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This is The One Place For All the best Kodi Add-ons

Lets end the search for best Kodi addons right here and right now.

Who wouldn’t like to have a list of Kodi add-ons that one can install at any given time to access high-quality premium content?

Before the reader proceeds, we would like to inform them that making use of unofficial Kodi add-ons can get them a DMCA notice if they are not using a VPN service.

By making use of a good (perhaps even best) Kodi VPN, users can help themselves to unblock all Kodi addons.

It doesn’t matter if the user is trying to unblock SportsDevil or Placenta, Covenant, Neptune Rising and/or Krypton add-ons.

A good VPN service would not only assist the user and unblock all Kodi addons but it would also keep the user’s online identity safe and privacy secure all the time.

Just recently, a Dutch Kodi repository which is known in the Kodi community as XvBMC, had to shut down because of various copyright infringement warnings.

Reporters who managed to dig deep into the news found out that the developers of the above-mentioned repository actually made it a part of an online malicious crypto mining campaign.

Media reports also revealed that security solutions detected a malware each and every time the user tried to install any given Kodi addon (even the ones that we have mentioned below) from the above-mentioned repository.

Unleash an unlimited amount of fun with the help of best Kodi 17.6 addons

We want the reader to bid farewell to all obsolete and outdated Kodi addons.

In fact, we want to equip the user with the absolute best Kodi addons.

Our list of Kodi addons would help all users to ensure the absolute perfectly smooth streaming experience when watching sports broadcasting, Live TV, TV Shows, and movies.

With that said, it is also true that viewing any kind of free copyright material could potentially land the user into a lot of trouble with various law enforcement agencies.

This is just one of the reasons why we recommend a good Kodi VPN which protect the user’s online identity as well as unblock Kodi addons geo-restrictions.

Apart from that, a good Kodi VPN would also unblock Kodi IPTV online channels.

Neptune Rising Kodi Addon is the most popular Kodi addon right now

Neptune rising Kodi addon is the top-of-the-list best Kodi addon at the moment according to the more reputable of surveys on the internet.

Generally speaking, the Kodi community is pretty chaotic.

The reason why the Neptune Rising continues to gain strength is that it keeps on updating its content library.

According to some, the Neptune Rising Kodi add-on has actually surpassed the previously-best Exodus Kodi and that too with some margin.

Currently, the best way to find Neptune Rising Kodi addon is in the Diamond Wizard Repo after some ‘unknown’ forces caused the shut down of the Kodi Blamo repository.

Of course, before installing any Kodi repository users need to know how to install one.

That should not be a problem because there are guides for those all over the internet.

After collecting and analyzing available data from sources such as Facebook groups along with Kodi communities and Google Trends, it should not be hard for anyone to come to the conclusion that Neptune Rising is the most popular and widely-used Kodi addon at the moment.

Some might still be wondering why has Neptune Rising Kodi add-on the most popular Kodi addon at the moment.

As mentioned before, despite the fact that Blamo Repo went out of the market and shut down its operations, Neptune Rising Kodi still managed to find a hosting partner.

And because the community has responded so well to this particular Kodi addon, no one really has a say on how popular is this Kodi addon.

As indicated earlier as well, Kodi users can find Neptune Rising via the Diamond Wizard Kodi add-on.

Diamond Wizard is a known repo that keeps all of its media content and sources updated.

Our research shows that it will take a lot of effort on part of other Kodi repositories to beat this Kodi repository.

That’s how far ahead Diamond Wizard really is.

Of course, this is the internet we are talking about.

And just because a Kodi repository is on top of the world today, in no way means that it would continue to stay that way for any considerable period of time.

More best Kodi addons

Perhaps this is a good time to mention that Security Gladiators has researched all of the Kodi addons that we’ll mention below and, at the time of writing this report, worked without any problems.

In order to come up with the list, we had to research quite a lot of evaluations of all the currently working Kodi addons.

However, we have only tried to summarize very quickly the best available Kodi addons.

Without further ado, here is Security Gladiator’s list of the best Kodi addons available for unlimited streaming of high-quality content.

  • Gurzil
  • cCloud TV
  • Poseidon
  • Genesis Reborn
  • Neptune Rising
  • Covenant
  • Exodus

One other important thing that users need to note here is that we have included both unofficial and official Kodi add-ons.

It is true that some of the Kodi add-ons that we have mentioned above have geo-restrictions on them.

And in order to stream content from such Kodi addons reliably, the user will require a Kodi VPN.

Our research in the VPN business shows that IPVanish is the best VPN service for Kodi add-ons.

to sign up for IPVanish from the official website at a discount right now.

New top Kodi addons

In this section we will list of all the Kodi addons that we think can cover themselves well against law enforcement agencies because they aren’t that ‘big’ yet.

And because of that, users will find that these type of Kodi addons tend to survive for a good period of time when compared to some of the other more popular Kodi add-ons.


As a direct consequence of their longevity, it is also understandable why these new Kodi addons have more resilience and are more powerful when compared to their predecessor Kodi addons in terms of maintaining their stream-providing ability.

Here is our list of latest Kodi addons that have started to make a name for themselves.

  • DeathStar
  • Haystack TV
  • Perks Media
  • Jamzz
  • Aptoide Kodi
  • Magicality Kodi
  • Wow Kodi
  • Selfless Kodi
  • Falcon Reborn Kodi
  • Invasion Kodi
  • Mundo Oscuro Kodi
  • Oblivion Streams
  • Movie Rulz Kodi
  • Cheetara Kodi
  • Alliance Kodi

Alliance Kodi

This Kodi addon is essentially an All-in-one Kodi addon which features all the latest Kids collection, Sports, Live TV, TV Shows, and Movies.

Readers should also not forget that Alliance Kodi offers users a special section which goes around by its special, but understandable, name Espanol.

This is the section where this Kodi add-on shows the user all the recent movies which support the Spanish language.

The Alliance Kodi add-on covers the majority of the type of content that most users want to watch.

Our research shows that this is one of the causes of its rapid rise to the top of the charts.

It is now a legitimate and successful entertainment Kodi add-on.

Users who want to install this Kodi add-on should try to find it in the Kodi Geek TV repository.

Cheetara Kodi

Cheetara addon provides users with every type of media content which someone may relate to Kids.

To mention just a few of the Kids categories that users can access some of the best content that Kids categories can offer.

We’re talking about,

  • Animated movies
  • Disney Channel
  • Looney Tunes
  • Cartoons
  • Nickelodeon

And a lot more as always.

Users who want to find Cheetara will have to go to the Hell Hound Kodi repository.

It features a lot of other different and top Kodi addons for children.

In other words, Hell Hound repository knows what it’s doing.

So go get that Hell Hound repository right now.

Movie Rulz Kodi

You know if a Kodi addon is a bona fide Kodi addon when its name contains spelling mistakes on purpose.

Leaving that aside, the developers of Movie Rulz Kodi have designed this Kodi addon for all people who want to watch Indian movies no matter where they may live.

Our research shows that Movie Rulz Kodi addon offers users the latest content that the Indian cinema has to offer.

Most of that content is interesting to probably more than a billion people, the majority of whom live in India.

We have also come to know that people in India have had to wait for quite a while to get their hands on an addon which would easily stream their favorite content when they want and where they want.

Well, good news for them since, with this Kodi addon, they have the capability to have at their feet the best Kodi addon for Indian content.

So we say to them:

Stream away.

Users who are looking to install Movie Rulz Kodi can go to Reasons Repository and search for it there.

Oblivion Streams

For those who don’t know Oblivion Streams Kodi is actually a hub for Kodi Live TV Channels.

This hub, can stream channels from all over the globe and that too in a great number of different languages.

In fact, this Kodi addon comes with a special section which includes content related to Fitness and other fun stuff.

As far as the fitness section is concerned, it is here that users can watch feature videos related to their exercise and health.

Other sections, similarly, provide high-quality content in their own area of specialty.

Users who would like to install this Kodi addon should first get a hold of the Oblivion Builds repository.

Mundo Oscuro Kodi

Some of our readers may not know this by Mundo Oscuro Kodi also goes by the name of Dark World.

Now, Dark World, is actually a Spanish add-on for TV Shows and Movies.

However, if users try to browse for any content, they will mostly come across sections which include categories such as,

  • Mystery movies
  • Horror
  • Paranormal activities

Our research shows that currently, this Kodi add-on is in its development stage.

Moreover, its developers are adding new sections to it on a daily basis.

However, one can’t deny the fact that as far as Spanish viewers go, this Kodi addon is the best Kodi addon.

Users who want to have a look at this Kodi addon can go to repositories such as Catoal Repository.

Invasion Kodi

When most people read about this Kodi add-on, they think that this is just a Movie Kodi addon.

However, it is not.

It also offers users a ton of Live Sports action along with,

  • Kids categories
  • Live TV
  • Documentaries

Sometimes, this Kodi addon even separates in content on gender.

So users might find content which is suitable for women and men on separate pages.

That is certainly interesting.

Apart from that, this Kodi add-on also streams various TV series and almost all kinds of Newly Released Movies.

Users who want to give this Kodi addon a try should have a look at the Ajs repository.

Falcon Reborn addon

Falcon Reborn is another Kodi add-on which acts as a hub for new and old Movies.

Users can find all of these at one single and convenient space.

Not only that, it further offers users access to,

  • TV Shows
  • Documentaries
  • Live Sports section

Apart from that, this Kodi add-on has a completely separate DC vs Marvel section where users can watch all the different Marvel and DC Movies from a single page.

This Kodi add-on also offers a Trakt feature.

What does this feature do?

It essentially smoothes out the whole streaming experience for users who want to view HD content.

Users who want to give this Kodi addon a try should go ahead and give the Ajs Repository a try.

Selfless Kodi addons


Users who are traveling outside the United States of America and/or the United Kingdom but have a desire to catch up to all the TV shows, Movies and the News of their native country can use the Selfless Kodi addon because this is the best Kodi addon for such users.

Why do we consider Selfless as the best Kodi addon for expats?

Well, we say that because this add-on enables users who live outside UK and US easy access to all of their favorite HD content.

And that too for free.

However, users will have to use a Kodi VPN to watch content via this addon after bypassing all geographical restrictions.

Users who want to install this Kodi addon can find this addon in Bliss TV repository.

Wow Kodi

Just like some of the other Kodi addons on this list, Wow Kodi addon is also an All-in-One Kodi addon which features all sorts of content.

This Kodi addon actually comes from another popular Kodi repository UKodi 1.

The Wow Kodi addon is also interlinked with a multiple number of UKodi addons.

Not only that, it also shows 3D Movies along with 4K Movies.

And before we forget, it also offers users the latest HBO shows and Netflix series.

We don’t know of too many Kodi addons that can beat the variety of the video content that users have available with the Wow addon.

Magicality Kodi

Truth be told, this Kodi addon is actually a fork of the previously-mentioned Neptune Rising Kodi addon.

However, that does not change the fact that it has managed to hit it off with the Kodi community.

Magicality Kodi perhaps also received the benefit of the news which hit the Kodi community a while back that Neptune Rising Kodi addon has actually fallen.

At that time, a good number of developers started to build Kodi addon which had pretty similar programming and interface to the addon’s predecessor.

Our research shows that this Kodi addon shows users TV series as well as Movies along with all the latest in-demand video content.

If that isn’t enough already, then this Magicality Kodi is actually available via a repo of the same name.

The name of the repo is Magicality repo.

The Aptoide Addon

This Aptoide Kodi add-on is actually a full app store.

And now, it is available to all Kodi users.

Previously though, this Kodi addon was only available to users on the Amazon  FireStick device.

This Kodi addon comes with a ton of apps and games that users have the option of downloading on their Kodi streaming device.

Our research shows that some user may find some content and apps which are blocked in Amazon App Store and/or Google Play Store, are actually available for complete access with this Aptoide app store.

Users who want to get a hold of this addon should look it up in the FireStick plus Kodi repository.

Perks Media

Our ‘fact finding mission’ tells us that this Perks Media Kodi addon is also more than just a simple looking and functioning Kodi movie addon.

It is the best at what it does.

And what it does is bring the user Live TV channels from all over the map.

Moreover, this Kodi addon also has specific sections for kids where children of all ages have the option to watch safe content with regards to,

  • Anime
  • Kids movies
  • Cartoons

Anyone who happens to have a Trakt account also has the option of viewing the Movies section in High Definition quality.

Of course, this Kodi add-on absolutely does not require the user to have some sort of a subscription of any sort.

This is the reason why we think it is worth the user’s time.

Haystack TV

When it comes to entertainment with Kodi addons, there is none better than HayStack TV addon.

In other words, it is also a best Kodi addon.

This Kodi addon comes with categories such as,

  • Late Night Shows
  • Video Games
  • Technology
  • Science
  • Trending News

And, as always, it has lots more.

Users who want to give this Kodi addon a try should find it in the already present and default Kodi addon repository.

In other words, this Kodi addon is one-hundred percent a legal source of content.


The DeathStar Kodi addon is available to users who manage to find it in another popular Kodi addon repository that goes by the name of UKodi1 and of course, Team DNS repository.

Users would also love to know that many popular Kodi addons such as,

  • DNA
  • Expose
  • Wow

And many others are placed in this one single place for users to enjoy.

Such Kodi addons would provide the user with all the content related to,

  • Live TV
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Live Sports.

Again, users can download this Kodi addon from the UKodi 1 repository.

Best Kodi addons for Movies

One can watch low-budget and all kinds of other weird ones on YouTube as well.

But one of the most interesting and intriguing aspects of Kodi streaming is that the user has the opportunity to watch movie content from a multiple number of genres.

We’re talking thriller movies to action movies and everything else in between.

If the user has a name of the genre of the movie, then there is a good chance that Kodi would have a source for it.

Our next list of best Kodi addons allows users to watch all the latest and the greatest movies so that they don’t have to settle for all the trash that is coming out today.

Apart from that, this Kodi add-on also has content related to popular classics for users who think that the majority of the movies coming out today are utter garbage.

So this is the list that users need to keep an eye out if they want o have access to those Kodi addons that enable movie watching any time and all the time.

  • Resistance
  • Vintage
  • TV king
  • Mad house classics
  • Uranus
  • Shows Motion
  • Kratos
  • Digi Box
  • Redemption
  • Oculus
  • Triton
  • Universe addon
  • Tubi TV
  • Firecat Kodi
  • Poseidon
  • Exodus ITA
  • Digital Cinema
  • Outlaw
  • Movie Theatre Butter
  • Exodus
  • Genesis Reborn
  • Placenta
  • Covenant


This Kodi addon is a must-have Kodi addon for users who want to have a perfect replacement for Exodus.

In fact, some consider it to be the official replacement for that Kodi addon.

This is also the reason why it is so popular.

It performs its duties very well.


Our research shows that the Covenant Kodi add-on is at a higher level than Exodus when it comes to stability.

There are not a lot of other Kodi addons for movies that can claim the same.

This is just one of the reasons why many have ranked these Kodi addons as the most popular and used Kodi addon in the world.

There are lots of guides on the internet that detail the process of how to go about installing the Covenant addon.

You can take a look at that while we are hard at work at updating ours.


It seems like Blamo repository has taken it upon itself to keep on bringing a higher number of Covenant and Exodus forks.

This time around, Placenta has managed to provide all Kodi users with just one more extra Covenant Kodi addon fork.

It goes by the name of (that’s right) Placenta.

Our research shows that this Kodi addon is the best Kodi Movie addon which shows the user free copyright material such as TV shows and Movies and that too without any delay.

Our recommendation is that, if the user has already managed to install the official Blamo Repository then he/she should make sure to install this Kodi addon, Placenta, as well.

Again, there are lots of guides on how to install Placenta.

So while we update ours you should get some Googling done.

Genesis Reborn

Law enforcement agencies actually shut down the Genesis Kodi addon.

However, what some Kodi users still do not know is that Genesis had a rebirth.

Now it is known as Genesis Reborn.

Genesis Reborn is relying on the same team of Kodi addon developers who worked on the original Genesis Kodi addon and made it into a huge success.

Our research shows that the new Genesis Reborn addon has each and every feature that the original Genesis had.


Exodus is the absolute next generation Kodi addon.

The Exodus Kodi addon has a pretty straightforward, simple and sleek user interface.

It pretty much resembles Netflix.

Not only that, Exodus also enables users to search various types of media even with the name of the actor involved.

The simple fact is that, Exodus has a ton of things to offer to users.

It essentially enhances their streaming experience.

Exodus also supports IMDB, All-Debrid, and Real-Debrid.

Click here for a full guide on how to actually install Exodus on Krypton Kodi 17.6 with the help of repositories such as Kodil Repo. TkNorris, XvBMC.

At the moment though, the best way to find the Exodus Kodi Addon is via the Lazy Kodi repository.

Movie Theatre Butter

This is another Kodi movie addon which we think can give the user a performance that can rival Exodus and Covenant.

The front menu of Movie Theatre Butter is where the user can see all the categories of,

  • New Episode
  • New Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Movies

Any movie that the user has a wish to see is most likely present right there.

All that users have to do is to install the Movie Theatre Butter on their Kodi software application.

The repository that users should search in order to find the Movie Theatre Butter Kodi addon is the Diamond Wizard.


Some readers might wonder why would anyone call his/her Kodi movie addon with the name Outlaw?

Well, the reason is simple.

The official Outlaw Kodi addon has various movie categories but all of them, one way or another, are related to a specific genre such as that of,

  • Mobster movies
  • Military
  • Western
  • Gangster
  • War
  • Crime

Regardless, this Kodi addon has a sizeable collection of various movies.

Moreover, generally speaking, the Outlaw Kodi addon offers movies with good video quality.

Because of this, it qualified to be on our list of best Kodi movie addons.

In order to download this Kodi addon, users should have a look at the UKodi1 repository.

Digital Cinema

Our research shows that Digital Cinema is perhaps the best Kodi movie addon which consists of all the three major movie categories such as,

  • Movies
  • My Movies
  • Home Cinema

As is obvious, the Movies category offers users all the different,

  • In Theatres
  • Oscar Winners
  • Movie Year
  • Genre

There is also the Home Cinema section which offers users the greatest movies of all time lists and also the top 250 movies of all time along with many other different options.

Users who would like to take a look a look at this Kodi addon should go to the Legion World repository.

Exodus ITA

Now, readers should have enough knowledge to not mix the original exodus addon for Kodi with Exodus ITA.

However, this would not change the fact that it is actually an exact Exodus fork.

Moving from that, it is similar to Exodus in the sense that it too offers the latest TV series and Movies.

The one thing which differentiates between Exodus and Exodus ITA is, maybe obviously, the language.

Exodus ITA comes with the default language set to Italian.

However, users have the option of changing the default language settings by simply performing a rich-click on the Exodus ITA addon and then go to Settings and then to the General tab.

After that, it is just a matter of a click on the right option to change the language to good old global English.


Many count Poseidon as the best Kodi movie addon in the market today.

It is also a great TV addon for people with Amazon Firestick especially when they have installed Kodi on their devices with a similar user interface as Covenant or Exodus.


In other words, Poseidon is more or less easy to use.

But there is another factor why we consider this Kodi addon to be great.

And that factor is its media library.

Or the fact that Poseidon takes great care to update its media content library.

Tubi TV

This Kodi addon is far beyond (and probably above as well) from any of the other regular Kodi movie addons.

We say that because we know that it manages to cover a big list of movie genres.

Those genres include,

  1. Crime
  2. Horror
  3. Sci-Fi
  4. Mystery
  5. Thriller

And many more.

Along with that, this Kodi addon also offers users other features such as,

  • Indian films
  • Stand-up Comedy
  • Martial Arts movies

The Kodi addon itself is pretty simple.

However, it offers users an effective service with which they can watch entertainment content with high-quality video.

Users can find this Kodi movie addon in the Diamond Wizard repository.

UniverseHD Kodi addon

Our research shows that this Kodi addon offers users a unique combination of TV content and movies.

It even offers 3D movies along with content related to categories such as,

  • Kids
  • HD Movies
  • Bollywood Movies

Users would also find that this Kodi addon is as hassle-free as most of us would like it to be.

All that the users have to do is to perform a simple and single left click on the mouse in order to pay any given movie.


Triton is one of those Kodi addons that brings to the user all the TV shows and movies in HD links.

Not only that, this Kodi addon keeps on updating its content library with all the latest TV shows and movies which actually are ready for streaming.

This is in contrast to some of the other Kodi addons that only show content for the sake of showing rather than streaming content.

Users who want this addon will have to take a look akodi movie addonst the Kodil repository.


Oculus is a very cool name for a Kodi addon.

And it is a very cool Kodi addon for the simple fact that it makes use of the Trademark repository in order to bring Kodi users TV shows and movies.

If a user wants long entertainment hours (for example, when on a holiday or a weekend or when one is sick)  then this is the Kodi addon that should be present on his/her Kodi streaming device.

The Oculus Kodi addon separates TV shows and movies into various different sections such as,

  • New movies
  • Top rated
  • Popular

There are many other such sections for the user to look into.


Redemption has had quite a return since its comeback.

Now, this Kodi addon has a better user interface and has a ton of other categories in order to neatly organize Movies.

Users have the option of finding movies and TV series in alphabetical order.

There are also other filters available such as,

  • 3D movies
  • 4K movies
  • New Releases

At the time of writing this guide, all signs indicated that Redemption had engaged in a tough fight with the law enforcement agencies in the court.

Perhaps that is the reason why it has asked people for donations from inside the Kodi addon.

Users who want to make use of this Kodi addon will have to first get a hang of the CellarDoorTV repository.

Digi Box

This Kodi addon, Digi Box, is one of the most preferred Kodi addons for Kodi users on the Android platform.

Just like all the other Kodi addons on this list, this one provides users with the best that movies have to offer.

It can stream content related to Documentaries as well as TV shows.

As far as speed is concerned, the Digi Box Kodi addon is the quickest when it comes to loading the media content.

Moreover, it does not enable Kodi to increase any slack here.

As a result of that, there is very little buffering.

Users who are interested in this Kodi addon should take a look at the Digital Repository.


This Kodi addon also belongs to our list of best Kodi movie addon for the simple reason that it goes beyond the call of duty and offers more than just movies and then nothing else.

Compared to other best Kodi addons, the Kratos best Kodi movie addon has a special category called Spotlight.

This category features pretty much all the latest and the greatest Movies.

Apart from that, it also lists those which are trending all over the globe.

Users who are interested in this Kodi addon should look for it in the UKodi repository.

Shows Motion

Another confusing name.

Another Kodi addon.

Everything is fine, right?

Well, if we’re only talking about TV shows and Movies which are trending at any given moment.

We think that this feature useful for the simple reason that it enables users to watch the latest and the best media content and that too at the best available quality.


Now, with that said, users need to understand that this Kodi addon nor any other addon can bring the user HD quality copy of all the movies which are still available in various theatres.

However, we are confident that with this Kodi addon users will get the HD version of all the movies which are playing in theatres as soon as it becomes available.

Users who are interested in this Kodi addon can find it in the Pure repository.

Look for it inside Blamo.


Uranus Kodi is a spectacular Kodi addon that has recently come onto to the scene thanks to the Blamo repository.

But what makes this Kodi addon out of the ordinary?

Well, it is an extraordinary Kodi addon precisely because it offers users a Trakt account option.

The benefit of having a Trakt account is that anyone with a premium subscription can enable the continuous streaming option in High Definition video quality.

As a result of this option, users can stream content with almost zero Kodi buffering.

Our research also shows that even if the user does not have any Trakt account, this Uranus Kodi addon can provide streams with perfect smoothness.

Of course, a lot will depend on the internet connection of the user as well.

Mad House Classics

We included this Mad House Classics premium addon for Kodi, we thought about all the fans that still enjoy watching a classic TV series or movie from time to time.

By classic, we mean anything from the 50s to the 90s.

Hollywood is doing its best to not churn out crap movies one after the other, but sometimes it is just time to bid farewell (for a while?) to the modern movies and all their mediocre stores with a bit too over the top CGI effects.

Some consider the best stroll as the stroll that leads one down the path of Classic movies with less consumerism and objectification.

There are those who see such classic movies as something special that movie watchers had and we don’t, back in the day.

The TV King addon

This TV King Kodi addon is a complete and comprehensive movie Kodi addon.

It features all types of genres for TV Shows and movies.

Not only that, it also streams TV series and movies which have only become available recently in various Theatres.

However, since it concentrates on new releases, the video quality is, most of the time, HD cam.

There is no need to panic though.

Why do we say that?

We say that because users can still watch content in HD quality from sources such as Hulu, HBO, and Netflix.

Hulu gets a shoutout here because it comes up with the best diverse range of original content.

Users who are interested in this Kodi addon should look for it in the TV King repository.


Our research shows that this one is also a classic Kodi add-on.

All of its features look like linking all the way back to the classic/vintage style user interface.

If users do install this Kodi addon then they will have access to the majority of the available movies from the 1930s to the 1990s.

The same holds true for content related to,

  • Chat shows
  • Game shows
  • TV shows

Apart from that, perhaps it would help the user to get even more attracted to this Kodi addon after knowing that most of the content available in the above-mentioned categories comes in good quality.

Users who want a piece of this Kodi addon should try to find it in the My Razer repository.

The Resistance


Next up, we have The Resistance Kodi movie addon which is a pretty young Kodi addon in the sense that it has just stepped into the hypercompetitive world of Kodi and Kodi addons.

However, that hasn’t fazed it one bit and it has actually taken everyone in the Kodi community by surprise.

By that we mean, performance wise, it is probably an exact replica of the previously mentioned Covenant and Exodus Kodi addons.

It airs all types of TV shows and movies.

Moreover, it also offers HD content.

The developers behind The Resistance addon are continuously updating this Kodi addon in order to provide all users of Kodi with the best possible streaming experience.

Our research shows that currently, it is readily available for users to download in the lockzone repository.

Best Kodi addons for Indian shows and movies

Believe it or not but not all Bollywood movies and TV shows are useless money-making products.

Some movies do make sense.

And other content does have a positive impact on one’s outlook.

Sadly, not all Indian films and TV series are like that.

Regardless, fans would be fans and they would continue to watch what they like to watch.

And after a pretty decent amount of reading around, we have come to know that there are certain Kodi addons which are better at showing the audience Indian TV shows and movies.

Here is our list of the best Kodi addons for Indian movies.


This Viewster Kodi addon is pretty good in bringing the user almost all the latest and the greatest Indian TV shows and movies under one domain.

Not only that, this Kodi addon further enables users to see the whole synopsis of the selected movie along with the movie’s genre.

Our research shows that this Kodi addon has a whole list of popular genres which help the user to understand how this Kodi addon works and in which category the user should be in order to watch what the user may want to watch.

Snag Films

The SnagFilms Kodi addon is actually a hub for Indian TV shows and movies where the user is able to see the complete list of content categories that this Kodi add-on has to offer.

This Kodi addon is more useful than other Indian Kodi addons in the sense that apart from all the Bollywood content, it also provides users with entertainment from the African content with African movies and such.

There is even a section for Korean dramas.

Now, there is lots more content in this addon’s library to watch out.

Best Video Kodi addons

Now we’re going to ist out Kodi addons that enable users to watch videos online.


As mentioned before as well, Kodi can do anything and everything when it comes to the world of entertainment.

If the user knows the right kind of best Kodi video addons then the user has the opportunity to stream a literally unlimited amount of HD content.


Yes, this Kodi addon has recently announced a newer version of its Kodi addon.

The company behind this Kodi addon is going to push the newer version to all Kodi users.

We are of the opinion that on its own, Plex also represents the ultimate video streaming online experience.

Hence, the collaboration between Plex and Kodi (a long-time Plex competitor) is a fitting one.

All that users have to do in order to use Plex on Kodi is to download the official zip file and then connect to the official Plex server.

After that, the user should be able to stream all the TV shows and movies that he/she wants.

In order to overcome all geo-restrictions and stream content in a safe manner AND also stream content from Plex channels without any limits, the user must make use of a VPN service.

We have already mentioned which VPN service we think is the best for this job.

But in case, the reader missed that, then its IPVanish.

IPVanish is the best VPN service to use with Plex and Kodi for the simple reason that it has support for both and if fast.

These two preconditions are a must for any VPN service that claims to work with Kodi.

to sign up for IPVanish from the official website right here and right now and that too on a discount.


A short time ago, the developers behind the Exodus Kodi addon quit.

They abandoned their Kodi addon.

Soon after, the Kodi community saw an influx of various Exodus forks that came into existence out of nowhere.

Gurzil is just one of those Exodus forks.

However, Gurzil is not just any of those Exodus forks.

It is special.

It is special in the sense that it functions pretty much the same as the now-defunct Exodus.

By that, we mean that Gurzil offers users all the latest sources and links with which users can stream HD video content.


What is Reddit?

Reddit is the single biggest online community where online users from all corners of the globe come in and interact with each other (in a little less than ideal ways).

Reddit offers users a multiple number of subreddits and/or categories which relate to different everyday (or not so everyday) topics.

By simply using the Reddit.com Kodi addon users can easily stream any type of video content from Reddit on their Kodi streaming device.

Our research shows that this easily ranks amongst the best Kodi video addons.

Part of the reason is that millions of users on Reddit stream videos on the site each and every single day.

Other hardcore followers have the capability to remove, add, play and search video directly via the Reddit Kodi addon.

Best Kodi sports addons


As the reader gives this post a read, there is little doubt about the fact that a good number of sports events are actually taking place in any given corner of the world.

Needless to say, it is not humanly possible for any online consumer to watch all of these sports events live.

Or even recorded.

However, Kodi users who know which are the best Kodi sports addons can watch any Live Sports channel that they want.

Not only that, they can also enjoy their second/third/fourth favorite sporting events with the help of nothing but a couple of clicks in an instant.

So the list of the best Kodi sports addons goes as follows,

  • cCloud TV
  • iPlayer WWW
  • SportsDevil
  • Joker Sports
  • Chronos
  • Atom Reborn
  • Pure Sports
  • Replays R Us Kodi
  • Sports Matrix
  • Strike All Sportz Recap Kodi
  • Just Sports Kodi

Just Sports Kodi

Our research shows that the Just Sports Kodi addon is actually one of the most simple of all best Kodi sports addons.

More precisely, it offers users only 5 sub menus.

However, apart from the submenus, it also offers Live Sports which may be happening right now in any part of the world.

Of the 5 available options, the first option in the Just Sports Kodi menu is Just Sports Channels.

With the help of a single click, Kodi brings the user the absolute best Sports TV Channels in a matter of mere seconds.

The second option is the Just Sports Multilink where users can find almost all reputable Sports channels available in any given country.

We are of the opinion that this Kodi addon is the best Kodi sports addon which is available in the UKodi1 repository.

The process of its installation should be as straightforward as that of any of the addons that we have mentioned above.

Strike All Sports Recaps

Contrary to what this Kodi add-on’s name might suggest, it doesn’t just stream Sports highlights and replays.

For those wondering, Sportz Recap Kodi is an accomplished enough Kodi addon that can show Kodi users Live Sports on a lot of different sports categories such as,

  • Tennis
  • Football
  • UFC
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • NFL

The list doesn’t end there.

So there is lots more content for those who finally get around to installing this Kodi addon.

Apart from providing users with links to Live Sports streaming, the Strike All Sportz Recaps does show short highlights of various sports machines.

Users who have an interest in this Kodi addon should go to the Rock Crusher Repo in order to find it.

Sports Matrix

The Sports Matrix Kodi addon does a good job of differentiating itself from all the other best Kodi sports addons on this list and elsewhere.

How does it do that?

It does that by featuring content related to PPV events.

That is big.

Big for any Kodi addon let alone a Sports Kodi addon.

In fact, our research shows that the Sports Matrix Kodi addon is amongst the very few Kodi addons that enable users to watch content related to,

  • Wrestling
  • Boxing
  • UFC
  • Lot and lots of other PPV event via Kodi live feature.

Furthermore, if the user has the AceStream Kodi addon installed then Sports Matrix can also show the user a lot of other sports channels not available in the default installation.

Kodi users who want to give this Kodi addon a try should go to the Pure repository where they can download this add-on.

Those wondering where they can find the Pure repository can download it from the Blamo repository.

Replays R Us Kodi

Kind of a weird name for any type of product right?

But this is Kodi we’re talking about here.

And because of that, people should get used to weird sounding names.

With Replays R Us Kodi addon users can catch up on all the sports highlights.

In total, the Replays R Us Kodi addon offers users a total of 25 different sports content from all over the world.

Just a few of the sports events that Replays R Us Kodi covers are,

  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • UFC
  • Wrestling

along with many other sports.

Now, we would also like to inform the user that with this Kodi sports addon, they would probably never have to think twice about missing any given Live Sports match.

Users who are interested in this Kodi addon should install it via the GenTec repository.

Pure Sports

This Kodi addon is another one of those sports addons that bring Kodi users the best of the world of sports.

It has different sections for different sports.

Some of the sports that it covers with different sections include,

  • NBA
  • NHL
  • NFL
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • UFC
  • Boxing

And lots more.

The list is pretty much endless.


Kodi users are also likely to find various other channels under all the categories that we have mentioned above.
There is even a live action section.

Pure Sports can be considered as a bit like the rest of the best Kodi sports addons except for one differentiating factor.

That is, again, its gigantic list of sports channels which are located neatly in each given category.

Users who are interested in this Kodi addon should go to the Pure Sports or Pure Soccer repository.

Atom Reborn

The name is weird for a Kodi sports addon.

But that’s Kodi.

Get used to it.

Our research shows that this Atom Reborn Kodi addon is the complete Kodi sports addon with a humongous content library.

We have also come to know that its library offers users new movie releases along with live sports and IPTV channels.

It even has a kids zone.

Atom Reborn also offers users a separate section for those Real Debrid Kodi users who could easily log in and then start to stream channels without any noticeable buffering.

As mentioned before, the Atom Reborn is a new Kodi addon.

Users who are interested in this Kodi addon should go to the Supremacy repository in order to get it.


It may come as a surprise to many but Skydarks has done it.

It has finally managed to emerge as the latest Kodi repository which has successfully launched Chronos, an all-in-one Kodi addon.

This Kodi addon has different sections for different content types such as,

  • Radio
  • Live events of all kinds
  • Live Sports
  • Movies

Furthermore, this Kodi add-on also brings Kodi users Live TV channels from countries like Austria and Germany.

Users should exercise caution in using this Kodi addon though and that’s because it also has adult content on it.

Thankfully, it requires a password for users to access that content.

Users who are interesting in this Kodi addon should get it from the Skydarks Kodi repository.

Joker Sports

The Joker Sports Kodi addon is perhaps the only Kodi sports addon that has given thought to how to make it easier for Kodi users to watch Highlights and Live sports on their devices.

As for the content, our research shows that this Kodi addon covers most of the sports that people are generally interested in.

Most of the time, it has links and sources for sports which are going live in any part of the world.

If a given sport is available in the addon’s top sports channels list then users should have no trouble in viewing that sport as well.

To state the obvious, the best sports channels in the world are Sky Sports and BT sports.

Joker Sports knows this and that is why it has given these sports channels a main menu of their own.

From that main menu, users can find all the sub-channels in the sports category.

Users who are interested in this Kodi addon should get it from the Maverick repository.

Good luck.


No regular Kodi user needs more convincing that SportsDevil is perhaps the best Kodi sports addon that there is.

At least, for the Amazon firestick device, it is.

Of course, the SportsDevil Kodi addon does not have the resources neither the legal authority to compete with the likes of NBC Sports Live Extra.

However, it still manages to take the user’s streaming Kodi experience to the very next level.

How does it do that?

It does that by offering free of cost online streaming.

Additionally, SportsDevil is not really an official Kodi addon so users have to install the Addon Installer in order to install this Kodi addon.

Click here to read the full SportsDevil guide.

iPlayer WWW

Even though the name doesn’t make it obvious, but the iPlayer WWW is a Kodi TV addon that users can install on their streaming devices in order to allow Kodi to stream content from the BBC iPlayer service.

Moreover, users can make use of this Kodi addon in order to play catch up TV or live TV without any cost.

Kodi users need to take note that this Kodi addon isn’t really an affiliate of the official BBC iPlayer.

However, Kodi allows users the ability to use this Kodi addon in order to stream various TV shows such as Top Gear, Sherlock and many others at good video resolution.

Installing this Kodi addon is no big deal.

But if a user gets into trouble, there is always Google or Yahoo or Bing (probably the same thing as Yahoo) or DuckDuckGo or Baidu or even Yandex.

cCloud TV

The cCloud TV Kodi addon is different from other Kodi addons in the sense that it is cloud-based addon.

This Kodi addon offers sports channels from various community streams which are available all over globe covering different content.

However, because of the inherent nature of this Kodi addon, it provides channels to users from different regions.

And since these channels come from different regions, they are in different languages.

Subscribers to the cCloud TV addon can watch documentaries, news, and sports by making use of the cCloudTV Live TV Kodi addon for the open source media player.

Best Kodi addons for football


Football fanatics go crazy at the thought of watching various football leagues which are taking place all over the world in different countries.

This is what they desire, in other words.

And that’s why Kodi has an addon for them.

The Kodi addons which we are going to feature in the below space are equally equipped to bring live football match, expert opinions, and highlights both before and after the game.

All that Kodi users need to ensure is that they are able to get these Kodi addons on their Kodi streaming devices.

The list goes something like this.

  • Elektra vault
  • Channel Pear
  • Sports World
  • Grid Iron Legends

Grid Iron Legends

This Kodi football addon is for fans of college football.

The repository users need to take a look at the One Nation repository if they want this Kodi addon.

From an overall perspective, this Kodi repository brings in a unique new Kodi addon which comes with features that enable it to stream College Football matches as far back as from the 1983 season.

Grid Iron Legends also offers users the option of watching the latest and most sought-after full-length American football games.

We’re talking about machines that people follow in America on a wide scale.

This Kodi addon has three sections.

Those sections are,

  • National Championships
  • Bow Games
  • Seasons

As mentioned at the top as well, users can find this Kodi addon in One Nation repository.

Sports World

This unofficial third-party Kodi addon, Sports World, offers Kodi users more than just those regular live football games.

Many consider this Kodi addon to be the home for a great number of other sports as well including another popular sport in America, the NFL.


With Sports world, users can watch NFL matches.

The overall user interface is specifically designed to present different sports categories in the best possible manner.

Football is positioned right at the top of the pile.

Take that as you may.

Users have the option of viewing different sports matches from any league that is available in the options list.

Moreover, users can also select channels which they think would feature their desired football match/matches.

Channel Pear

This Kodi addon, we can say without much reservation, is one of the most unusual Kodi addons available in the Kodi community.

However, that does not diminish its ability to provide people with content that is entertaining.

Once the user has installed this very special Kodi addon, it should not take him/her long to figure out that, initially, the addon is absolutely empty.

It is at this point that the user has to add various channels to the above-mentioned Channel Pear Kodi addon.

Users can do that by going to the official Channel Pear website here.

Apart from that, users also have the option of selecting any of the available football channels from the official Channel Pear website.

After that, the user is free to sync the channel to his/her Kodi streaming device.

Once everything in place, we are confident that the user would have no problems in watching live football and a lot more from this single Channel Pear Kodi addon.

Elektra Vault

This Kodi addon, Elektra add-on, is specifically dedicated to users who want to watch live sports.

It even has a separate section just for live games.

The great thing about this Kodi addon is that the developers behind the addon frequently update it with all the latest and in-demand matches.

Not only that, users of Kodi can make use of this Kodi addon to watch highlights of any important football match in case they missed it the first time around.

Best Kodi addons for Live TV

Don’t watch the following shows,

  • Game of Thrones
  • Black Mirror
  • Arrow
  • The Flash
  • DareDevil

With that out of the way, users can watch the rest of the available shows via Kodi addons that are order-made for TV series and Live TV.

Here is the list that Security Gladiators has come up with to let the user know more about the best Kodi live TV addons.

  • Mobdina
  • Phoenix Reborn IPTV
  • Selfless Lite
  • IPTV Bonanza
  • Wraith
  • Halow Live TV
  • NBC Sports Live Extra
  • YouTube
  • Ultra IPTV
  • BritFlix
  • USTVNow
  • SkyNet Kodi
  • Deck Chair
  • Hard Events

Hard Events

The Hard Events Kodi addon is, as mentioned before, tailor-made for people who want to stream live events such as various formal festivals and others.

We know of hardly any other Kodi addon that has the number of features that this Kodi addon has in terms of enabling Kodi users to watch live events from the comforts of their homes.

No matter where a live event is taking place, with the help of the Hard Event Kodi addon, Kodi users can have access to that.

There is no need to go out and buy an expensive ticket when there is an easier way to just stream and enjoy the live event.

Users who are interested in this Kodi addon should go to the KNE repository.

Deck Chair

Again, a Kodi addon that has a weird name.

Or at least it sounds weird.

Maybe to some.

In any case, what we want to talk about here is the content.

Content is king.

And that is what Deck Chair tries to offer to users in exchange for embracing its weird name.

Deck Chair has got all the latest videos and movies that the world of entertainment has to offer.

There is,

  • TV series
  • Live TV 24/7
  • Live Sports
  • Gaming
  • Podcasts
  • A lot more

But what about the quality of all this content?

Specifically the video content?

Well, our research shows that users would get enough from this Kodi addon in terms of the quality of videos that they will praise it.

In other words, the majority of the media content that this addon resents is HD, High Definition.

Users who are interested in this Kodi addon should go and find this addon in Mr. and Mrs. Smith Kodi repository.

Skynet Kodi

Kodi users should know that this Kodi addon is more of a speciality Kodi addon than anything else.

By that we mean, this Kodi addon mostly takes care of the Live sports part of Live TV.

It doesn’t focus that hard on Live IPTV per say.

But the focus on Live Sports means that it has the ability to show the user each and every popular Kodi addon related to Live Sports channels.

Additionally, Kodi users should also know that it also shows the latest movies available in the marketplace for free.

Apart from that, this Kodi addon also features movies which are still available in cinemas.

Like a lot of good torrent sites, this Kodi addon brings various HD cam versions of the users’ favorite new movies.

Users are free to explore all of the variety of content categories that this Kodi addon offers to them.

In order to install this Kodi addon, users should use the Maverick repository.


Perhaps the most widely adapted Kodi addon is this USTVNow Kodi addon.

It is an official Kodi addon and hence requires a subscription.

In return, it offers users relatively fewer TV channels at the time of writing this guide.

From the standard package, users only get access to channels,

  • Fox News
  • NBC
  • ESPN
  • CBS

However, as far as Live TV is concerned, plenty of technology sites such as this one have ranked USTVNow as the best Live TV Kodi addon.

It is also the most popular Live TV addon in the whole of the United States of America.

Readers should note though that in order to stream content from USTVNow, Kodi users need to register for an account.

Account registration is free.

Users can sign up for the free account pretty much at any given time.

That is usually enough to access USTVNow on Kodi.

Additionally, USTVNow does not accept any sign ups that do not come with a valid email address.

In other words, it does not support social media account registrations.


As the name suggests, this Kodi addon is actually specifically made for British fans who may be living in any other part of the world except Britain.

With the BritFlix Kodi addon, Kodi users who are fans of the British culture can watch all of their favorite and not-so-favorite TV shows along with many live streaming TV channels which are aired nowhere except for Britain.

Furthermore, this Kodi addon offers users Documentaries and Movies that users have the opportunity of watching all day long without ever thinking about getting bored.

Users who have an interested in this Kodi addon should go to the Bizzle Builds Kodi repository in order to look for it.

Ultra IPTV

We like to think of Ultra IPTV as a haven for various different Kodi users who have this desire to stream various IPTV channels.

The Ultra IPTV Kodi addon is perfectly capable of streaming content from various sources and live streaming sporting events along with movies and new channels from all parts of the globe.

The only warning we want to give to users here is that some of the channels which are available through this Kodi addon have geo-restrictions on them.

In order to remove those restrictions, any Kodi user would need the help of a Kodi VPN.

However, even if the user cannot get hold of a Kodi VPN, there are still a ton of other channels that the user can take advantage of without spending a dime.


YouTube Kodi addon has more than a billion subscribers.

That is almost one-seventh of the total world population.

In other words, huge.

This is why we think we do not need to give an introduction to YouTube.

The good part about this addon is that, it grants Kodi fans the ability to watch hours and hours of their favorite movies, TV shows and many other kinds of media on Kodi with the help of nothing but a simple YouTube Kodi addon.

Now, according to recent statistics, firms have estimated that YouTube probably gets over 1 billion views on the mobile platform each day.

So our reader might as well take it up higher to 1 billion and 1 by installing this Kodi addon.

Our research shows that users can install this Kodi addon from the cazwall repository.

NBC Sports Live Extra

The official NBC Sports Live Extra Kodi addon provides users with highlights, replays, and live sports from the absolute best sporting events happening at the moment the user clicks on these options.

Kodi users should also not forget that a few of the sporting events require the user to have a valid NBC cable subscription.

So, after the user has successfully installed the NBC Sports Live Extra Kodi addon, he/she should have no trouble in watching his/her favorite sports games in HD quality playback through this one-of-a-kind Kodi addon.

Halow Live TV

If any Kodi user is looking for sporting Live TV and streams then Halow Live TV is it.

It is a great Kodi addon for sports.

However, we would like to clarify that this Kodi addon has a much varied and bigger media content library than some Kodi users might imagine.

This Kodi addon supplies Kodi users with Kids content, TV shows as well as movies.

For some strange reason, Kids content is very popular among a certain section of Kodi users.

Furthermore, the Halow Live TV addon also features various different radio programs.

In order to listen to those radio programs, users will probably need a VPN service.

Download Halow Live TV today (No longer available)


This Kodi addon is a special program addon in the sense that it has the ability to fetch information from the TMDB official website for all its video ratings and descriptions.

One other important aspect of the Wraith Kodi addon is that, it has the ability to stream any TV show or movie from any and all Kodi addons that the user may have installed on his/her Kodi device.

Users who are interested in giving this add-on a go should get it from the Blamo repository.


We still have a long way to go to list out the best Kodi addons for each Kodi activity.

For now, this is all that we have.

On a parting note (till next time), Kodi users should keep in mind that if they want to consume Kodi content securely and safely then they need to sign up for a VPN service.

IPVanish, our research shows, is currently the best Kodi VPN at the moment.

to sign up for IPVanish from the official website right now.

If you want to add more Kodi addons to this list (before we come out with the next part next weeks), then use the comments section below.

Zohair A. Zohair is currently a content crafter at Security Gladiators and has been involved in the technology industry for more than a decade. He is an engineer by training and, naturally, likes to help people solve their tech related problems. When he is not writing, he can usually be found practicing his free-kicks in the ground beside his house.
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