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4 Best Free VPN Service Providers For Your Complete Privacy (2023 Edition)

free vpn service for security
Free VPN service providers are great in number. Read this guide to know which ones are the best.

What is a VPN service?

More specifically what is a free VPN service?

Think of a VPN service as an online service.

This service allows people to unblock censored websites and watch geo-restricted content.

Now, since there are so many free VPN service providers, it has become a challenge for any online user to know how to choose one.

Before we get to our list of best VPN service providers for 2021, we want you to know what a reliable free VPN service looks like.

A free VPN service is reliable if it makes an effort to provide sufficient amount of security and privacy for all its users.

Any free VPN service worth its salt would start off by concealing its customer’s real IP address.

The real IP address of any online users usually gives away the location of the user.

A free VPN service intends to hide that location.

When a free VPN service is successful at doing its job then users can overcome restrictions such as geo-restricted websites and/or local censorship policies.

Users who subscribe to a legitimate free VPN service also get to access foreign content streams and services.

As mentioned just now, there are a ton of free VPN service on the market today.

The majority of them are rubbish.

Then there are some that don’t work.

Add to that the free VPN services that you can’t really trust.

This is where Security Gladiators come in.

We have reviewed all the top VPN services in the world.

And have tested them.

We have written comprehensive reviews about them as well.

Our extensive research on the matter will help you in your search for the very best free VPN service that you can use.

Our best free Virtual Private Network list will provide you with security.

These free Virtual Private Network services will also help you to pretend that you are from a different country.

That’s All Great. But What Is A VPN Service? What Is A Free VPN Service?

The term VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

Due to its usefulness and performance, the VPN technology has become one of the most popular and versatile on technology in the security industry.

The majority of the people on the internet now make use of Virtual Private Network services.

And this phenomena has taken off all over the world.

Virtual Private Network services are the best way to provide anyone with digital privacy.

How do Virtual Private Network services do that?

They do it by encrypting all of the user’s internet traffic.

This essentially prevents internet service providers as well as government agencies to snoop on people.

And record their internet browsing habits.

But that’s not all.

Virtual Private Network services also form one of the most liberating online services that people can pay money for.


Because Virtual Private Network services hide the user’s real location.

Some users want to conceal their true location for a host of reasons.

And Virtual Private Network services allow those users to do that.

Such an arrangement is excellent for those who don’t want to announce to the world their real location.

And want some privacy.

As mentioned earlier as well, Virtual Private Network services enable users to pretend that they are from a different country.

Virtual Private Network services allow online users to access all geo-blocked content.

The same goes for streaming services as well.

We’re talking about streaming services such as,

  • US Netflix
  • BBC iPlayer

So how much do they cost?

Our research shows that you should have no problems in paying between 55 and 75 USD for a top-notch Virtual Private Network service per year.

This isn’t a whole lot of money if you really consider that you are getting in return.

Now, there isn’t much difference in the way a Virtual Private Network service and a free Virtual Private Network service work.

Of course, the free Virtual Private Network service is just a free version of the paid Virtual Private Network service.

What users need to remember here is that they don’t have to pay for a free Virtual Private Network service.

While for a normal VPN service, they do.

Governments can track you anywhere now.

Free VPN services do come with restrictions and limitations though.

Sometimes, if you are not careful you might end up signing up for a free VPN service that may even risk your privacy.

So even in the case of Free VPN services you have to give many factors their due consideration in order to get a good deal.

Free VPN Services vs Paid VPN Services

For VPN services to work properly they need to have fast Virtual Private Network servers.

As you would imagine, these servers cost money.

Maintaining them costs even more money.

So, for any Virtual Private Network service provider, it isn’t exactly a piece of cake to provide fast service to users who want to connect to their service all over the world.

In other words, running a Virtual Private Network service business eats up money quicker than most realize.

This is the reason why users are always involving themselves in something dangerous when they sign up for free Virtual Private Network services.

The majority of the Virtual Private Network services that offer their service for free come with risks and limitations.

And users should have no contempt for this situation.

After all, users are getting a service for free.

So of course, it is going to come with strings attached.

Even some of the most popular free Virtual Private Network services like Hotspot Shield come with restrictions that aren’t fun to be around with.

However, when you come to paid Virtual Private Network services, the situation is nowhere near the same as it is with free Virtual Private Network services.

A paid Virtual Private Network service has the advantage of the customer actually paying for a service.

Hence, these services can promise users full protection as far as their privacy and data is concerned.

And because paid Virtual Private Network services have a genuine revenue stream, they can put that revenue to good use.

That is, they have the means to provide better servers, better customer support and of course, cheaper rates.

Moreover, having the customer pay for the service, allows Virtual Private Network services to update its Virtual Private Network service regularly.

This makes sure that the Virtual Private Network service is taking advantage of all the latest Virtual Private Network encryption innovations.

And of course, implementations.

When Virtual Private Network services have paying customers, they can allow themselves to have a privacy policy where they don’t keep any logs.

Free Virtual Private Network services can’t really do that.

Or more like, don’t want to do that.

The majority of the paid Virtual Private Network services keep no logs.

The ones that do, keep only minimal logs.

In fact, they don’t even keep complete logs.

They only keep connection logs which they have aggregated before.

The main problem with free Virtual Private Network services is that they don’t have a revenue stream.

And since, they have to generate some amount of revenue to keep the service going, they rely on questionable practices to go about that goal.

Consequently, free Virtual Private Network services create revenue streams which aren’t exactly comforting.

They retain data about their customers and then use that data to sell it to third-party companies.

Usually, these third-party companies come in the form of advertisers.

And some of them are unscrupulous.

Some call these type of Virtual Private Network services cowboy Virtual Private Network services.

And serious users should never rely on them to protect their data.

Since, privacy is the main reason why people use Virtual Private Network services, and free Virtual Private Network services can’t provide that (most of the time) it stands to reason that one should try to stay away from free Virtual Private Network services.

Unless you have spent countless hours researching different Virtual Private Network services in order to find out which of them are truly offering their services for free.

So Which Are The Best Free VPN Service Providers?

We have already mentioned the fact that Virtual Private Network services are only able to offer their services to customers if they have a decent revenue stream.

If you aren’t concerned about money then our research shows that IPVanish is the best premium and subscription-based Virtual Private Network service provider in the world.

All of its packages come with a money-back guarantee so you aren’t taking any risks while signing up for IPVanish packages.

However, we understand that there are those users who are only interested in free Virtual Private Network services because of one reason or another.

For them, here are the top free Virtual Private Network service choices, in no particular order.

Hotspot Shield


  • Ton of features
  • Easy to use
  • Reasonably fast Virtual Private Network servers
  • Comes with an ad blocker for Chrome in the form of a free extension.
  • Cookie blocker
  • Free, as long as the user does not go over 750 Mb per day


  • Not the greatest privacy policy in the world

Hotspot Shield is one of the most widely used free Virtual Private Network service providers in the world.

Millions of people have used it in the past.

And millions continue to do so even till today.

The reason is simple enough.

This Virtual Private Network service provider has helped countless people when they have required the services of a Virtual Private Network.

And it has done so for free.

Media reports have also revealed recently that during the Arab spring and Turkey coup attempt, Hotspot Shield was the number one Virtual Private Network service that people in these regions made use of.

The other reason why it is so popular in the online community is that of the ease people can use it with.

It comes for free, so there is that.

And users can start using the Virtual Private Network service with the help of nothing but a Chrome extension.

Now, since Hotspot Shield is free, it only allows users to connect to servers which are located in the US.

However, if users also download the Chrome extension then they can connect up to 14 different countries.

But these 14 different Virtual Private Network servers don’t cover the US.

When all is said and done users get to connect to Virtual Private Network servers that are located in 15 countries for free.

They can unblock content in all these 15 countries as well.

And that’s not all.

There is more.

Hotspot Shield free edition also comes with a plan that enables users to consume 750 Mb of data every single day without paying a dime.

Considering that Hotspot Shield is free, the 750 Mb download limit is a massive one.

Many critics have slammed Hotspot Shield for showing users a lot of advertisements.

We tend to side with these critics.

Hotspot Shield could become the absolute best free Virtual Private Network service if it controls the number of ads it shows to its users.

Still, considering that it is totally free, we think that Hotspot Shield is better than the majority of the competition in this free Virtual Private Network service industry.

For users who don’t want advertisements and are willing to do anything to get rid of them, there are other options that we will list later in this guide.

All you have to do is keep on reading further downwards.

However, for users who want to bypass and unblock censorship, Hotspot Shield is a must-try option.

As mentioned earlier, Hotspot Shield has attracted millions of users.

And they seem happy.

To put it another way, Hotspot Shield may not be the best free Virtual Private Network service in the world.

But it gets the job done, period.



  • Usually throws those Cyber Monday deals which can provide users with as much as 50% percent off its subscription-based service
  • Very simple setup
  • User-friendly
  • Great encryption
  • Users can connect up to five simultaneous devices
  • Every month free users can consume up to 500MB of data


  • P2P is not allowed
  • The company has capped bandwidth usage
  • Very few options in the way of advanced settings

TunnelBear VPN is one free VPN service that has managed to impress a lot of people with great consistency.

The reason for that is also simple.

This VPN service is super secure.

In fact, starting in 2018, the company has now opened up its VPN software application to third-party auditing.

So what’s the benefit of that?

government is watching
Protect yourself with the best services.

Well, the benefit is that researchers and engineers can have a look at what is under the hood.

So has anyone done that?


What have they found?

They have found that TunnelBear VPN is very reliable and secure.

The company also keeps zero logs which is very important.

TunnelBear VPN restricts its free service to just 500Mb per month.

That’s not a lot of bandwidth considering that you have to survive on it for 30 days.

Despite that, we still think TunnelBear is more than a reasonable choice.

Especially for those people who need to use a VPN service when they go to places with severe and strict censorship policies.

This VPN service is also great for users who feel that privacy is very essential to them and to who they are.

Our research shows that TunnelBear VPN is perfect for users who want to unblock news website securely.

There are many other such scenarios, but this isn’t the place for that.

As far as the number of server locations go, TunnelBear VPN has plenty of them.

Users can select VPN servers which are located in over 20 countries.

The company allows free users to connect to any of their VPN servers apart from the ones that the company operates from Australia.

With that said, it is also true that since TunnelBear VPN comes with so little bandwidth allocation, most users would not have the resources to use all the VPN servers in any given month.

TunnelBear VPN is a great option for users who want to unblock a ton of websites along with streaming services

Again, because of the bandwidth limitation, we don’t think this is the best VPN service for streaming purposes.

Even if TunnelBear did not offer its services for free, it would still qualify as one of the better VPN services out there.

Our research shows that it is the most secure free VPN service that you will find.

Especially, if you are adamant about not paying for your VPN service.

Besides, TunnelBear is free.

It is fast.

And most of all, it is secure.



  • Just like before, users can sometimes catch cyber Monday deals which can provide them with great discounts on paid plans
  • Good encryption
  • VPN servers located in 3 countries
  • No logs
  • Solid privacy policy
  • Customer care has a lot of experience


  • Doesn’t work with US Netflix

hid.ME is a Malaysian VPN service provider.

If we only compare it to other free VPN service providers then hide.ME is a fantastic option.

One downside, according to some, would be its lack of the number of VPN servers.

This VPN service provider only has 3 VPN server locations.

But these VPN server locations includes countries such as Singapore, Canada, and Netherlands.

Moreover, hide.ME provides users with up to 2GB of bandwidth usage per month without any charges.

That is a whopper of a download limit from this VPN company.

Of course, users who download a lot of stuff may find that limit to be nothing.

Or only reasonable.

But if you just want to surf the internet and not watch any videos then the limit of 2GB per month should be enough.


Of course, you have the option of using this VPN service provider as your secondary Virtual Private Network service.

Or a complimentary one depending on your situation.

Users need to remember that hide.ME is very fast if you limit your measuring circle to just free Virtual Private Network service providers.

However, one simply cannot ignore the above-mentioned problem of lack of number of servers.

Users who want to unblock content with the help of a Virtual Private Network service should look for another free Virtual Private Network service.

Because this won’t do.

Websites and streaming services that block their content for outsiders exist in every country on earth.

Hence, if a Virtual Private Network service can’t provide, at least, Virtual Private Network servers in the most important of locations, then that Virtual Private Network isn’t a good option as far as streaming options go.

Most of the time, we think, Virtual Private Network services (even free Virtual Private Network services) should at least cover parts of the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Add to that some other locations in Asia and the Middle East as well.

So if you are one of those users who wants to unlock content in the United States of America and/or the United Kingdom then you should look elsewhere.

This Virtual Private Network service still has a lot going for it though.

It has a pretty strong official privacy policy.

And it has the systems in place to provide users with robust encryption.

All of these means that customers who sign up with hide.ME have their data secured.

The other great thing about hide.ME is that it is available for users to download and use on all major platforms.

Because of that, we feel that hide.ME is the ideal free Virtual Private Network service for users who want to protect their data and their security both on public WiFi networks as well as in their homes.

There is no doubt about the fact that hide.ME provides one of the biggest data caps that we have come across as far as free Virtual Private Network services are concerned.

Hence, we recommend hide.ME to anyone who is serious about his/her privacy and budget.



  • Fast VPN service
  • Is free
  • Great for streaming content
  • VPN servers give decent performance
  • The company provides users with strong encryption options.


  • The company does not provide any clarity when it comes to its official privacy policy

ZoogVPN is yet another free and secure VPN service on this list.

Its service is excellent by free VPN service providers standards.

This VPN service provider enables free users to make use of up to three VPN servers located in regions such as,

  • Amsterdam
  • London
  • New York

Compared to other free Virtual Private Network services, this is really a great spread of Virtual Private Network servers.

Users who are into things such as geo-spoofing their location will find this Virtual Private Network service provider very handy.

For free users, this Virtual Private Network service provider has limited the download usage to 2GB per month.

It is not much.

We’ll give you that.

But think about other free Virtual Private Network service providers as well.

They don’t offer a much better deal than this.

There is a sad part about this Virtual Private Network service provider as well.

That sad part is, it imposes more bandwidth limitations when it identifies that its servers are under high pressure because of too many subscribed users.

Nevertheless, when things are normal, this is a fast Virtual Private Network service.

And that’s why it is great for people who want to stream content but want to do that for free.

Bonus Free Option: ProtonVPN


  • Zero logs
  • Allows P2P but only on the paid version.
  • Loads of new features
  • Privacy-focused encryption
  • Reasonably fast connections


  • Not many server locations

ProtonVPN is one of the most reliable and trustworthy VPN services in existence.

Even some of the best paid VPN service providers can’t compete with the amount of transparency and credibility that this VPN can boast.

It is a VPN service that has come from the same developers who gave us Proton Mail, the very secure email service.

ProtonVPN is still a brand new VPN service.

Regardless, it has impressed many in the industry.

It has strong encryption.

And supports a zero log policy that seems very transparent.

As far as privacy and trustworthiness go, we don’ t know of too many Virtual Private Network service providers that we would recommend over ProtonVirtual Private Network.

It is almost unbelievable how a Virtual Private Network service as good as ProtonVPN is able to offer a free tier no matter how restricted it is.

The other great thing about this Virtual Private Network service is that it has no bandwidth limitations.

Hence, users who want a great Virtual Private Network service but don’t want to pay for it, ProtonVPN is right up their alley.

You can use this VPN service all the time, without paying anything.

But this is real life.

And as is the case with most free things, there are definitely a few drawbacks.

The first drawback is the lack of servers for free users.

Free users can only connect to three VPN servers.

But these three servers are located in countries which are very in-demand among the VPN customer base.

If a user wants to unlock everything the internet has to offer then ProtonVPN isn’t the answer.

Users like that should sign up with some other VPN service provider.

From an overall perspective, the things that ProtonVPN offers to its customers for free are truly blinding.


Should I Use Free VPNs? Are Free VPNs Safe To Use?

We’ll try to answer that question in the best possible manner.

If you use a free VPN service to unblock content in a region or a country where the government has made it illegal (countries like Vietnam) and assuming that law enforcement authorities find out about it, then there is a change that you could go to jail.

This is the reason why we recommend to users that it is important for them to know that they can’t just go ahead and trust any free VPN service.

It just does not work that way.

Untrusted free VPN service providers are not just bad business, they are bad for one’s privacy as well.

Of course, we’re only talking about users who use these bad free VPN services in bad situations.

If you sign up for a world-class and premium VPN service then it will protect you in all places and at all times.

And it will do so in a comprehensive manner.

But free VPN services don’t give you such luxury.

In the case of free VPN services, we usually recommend users to evaluate them strictly on a case by case basis.

There are a few free VPN service providers which only work well if the user makes use of when the user wants to unblock content.

Some are a little bit worse and hence users should only unlock content with them when there are a few amounts of risks.

If the user doesn’t have a huge concern for privacy, then he/she can use any free VPN service.

For example, people who don’t really care about privacy but do want to unblock content usually go with Hotspot Shield.

But there are many other free VPN service providers using which you can unblock content and protect your privacy.

Sometimes VPN services offer their products for free but limit them and then restrict them.

These are the free VPN services that basically use the free product as a glorified advertisement.

The industry term is the loss leader.

What these free VPN services really want is for the user to sign up for the full VPN service.

The truth is, as a whole, there is a very high percentage of these “free” VPN services that do not take care of the user’s privacy.

Our research shows that the only free VPN service providers that do a reasonably good job of providing good privacy to the user tend to belong to the group that highly restricts their free version.

Moreover, these good free VPN services only provide a decent product because they want to entice their free users to eventually purchase the company’s premium products.

What About Free VPN For Torrenting?

Torrenting is fine. But only if you have to way to stay safe from law enforcement authorities in some countries.

In other words, should you really use a free VPN for P2P file sharing?

Well, we’re not sure.

It depends on so many factors.

You see, when you are talking about file sharing via P2P networks using a free VPN service, you are really talking about a free VPN service that offers tons of bandwidth.

Preferably you would also want a free VPN service that allows unlimited data downloading on their free tier VPN package.

Apart from that, you will also want a free VPN service that does all of the above and then protects your privacy in order to help you cover your online tracks.

You don’t really need us to tell you that you won’t find such a free VPN service on this planet.

Users who want to seriously involve themselves in torrenting have two options.

They can torrent safely and securely by using a cheap VPN.

Or they can do the same with a VPN for torrenting.

These are your best and only real alternatives.

Free VPN For Android And iPhone

Users who are looking for things such as free VPN for iOS or free VPN app for Android or just a free VPN for iPhone should know that they have come to the right place.

The thing is, all of the above-mentioned free VPN alternatives work on both these mobile platforms.

So go ahead.
And test out all of them.

All you have to do is to go to the official websites of each of the VPN service providers that we have mentioned in this article and then go to their download section to access their free VPN app.

With that said, you have to remember that any kind of free Android VPN and/or iOS VPN will have many limitations.

More importantly, you should know that some of these free mobile VPN apps can put the security of your smartphone device at risk.

Free VPN For Windows And Mac

All of the free VPN services that we have recommended to you in this super free VPN guide provides you with VPN software application for Mac computers as well as laptops and Windows machines.

Users who are only interested in using a VPN in a very limited way should go with a free VPN service that takes care of their privacy but may have tight restrictions.

You can go with any free VPN service on this list.

However, if you are someone who doesn’t really care about his/her privacy and want to leverage that fact with more data (ideally 500 Mb per day) should use Hotspot Shield.

Hotspot Shield, as we have alluded to earlier, is great at unblocking stuff.

But not great at keeping your data private.

However, if you want the best of both world (unlimited VPN use and privacy) then you have no other option but to pay for a VPN for Windows and/or VPN for Mac.

Free VPN for Chromebook

Modern technology has made it more than possible for users to install VPN services on Chromebooks.

They can do so with the help of Android apk files.

This is currently the most widely used method of using an Android free VPN application and/or client on one of your Chromebook.

Of course, this isn’t exactly always possible.

Because you may find your favorite VPN service provider just does not support your Chromebook.

If so, you will have to configure the free VPN service manually.

Again, we say it is possible.

Not preferable.

We recommend Chromebook users to invest in a premium VPN service for their needs.

Free VPN For US Netflix

People want to access US Netflix. Unfortunately, that is a functionality that costs money.

There are a lot of people who only want to use a VPN service because they want to browse through foreign Netflix catalogs.

Unfortunately, even if you pay for the best premium VPN service, you can’t guarantee yourself that it will unblock US Netflix.

Watching US Netflix is a niche market.

And for that, you need a VPN service that can unlock US Netflix.

As mentioned before, since this is very hard to do, only the best of the best VPN services do that.

And then they charge a good premium for the privilege as well.

We don’t know of any free VPN service that works with US Netflix.

Hence free VPN service is not an option for those users who want to view US Netflix from outside the US.

Of course, you can sign up for a VPN service that works with US Netflix, like NordVPN, and then use its money-back guarantee to check if you want such an arrangement without taking any risks.

to sign up for NordVPN from the official website right now.

Free VPN for Kodi

Let’s talk about fun.

In fact, let’s talk about a lot of fun.

If you want to have a lot of fun streaming content for free online then you need to use Kodi.

But streaming all that content with your privacy intact is even more fun than “a lot of fun”.

Hence, you need a VPN service even for Kodi.

But hang on.

If you have a Kodi device and you want to stream a lot of video content on it, then you will require two things.

You will need a VPN service that offers unlimited downloads.

And you will need a VPN service that puts no limit on user bandwidth.

Some of the free VPN service providers that we have mentioned in this guide may help to give a slight hint of what it feels like to watch Koi content with a VPN service.

But don’t rely on it.


Because with a free VPN service, you won’t have many opportunities to watch your favorite TV show or movie as free VPN services come with limitations.

Users who want to watch as much content on Kodi as they like, they will need to invest in a premium VPN service.

One of those premium VPN services is IPVanish.

to sign up for IPVanish from the official website.

Free VPN services just won’t cut it with Kodi.

Free VPN For China

China has banned VPN services now.

At least the ones that the Chinese government hasn’t given approval too.

Government agencies along internet service providers are now helping the country in blocking VPN services.

This makes it ridiculously hard for anyone to use a free VPN in the country.

It is even risky if you are in China.

If you want to use a VPN for China, then know that VPN better have some of the most advanced features in VPN technology.

Hence, we recommend to all our readers to not take the risk.

And pay up for a premium VPN service provider.

Free VPN For US

A lot of internet users are now sick and tired of the United States government.

People living in the US also want internet service providers to stop collecting data on them.

The problem with internet service providers collecting data is that they end up selling that data to third-party companies.

If you want to get rid of such problems then a free VPN service isn’t going to be of much use here.

Free VPN service providers such as Hotspot Shield can and do hide the user’s traffic from internet service providers.

But they come with the risk of providing your data to third-party companies of their own.

Free VPN service providers such as Hotspot Shield have affiliations with many advertising companies.

The only difference between a free VPN service such as Hotspot Shield and your internet service provider is that Hotspot Shield sells your data to another set of advertising companies.

All of the free VPN service providers we have mentioned in this guide will have no problems in working in the US.

However, some users have more requirements.

Requirements such as watertight security, privacy, and unlimited data cap.

If this is you then you need to either go with a VPN service that is cheap or sign up with a top of the line VPN service such as IPVanish.

to sign up for IPVanish from the official website right now.

Free VPN for UK

Users who want a free VPN for UK will find that all of our above-mentioned free VPN service providers will work there.

But the same problems are going to bite you in the back again.

If you want strong privacy and/or unlimited data usage then you really need to think hard about whether you want to use a free VPN service provider.

For example, let’s take Hotspot Shield.

It has a free edition.

And it allows users to consume no more than 500 Mb per day.

But it doesn’t have strong privacy.

That messes up this option for anyone who wants unlimited VPN use but also strong privacy policy.

So consider buying a premium VPN service for UK instead of saving money and being sorry later.

Free VPN For Canada

Our free VPN service providers work as well in Canada as they do in any other country.

So the options are clear for you.

But do you want robust privacy?

Do you want unlimited usage?

Then we would like to convince you that you should sign up for a premium VPN service for Canada.

IPVanish is the best choice here as well.

Free VPN Service: Conclusion

We have told you everything you need to know about Free VPN service providers in this super guide.

Now, you should know just about all the necessary things that you need to know when researching the market for a good free Virtual Private Network service.

Even though Free VPN service providers have problems, they offer a lot.

Free VPN service like Hotspot Shield offers 500Mb of downloads for all users per day.

But it doesn’t offer much in the way of privacy.

Then there is ProtonVPN, which is our top pick.

It has unlimited data usage feature.

And has a strong privacy policy.

It doesn’t have many servers.

And doesn’t work with US Netflix.

This is what you will find with most of the free VPN service providers.

Some provide privacy.

Other provide data.

But they all have some restrictions.

Restrictions such as download limits and bandwidth limits.

Free VPNs have to survive somehow.

For survival they need profits.

Obfuscation technologies can help all sorts of users and not just the ones who want to watch foreign movies and/or TV series.

And they get those profits from their free users.


They sell their data after harvesting it.

Free VPNs also snoop on your web browsing history.

Then they take their report and give it to third-party marketing agencies.

Needless to say, this is exactly what a VPN service should NOT be doing.

Users who want a real VPN that takes care of their privacy and allows unlimited use should either go with a cheap VPN or a premium VPN.

We think IPVanish checks both boxes.

to sign up with IPVanish right now from the official website.

And if you want to use a VPN service for something more specific, we would recommend that you do more research.

All above-mentioned VPN service providers in this guide come for free.

But each of them offers something different.

Mainly, varying levels of privacy and data usage.

Hence you should pay some attention to our summaries in this guide.

Users who want more understanding of how Hotspot Shield isn’t the best option (whether or not they want to sign up with Hotspot Shield) should give this news article some thought.

Apart from that, each of the above-mentioned free VPN service provides somewhat the same features.

But they also differ.

Especially in terms of the restrictions that come with them.

These restrictions only apply to free users.

So if you want to get rid of them, you can pay these free VPN service providers.

We advise all readers to take a decent look at the summaries that we have provided.

That is the best way to learn how to make the absolute best VPN decision for one’s VPN needs.

One final thought.

All of these VPN service providers are basically free.

So, no one is stopping you from trying all of them, as long as you want.

If you needed permission to do that, we are giving you that permission.

On a side note, in order to get every feature and addon possible on kodi and to not get sued if you accidentally watch something pirated, you need a VPN. You can find the 5 best VPN’s for Kodi here.

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