PrivateVPN Review: The Complete Edition With Images

PrivateVPN isn’t a new VPN service provider. It has been in the game for a while now.

Sweden based VPN service providers are always interesting.

And that is what PrivateVPN is.

The company operates out of Sweden and primarily focuses on providing a secure VPN service.

Its bespoken VPN client is also out of the ordinary since it can support up to six simultaneous devices at any given time.

The company, officially, has a zero logs policy.

PrivateVPN offers over 100 servers in more than 56 countries around the globe.

Any VPN service provider that offers that huge amount of VPN servers must be considered a genuine VPN service provider.
Of course one must also look at a number of other factors which make a VPN service good or bad.

The company also has plans to increase the number of countries that it supports via its VPN servers and the actual number of VPN servers as well.

The official PrivateVPN website offers a ton of information.

Most of all, PrivateVPN doesn’t make any bizarre and over the top claims about how this VPN service provider is the best in the world.

Or the fastest in the whole wide world.

PrivateVPN looks like it focuses on what it can do rather than how it can make other VPN service providers look bad.

That is, at the very least, refreshing.

A vast majority of the genuine VPN service providers available in the market today exert too much effort into convincing potential users that they are the best.

In their quest to prove they are the best, they do not shy away from lying as well.

Some would say they lie through their teeth.

About what?

About the level of privacy that they offer.

And the speeds that their VPN servers can reach.

PrivateVPN does none of that.

It offers a custom-built VPN client which supports all major operating systems and platforms.

PrivateVPN also claims that it can give users an uptime of about 98.8%.

That is impressive, to say the least.
Moreover, each PrivateVPN subscription package comes with a seven-day money back guarantee.

All of this makes PrivateVPN a very promising VPN service provider.

With that out of the way, let’s just dive into the full PrivateVPN review head first.

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As far as subscription prices go, PrivateVPN does everybody a huge favor by not complicating things with lots of different packages.

You get the same service no matter which package you subscribe for.

The only difference between the various packages is the length of time the user gets to use PrivateVPN VPN service.

And it’s good that for once a VPN service isn’t trying to play around with its subscription packages in order to make a potential customer feel like he/she has lots of options.

So there are no splits.

PrivateVPN subscription packages become cheaper and cheaper the longer you commit to the company.

This is what the company calls, loyalty rewards.

If you show the company some loyalty, it will reward you.

With what?

With discounts.

Huge ones.

The subscription packages prices start from not a very unreasonable rate of $8,21 per month if you subscribe to the service on a monthly basis.

That price then drops to around $5.63 if the user increases the subscription period to the 3-month plan.

And then comes the annual plan which offers the greatest value.

Users who sign up with PrivateVPN for a period of a full year can avail PrivateVPN service for just $4.15 per month.

Moreover, users get an extra month for signing up with the service for a full year.

Hence, instead of having to pay $54.00 for 12 months, you have to pay $54.00 for 13 months.

Not convinced yet?

PrivateVPN also offers a very generous, by industry standards, seven-day official money-back guarantee.

Seven days may not sound like a lot to you but they are when you consider the fact that you don’t need that much time to judge a VPN service.

Besides, that is a lot more than what many of the other VPN service providers on the market offer.

Remember, that to avail the seven-day money-back guarantee you still have to subscribe to a package for a free.

The good thing about PrivateVPN is that you don’t have to quibble with anyone to get your money back.

When all is said and done, you basically sign up for PrivateVPN at no risk.

Apart from the seven-day money-back guarantee, PrivateVPN also offers a 30-day money back guarantee along with a seven-day free trial period.



As mentioned before, PrivateVPN has over 100 VPN servers which are located in more than 56 countries.

Some of the important cities which PrivateVPN covers are located in very important locations.

Locations such as,

  • The US including East and West coast
  • The whole of Europe including Switzerland and Netherlands.
  • And the UK

Other countries which have PrivateVPN VPN servers include,

  • Russia
  • Brazil
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • South Korea

While that list looks great, we can’t look over the fact that the company doesn’t have many servers, if any at all, in different places that belong to the content of Africa.

PrivateVPN also comes up short on providing VPN servers for countries such as China and regions such as the Middle East.

Hence, if you wanted to sign up for a VPN service provider which allowed you to have privacy in places such as China and the Middle East then you should look for another VPN service.

As mentioned at the top as well, each user with a PrivateVPN subscription package can connect up to six simultaneous devices with just one account.

That is great.

There are very few VPN services in the industry today that provide the facility to use more devices than that on a single account.

If you just keep that in mind, you would come to know why so many security experts recommend PrivateVPN for people who are part of a large family.

PrivateVPN is very helpful if you want to cut your budget down and buy a subscription package by pooling money with your friends or flatmates.

PrivateVPN is one of the better VPN service providers for another reason as well.

It works with many different types of devices.

Some VPN services do support different devices but don’t support one of each different device as part of supporting five or six simultaneous devices on a single account.
With PrivateVPN you can simultaneously connect any of your devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and desktops.

Moreover, you can use PrivateVPN to connect devices when you are at home a well as out of the home.

You can even connect devices when you are using a Public Wifi connection.

What about protocols then?

As far as protocols go PrivateVPN has lots of them.

Options include OpenVPN as well.

As we have mentioned in our other reviews as well, whenever you want to sign up for a VPN service, always make sure that they use the OpenVPN protocol as their default protocol.


Because OpenVPN is actually the most secure and recognized VPN protocol in the VPN industry.

And that is the reason we recommend it here at Security Gladiators.

But PrivateVPN doesn’t just calls it a day with the OpenVPN protocol.

It offers other options as well, such as,

  • L2TP
  • SOCKS5
  • HTTP Proxy
  • IKEv2
  • PPTP
  • OpenVPN over UDP
  • OpenVPN over TCP

As mentioned before, this list is one impressive list.

It gives you loads of choices.

And the best part is that users can toggle any one of these VPN protocols from the same client.

More Security Features

PrivateVPN developers have put in a lot of work designing their software.

The VPN client comes with advanced security features such as a Kill Switch.

A Kill Switch will simply cut your connection to the internet when it detects a lost VPN connection.

Without a doubt, this is a great feature for those users who want an absolute guarantee that no matter what happens with their internet connection, their privacy will be in safe hands.

In other words, the Kill Switch feature safeguards users from accidentally leaking their online traffic and activities to their internet service provider.

Additionally, PrivateVPN users can also instruct the software to include the new Kill Switch feature.

PrivateVPN’s Kill Switch feature is WFP based.

Moreover, it comes with two additional layers of high-quality security.

The first layer is the actual Kill Switch.

And the second layer is the application kill.

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What does this do?

Well, using the Kill Switch feature, PrivateVPN gives its customers the uncommon choice of using the Kill Switch feature on an application by application basis.

Our research shows that this is a great way to ensure that users have the opportunity to completely shut down their application when a VPN connection drops for whatever reason.

PrivateVPN kill Switch feature is a very comprehensive security feature.

In addition to the Kill Switch feature, PrivateVPN also offers other security features such as port forwarding.

We recommend that users should check the company’s official server list or contact them directly in order to know for sure which VPN servers offer the port forwarding feature.

It is possible that this feature may only work for a specific device or for specific activities.

If you want to know more about this feature then you should contact the company.

HQN Servers


What are these?

These are basically High-Quality Network servers.

PrivateVPN offers them as a part of its general network.

The company says that the aim of HQN servers is to allow the company to purchase high-quality internet capacity from the related IP transit provider directly.

HQN servers are tier-1 VPN servers.

They allow VPN service providers such as PrivateVPN to remove the middlemen from its network.

As a result of that, PrivateVPN can offer better connection speeds to its customers all over the world.

You should give a read to the speed section of our PrivateVPN review in order to know more about how does this VPN service perform when under load.

The Remote Control feature

This feature is for all the technophobes out there.

The remote control feature allows users to perform a remote installation of the software that is available.

What do we mean by that?

Well, if the user has agreed to implement this feature, a PrivateVPN customer support techie will have the privileges to remotely access the user’s computer machine.

But only momentarily.


The company’s technician will simply help the user to install the company’s software application.

Of course, for 99.99 percent of online users, that is not necessary.

PrivateVPN has made it rather easy for users to go through its installation process.

The whole setup process should not take more than a couple of minutes on any modern machine.

With that said, when it comes to VPN service provider features, the more the merrier.

It is a feature that most users will never use.

But it does set PrivateVPN apart from the rest of the competition in the sense that PrivateVPN can market this feature as its selling point.

You have to understand that the remote control feature doesn’t just come in handy when you want to install PrivatevPN on your machine.

It also comes in handy when you want to troubleshoot a problem on your PC with regards to PrivateVPN.

PrivateVPN provides this feature for general maintenance as well.

The customer support person will use TeamViewer in order to provide support to the user.

TeamViewer is a very well-reputed remote support application.

PrivateVPN takes the pains of setting up a tutorial for how to set up TeamViewer on its official website.

You will have to go to the resources area in order to access that tutorial.


As mentioned before, PrivateVPN is actually based in a great country known as Sweden.

Or whatever it means to you.

Sweden may be great, but it isn’t great when it comes to VPN service providers.


Because the country has ratified a lot of data retention laws which aren’t quite ideal for any VPN service provider.

So let’s talk about that for a moment.

Back in the year 2008, the parliament in Sweden passed a law that most consider incredibly controversial.

It permitted the government in Sweden to monitor any and all online internet traffic.

And what too without any warrant.

Supporters of the law said that the parliament set up the law right under the auspices of terms such as national security.

The media too reported that the Swedish government wanted to monitor the internet for any and all communications related to terrorism.

That changed a bit in 2009.

The Swedish parliament passed that FRA law.

In fact, they only updated it.

Because of the update, any monitoring would require sufficient political oversight.

Then came 2010.

And authorities started to cite technical difficulties regarding the apparent implementation law.

In other words, they were failing to implement the law correctly.

Critics still don’t have a clear idea if the involved intelligence agency that came into existence to setup and then monitor all internet traffic in the country had done its required job in a totally unsupervised manner.

Readers should also know that back in 2009 the Swedish parliament also passed the IPRED.

IPRED represents the anti-copyright piracy regulation in the country.

This is the law that permits copyright holders all over the world to force Sweden based internet service providers to reveal sensitive information about their customers if law enforcement agencies have enough suspicion on the user sharing copyrighted material on the internet.
Of course, in order to take any action or give up any information, they require a valid warrant.

As expected, this 2009 law prompted a sharp increase in the number of VPN subscribers in Sweden.

We have some reasons to believe that many of those new VPN subscribers probably chose PrivateVPN as their service of choice.

Then came March 2012.

This time around the Swedish parliament passed another law.

It was called the MDR law.

Or the Mandatory Data Retention Law.

This law forced internet service providers to keep all the data they had on their customers for a period of six months.

The data included information regarding,

  • The websites customers visited
  • Email logs
  • Login times

Then in the year 2014, the ECJ, European Court of Justice, made the official decision of declaring Mandatory Data Retention law as unlawful.

Because it violated human rights.

Fast forward to December of 2016, and we have the European Court of Justice declaring activities such as blanket surveillance as unlawful.

Some alternative options for you...

Our score: 9.8

From $5.20 per month

Our score: 9.5

From $5.75 per month

Our score: 8.9

From $5.83 per month

What did that ruling mean?

It meant that if some entity challenged the present data retention laws in the region of Sweden, that entity could possibly overturn them.

So the obvious question becomes, why does PrivateVPN still operates out of Sweden?

Well, their representatives will tell you that there is a very important reason why the company has not moved away from Sweden.

In Sweden, the company has complete access to all of the company’s data center.

PrivateVPN owns the hardware.

And the company actually controls the associated routers.

This is the precise reason why PrivateVPN sounds so confident when it says that it really does not keep any logs.

More On Zero Logs


We have already pointed out the fact that Sweden is perhaps one of the least ideal places for any VPN service provider.

Despite that, PrivateVPN manages to claim that the company has a zero-log policy.

It keeps zero-logs.

And hence if a situation arises where law enforcement authorities ask the company to comply with its investigation then the company can’t really help.

Of course, any law enforcement agency would first have to show a valid warrant.

But even then PrivateVPN couldn’t actually help law enforcement agencies even if the company wanted to.


Because the company doesn’t have anything on its subscribers that it could give to them.

In fact, PrivateVPN has faced similar situations in the past.

And the company had to inform the authorities in the country that they could not help since they had no data on their customers.

So how does PrivateVPN manages to get around Sweden’s local mandatory data retention laws?

And of course, how does the company get past IPRED?

When reporters asked the same question to PrivateVPN representatives, they said that the IPRED law did not apply to VPN services.

It only applied to internet service providers.

And hence not a single law bind the company to keep logs on its users.

PrivateVPN representatives have also told the media that the company has come under increasing pressure for the past many months.

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Because the company has received complaints.

Complaints about the company’s customers.

PrivateVPN still hasn’t given any law enforcement authority anything on its customers.

And the reason is the same.

The company doesn’t have any information on its customers which any law enforcement agency could want.

PrivateVPN can’t help anyone with any kind of investigations.

PrivateVPN representatives will also tell you that the company holds a 100 percent record on providing its clients total privacy.

So does that mean no PrivateVPN user has ever landed himself/herself in trouble for piracy or any other activity?

The answer, according to the company, is YES.

PrivateVPN is pretty decisive about the fact that law enforcement agencies haven’t managed to catch anyone using the company’s service.

If we consider all aspects of the situation, we have to come to the conclusion that PrivateVPN indeed gives a lot of attention to user safety.

It has a watertight zero-log policy.

Moreover, if you read the company’s privacy policy, you can clearly see that the company doesn’t even share its customer data with any third-party company.

And that is, to say the least, highly commendable.

For all these efforts, PrivateVPN deserves a thumbs up.

That is the least we can give PrivateVPN for all its privacy efforts.

PrivateVPN representatives will also tell you that if by chance something happens in Sweden that compromises the company’s operations, then the company would simply move away from Sweden to some other safe place.


If we are talking about the technical front then PrivateVPN uses a fantastic encryption for its OpenVPN connections.

It makes use of the very powerful AES 256-bit cipher along with RSA 2048-bit handshake.

For data authentication, PrivateVPN uses HMAC SHA 256-bit.

Moreover, it provides features such as perfect forward secrecy with the help of 2048-bit DHE keys.

Additionally, the company also offers several different encryption protocols.

They are all available natively within the PrivateVPN VPN client.

Among the options, you have is PPTP.

We don’t consider PPTP as a strong enough encryption protocol anymore.

Hence you should not use it to protect your privacy.

In other words, we recommend against using PPTP as your default encryption protocol.

What do we recommend instead?

We recommend that you use many of the other VPN protocols.

As pointed out before, OpenVPN is the best option here.

But you can use other options such as,


  • SOCKS5
  • HTTP Proxy
  • IKEv2
  • IPSec
  • PPTP
  • L2TP
  • OpenVPN over UDP
  • OpenVPN over TCP

The Privatevpn client does not have DNS leak protection as a built-in function.

But the company does manage to handle all of the DNS requests by using the company’s own servers.

If users want to take advantage of this then they will need to set up their DNS settings via manual methods.

It’s not hard to do if that is what you are wondering.

PrivateVPN offers terrific guides for this purpose.

And if you can’t follow the guides then you can contact their customer support team.

They are usually available to help you out and finish the process for you.


PrivateVPN now offers full DNS leak protection along with IPv6 leak protection within its VPN client.

The Official Website

PrivateVPN has a pretty tidy official website.

The developers of the site have made sure to present the site in a very lush purple color theme.

The official website goes easy on the eyes as well.

Users will find that the more time they spend on the site, the more it will impress them.

As mentioned at the top as well, this official website is different from others in the sense that it doesn’t boast any ridiculous claims.

It lays out the information clearly.

PrivateVPN takes a rather frank approach when it comes to explaining things about encryption.

The company doesn’t hide any details about the implementation that it uses.

PrivateVPN also does a good job of explaining all its extra features.

That might seem obvious to some of our readers.

But there are VPN service providers in the market who make it very hard to users to glean any meaningful information from their official website.

Seriously, sometimes it feels like drawing blood from a stone would be easier than getting relevant and meaningful information from some of those VPN service providers.

PrivateVPN is very different in this regard.

Any important information is usually just a click away.

This shows us that PrivateVPN is more trustworthy than many of the other VPN service providers in the market today.

Other VPN service providers have a lot to learn about how they should present their official website.

And perhaps PrivateVPN’s official website should be their template.

Other Sections

The official PrivateVPN has a support section which comes packed with lots of guides.

These guides help the user to set up nearly everything that they might need in order to get their VPN service going.

PrivateVPN provides setup guides which are clear and well illustrated for all of the company’s different protocols as well as operating system versions.

So it doesn’t really matter if you want to set up OpenVPN on Android or SSTP on other platforms such as Linux, iOS and/or Windows.
PrivateVPN has always got your back.

Additionally, PrivateVPN also furnishes setup guides for DD-WRT routers and how to set PrivateVPN on them.

The company also supplies information regarding Tomato routers and some other types of routers as well.

From an overall perspective, the FAQ section and setup guides are impressive.

PrivateVPN subscribers are going to enjoy such a highly valuable resource online.

The company also has made arrangements for an official blog.

PrivateVPN uses this blog to update customers and potential customers on the VPN service.

Whenever the company adds a new server to its service, it announces that fact via the blog.

PrivateVPN has split its official blog into three different sections.

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There is the Website section then there is the VPN service section.

And finally, you have the VPN client section.

Each of the above-mentioned section comes with many useful blog posts.

And it seems like PrivateVPN hired good writers to produce their content.

We recommend that PrivateVPN followers should keep their eyes on the company’s official blog if they want more valuable information.

The last feature that is available on the website is its multiple languages feature.

You can view PrivateVPN in,

  • Swedish
  • German
  • Dutch
  • English

Customer Support

As far as customer support goes, PrivateVPN offers 24/7 assistance for customers.

There is a live chat feature on the website and users can also send the company emails.

Our research shows that the live chat feature on the website isn’t really functional.

In other words, sometimes the feature is “unavailable”.

When you try to use the live chat feature it may prompt you to actually forget about the live chat feature and send the company a message via email.

Our research shows that PrivateVPN representatives will respond to your email in due time.

We have no reason to believe that PrivateVPN has a 24/7 live chat feature.

But it looks like they do have support staff which is trying to work really hard and round the block.

Further research showed us that if you try multiple times on multiple days then you might find the live chat feature working.

Make sure you are actually accessing the live chat feature while considering the European working hours.

You should expect the PrivateVPN representative to behave in a friendly manner and answer your questions to the best of his knowledge.

From the above research our conclusion is simple:

PrivateVPN does have a live chat feature.

But it is not available 24/7.

PrivateVPN probably enables this feature during European work hours.

Hence, if you live somewhere other than the European continent then you have very little choice other than to contact the company via email.

As mentioned before, contacting the company via email isn’t really bad since PrivateVPN does have the habit of responding to emails rather quickly.

Installation And User Interface

First. A bit about the sign-up process.

Just like hundreds of other VPN service providers, PrivateVPN tries to make the signup process as easy as possible.

The company accepts payments via credit card, Stripe and/or credit card.

Apart from that, PrivateVPN offers other payments methods as well.

Payment methods such as Bitcoin.

Bitcoin offers higher levels of privacy and anonymity for users who care enough.

PrivateVPN doesn’t require a whole lot of details from the user in order to sign the user up.

All you basically need is a valid email address.

As mentioned earlier as well, the company does not keep any type of logs.

Hence there is no way for anyone to connect the company’s payments to any of its users’ IP addresses.

User Interface

PrivateVPN has made its mission to keep things as simple as possible.

And that is why the PrivateVPN client is also simple.

Subscribers will enjoy an easy and clutterless experience when they do get around to using PrivateVPN as their premier choice of VPN service.

The actual VPN software application is easy to use and looks rather nice.

That holds true for both the Android client and the Windows client.

Both versions work flawlessly.

PrivateVPN clients also come packaged with advanced encryption protocol settings.

There are also other excellent online privacy and security features.

All of this keeps the company’s subscribers safe and secure.

The Windows version of the PrivateVPN client is very straightforward.

It doesn’t have as many features as the Android version though.

But it does give subscribers the capability to go ahead and make use of many toggling features for protocol options.

The other awesome news is that PrivateVPN client now comes with built-in protection for DNS leaks.

The VPN client also comes with a Kill Switch.

PrivateVPN calls this feature Connection Guard.

It basically stops any internet traffic from entering or leaving the user’s computer machine until and unless there is a VPN connection running.

The PrivateVPN Kill Switch feature is advanced enough to offer bonus options as well.

Users can select software applications which they want to be disconnected from the internet as soon as their VPN connection drops.

This is a reasonably nice touch.

Generally speaking, the PrivateVPN Windows client is superb.

And is second to none as far as reliability goes.

There are only a handful of VPN clients which we think are better than PrivateVPN in terms of functionality and ease of use.

The PrivateVPN Windows client also comes with an auto-connect feature.

This feature will allow you to reconnect to your VPN client automatically and in sequence with the other security feature, Kill Switch, if and when your VPN connection drops.


We did not test out the Mac version so here we will only talk about the Windows version and the Android version.

With that said, our research does show that the Mac client is every bit as good as what you would expect from any decent VPN service provider.

PrivateVPN does give its users setup guides for both its iOS and Mac OS clients.

Based on the experience what we have had with the company’s Windows and Mac client, we are inclined to say that the iOS client is just as good when it comes to design and usability.

Our research did not show us anything that would suggest otherwise.

By now you’d already have a clear idea that PrivateVPN has full and comprehensive GUI apps for all major platforms such as,

  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac OS / OSX

If you want to use PrivateVPN on Linux then refer to the related setup guide on the official website.

Basically, you will have to use a third-party software application such as OpenVPN client to use PrivateVPN on Linux.

Moreover, for the Linux platform, you’ll have to use a little command line to proceed with the installation via the console.

Moreover, you must also install curl on your Linux machine to install PrivateVPN and get the VPN service in working order.

As we have mentioned multiple times you, PrivateVPN has all the setup guides on its official website.

If there is a platform that works with PrivateVPN then there is a setup guide for it on the official website.

And that includes devices such as routers.

This is definitely a plus.


Because it helps people who aren’t interested in tech to make use of a VPN service.

And do so on any of their devices.

When you factor that into the fact that PrivateVPN users can install VPN services on six simultaneous devices with just one account, then you’ll thank the company for providing guides for almost all devices to make it easier for you to use the VPN service on more than one device.

The Official Android App

The Android app compatibility is only available for smartphones that are running Android 4.0.3 and later.

You can download the official PrivateVPN app via Google Play Store.

If you don’t want to do that then you can download the official PrivateVPN Android app from the official PrivateVPN website in the form of a .apk file.

PrivateVPN introduced the app back in January 2017.

So you can rest assured that it complies with all the latest standards and security measures.

Before, PrivateVPN used the OpenVPN software application to provide support for the Android platform.

As pointed out earlier as well, the Android app is just as well designed and intuitive as the Windows VPN client.

In other words, it does work.

There is one other good news as well.

The official PrivateVPN Android app protects users against DNS leaks as well.


The speed of any VPN service provider would depend on the actual speed of your own internet connection.

So if you test PrivateVPN using a 50 Mbps connection, you would get a different result from if you test it with a 3 Mbps fiber connection.

Moreover, the VPN protocol that you use also has an impact on how speedy a VPN service performs.

Generally, though, reviewers like to use the OpenVPN over UDP protocol.

Then there is the matter of using the Windows client and/or the Android client.

Our research is based on the Windows client of Private VPN.

You also have to remember that speed tests are generally not the perfect way to measure how fast a VPN service actually is.

The internet is inherently a chaotic place.

And because of that, there are always speed drops along with connection stability variation.

With all that said, you can still go to speed testing sites such as,

But before you just click ahead and measure your VPN service speed:

Wait just a minute.

You can’t just take one reading and be done with it.

You have to carry out the speed tests multiple times.

With multiple servers.

And multiple locations.

Then you have to perform the speed tests two times.

One with your VPN service set to ON.

And one without any VPN service.

Then you need to subtract the averages for both scenarios and check how much speed you are losing.

All VPN service providers decrease speed.

What separates the good VPN service from an average one is the margin of speed reduction.

With PrivateVPN, our research shows that you should expect only minor drops in your connection speed.

What About DNS Protection?

Our research shows that PrivateVPN easily passes the WebRTC leak and DNS leak tests.

That is another great piece of news for all PrivateVPN subscribers.

The previous gripe we had with PrivateVPN was the fact that it did not have built-in DNS leak protection feature.

A while ago the company required the user to change his/her DNS settings locally.

That was a pain in the back.

Fortunately, that problem is no more.

Besides, even if you don’t update your settings and run some DNS leak tests, PrivateVPN will still provide protection.

Users should regularly check for any leaks via websites such as

Does PrivateVPN Work With US Netflix?

Our research shows that you should have no problems in streaming content from streaming sites such as US Netflix.

What about BBC iPlayer?


It works with that as well.

This alone should be enough for some users to sign up for PrivateVPN.

So let’s wrap it up then.

PrivateVPN Conclusion


  • Great customer service
  • 30-day official money-back guarantee
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy
  • Strong encryption
  • SOCKS5
  • HTTPS Proxy
  • VPN servers located in over 52 countries
  • Excellent official apps for mobile platforms
  • Number of simultaneous devices allowed per account is six
  • Fast VPN servers
  • Works with BB iPlayer
  • Works with US Netflix
  • DNS leak protection
  • Auto-connect
  • Kill Switch
  • Multilingual official website (Supports languages such as Swedish, Dutch, German, English)


  • No 24/7 Live chat support
  • Based in Sweden

Bottom Line

PrivateVPN isn’t a new VPN service.

It has several years of experience behind its VPN service.

And that really shows.

This VPN service provider doesn’t really have a weak spot.

It has used its experience in the industry to polish its service and become one of the best VPN service providers available in the market today.

With PrivateVPN, subscribers have unlimited access to a great tier-1 network of VPN servers which are located in strategic location all over the map.

Our research showed that PrivateVPN had the capacity to offer fair speeds across all of the company’s network of servers.

Moreover, we also found that some users may experience slight drops in their connection speed.

But those shouldn’t cause any problem.

As far as Privacy goes, users are golden with PrivateVPN.

The company has a zero-logs policy and uses a strong encryption to protect users.

It also allows users to toggle between many other VPN protocols from the same interface.

This makes PrivateVPN VPN client a fantastic addition to an already good VPN service.

Lastly, PrivateVPN client also offers some advanced features such as Kill Switch and auto-connect.

These are all welcomed additions.

As mentioned before, the choice of server location with PrivateVPN is good.

With so many extra features and a good choice of servers along with excellent customer support, it is hard to not recommend PrivateVPN has a great VPN service provider.

We think it is an excellent service.

And most of all, it provides good value for money.

If you sign up with the company for a longer period of time then it becomes even cheaper.

On top of all that you have the 30-day money back guarantee and seven-day free trial.

There is no reason to not give PrivateVPN at least a try.

The company doesn’t want you to take any risks and that what the free trial is there for.

PrivateVPN may have some way to go to challenge the king at the top of the throne but it is getting closer with every passing year.

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6 / 10 Overall Rating by Author
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Help & Support7.5
Highlighted Pros
  • VPN servers located in over 56 countries
  • fast VPN connection
  • Works with US Netflix
  • lve chat support is available to help users at any given time
  • zero-logs along with strong encryption
Highlighted Cons
  • live chat isn't really 24 hours, seven days a week
  • Will have to push the number of servers to three figures to make it to the top of the VPN ladder
Review Summary
PrivateVPN is amongst the most promising VPN service provider. It has a lot of experience on its side. And because of that, it manages to offer users a reliable, fast and secure VPN service. The overall PrivateVPN package is hard to beat.
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1 thought on “PrivateVPN Review: The Complete Edition With Images”

  1. I recently cancelled my subscription due to the results of attempting to resolve an issue caused by a bug in the app. Basically, it displayed 5 more days left than I actually had.
    Initially, I contacted “Richard” from the support team showing proof of the error and asked that my account be adjusted in my favor since they made the mistake. Although they acknowledged the error, they “adjusted” my “days left” to zero. I WAS PISSED!
    I email RICHARD and let him know it. But I also offered a compromise. That I’d renew my subscription in 2 days if my service remained active till then. I also told RICH that I would cancel my subscription if this was unacceptable. I cancelled my subscription a few hours later when I could no longer connect. I emailed Richard to confirm that I had cancelled and that, under the circumstances, if that’s the way loyal customers are treated , I would not do business with them ever again. I was done with it. But apparently your “support team” wasn’t.
    I received a reply from “Martin” who berated me for my action and said that he was “GLAD” that I’d cancelled my subscription and not to bother contacting them again. If this is how the “support team” resolves issues??? they’re going to lose a lot more customer.
    Would appreciate a response.

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