Besides that, in a country where censorship is pretty thick, the VPN will be proven a worthy ally!
  • Netflix in Brazil: Netflix is already available to Hispanic (Latin) America and this covers Brazil, too. However, in Brazil you will receive the respective version of Netflix – which is not as great as the US version, we promise! So, you can connect to the VPN and choose a US based server for accessing US Netflix (with the same Netflix account). Once you want to watch something from the Latin version, you can connect to a Latin based server or simply disconnect from the VPN.
  • Netflix in UK and Europe: Netflix is expanding its network constantly, with the UK and a lot more countries already enjoying its content. Nevertheless, there is a distinctive discrimination against all other versions of Netflix, compared to the US version (as I already cleared in this article). So, you can select an American server from your VPN network (located anywhere in the US) and enjoy superb content, within the comfort of your European home!
  • Netflix in India: You would expect that a densely populated country like India would be able to enjoy Netflix – but, sadly, you would be wrong! Instead, Netflix has not expanded its network there to this date and there is no evidence of doing that soon. If you are a resident there (or if you are just passing by), the VPN will help you out towards getting US Netflix in India. No worries!
  • Netflix in Japan: Japan is on the edge of technological advancements, which makes total sense. So, it is only fair that the best version of Netflix is available to the Japanese. Still, even with the recent launch of Netflix in Japan, the locals are disappointed with the content that they get. They want original productions like Orange Is the New Black available to them. Solution? VPN!
  • Netflix in Singapore: According to press releases from Netflix, the service will launch in early 2016 in Singapore. However, it is common sense that the version will not be as cool as the authentic, US version of Netflix. So, what do we do? Yeah, you got it! We use VPN for unblocking Netflix in Singapore, hands down!
  • Netflix in South Africa: South Africa does not have direct access to Netflix, in spite of English being truly popular and thus erasing any problems with subtitling etc. There is no project running on the expansion of Netflix in South Africa. So, if you live in the country and you desperately want quality streaming without immigrating, you need to connect to a VPN!
  • Netflix in Philippines: Despite the boom in the economy of Philippines, it is still not a country where Netflix is broadcast. There is a solution of course about that, aiming at evening the score and offering same services all over the world. This solution is none other than the use of Netflix!
  • Netflix in New Zealand: Although Netflix is now available in New Zealand, nobody can argue that the content cannot be matched with the original US version. For those of you who cannot – and will not – settle for anything less than what anticipated from the start, the VPN can offer a reliable solution!
  • Netflix in Australia: Aussies certainly love a great movie and they choose to enjoy high quality streaming on demand. There is a version of Netflix available to the Australian viewers, but the content cannot live up to the original. In case you are there on business, leisure or thanks to your roots, check out the VPN plans that can help you unblock US Netflix in Australia.
  • Netflix in Israel: There have been rumors that Netflix will open its wings to the Israelis sometime soon. Still, nothing is more permanent than today and the current situation does not include any Netflix broadcasting in the region. What should you do, in order to unblock the geographical limitation and enjoy streaming at will? VPN!
  • Netflix in Vietnam: Vietnam is among the countries with the heaviest censorship worldwide and this means that there is little room for service like Netflix. Well, this is the case without the VPN. If you do choose to use VPN for unblocking Netflix in Vietnam, you will also benefit from its privacy and freedom solutions!
  • Netflix in France: Although Europe has been covered above, France deserves an extra mention – with Netflix having launched last year and with imperfections still getting in the way, VPN seems like a great bargain. Unblock US Netflix in France with the use of VPN and take full advantage of the rest services that your encrypted connection is going to bring!

So, above are some of the countries where you can have US Netflix as soon as you’re done with grabbing a quality VPN but the list isn’t limited to the countries being listed above. I just tried elaborating on ones from where our site receives most of the requests related to Netflix Geo-block bypassing. You actually can watch it having non stop and smooth streaming experience in any country you want, simply with the help of a VPN tailor-made for this online streaming giant.

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