Lockspin TorVPN Review: The Latest Edition For You to Read Right Now

Lockspin TorVPN is a weird name. And it is weird VPN service.

Everyone should have no problems in understanding now that a VPN service is one of the good things in life.

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it is the only way to protect yourself from internet service providers and government agencies.

Lockspin TorVPN does that by protecting the user’s online personal data and internet connection.

But Lockspin TorVPN isn’t just a regular VPN service provider.

It tries to do much more than the average VPN service provider.


By offering more.

It offers integration with the anonymizing Tor network from the start.

This increases user privacy and anonymity by an exponential margin when compared to some of the other VPN service providers in the market.

Lockspin TorVPN also tries to make these tools available at a reasonable cost.

It has a free version and the company also offers a ton of variety in its offered subscription packages.

The only problem is that it is unbelievably hard to set up Lockspin TorVPN.

It doesn’t have many advanced features which are so common in some of the top VPN service providers available in the market today.

All of this makes Lockspin TorVPN an interesting VPN service provider.

But it is nowhere near some of the best VPN service providers in the industry today.

Why It’s A Great Idea To Learn About VPN And Tor

Both of these tools protect user privacy and anonymity.

Though both use vastly different methods of achieving the same purpose.

A VPN service protects users by encrypting their internet traffic.

Then, this same VPN service sends that encrypted data through one of its own secure tunnels to its VPN server.

The VPN server is located anywhere in the world and the user can choose that location.

The outside world does not know the user’s real IP address because the VPN service has done its job of hiding it.

As a result, the users appears to have a different IP address from the original.

The new IP address is the IP address of the VPN server that the user chose before connecting to the VPN service.

All of this makes it very hard for companies and hackers to intercept or read the user’s web traffic.

If the user knows how to handle a VPN service in the correct manner, then a VPN service can definitely protect the user against,

  • Hackers
  • Advertisers
  • Internet service providers
  • Government agencies

Consequently, the user’s personal information is safe.

Most of the top VPN service providers offer VPN servers in multiple locations around the world.

The user can choose which server he/she wants to connect to in order to access region-locked content.

With the help of a VPN service, the user can stream content from streaming websites like,

  • BBC outside the UK (in places like North America)
  • US Netflix outside the US (in places such as the UK and India)

Netflix, though, is clever and it has found ways to stop VPN services from unlocking its content.

Tor Is A Different Beast

Tor does not encrypt the user’s traffic.

It just routes the user traffic through a complex series of volunteer secure servers.

These secure servers are known as nodes.

Tor is a fantastic way to anonymize your online presence.


Because there is no complete map which points back to the user.

Each node has a piece of the map.

Not the whole.

That makes it very hard for people to track you and monitor your web traffic.

Some users also connect to Tor in order to access some hidden content on hidden websites.

These places usually exist in the Dark Web.

If you want to enter the Dark Web then you need to make sure you have a good antivirus service installed on your system.

The dark web is a dangerous place for people who are not prepared.

There are many ways to connect to any given Tor network.

Lockspin TorVPN provides one of those ways and throws a VPN service in their to further protect the user.

Of course, you can always use Tor for free on many websites.

But the best way to use Tor for free is via Tor Browser from Firefox.

Lockspin TorVPN Price


According to official sources, Lockspin TorVPN is on a mission.

That mission is to provide VPN technology to everyone on the planet.

Make it universally available, in other words.

Of course, that is indeed a noble goal.

But that doesn’t mean Lockspin TorVPN is a good VPN service.

It doesn’t mean it’s a bad one either.

You’ll have to read the whole Lockspin TorVPN review to find that out.

So first of all, for a kick-off, Lockspin TorVPN is absolutely horrible in its pricing structure.

It isn’t great at developing an easy installation process or even its official website but we’ll come to that later.

This is of course baffling.

A Bit About The Official Website

The official website looks like it comes from the ice age in terms of looks and design.

More like GeoCities age.

It doesn’t have any aesthetic value.

What about the layout?

Let’s just say it is not modern.

Using the official Lockspin TorVPN website will hurt you.

It will annoy you too.

Moreover, we think that the average consumer won’t spend much time on the site.

The website is scary to some extent.


Because not only is the site bad, it looks more like a scam website rather than a legitimate VPN service’s official website.

Looking at the website you wouldn’t think about purchasing anything from it.

What About The Free Service?


Lockspin TorVPN does have a free VPN service.

But take note that this isn’t the age of free VPN services.

Your privacy is too important to save money on.

That’s why there are hardly any good free VPN services out there in the market.

But they do exist if you search hard enough.

Lockspin TorVPN free version is unique in one sense:

It doesn’t show ads.

The company does not make use of ads to support its free VPN service.

This is the same business model as that of Hotspot Shield Elite.

Of course, this is real life.

And that means there is a catch.

So what is it?

You can’t use Lockspin TorVPN free VPN service forever.

The company only allows you to use the free service for a period of seven days.

And within that seven days period, you can only use 2GB of internet traffic.

But wait, there are more restrictions.

You don’t have the facility of SSH tunneling in the Lockspin TorVPN free VPN service mode.

Moreover, the free version does not allow you to connect to more than one VPN server.

And if that wasn’t enough already, then it also limits the number of simultaneous devices to one for the free mode.

Awful right?

Wait just a minute before you come to any conclusions.

The official Lockspin TorVPN website also tells the user that the free subscription may not work.

The company may put some more time limits on the free service.

And, users should expect the free service to go down at any time because of server load.

What use is a free service is you’re going to put so many restrictions on it?

Can we even call it a free service?

Well, if we can, then one thing is for sure:

No other VPN service, paid or free, is offering such a free VPN service.

As far as paid plans go, Lockspin TorVPN offers new users four paid subscription plans.

You will have to pay them in British Pounds if that’s not inconvenient for you.

If it is, then tough luck.

You’ll have to look someplace else.

The first paid plan is the Pro plan.

It costs users 1.9 Pounds for one-month usage.

Take out a calculator and convert and you should get around $2.73 per month.

If you sign up for the Silver plan for a period of one year then you only have to pay 19.9 Pounds.

Or in dollar terms, $28.62.

The conversion problem isn’t really a problem since you are paying digitally.

Digital payment processes automatically convert currencies.

But if you live in the US, then it will be a little harder for you to compare Lockspin TorVPN with other VPN service providers who provide US dollar subscription packages.

Lockspin TorVPN Custom Option


The company also offers a custom package.

This allows the user to choose the length of the VPN subscription plan.

It also allows the user to choose,

  • Number of simultaneous devices the user would like to connect
  • Number of VPN servers the user wants access to
  • Data restrictions

Then Lockspin TorVPN displays the fee it will require to provide the user with the custom plan.

This feature is great.

It is, in fact, wonderful for users who travel a lot and only want to sign up for a disposable VPN service account.

But as we have mentioned before, Lockspin TorVPN makes it hard for people to buy its service even though it isn’t great.

How does it do that?

By now offering many payment options.

You can’t pay via a credit card.

The only two payment options available are,

  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal

Lockspin TorVPN Features


The one way Lockspin TorVPN tries to get ahead of its competitors is via offering features that no one else offers.

Someone should remind the people behind Lockspin TorVPN that in order for that trick to work, they first have to provide great standard features.

Regardless, Lockspin TorVPN provides new users with a Tor network facility as well.

The VPN service has full Tor integration and that is rare even amongst the top VPN service providers.

The only other VPN service provider that offers such a feature and is a good VPN service provider is NordVPN.

But NordVPN is an industry heavyweight.

It offers special VPN servers for different types of users.

One of those servers is the double encryption server for people who want more security.

There’s another VPN server which is for speed, suitable for users who want to stream some stuff.

Lockspin TorVPN also falls behind NordVPN in the sense that NordVPN makes it easy for users to connect to its Tor feature.

Lockspin TorVPN, does not.

What About P2P And BitTorrent?


Lockspin TorVPN allows both.

That means, you can download all the files that you want from the BitTorrent network and you can use the peer-to-peer file sharing model as well.

Both are allowed on all of the company’s servers.

Of course, we should mention here, that you can download stuff from the P2P and BitTorrent network on any VPN service.

But, you will definitely violate their terms of service.

As you can probably imagine, that is not a great idea.

Some of the top VPN service providers such as TorGuard provide users with special servers which are designed only for BitTorrent activity.

They also offer other similar features.

Lockspin TorVPN Is Low Cost

Which is great.

And it also has some decent yet flexible payment plans.

But does that automatically mean Lockspin TorVPN is a great VPN service?


We think that Lockspin TorVPN is not good value for money because it doesn’t do enough.

Let us explain with another section

Number Of Simultaneous Devices

Lockspin TorVPN offers just one simultaneous device with its free plan.

If you buy its Gold plan, which is the most expensive one, then it allows users to connect up to four devices.

With the custom plan though, you can have up to 20 simultaneous devices.

But remember, more number of devices mean that Lockspin TorVPN will charge you more.

Most of the top VPN service providers offer five and sometimes even six simultaneous devices with each subscription.

And they do it by not charging a whole lot more than Lockspin TorVPN.

VPN service providers like TorGuard offer special routers which are pre-installed with a VPN software.

This kind of a special router protects an unlimited number of devices.

All devices which are present on your network are automatically connected and your simultaneously connected devices count doesn’t go up one bit.

And then there are VPN service providers such as HostWinds which offers an unlimited number of licenses with each account by default.

Of course, it comes with other limitations but we won’t discuss those here.

Nowadays, you also have the Bitdefender Box.

It is valued at $129 and is a physical product.

It offers services like a VPN network which protects all of the user’s connected devices.

But that product is more established in its antivirus features rather than VPN ones.

Some alternative options for you...

Our score: 9.8

From $3.49 per month

Our score: 9.5

From $3.95 per month

Our score: 9.1

From $6.49 per month

Lockspin TorVPN Installation And User Interface

If you are new to the VPN industry and its applications then Lockspin TorVPN is definitely not for you.

The first challenge, in this particular case, is to understand Lockspin TorVPN awful official website.

And then you have to manually set up the VPN service.

Which is no walk in the park either.

Other top VPN service providers offer standalone dedicated VPN apps for all major platforms.

Lockspin TorVPN does none of that.

It relies on the OpenVPN app from Google Play Store and otherwise.

But is that all?

Hell no.

After you download the OpenVPN app from wherever you feel it is safe, you need to download specific configuration files for the VPN server you want to use.

Let’s say you want to use more than one VPN server.

Well, then you will have to download multiple configuration files.

After downloading them, you will need to copy and paste their contents into a new file.

That new file must then go to the correct directory.

There are some other steps as well but we’ll leave them for now.

The point should be clear.

It is a pain in the backside to install Lockspin TorVPN VPN service.

On top of that, Lockspin TorVPN official website is of very little use.

Do keep in mind that we review VPN services relatively.

In reality, it isn’t that difficult to navigate the official website and to install Lockspin TorVPN VPN service.

But when we compare Lockspin TorVPN’s approach with what some of the other VPN service providers have done, then Lockspin TorVPN is miles behind.

It asks more of its users than any other VPN service provider.

The competition is truly fierce nowadays, if a VPN company wants you to download files and cut and paste then in a new file and then make a new directory, it has blown it.

Novice users along with average ones won’t appreciate that and will move away to some other competitor.

User Interface

Once you go through the trouble of setting up Lockspin TorVPN, the app is fairly easy to use and connect to.

Your system tray will have an OpenVPN icon and you will connect to Lockspin TorVPN via that icon.

This icon will also allow you to select your VPN server of choice.

The overall experience of Lockspin TorVPN, as far as interface is concerned, is a bit like Private Internet Access.

It is another matter that Private Internet Access offers a ton of more features and options than Lockspin TorVPN.

You can always go to the Lockspin TorVPN online control panel to look up things like,

  • Connection status
  • Data usage
  • Other critical statistics

The online control panel is decent.

A country mile better than the company’s official website.

But do take note that the statistics on the online control panel are not updated in real time.

You will always have to reload the Lockspin TorVPN page to update the information shown.

LockSpin TorVPN Compatibility


It works with most laptops, desktop computers and the like.

The official website says that Lockspin TorVPN supports the following platforms,

  • Linux
  • OS X
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Windows

Good luck finding instructions for all platforms except Windows and Android.

And if you use another platform that the list above doesn’t have then you will struggle.

Like a lot.

Lockspin TorVPN Servers


If a VPN service provider wants to survive in this hyper-competitive VPN market then it has to offer a good number of VPN servers.

And then the VPN service has to make sure that users have access to those VPN servers at all times.


Why would a VPN service do that?

Because more number of VPN servers benefit the user.

If a user has a server that is located nearer to his/her original location then the user will get better speeds.

A server that is located half a globe away from the user’s current position is not good for speed.

It is only great for spoofing the user’s location, which is also very important.

As far as VPN servers as concerned, Lockspin TorVPN offers only seven VPN servers.

That number is horribly low.

But to the company’s credit, the people behind placing those servers have done a good job of diversifying the location of those seven servers.

Lockspin TorVPN offers VPN servers in locations such as,

  • Budapest
  • Hong Kong
  • Sydney
  • London
  • Moscow
  • Miami
  • Stockholm

As we have mentioned before, the number of VPN servers are low but their geographic diversity is great.

One more thing, Lockspin TorVPN doesn’t offer more than one server in each location.

Compare that to some of the other VPN service providers and you’ll know why Lockspin TorVPN has a very slim chance of ever making it big in the industry.

For example, take a look at Private Internet Access.

This VPN service offers thousands of VPN servers all around the world.

It offers VPN servers in almost all countries of the globe.

LockSpin TorVPN Security


Lockspin TorVPN, by default, uses the OpenVPN protocol.

Which is good since it has become the industry standard because of its security and reasonable speed.

But Lockspin TorVPN also offers some older less secure VPN protocols such as PPTP.

We recommend that you never use PPTP because it is not secure.

Lockspin TorVPN Speed

All VPN services affect your internet speed.

That is how they are designed and that is how they work.

Your browsing experience will also worsen no matter which VPN service you use.

Most of the times, VPN services slow down your internet connection but sometimes they can speed it up to, especially when your ISP is throttling your connection.

The best way to measure a VPN service’s speed is via speed test sites like,

You need to take multiple measurements and then average out the results.

Then you can compare those results with your VPN connection turned off.

But network conditions are fragile by nature.

They change very quickly.

So all tests are just numbers.

Real world performances may differ.

Speedtest.net allows users to connect to their server of choice and hence you should select a server that is far away from your position.

Australia is a pretty good location if you live in the US or UK.

On the other hand, speedof.me doesn’t allow users to select their own server location.

It defaults to the closest server available to the VPN server’s IP address.


Our research for this Lockspin TorVPN shows that Lockspin TorVPN increases latency rates by 350 percent.

This isn’t a bad number.

But VPN service providers like Hotspot Shield Elite only increases latency rate by 130 percent.

According to speedtest.net, Lockspin TorVPN decreases download speeds by 30 percent.

It decreases upload speeds by 30 percent as well.

These are reasonably impressive results.

The only VPN service that increases your download speeds is PureVPN and it does so at 160 percent.

Speedof.me shows that Lockspin TorVPN increases latency rates by 1000 percent.

This is a lot since the more the latency rate, the slower the internet connection becomes.

Other VPN service providers like Hidemyass VPN increases latency rate by just 500 percent.

According to speedof.me, Lockspin TorVPN decreases download speeds and upload speeds by  10 percent each.

Other VPN service providers like PureVPN perform great on speedof.me as well, increasing upload speeds by 4 percent.

But again, numbers are just that.


They don’t matter much when it comes to the actual web experience.

Besides, latency rates are measured in milliseconds.

So even a big increase in latency rates is not likely to degrade your browsing experience to any perceptible degree.

Expect Lockspin TorVPN to provide you with a smooth browsing experience.

And it will perform well for YouTube videos at 480p as well.

It might even load 4K videos but it will do so very slowly.

Lockspin TorVPN will degrade your streaming experience but won’t halt it.

Which is great.

Servers located in the US and UK are best for speeds if a VPN service provider hasn’t specified otherwise.

What About Tor Plus VPN?


This is the juicy part.

Setting up Lockspin TorVPN is difficult.

But adding Tor to it is not.

With a few clicks, you can take advantage of this feature within a few seconds.

Moreover, Lockspin TorVPN remembers your settings.

So the next time you log in, you won’t have to add Tor again.

When the Tor feature is turned on, Lockspin TorVPN first routes your internet traffic via a VPN server and then it throws that traffic into the Tor network.

Such a setup allows users to have more anonymity because Tor and VPN are working together on the same network.

And remember, you also have the encryption technologies of your VPN service.

Lockspin TorVPN allows you to visit hidden websites.

What are hidden websites?

They are mostly illegal websites that deal with illicit goods.

Sometimes they host dangerous content.

But you can also access more secure versions of legitimate sites like Facebook via Tor as well.

This setup is for those users who want total anonymity.

But do remember that your VPN service provider can see your real IP address.

If you want to hide your IP address from even your VPN service provider then you will need to do the following:

  1. First, you will need to connect to a Tor network using Tor browser
  2. And then you will have to connect to your VPN server

Speed Impact of Tor Plus VPN

Needless to say, Tor further decreases your internet connection’s speed.

But that’s what you have to pay for the higher amount of protection.

Speedtest.net shows that Tor increases latency rates by 500 percent.

Speedof.me says it increases latency rates by 4300 percent.

Moreover, speedtest.net said that Lockspin TorVPN decreased download speed by 15 percent while it reduced upload speed by 50 percent.

Speedof.me said Lockspin TorVPN slowed down download speed by 35 percent and upload speed by 30 percent.

Our research for this Lockspin TorVPN review tells us that you should expect to stream comfortably even with Tor and VPN setup.

Youtube will load at HD for you.

But don’t expect a totally smooth experience.

If you try to watch 4K videos with Tor and VPN you might bog down the stream greatly.

What about actual browsing experience?

Expect it to be considerably slower.


Lockspin TorVPN has some rare features working for it:

Tor over VPN and P2P file sharing.

The free version is a great opportunity for the company to show off these critical tools.

Lockspin TorVPN’s flexible and custom pricing structure is also something we admire.

But Lockspin TorVPN should treat these features as extras rather than the main course.

There are a ton of security tools which are cheap and, on the surface, simple to use.

But all of them fall into the same trap:

Inaccessible applications.

Lockspin TorVPN does the same.

Let’s say you’ll find it hard to set up Lockspin TorVPN properly.

If your parents never told you that you had a strong head then you should probably stay away from Lockspin TorVPN.

It is inexpensive though.

But that inexpensiveness comes at the cost of minimal features and an annoying number of restrictions.

If you want a simple VPN service that offers strong encryption technology then you should go with IPVanish.

IPVanish is our highest ranked VPN service and for good reason. It is great.

Read more about it here.

As for Lockspin TorVPN, it has the beginnings of a reasonable VPN product.

But right now, it does not meet any expectations.

Lockspin TorVPN Pros

  • Tor integration for more anonymity
  • Flexible and custom pricing structure
  • BitTorrent-enabled
  • P2P enabled

Lockspin TorVPN Cons

  • Very hard installation process
  • Very hard setup process
  • Free version is not worth it
  • Low number of VPN servers
  • Lack of standard features
  • Only two payment options

Lockspin TorVPN Bottom line

Lockspin TorVPN offers network protection via encryption and Tor technologies.

It is great for anonymity.

But it is very hard to set up and does not have the required amount of standard features.

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