3 Steps on How to Stop Ads on YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video platform on the internet. There are currently over 2.6 billion YouTube users. However, most YouTube users face an issue: advertisements. When streaming content on YouTube, ads might annoy viewers. Viewers may encounter more than two advertisements during a single stream in some situations. While YouTube advertisements may be a source of income for video creators, ads may distract users.

There are several techniques for users to avoid or stop YouTube advertisements and enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

The three steps to stop ads on YouTube are listed below.

  1. Pick the ad blocker that suits your needs
  2. Create an account and choose the subscription plan
  3. Activate the ad blocker on your mobile device or in your browser
Stopping Ads on YouTube

1. Pick the Ad Blocker That Suits Your Needs

Ad blockers are applications or browser extensions designed to block ads. These tools are excellent in blocking advertisements on all platforms, including YouTube.

Thanks to several ad-blocking solutions available on the market today, internet users can now navigate the web without interruption. Nevertheless, individuals must examine different variables when selecting the most suitable ad blocker. Choose a reputable and trustworthy service with excellent customer support.

2. Create an Account and Choose the Subscription Plan

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Selecting a suitable subscription plan is another way to stop or prevent YouTube advertising. Paid users typically have access to ad-free content. Therefore, YouTube’s premium plan enables viewers to avoid advertisements on all streamed content. Individuals can select from the available plans based on preferences.

The YouTube premium subscription costs $20.90 monthly with a free trial period of one month. The premium subscription includes additional perks, such as background video playback, amazing video deals and others.

3. Activate the Ad Blocker on Your Mobile Device or in Your Browser

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After selecting an advertisement blocker, the next step is to activate the software. Ads can be blocked using either the mobile app ad blocker or the browser extension.

Alternatively, Android users can disable advertisements by using the Chrome browser options. To achieve this, open Chrome and click on the three dots. Click on the settings option and on “Privacy and security”. Click on “Site Settings”, scroll to the bottom and find “Additional content settings”. Advertisements that are invasive or deceptive can be blocked in the “Ads” settings.

What Are YouTube Ads?

YouTube ads are a form of video advertisements delivered on YouTube to promote a specific product or service. There are various forms of YouTube advertisements, including display ads, overlay ads and others, provided through Google ads.

What Are the Benefits of Removing YouTube Advertisements?

Several advantages are associated with disabling YouTube advertisements during streaming. The uninterrupted attention viewers receive when streaming is one benefit. Another advantage is that users are safeguarded from any security risks that advertisements may pose.

What Are the Disadvantages of Stopping YouTube Advertisements?

Putting a stop to YouTube advertisements may be a good idea, but that may also have some negative consequences. The potential for viewers to miss out on valuable and current trends is one disadvantage of disallowing YouTube advertisements.


Different individuals may experience other pros and cons of YouTube advertisement based on individual preferences.

When Should We Stop Running YouTube Ads?

People should stop running YouTube advertisements if the desired goal and purpose of the ad are not met. Sometimes, YouTube advertisements reach the wrong audience, which may not benefit a business. At this point, the advertiser should stop advertising.

Advertisers should stop running ads since irrelevant and intrusive adverts distract most viewers.

Why Are There So Many Advertisements on YouTube?

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There are many advertisements on YouTube for various purposes. Some individuals believe that the free version contains advertisements because YouTube generates revenue by bombarding viewers with ads.

YouTube partnerships are also a factor. YouTube partners, such as content creators, monetize creative content by allowing advertisements to appear on videos.

Recently, people are also experiencing double ads at the beginning of videos on YouTube. YouTube claimed that this is to avoid interrupting users during streaming. Also, different types of YouTube ads serve different purposes.

Is There an App That Blocks YouTube Advertisements?

Yes, there is an app that blocks YouTube advertisements. AdGuard is referred to by some as the best adblocker for YouTube and can stop different advertisements, including YouTube ads, from running on users’ devices.

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