The Complete Avira Phantom VPN Review

Avira Phantom VPN Homepage
Avira Phantom VPN is a VPN service from an antivirus company

You might have known Avira as a great Antivirus product company till now.

In reality though, Avira also has a VPN service.

Users who are interested in buying Avira Phantom VPN can buy it as a stand-alone service/product.

There is also the option of buying it as a part Avira’s Prime Security suite.

This suite comes with the antivirus product along with other security features and updates.

The problem with Avira VPN service is that it doesn’t really have a standard privacy policy.

In other words, the company has a different privacy policy for each of its products.

If we’re talking about the VPN service alone however, then Avira VPN offers fast VPN servers and decent security.

Avira Phantom VPN Full Review

Avira Phantom VPN is not as established as some of the other VPN service providers in the market today.

It is quite new in the industry.

And that is why you probably didn’t even know Avira had a VPN service.

But since Avira itself is a pretty reputable antivirus product company, Avira Phantom VPN is at least a legitimate service.

We have already mentioned that you can buy the VPN service on its own.

Or you can bundle it with other services such as,

  • Avira Antivirus
  • Scout. Which is Avira’s own secure browser
  • Avira Connect which is a centralized security control product or suite
  • Avira Software updater
  • And Avira Phantom VPN

by purchasing the Prime subscription package.

For the purposes of this review however, we will only focus on Avira Phantom VPN.

We will discuss other features as well so that readers can know a little about other services as well.

From an overall perspective, Avira Phantom VPN is a VPN service that is easy to use, simple and quite solid in its core functions.

It is certainly not the best VPN service provider in the market.

But it does have some advanced features which are absolutely required if you want to secure your devices.

Avira also has a free VPN service option.

But that option limits your data usage to 500 Mb per month.

That’s not a lot for any type of user.

However, you can test Avira Phantom VPN with Avira’s risk-free trial.

We’ll talk more about that in the next section.


We have already mentioned the fact that Avira has a free VPN service.

Avira caps that free VPN service at 500Mb per month.

Regardless, if you want an introduction to Avira VPN, the free service is what you should try out.

Avira offers most of its products at very reasonable prices.

As far as VPN subscription plans go, Avira offers,

  • A monthly plan
  • A yearly plan
  • And a mobile payment plan

All of these premium plans come with unlimited access.

Users who subscribe to Avira for a period of a year can enjoy some discounts as well.

However, mobile subscribers can only protect a single device with Avira Phantom VPN.


Avira Phantom VPN premium plans cost $10 per month.

If the user signs up for a yearly plan then the user only has to pay $78 for the whole year.

The mobile plan costs around $5.99 per month but users can only protect one device with it.

Avira allows users to cancel all of their monthly plans at any given time.

As you can probably see, Avira isn’t an expensive VPN service provider.

The $5.99 price tag per month for the mobile plan is especially cheap.

But of course, you will have to manage the fact that you can only use it on one device.

Regardless, it is very cost-effective if you want to protect only your tablet or your smartphone device that you usually use on unsafe public WiFi hotspots.

The Prime Service

Avira has priced all of its subscription plans at a reasonable rate.

But it goes even further with its Prime service.

As mentioned before, the Avira Prime service combines all of Avira’s official services.

And guess what?

You only have to pay $11.99 per month.

With that amount, you can protect up to five devices.

That price tag is not a lot since many VPN service providers charge users more than that.

If you really think about it, then Avira is offering a great all-around online security solution for every type of user.

And the company is doing that at a reasonable price.

If users sign up for the Prime service for a whole year then they only have to pay $112.

That price is economical as well.

And remember, with the Avira Prime service you can protect up to five simultaneous devices.

More Services

We have already talked about Avira Prime service.

Additionally though, Avira also has a Total Security Suite subscription plan.

This plan allows users to access Avira antivirus along with PC tune-up and speed-up tools.

The Total Security Suite plan also comes with Avira Phantom VPN and a firewall.

But it only works on one single device.

Users who want to subscribe to this plan have to pay $94.76.

Of course, this plan wouldn’t work for someone with multiple devices.

But if you only want to protect tone device, then this is the total online security solution.


What About Money-Back Guarantee And Payment Options?

Avira offers a ton of currencies to users in order to accommodate them sufficiently.

In other words, users can pay Avira in currencies such as,

  • Euro
  • British pound
  • Polish zloty
  • Australian dollar
  • Chinese Yuan
  • US dollar
  • And many more

Avira also has an automatic renewal feature which can save some users a lot of time since they don’t have to renew their subscription after every month or every year.

All Avira subscription plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Considering that Avira also has a free VPN service, it is just great that it also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Hence if you want to test out Avira Phantom VPN, then you can do it without taking any risks.

Payment Options

This is perhaps one area with Avira is way behind the competition.

In other words, these are the payment methods that Avira currently offers,

  • Credit card
  • PayPal

Users who want to pay via Bitcoin can’t.

Because Avira doesn’t offer Bitcoin as a payment method.

Moreover, Avira requires users to input a postal address in order to subscribe to its services.

You can always input a fake one though because the signup process will continue regardless.

So Many Plans

As we mentioned before, Avira has many subscription plans.

And some of the plans come with different security features that the company offers via the Avira platform.

You also have to consider the fact that Avira Phantom VPN is just an ordinary VPN service on paper.

You have a well-known internet security firm behind it and handling its operations.

Hence, at least on paper, it looks like a great prospect.

Users who sign up for the Prime service can expect to enjoy a ton of security features.

As mentioned before, we won’t talk much about those security features.

We will focus on Avira Phantom VPN.

Hence, we will have to compare Avira Phantom VPN with other elite VPN service providers and not security companies that offer VPN services.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the features that Avira Phantom VPN offers to its users.

A Note About The Free version

The free version of Avira Phantom VPN isn’t great because it is free.

It is great because it is so easy to get it from the official website.

Moreover, it doesn’t require the user to submit any personal information.

You don’t have to give your name or your email address to use the free version.

In return for giving absolutely nothing, you get to use a free VPN with a 500Mb data cap.



All Avira Phantom VPN subscribers have access to VPN servers that the company operates in over 20 countries.

Avira has done a good job of spreading these VPN server locations all over the globe.

The company earns bonus marks for understanding VPN servers within one year of its VPN service launch date.

Even without the experience, Avira has managed to offer a wide array of VPN servers on the map.

While the number 20, isn’t as big as what some of the other VPN service providers offer, it is sufficient.

Users can expect to have plenty of options available in order to unblock geo-restricted content and censored sites.


What About DNS Leak Protection?

Avira Phantom VPN has a built-in DNS leak protection feature.

It offers this feature on all major platforms.

This is what we meant when we said that Avira Phantom VPN had some advanced security features for customers to take advantage of.

This features blocks the possibility of a VPN service leaking the user’s DNS requests to his/her internet service provider in an accident.

As mentioned before, Avira Phantom VPN enables this feature by default.

And more importantly, users can’t switch off the feature in Avira Phantom VPN clients.

Does Avira Phantom VPN Offer A Kill Switch?


It does.

Avira calls it the fail-safe feature.

And for good reason.

Avira’s Kill Switch feature is actually a kill switch feature that works on a per-app basis.

Hence, it can stop data from moving anywhere else but right down the company’s VPN tunnels.

The Kill Switch feature makes sure that if the VPN connection drops and the VPN client has to re-establish the VPN Connection, the user’s data doesn’t leak to the customer’s internet service provider.

But that’s not all.

The Kill Switch feature is at its most potent when it stops users from mistakenly exposing their original IP address to all the websites they visit while online.

Other Features

As we have mentioned before as well, Avira has several other bundle services and features along with its Avira Phantom VPN service.

You can avail those features via the Avira Prime package.

Let’s discuss the additional features.

Avira Antivirus

Everybody knows about Avira antivirus product.

You have the option of purchasing it individually as well.

You can always buy it as a package though.

Avira antivirus can protect both your mobile device and your PC.

Avira Connect

If you have made it this far, you know that Avira Connect is just a centralized control interface.

It enables users to secure all of their devices at a single place.

This feature is free though.

And Avira includes it in all its products.

Avira System SpeedUp

System SpeedUp is simply Avira’s idea of what a cleanup tool for your device’s system should look like.

It performs some useful fine-tuning applications.

And as a result, helps your PC to run at its optimal levels.

This tool is really useful for people who have removed malware from their machines but still notice a bit of slowness.

Scout Private Browser

Avira has a custom browser.

It’s called Scout.

Avira has designed it so that it would block malware-ridden websites.

It also has an incognito mode which increases your privacy.

Avira Software Updater

This is Avira’s proprietary software.

It scans the user’s PC for possible updates on the applications the user has installed.

In other words, it makes sure that everything is up to date.


The Prime service is a monthly and/or yearly subscription plan.

Users to subscribe to Prime, can utilize the full Avira product suite.

It includes Avira Phantom VPN.

You can install Avira Phantom VPN on five devices with the Prime package.

In terms of value for money, this is the best package.

But not for people who want a high level of privacy.


Because Avira collets a large amount of data on its users.

And if you are using Avira products on all of your devices, you are giving up a lot of your data to Avira.

Read the Security section of this review to find more information on how Avira collects your data.

Reading that section will make you understand why it is best if you only purchase a VPN service from Avira.


As we mentioned at the top, Avira has a confusing privacy policy in the sense that it is not consistent.

The Avira Inc. privacy policy document clearly states that if the user lives in Canada or the United States of America Avira actually meant the same thing as Avira Inc 330 Primrose Avenue Suite 610 Burlingame CA 94010 USA.

For users who live in regions that are not what we mentioned above, then Avira meant something else.

More specifically, Avira meant Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG Kaplaneiweg 1, 88069 Tettnang Germany.

What does all of this mean?

This means when users who live in Canada and the US purchase an Avira Phantom VPN subscription, they do so under the United States jurisdiction.

In other words, all US and Canada based Avira Phantom VPN users are subjected to United States laws along with a gag order including NSA and the CIA.

Many of you already know that the United States of America is the worst place for a VPN service provider.

VPN service provider must ensure they base their operations in some other country than the US.

Hence Avira Phantom VPN isn’t really a good choice as far as privacy goes.

But that only holds true if you live in the US or in Canada.

People who live someplace else have less to worry about.

Avira Phantom VPN For People Who Don’t Live In The US

For people who don’t live in the US and/or in Canada, Avira VPN service is a Germany-based VPN service provider.

It has its headquarters in the region of Tettnang.

Tettnang is a place that is very close to Lake Constance.

And that is basically the good news.


Because Germany is way better as a country as far as VPN service providers are concerned.

But that doesn’t mean Germany isn’t trying to become a less-deal country for VPN service providers.

In other words, the country has passed multiple and much more invasive mandatory data retention laws in the past couple of years.

Back in 2015, the country made modifications to the German Telecommunications Act Section 113.

Basically, the act required telecommunication providers to actually record and retain its traffic data on all its internet connections and phone calls.

That also included information such as web browsing histories and user metadata.

As you can probably imagine, that is bad.

Germany, before the above-mentioned changes, had built itself as a country that protected its citizens’ digital privacy.

But even now, it is a better place for a VPN service provider than the US.

The new data retention laws in Germany are only applicable for a period of ten weeks.

Moreover, the laws allow access to this data on a strict case by case basis.

If you compare Germany’s laws with the UK, you will likely find a huge difference.

Basically, UK laws state that mandatory data retention is officially applicable for a period of 12 months.

And the law can grant permission to access that data even without a warrant.

Moreover, a good number of official institutions can access that data.

Hence, Germany gives VPN service providers more advantages than any other country.

So for users who don’t live in the US or Canada, this is great news.

They can use Avira Phantom VPN without having to worry about the privacy of their data.


Just last December, we saw the European Court of Justice deciding that the court considered mandatory data retention laws as a breach of human rights laws in Europe.

Now since the European Court of Justice is Europe’s highest court, that is good news.

VPN service providers like Avira Phantom VPN can count such statements as an added feature over their rivals.

Of course, users who live in the US and Canada don’t any anything to celebrate about since these decisions do not affect them.

Governments all around the world want to force laws which invade privacy.

New legislation is constantly eroding people’s right to privacy.

With that said, Avira Phantom VPN is based in Germany and hence sits pretty in a region which presents far fewer problems than others.

What About Encryption?

Avira Phantom VPN does really offer its users a lot of options when it comes to VPN encryption technologies.

OF course, that doesn’t mean the service has bad encryption.

Avira Phantom VPN client comes with the trusted and industry-standard OpenVPN on Android and on Windows.

OpenVPN is the best VPN protocol standard that is available at the moment.

For the Mac and iOS, Avira Phantom VPN uses the L2TP/IPsec (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol/ Internet Protocol Security).

Both of these are also pretty secure encryption standards.

But they aren’t as good as OpenVPN.

Apart from that, the Avira Phantom VPN client is very easy to use.

With that said that is understandable since it doesn’t have a ton of options.

For example, there is no option for port forwarding.

There is no toggle button to switch between OpenVPN over TCP(Transmission Control Protocol) and OpenVPN over UDP (User Datagram Protocol).

Of course, that doesn’t really matter much since Avira Phantom VPN does a decent job of implementing its encryption.

In other words, no need to worry about your encryption when you have subscribed to Avira Phantom VPN.

What About Logs?

No VPN service provider can survive in the industry if it is not clear on its log policy.

A VPN service has to disclose the type and amount of logs it keeps in its records.

VPN service providers who keep as few as possible are usually the best VPN service providers.

The moment you download Avira Phantom VPN, you can have a look at its privacy policy document.

Avira likes to call it across the board privacy policy document.

In other words, a single privacy policy governs all its services and products.

This Avira Phantom VPN privacy policy document clearly says that the information the company keeps may or may not include something called PII or personally identifiable information.

What are some examples of PII?

Well, they are as follows,

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Credit card information
  • Email address

Avira also says that the company does use information about the user’s device.

That information includes things such as,

  • Identification number
  • Location
  • IP address
  • Contents
  • IMEI code
  • Language settings.

The company is clear about the fact that it may also store information regarding,

  • Device model
  • Hardware model
  • Battery level
  • SIM number
  • Operating system version
  • Network provider
  • Telephone number
  • Memory status

Moreover, the company also keeps a track of data points such as,

  • Geographical information that is based on Wi-Fi/GPS network position.

But that is not all.

More On Logs

If you make your way to the User Experience and Statistics portion of Avira privacy policy document, you can clearly see more things that Avira keeps a track of on its users.

The company says in the document that it may or may not combine information that it gathers about its customer who uses one or more of its products or services with the data from another service or product that the same user may use.

What does all that mean?

It means that Avira Phantom VPN privacy policy has some serious flaws.

Or more like severe drawbacks.

Theoretically speaking, Avira Phantom VPN offers something that sounds great.

And we have already mentioned the fact that it offers its services on the cheap.

But the problem is this:

Avira ties all these services together and then gathers information.

Hence, by default, it would know a lot of information about its customers and their devices.

We can’t say that Avira doesn’t affect your privacy adversely.

Avira Phantom VPN doesn’t do itself any good with a privacy policy document that exists in its current state.

Some alternative options for you...

Our score: 9.8

From $3.49 per month

Our score: 9.5

From $3.95 per month

Our score: 9.1

From $6.49 per month

Let’s Talk About Data Sharing

For what it’s worth, Avira does ask users for permission to use and share customer data with third party companies or entities.

The company has no problem in admitting that it may use the information for targeted ads that it will show to customers.

If you look at its privacy policy document the company clearly says that it collects information that it uses to offer users content along with advertisements and search results.

Of course, the company implies that it will only show you those which will interest you.

Moreover, the company says, it believes that more relevant advertisements ensure a better and more relevant internet experience.

Avira also states that this is the model it uses to support its business.

Additionally, these advertisements also help the company provide certain services and products to users for free.

In short, Avira keeps a lot of information on its users.

And it has no problems in admitting that on its privacy policy page.

Moreover, Avira will likely use its customers’ information for many other activities as well since it has partnerships with third-party companies.

Hence, Avira uses its free subscribers to generate a separate revenue stream.

As mentioned before, that is unacceptable for a VPN service provider.

No trusted VPN service provider would have such a weak privacy policy.

For Customers Who Live In The US

The Avira privacy policy document is rather long.

Reading more of it gives us some other points to talk about.

One of which is when Avira mentions that the company itself is a global corporation.

And hence, the company stores and processes its users’ personal information.

But it does that on a server that is located outside the country where the user lives in.

We have mentioned before that Avira has its operations set up in California.

But that’s only for customers who live in Canada and the US.

Regardless, this is another negative point that international VPN users should give some thought to.


Because their data might end up on US-based servers.

In other words, Avira privacy policy document is very problematic.

THere is no doubt that a lot of potential users would think twice about using Avira as their primary VPN service.

We wouldn’t exactly say that we are trembling at the prospect of recommending Avira to our readers.

But we are re-evaluating our initial impressions.

The Best THing To Do Right Now Is

To ask Avira representatives what’s going in with its privacy policy document.

We want to know crystal clear that the company kept VPN connection logs separate from other components of the company’s Prime service.

Our research shows that Avira representatives would tell you that Avira Phantom VPN doesn’t keep track of a lot of things.

Some of which are,

  • The user’s real IP address
  • The websites the user has visited before
  • Virtual locations that the user has used while connected to Avira Phantom VPN.
  • Any information that may link the user to any specific online action.
    These actions include downloading a file or even visiting any given website

Avira representatives would also tell you that they don’t store information for the sake of storage.

In other words, they don’t store information that they don’t have a use for or has a direct functional purpose.

The company keeps track of the following pieces of information:

  • Diagnostic data.
    This type of data helps the company to improve its products by solving bugs
  • Data to distinguish between paid users and free users.
    Of course, this helps the company to fine-tune its user communication
  • The company also measures the amount of data a user has consumed.
    This is necessary since the company has to control its costs of providing a VPN service and other infrastructure.
    And since it also offers Avira Phantom VPN for free, it has to collect this type of data.

Our Thoughts

It seems like Avira Phantom VPN does have genuine reasons for collecting data.

In other words, the company really tries to keep as few logs as possible.

Most of all, the company says it doesn’t have any information that can link a user to an action.

That is what Avira representatives say.

The fact is, Avira Phantom VPN privacy policy document does a lot of things that leave its users at risk.

And if a particular user is using more than one Avira service/products, then that doesn’t bode well for his/her privacy.

Let’s Talk About EULA

If you want to subscribe to Avira Phantom VPN, then you have to agree to and sign on to an End User License Agreement or EULA.

Of course, this aspect isn’t concerning since most services require users to do that, including Facebook.

EULA is a contract that specifies that Avira, the company, can freely exploit all the content that the user uploads to its servers.

If you read the contract close enough, it tells the reader that this contract would grant Avira rights over the user’s content.

The contract also says that when a user submits or sends his/her content or makes his/her content available for online display on or via through any and/or all of the online communities within the given respective Product, then the user grants Avira an unrestricted,royalty-free,perpetual,worldwide,non-exclusive,irrevocable and fully sub-licensable license and right to reproduce,use,adapt,modify,translate,publish,distribute,create derivate works from, display, perform and/or otherwise wholly exploit the user’s content either in whole or in part worldwide.

The company, Avira, may also incorporate it in the company’s other works.

And it could do that in any form, technology or media that is now known or is later developed.

What Does That Mean For You?

That means, Prime subscribers who use Avira services such as Avira Secure Backup along with Social Network Protection are basically paying Avira to give up rights to their content to the company, Avira.

Avira can make use of that intellectual property however it wishes.

Of course, this doesn’t really apply directly to Avira Phantom VPN.

But it does say a lot about how Avira views the value and the existence of its customers.

Avira as a convincing and awesome official website.

But it is a security firm first and foremost.

And as a security firm, it has highly invasive and rather terrible policies.

Moreover, the company admits that it has connections to somewhat questionable firms such as Yahoo.

It mentions that directly in its privacy policy document.

That leads us to the next section.

The Official Website

Avira is one of the top dogs when it comes to online security products.

It has made a lot of money selling its security products.

So it doesn’t surprise us that it hired some of the best front-end developers to build its official website.

It has a fantastic design.

The website itself is massive.

And pretty much covers everything about every Avira product.

The official website has a great look and the developers behind it have used a generous amount of pretty graphics to further enhance it.

Avira official website has that neat hover-over glossary feature which explains difficult technical terms.

Additionally, the Avira official website is very easy to navigate through.

You can thank its extensive use of menus along with submenus that are all located at the very top of each web page.

The Information On The Site

If we are talking about the quality of information present on the site, then that is great as well.

The official Avira website does a great job of describing all of Avira Phantom VPN’s features.

And it does so without consuming too many words.

Moreover, it makes it very easy for users to understand what it is that a VPN service does.

The text on the site comprehensively explains the features that Avira Phantom VPN offers to its users.

Unfortunately, the official website lacks important details that privacy-conscious users would want to read up on.

In other words, Avira is trying to appeal to that section of the market that doesn’t know too much about VPN services.

Or how they work.

The company is also trying to appeal to its current customer base who uses the company’s other products.

The Problems With The Official Website.

Avira doesn’t mention anything about which encryption protocols the company uses, in the site’s VPN section.

Our research shows it doesn’t even do that once.

Hence, people who are new to VPN services and want to subscribe to Avira Phantom VPN, have no way to know whether they are signing up for OpenVPN encryption, L2TP or PPTP.

You would have to spend a lot of time on the official website to figure out what you are getting when you press that download button.

Even if you spend an hour searching for it, you still wouldn’t know how the company actually implements the encryption technology on its VPN service.

It goes without saying that Avira should have a more transparent official website.

It should show users which encryption protocols it makes use of and which are available.

MOreover, it must also mention how the company implements the mentioned encryption protocols.

If you want to know more about the implementation phase then you will have to contact Avira representatives.

The Official Blog And The FAQ section


Avira has an official blog.

The company also has a comprehensive FAQ section.

The FAQ section has a list of previously asked questions.

These are basically questions that other users have asked and which the staff at Avira have answered.

This section of the official website allows potential customers to ask their questions.

Other users on the site can also answer these questions.

Of course, the likelihood of that happening is low since the average online user wouldn’t know how to answer another user’s VPN related question.

But Avira does provide opportunities for people to share information with each other.

Such a setting also allows for learning opportunities between Avira users.

Avira also has a blog section on the official website.

Similar to what we saw on all the other Avira official website webpages, the blog section had a colorful theme.

The developers of the blog have really worked hard to present this section of the site well.

Avira has separated its blog section into several categories.

Some of those categories are as follows,

  • All News
  • Security And Privacy
  • Leisure
  • Company
  • Tech and Gadgets

What’s more?

Each of these categories can break down into more subsections.

Hence users get to experience a ton of blog posts on different topics.

Avira has done well to make its blog a useful resource point.

It also increases the usability of the official website.

Customer Support.

Avira Phantom VPN doesn’t offer 24/7 live chat feature.

And that is a shame.

The only way users can contact Avira is via an email.

Users can access the email address on Avira’s official website.

Don’t expect the Avira staff to respond to your queries quickly.

In other words, give them two to three days for a response.

Our research also shows that you’ll have to go through multiple exchanges with the representatives to sort out any complex problem.

We have already pointed out that Avira’s scope and size of the business are huge.

So it doesn’t make sense as to why the company would not have more ways to offer customer support to its users.


Let’s talk about Avira Phantom VPN Windows client which comes free with any subscription package.

As it should.

First off, you should know that you can download the free version of Avira Phantom VPN and try it out.

The website mentions that users can upgrade to the full Avira Phantom VPN service once they are satisfied with the free version, via the same client.

It is very easy to download the free version of Avira Phantom VPN.

Just go the top of the Avira official website homepage and then via the drop-down menu click on Free.

After that go to Privacy And Identity.

And then go to Phantom VPN.

Avira Phantom VPN installs itself in two phases.

It will place two icons on the user’s desktop space.

One of the icons will say Phantom VPN while the other one will say Avira COnnect.

The whole installation process is easy to follow.

Moreover, to make things even easier, the wizard even asks the user to launch Avira Phantom VPN once the installation finishes.

With Avira Connect, users have a good centralized command center.

When the user launches this command center, it enables them to manage the Avira products that are on their system or machine.

For example, if you have installed Avira Phantom VPN on your machine, then Connect will show you that.

It will also give you options to install other Avira products.

User Interface

If you click Open while in Avira Connect, it will launch Avira Phantom VPN.

The VPN client itself looks pretty nice.

By default, the client connects to the nearest VPN server it finds relative to the user’s physical location.

If the user clicks on the location, he/she can select other VPN locations as well.

You can visit the various Internet Protocol address or IP address check websites to see if Avira Phantom VPN is working for you.

Our research shows that Avira Phantom VPN will connect you successfully the very first time.

That is true even for the free version of Avira Phantom VPN.

If you go to the Settings menu you can use the Kill Switch feature.

Users have the option of enabling or disabling the Kill Switch feature according to their needs.

Of course, you can’t use the Kill Switch feature while running the free Avira Phantom VPN.

The free version will show you the feature but will then block it with a Pro tag to let you know it only works on the Pro version.

As mentioned before, there is no option to see what type of encryption Avira uses.

There aren’t any options to change the encryption either.

So you are better off upgrading your service.

Besides, that is the only way you can access the customer support feature.

The Signup Process

While on the free version just click Upgrade to upgrade.

The client will automatically take you to the official Avira page for the upgrade process.

That page should mention the encryption that Avira uses on its client.

We found out that it only mentioned the type of cipher Avira used:

AES 256-bit.

Other than that, we couldn’t find anything else.

You can sign up for the one-month, or any other, subscription plan.

As mentioned before, you can use PayPal for the payment bit.

Expect the payment process finish very quickly and easily.

Once you are done with the payment process, the app will automatically flip over to the Pro version.

You don’t even need to sign in again or provide a password.

Avira will do everything automatically.

You will also receive a confirmation email.

This email will give you link to the software application which you can use to get the client if you hadn’t already downloaded it for the free version.

We found that once you upgrade to the Pro version the app will automatically unlock advanced features such as the Kill Switch.

Our research shows that there are no other major changes to the client once you sign up for the Pro plan.

You will lose the data cap and will have access to the Kill Switch feature.

And that is pretty much it.


You can always go to sites like Security Gladiators Speed Test Tool and to check the speed of your VPN service provider.

So let’s get to the results here.

Our research showed that Avira Phantom VPN doesn’t slow down your internet connection that much.

It has fast VPN servers.

Especially in places such as Netherlands and Britain.

Our research for this Avira Phantom VPN review also showed that the US server did not perform as well as the one in Britain and/or Netherlands.

That’s probably because more people would be using the US VPN server.

Hence, it would have more stress.

And the more stress, the slower a VPN server is.

What About DNS Leaks?

You can go to sites like to test if Avira Phantom VPN protects you against DNS leaks.

Our research showed that it protects you against DNS leaks without any major issues.

Expect the same change IP address to handle all your DNS requests.

Avira Phantom VPN client also protects users against Web Real-Time Communication or WebRTC leaks.


Avira Phantom VPN supports all major platforms but Linux.

You can download the Android version by following the appropriate links on the official website.

Our research shows that the Android version is very similar to the Windows version.

Both have the same features as well.

And both work smoothly enough.

You will have to work hard to find any difference between the two apps.

Minimum PC, Linux, iOS, Android requirements to use Avira Phantom VPN.


Windows 7 or Later


Android 4.0.0 or later


iOS 8 or later


Mac OS X 10.10 (the version called Yosemite) or Later

Apart from that, you should know that Avira Phantom VPN doesn’t work with flashed routers.

But it may in the future.

Avira Phantom VPN: Conclusion


  • The free version comes with 500mb data cap per month
  • Avira requires no information from users who want to use its free service
  • Cheap
  • Intuitive to use
  • DNS leak protection
  • Auto-connect feature
  • Kill Switch
  • Many server locations
  • Works with BBC iPlayer
  • Money-back guarantee of 30 days


  • Is based in two countries. One of them is the US.
  • Doesn’t support Linux
  • Doesn’t work with US Netflix
  • Take a good amount of time to connect
  • The privacy policy isn’t great.
  • No encryption options
  • A few slow VPN servers

Bottom Line

Avira is a huge and a well-respected security company.

Hence it has the resources to offer users a lot.

Avira Phantom VPN offers fast VPN servers and a solid VPN experience.

The fact that you don’t need to give Avira any information to use its free VPN service is great.

If we are talking about free VPN services, then the free version of Avira Phantom VPN is probably the best.

To get the best bang for your buck and still get a well-rounded VPN package, go with Prime.

Avira is also good if you want to unblock content on the web and want to hide your online data from agencies such as,

  • The government
  • Your internet service provider

The only problem with Avira Phantom VPN is that Avira has the same privacy policy for all its products.

And its privacy policy exposes user data to situations where entities can misuse it.

Officially though, Avira keep a minimum amount of logs.

And it doesn’t time-stamp them.

It also doesn’t link the data to any single IP address.

On the face of it, Avira Phantom VPN offers all the privacy that you are likely to get from an average VPN service provider.

If you want a transparent privacy policy and US Netflix then look for another VPN service provider.

Avira Phantom VPN
3.3 / 10 Overall Rating by Author
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Highlighted Pros
  • has a free version
  • no information needed for the free version
  • reasonably cheap
  • intuitive to use
  • provides DNS leak protection
Highlighted Cons
  • US-based for people living in Canada and the US
  • no Linux support
  • doesn't work with US Netflix
  • Slow to connect
Review Summary
Avira Phantom VPN is a VPN product that comes from the internationally acclaimed security company Avira. You can purchase it as a stand-alone service or as a part of the full package called Avira Prime. This VPN service has a bad privacy policy hence not good enough if you want to protect your privacy. However, it does have reasonable VPN server speeds and generally passes the security test.
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