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How to Unblock League of Legends Anywhere in the World

League of Legends is one of the most popular online games ever presented to the world. Millions of gamers have fallen in love with the magical world created and have dedicated their free time playing online. However, its popularity has led to several issues as to the quality provided to the users, and hence many want to unblock League of Legends at full!

For instance, it can be irritating to find yourself in the middle of an important mission, just to see yourself disconnected due to lagging. These minor glitches become even more severe if you take into consideration the fact that every move of yours counts towards gaining experience. So, it is not just another game, rather than a continuous battle you are in…

Another issue that has been troubling people from places like Turkey, Egypt, Japan and the rest of the world is the blocked content. League of Legends is a great game, but it is not universally acclaimed. Due to firewalls and other restrictive censorship (is there any censorship?), LoL (League of Legends) is not available universally without problems. As a result, you may find yourself in Ankara of Turkey trying to come up with a solution to your lack of success in logging into your League of Legends account.

If you are wondering how you can benefit from the maximum of League of Legends potential and if you wish to know how you can unblock League of Legends anywhere in the whole wide world, we have got the solution for you: use VPN, simple! Yeah, that’s right! You need not worry about latency issues and deteriorated performance anymore; you can sigh with relief and get a smile on your face. VPN (short of Virtual Private Network) is here to help you, check out how!

How VPN Helps in League of Legends Game

You need to keep in mind the fact that VPN has got a network of servers, remotely located in several parts of the world. What you ought to do is to subscribe to a quality VPN service provider, choose a VPN server and connect to that.

In this way, you’ll have your IP masked online, and you will have gained a new identity online in seconds. This new identity prevents anyone from actually knowing where you are and what you do at a time. Additionally, all data is encrypted, and this offers you the freedom to remain out of reach, out of touch. Isn’t this wonderful? Let’s see why and how VPN can help you out in LoL, shall we?

Improve Connection Quality: In avoidance of lagging, you may choose a VPN server that is located closer to the gaming server of LoL. In this case, you will certainly get greater quality throughout your connection. Besides, you can switch from server to server to prevent latency issues from occurring. As soon as you see that something is wrong with the performance of the game, you change the server and take a deep breath.

Certain circumstances would typically slow your connection, deriving from the will of your ISP to control the bandwidth you get to use. If you connect via VPN, there is no way your ISP will notice that. So, the ISP will not slow down your bandwidth, and thus, you will always use your Internet connection at full speed.

Avoid DDOS Attacks: The new frenzy is called DDOS attack. A large number of sites have been breached, and Internet users are constantly frightened that they may become victims of such online frauds. With the help of your VPN connection, you will always have all your traffic encrypted.

So, even in the unfortunate scenario of having witnessed a DDOS attack, you will remain unharmed. Data encryption does not allow the hackers any flexibility towards gaining sensitive information from you. In the first place, you will not even get attacked when using VPN.

Enhance Privacy and Anonymity: Continuing from where we finished above, privacy and anonymity online are boosted via VPN. This means that, even when a hacker wishes to get his hands on your password and username, these credentials will not be on offer.

If you do not give out your League of Legends login information deliberately, you can rest assured that nobody else is going to get it. Since there are a lot of people out there concerned about their progress in the game, this particular benefit from VPN seems like a life savior!

Overcome Blocked Content: Be it your school or work, heavy censorship applied to several countries or any other firewall, blocked content can be truly heartbreaking. For you to avoid that, you should be able to conceal your true identity and get connected to a place, where no firewall is applied.

If you are located in Ankara of Turkey, Cairo of Egypt or Kyoto of Japan, you are not compelled to let the digital world know while gaming! Instead, you can appear to be located in the US or the UK or any other country without restrictions. If the problem is a local firewall, you can connect to a server in your own country, just to get a brand new IP.

Which VPN Should I Choose for League of Legends?

Now that you are determined to use VPN for enjoying premium LoL gaming online, which VPN should you choose? Well, there are many VPN service providers in the global market and several decent options for you to consider. If we were to suggest the best VPN option for League of Legends, though, this would be

It offers blazing-fast speed and excellent, spotless performance. This allows you to enjoy gaming to the maximum. With unlimited bandwidth, you do not have to worry about how much you pay for your VPN subscription. Then, it is perfectly compatible with all modern devices and OS. No matter what you use for connecting to LoL, NordVPN will cope!

More than 500 VPN servers cover 60+ countries globally and help you get the best gaming without any latency issues. Customer support is excellent so that you can turn to them for help. In addition to all that, you get a full money refund guarantee stretching to a whole week. As a result, you can check out the performance and see if it works for you (which will, we promise!).

As soon as you have connected to a VPN service provider, choose the VPN server that covers your needs at a time. For example, you may want to enjoy EU Nordic & East League of Legends or go for the US or Asian version instead. The Sky is the limit! Log in to your account and start gaming. If you do not have an account already (due to geographical restrictions and other stuff), connect to a VPN server that allows you to enter the site and then set up a LoL account.


League of Legends is a popular online game, perhaps the most famous of its kind. If you are a fan, and you want to enjoy online gaming without latency issues and other problems, there is a  You do not need to settle for lagging and frequent disconnections while you are playing. It is not necessary for you to put up with firewalls and other restrictions applied in countries, such as Turkey, Egypt, Japan and China to name a few.

You can now sigh with relief and engage in quality gaming online, and even have unblocked games at School (for example). With super speed and without interruptions, with quality that allows great performance on your behalf and enables you to enjoy the game every single moment, LoL becomes an even more tempting gaming destination – explore it and have fun, with the help of VPN!

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