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How to Watch Vudu outside US

vudu outside us
Watch Vudu outside US with our proven methods.

Vudu is a great video streaming service boasting fast speed and exceptional broadcasting of films and series, as well as other qualitative content.

Like many other services, this is a geo-restricted option.

It is only available for viewing within the United States of America.

Everybody else who wishes to access Vudu and who does not reside within the boundaries of one of the States will fall on a wall, when it comes to using the service and unblocking content of amazing quality.

Still, there are several methods that you can use for overcoming such obstructions.

And focusing on the streaming of Vudu content internationally.

As we are going to explain later on:

your IP address determines whether or not you will be allowed to access Vudu outside US.

First thing is first though.

And it is only fair that we start by outlining why normally Vudu is restricted everywhere else but the US.

Vudu: Geo-IP Restricted Site


The film industry has undergone some truly radical changes over time.

And nowadays the people in charge are struggling to come up with stricter requirements that allow them to survive and prosper economically.

In other words, due to online downloading and free streaming found on the web, many people believe that it is a turning point for the producers.

And the people working in this area to do something.

To do what?

To prove whether or not they will adapt to the reality, continuing on to offer space to their competition.

In order to maximize the profit to the extend when this is possible, there have been copyright agreements that underline the rights and obligations of those who wish to broadcast content that is owned by the studios.

This is the reason why services like Vudu are not free for viewing all over the world.

Instead, their broadcast is only permitted to the regions where there has been a mutually beneficial agreement.

Now, who can one watch Vudu and why is it such a popular option in the US?

And how can you watch Vudu outside US right now?

Vudu Outside US: Compatible Devices


One of the major advantages of Vudu is the fact that it is compatible with a plethora of different devices.

This offers its users the unique opportunity to watch their favorite content wherever they want.

Indicatively, the list of compatible devices for Vudu includes the following:

  • Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • Playstation 3 (PS3) and Playstation 4 (PS4)
  • Google Chromecast
  • Blu-Ray
  • Android Running Tablets
  • Smart TVs
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Roku
  • Android Phones

Vudu Outside US : Bypassing the Restrictions

To enable Vudu streaming everywhere in the world, there are three methods we recommend that you can benefit from.

We will display each one of the three.

Then we will try to evaluate them.

That will provide you with a spherical idea as to which does the work for you most suitably.

Let’s start with the use of VPN, shall we?

Vudu Outside US: Using VPN


VPN is a tool that helps you mask your true identity online.

And therefore appear to be someone else.

This is the number one parameter that we are looking for towards unblocking Vudu outside US.

Normally, when you connect to the web and you try to visit Vudu, you do not get access to its content.

And that is thanks to your non-US IP.

This can change pretty easily with the contribution of the remote servers of the VPN.

More specifically, your traffic gets rerouted and you make use of a remote server in the US for getting the respective American IP address that you have been seeking to get.

In this way, Vudu sees you as an American.

And grants you the access to all of its content.

Here’s what you need to do for enjoying Vudu films regardless of your location, while using a VPN:

  • You choose a VPN service provider that meets your needs
  • Then you find the plan that suits you
  • You sign up and connect to the VPN
  • If necessary, you download the VPN installation required
  • You find a US server
  • Then you connect using that remote server
  • You visit Vudu and enjoy its content

Of course, there is nothing difficult to grasp in the whole process.

The VPN service we recommend for viewing Vudu outside US is IPVanish.

IPVanish is fast, secure, reliable and well-reputed.

You really can’t go wrong with IPVanish when trying to watch Vudu outside US.

But there are other reliable VPN service providers as well that can offer splendid value for money.

So you should keep your eyes open.

And only decide after having weighed the pros and cons of each option.

Another thing worth highlighting is the fact that the VPN also encrypts your data.

This means that you remain anonymous while surfing the web.

And thus you do not run into any hacking trouble, surveillance threat or computer compromise.

Apparently, due to the data encryption you may experience some slowing down in the broadcasting speed.

Vudu Outside US : Using SmartDNS


Moving forward with the methods that will help you sign up for Vudu and watch really cool stuff online no matter where you reside, there is the SmartDNS option for you to consider.

In this method, you do not get data encryption and therefore your IP does not change radically or permanently throughout your connection.

On the contrary, you get to mask your IP only for the site of your preference (in this scenario, this site is Vudu).

So, you get to unblock Vudu outside the US and at the same time keep your non-US IP for everything else you do online.

Here are the steps for you to take in this case:

  • You choose a SmartDNS service
  • Then you sign up
  • You proceed with manual configuration of your device
  • After that you select a US server
  • You visit Vudu

This is a fast method that does not affect your speed in any way.

Nevertheless, it does not offer any additional protection to you online either.

There are great DNS services like StrongDNS (with a generous free trial offered) for you to try out.

Vudu Outside US : Using Tor


Last but surely not least, there is Tor (The Onion Router).

You can use Tor towards masking your IP address.

And eventually unblocking Vudu internationally.

This is a free, open-source option that allows you to conceal your genuine IP address.

And do so at no extra cost.

However, there can be heavy congestion at times and of course no data encryption is involved to the whole package.

Here are the steps for you:

  • You visit Tor
  • And then you download the Tor browser
  • You set the entry and exit nodes accordingly (to US)
  • You visit Vudu, in spite of your actual location

Vudu Outside US: Which Method Is Better for Me?

We have finished highlighting the methods that you can put into effect, so as to unblock Vudu all over the world.

And experience the great content risk-free.

Nevertheless, it is true that they are not all equally trustworthy, strong and effective in the long run.

If you wish to actually go for the best option available within your reach, there is only one path to cross.

And this is none other than the use of a VPN.

It allows you to unblock a plethora of geographically restricted websites, while protecting your web experience through advanced data encryption and firewalls.

It helps you stay off the radar and avoid online surveillance, while providing the chance of totally risk-free web surfing.

Still, it is up to you to weigh the cost, the speed and any other feature you value most towards reaching the most suitable solution for you!

Stella Strouvali Stella is a certified writer and zealous wordsmith, a true fan of Placebo, technology, Panionios and wellness. Still, her true passion has to do with eagerly learning new things and passing them on to others. “An unexamined life is not worth living”, to quote Socrates.

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