Best VPNs For Watching Alpha TV Outside Greece With Ease

Now, Alpha TV is great for people who want to consume Greek content and otherwise. Let’s make sure you join the party.

Everybody has to work at one point or another in their life if they are not born to some royal family and that means, many times one would miss the chance to attend various kinds of shows in person due to a variety of reasons.

One could be out of the country for some work or vacation and not know that the event that they were waiting for has already started or even worse passed.

For such users, their best option in such a case (short of physical presence and hence attendance) is to make use of streams of various live events via platforms that allow for that.

Alpha TV is one of those platforms.

But the main problem with Alpha TV and all such streaming services is that they are not available to everyone.

Only people living in a specific group of countries have the right to access content on streaming platforms such as Alpha TV.

Not only that, our research shows that the only place where people have the guarantee that they would have access to all the streams that Alpha TV offers to users is Greece.

If you want Alpha TV, you have to be in Greece.

However, all hope is not lost since we have written this guide just for you.

How to stream content from Alpha TV when outside Greece.

As we have mentioned right now, it can be a rather inconvenient experience for any user to not have the facility of watching Alpha TV when they would very much appreciate the chance to keep up to date with the shows that are on their despite them not being inside the country that Alpha TV wants them to be.

We think that issues such these are becoming a problem for more and more people.

Moreover, more and more people somehow are inclined to believe that there is little they can do about such problems.

But that is only because of the fact that they do not know the full deal.

They do not know that there is indeed a tool that they can use in order to hide their real location.

We do not know of a better tool than a VPN service that is able to do what we have mentioned in the previous sentence.

A VPN service is a very adept service at doing the things you want done in order to watch Alpha TV abroad.

But what is a VPN?

A VPN essentially stands for the term Virtual Private Network.


Think of it as a service that enables users to re-route all of their online traffic via various different VPN servers.

These servers are located all over the world to give the user the best chance of unblocking all types of content.

When users connect to these VPN servers they have the option of changing certain aspects of their real location as well as their real identity.

In other words, they can change everything about their online presence.

And in the process of doing so, they can hide all the information that they want to.

Now, the other thing users should know is that VPN services primarily focus on doing various different things to the IP address of the user in order to carry out many different tasks.

But what is an IP?

IP is just an Internet Protocol address.

Most people in the community who like to study these things think of IP addresses as something akin to an online fingerprint.

An online fingerprint of the user in question, that is.

Users who want to alter things a little bit can connect to a VPN server that is located in a remote region with the help of a VPN service.

Once you do that, it seems to everyone else as if you are actually based in another country.

Usually this ‘another country’ is the location of the VPN server that you have connected to.

All the while though, it’s true that your true physical location remains the same.

But that is not the point.

The point is that, by making use of a VPN service you give yourself a very good chance of tricking platforms and websites such as the likes of Alpha TV and others into thinking that you are from the right country.

And hence, they give you access to their content library.

Now, for those who are new to all of these things, we have come up with a short step by step guide on how you too can watch Alpha TV outside Greece or when abroad in any other country.

Step by step guide

The first step here is to sign up with a good VPN service provider that is able to work with streaming sites like Alpha TV.

Then you need to make sure that you download the official VPN app of your VPN service and then install that app on the streaming device that you want to use with Alpha TV.

Once that is done, we want you to launch the official VPN app on your streaming device and then sign in to the VPN app with the help of your official VPN account.

Now you need to connect to a VPN server that is located in Greece.

When that is done, you should have no problems in obtaining an IP address in Greece.

As the final step, you need to access Alpha TV.

But because you have a Greek IP address, you can do so without any restrictions in any country in the world.

Best VPNs for Alpha TV outside Greece.

We have already alluded to the fact that a VPN app offers users a really wide range of benefits.

But the primary advantage that you should look forward to is the one that has to deal with increasing the level of safety and security in the online world.

Such advantages keep users away from all the online issues that normal people have to deal with.

We’re talking about issues such as websites and streaming services stealing people’s online data without their permission.

A VPN service also protects the user’s device from falling prey to tactics that allow hackers to access the user’s device via remote means.

Not to mention, a good VPN service is able to make sure that users roam the world of the internet with complete anonymity.

We have already mentioned that VPN services also come with the added benefits of allowing users access to all other good geo-restrictive streaming channels and services.


In order to assist you which VPNs you should look for while streaming content from Alpha TV we have written a separate guide on the world’s top VPN service providers.

Click here to read that right now.

But what we want to let you know right here and right now is that even though there are many good VPN service providers in the market, there is no single best VPN for Alpha TV.

In fact, there are many.

In the end though, everybody will depend on your needs and preferences.

But let’s talk about a few good VPN service providers to let you know how confusing things get and why you need to click here to read our guide on the best VPN service providers in the market today.

Some may find no trouble in telling you that you should sign up for Express VPN if you want to have access to Alpha TV outside Greece.

And they have a pretty strong case since ExpressVPN has topped the list of best VPN service provides in many different categories on different review sites.

A lot of people believe that ExpressVPN is a giant of the industry and has contributed to the industry in a big way to merit that title.

ExpressVPN has made a name for itself in the VPN industry with the help of its excellent customer service department.

Various reports indicate that the company has professionals working behind the scenes who are always ready to help customers with their needs.

Users also have the option of communicating with the company via its social media pages.

ExpressVPN also offers advanced help features such as email and live chat.

As a company, ExpressVPN has based its operations in the region that we all know as the British Virgin Islands.

Our research shows that because of that ExpressVPN has a significant advantage over many other VPN service providers.

The company does not have to spend any amount of time worrying about annoying data regulatory authorities and/or laws.

As far as the number of servers go, ExpressVPN offers users more than 2000.

That number is above average if you needed to hear that out of our mouths.

Not only that but ExpressVPN has set up its VPN servers in more than a total of 60 countries.

What does this do for the end user?#

Well, it makes sure that the user has plenty of places to call virtual home.

With that, ExpressVPN also offers a powerful AES 256-bit encryption.

It is available to all users so you do not need to worry about enabling it once you sign up with ExpressVPN.

However, ExpressVPN also has its weak areas such as the number of simultaneous connections allowed per account.

Currently, it is at 3.

The industry standard is 5.

ExpressVPN tries to lure in users with other features that it offers.

It offers a multiple number of VPN protocols that users have the option of choosing between.

We’re talking about VPN protocols such as IKEv2 along with SSTP, PPTP, and OpenVPN.

ExpressVPN also offers users obfuscated VPN servers.

These servers are for those people who work and live in highly censored countries.

ExpressVPN also supplies its customers with the split tunneling feature which enables them to select on their own the services that they would like to subscribe to.

There are lots of other reasons why someone would want to sign up for a VPN service like ExpressVPN.

But that does not mean it is the only player in town.

There is also IPVanish.

And plenty of people believe that IPVanish is the best VPN for Alpha TV.

Let’s take a look at some of their reasoning.

IPVanish, when compared to other VPN services in the market today, offers more reliability and stability.

We think that there are not many VPN service providers available in the market today that can compete with IPVanish in terms of quality.

They may beat it in terms of number of features or number of VPN servers, but IPVanish does not fight on those fronts.

It fights with weapons such as quality and reliability.

In essence, IPVanish is for serious VPN users.

IPVanish as a VPN service provider is based in the United States of America.

That, to some VPN users is a big problem.


But the company has made strict promises to not let anything happen to the user’s data.

And we have little reason to doubt IPVanish since it has been operating in a tough industry for so long.

It the company did involve itself in doing something weird with the user’s data then there is no way it could have survived in the industry for this amount of time.

IPVanish offers users a true zero logs policy as well.

Currently, the company controls over 1500 VPN servers all which are operated on by the company.

Combine that with the fact that IPVanish offers users over 40,000 IP addresses.

Our research shows that IPVanish is perhaps the best and even the most capable VPN service provider that the market can offer at the moment for the simple reason that it offers users consistent and regular streaming speeds.

Perhaps that is also the reason why IPVanish is the VPN service provider that most of the streamers and gamers provide to users.

The other advantage that users get IPVanish is the fact that it enables users to connect up to 10 of their devices simultaneously with the help of a single account.

Moreover, the company provides users unlimited bandwidth as well as unlimited VPN server switch.

These are some big advantages right there.

Apart from that, we would also like to inform you that IPVanish is perhaps the most popular VPN service amongst torrenters as well.

It takes uncommon care of its customers and their data.

The company does not have limits on peer to peer file transfers either.

All the while, IPVanish makes sure that it does not let anything happen to the anonymous connection of the user.

As for encryption, the company provides an AES 256-bit military grade encryption to all its users.

According to our research, that is enough to keep any user safe and sound.

There are lots of other things that IPVanish does well which has earned it the rank of one of the best VPN service providers in the world but we won’t talk about them here.


Because of NordVPN.

Remember when we told you that it is difficult to separate the best VPN service providers in the world because they almost offer the same things?

Well, maybe you don’t.

But that’s okay.

The thing is, NordVPN can lay its own separate claim to being the best VPN service provider in the world.

And we won’t argue with that because it does have some valid points.

Many consider NordVPN the top-shelf VPN service provider that offers users pretty much the biggest VPN server network in the world.

NordVPN has an intricate setup of VPN servers which number over 4000.

The company does a fine job of spreading those VPN servers over 60 plus countries.

Not only that, just like ExpressVPN and IPVanish, NordVPN furnishes its faithful with a military-grade AES 256-bit encryption technology for security and anonymity.

With that said, we would like to mention that NordVPN does not just stop there.

It goes further with some of the most advanced security features that we have seen in the industry.

So far, very few VPN service providers offer the same kind of security features.

The first of those advanced features is the double encryption VPN protocol.

What does it do?

Well, it routes the user’s traffic through two VPN servers instead of one.

This allows for a higher amount of security.

Additionally, NordVPN has such a large network of VPN servers that users have an infinite variety of them to choose from.

This also ensures that no one server is overloaded with people or with traffic.

And that, in turn, makes it difficult for anyone to figure out what they are doing in the online world even if they somehow get to NordVPN servers.

Customers enjoy lots of other extra security features as well.

NordVPN has the automatic kill switch feature which is fast becoming an industry standard feature because of its usefulness.

And what it does is that it immediately disconnects the user from the internet automatically when it detects that the VPN connection has dropped for one reason or another.

NordVPN also offers Tor over VPN servers which are suitable for those users who want a total and absolute anonymous web browser experience.

Apart from that, NordVPN works very hard to ensure that users have a fun time using its VPN apps via tools such as the likes of SmartPlay and CyberSec.

It is true that CyberSec has one purpose and that is to keep all the bad disruptive advertisements a mile away from the user.

It also keeps the user safe from different kinds of malware.

Moreover, the SmartPlay feature is useful for those users who want to have complete access to geo-restricted channels and sites.

All of this would no doubt make you believe that NordVPN is indeed the VPN service of your dreams.

And while that may be true, there is no way to say for sure.

We say that because you never know which VPN service provider offers the best package for you.

As you have seen so far, all the elite VPN service providers offer the same thing in terms of encryption and content unlocking abilities.

Hence, it becomes rather difficult for average online consumers to separate them and find out which one is the best for them.

Click here to read our guide on the top VPN service providers in the world.

After our guide, you will know exactly which of these elite VPN service providers offers the package that is best for you.

Remind me what was Alpha TV again

Perhaps we should have done this before but Alpha TV is the most popular free-to-air channel in Greece.

Its main job is to offer online consumers a nice mix of foreign and Greek TV shows.

The main emphasis of the platform is on information.

Some of you already know that it also broadcasts its own Alpha News show.

The Alpha News is a daily newscast which is in Greek and features all the latest and the greatest news coming out of Greece as well as from around the globe.

So who owns Alpha TV?

Alpha Satellite Television S.A.

As for the 100 percent shareholder, it is an entity known as the Alpha Media Group Ltd.

Perhaps some of you might find it interesting to note that Sigma TV a private broadcaster in Cyprus used to broadcast a good number of programmes that appeared on Alpha TV.

Our research shows that the channel went by the name of Skai TV and actually had its name written with the help of Greek letters.

Then in 1999, Kontominas purchased it and then Latinized it and also made use of a blue font in order to do it.

Before Kontominas, Loannis Alafouzos owned it.

After that, in September of 1999, the name of the channel changed to Alpha Sky.

The owners decided to keep the logo despite the fact that there was a big change in the channel’s official name.

Then in the year 2006, the logo of the channel went through another change and simply became Alpha.


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