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Unblock Us is an innovative service that bears some resemblance with the traditional VPN, even though it mainly works with the use of Smart DNS servers. This is a different service than what you may have been used to so far, with pros and cons – just like pretty much everything in life!

If you are interested in finding out how Unblock Us works and where its strengths and weaknesses lie, you are more than welcome to join us in our thorough review. With the aim of providing a complete profile as to the features offered and all the aspects of this SmartDNS service, we have analyzed various details separately and provided a spherical conclusion in the end. Here we go!

Rather than regarding Unblock Us as a standard VPN service provider, we should look at it as an alternative to the services that any average VPN would offer. Unblock Us Smart VPN is all about overcoming geographical restrictions in an efficient manner and without any loss of speed in the process.

Without interfering with any VPN servers, there is no actual tunneling and therefore the streaming is achieved without anything getting in the way. This of course results in much faster speed for the service, in comparison with most traditional VPN services that would require the adequate tunneling first.

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Note: According to our tests, this VPN provider is not at the same standard as the industry leader IPVanish.


Unblock US work
Unblock US VPN works on one device at a time, making it impossible to combine the benefits of Geo-restrictions’ lift simultaneously on multiple devices. Another thing that we have found out is that the services are available on literally every device and OS, with the exception of Linux. No Linux setup guides are offered and this is the reason why! As we have stated earlier, the basis of this service is none other than Unblock Us DNS; of course, DNS stands for Domain Name System and grants you with access to sites and channels that would otherwise be out of reach for you.

No encryption of any sort is involved, though. So, all the techies out there who are more concerned about online security, this is not your cup of tea! Instead, the people who seek an easy, fast and reliable way for accessing geographically restricted content (like Netflix, Hulu to name a couple) on their device will be really pleased.


Here, things are pretty simple and straightforward. You only get a monthly plan for your subscription, which adds to $4.99. This is a truly affordable price, so it is much expected that there are no additional discounts to users. What we have found useful is the free weekly trial, which requires no credit card or other form of guarantee whatsoever. You simply ask for it via your email and your wish is granted!

As for payment methods, Unblock Us is willing to accept PayPal and credit cards (Visa and MasterCard, Diners and UCB). Upon signing up, you get the log in details that you are requested for accessing your account.

Help and Support

When it comes to help and support, Unblock US offers a wide variety of frequently asked questions for you to navigate through. Along with the descriptive setup guides that have been categorized according to the device and OS used, this is cool work that has been completed. If you do not want to lose valuable time trying to figure which category your topic is related to, you can insert some keywords at the search bar and make your life much easier.

What is more, you have got the opportunity to post a public question or send an email to Unblock Us. Still, it would be nice for the company to include some sort of phone contact or live chat for the people who prefer this option. Other than that, emails and inquiries are dealt with in a prompt manner.


Unblock US Compatibility
Unblock Us setup is truly easy and simple to complete. You have got the option to setup the device of yours by following the instructions and then make use of Unblock Us or setup the router of yours and then benefit from Unblock Us to all your devices. The latter features Unblock Us mobile and therefore it is something that will attract a lot of Internet users who enjoy sharing VPN services.

You can take advantage of the services provided by Unblock Us, in case your devices run on Windows or Mac OSX, iOS, Amazon Kindle or Android. As you can see, Linux is out of the picture. Other than that, there is great flexibility in gaming consoles, smart TV sets and routers you can use.

Pros in a nutshell:

  • Great Setup Instructions with Guide Articles
  • No Logs and No Interference with Servers
  • Fast Speed and Solid Performance
  • Affordability and Free Trial

Cons in a nutshell:

  • No Encryption or Actual Security
  • Instructions Might Baffle Newbies
  • No Linux Guides Available


Now that we have completed our task, the review – we are ready to let us know of our overall verdict. It is true that Us Unblocker (aka UnblockUS service) is not the typical VPN we have grown accustomed to. The lack of proper encryption does raise severe concerns as to the security level of the services provided. As they claim, no logs and no tunneling through VPN servers result in a better protection while surfing the web; still, there are two sides on every coin.

Apart from that, the speed is amazing and the support is pretty decent, though improvement is always welcome. The cost is reasonable enough and the compatibility is acceptable (with Linux out of the picture, however). Measure your priorities and decide what the most important factors are in a decision having to do with lifting Geo-restrictions!

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  1. However, even a Netflix UK VPN can have its problems.
    MPLS labels data packets, which eliminates the need to determine what’s inside each packet and
    enables a more efficient means of transmitting data.
    There are three different typesof VPN protocols; Point to Point Tunneling,
    Layer 2 Tunneling with IP Security, and Open – VPN.

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