Best Torrent Search Engines to Use in 2023

These are the torrent search engines everyone should know about.

The internet is an evolving place.

It is a place where the rate of change is astronomical compared to the lowly real life that we’re all used to.

But even in this fast-paced online world, the one activity that keeps changing the fastest is torrenting.

Let’s just say that torrenting or rather the art of torrenting has changed drastically in the last couple of years.

Each and every single day you will hear about law enforcement agencies taking down torrent sites.

Simultaneously, you will also hear about new torrent sites popping up all the time.

All you have to do is find the right subreddit community for the latest information.

There are other times when a site is able to weather the storm by completely revamping its interface and metamorph into something completely different.

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The best example of this is TorrentFreak that started out as a site offering torrent files to users but then a couple of lawsuits later rebranded itself as a torrent news site.

Of course, not every torrent site takes the same path.

Some torrent sites uploaded their digital infrastructure under a completely different name.

You might have heard about popular torrent sites like Kickass Torrents and Torrentz2 no longer available to online consumers in their original/real form.

At least not anymore.


With that said, the torrent community does offer users plenty of clones that offer pretty much the same user experience.

What we mean to tell you here is that torrent sites are ephemeral.

They disappear very quickly if they do not know what they are doing.

One day you are calm knowing that all the files that you could ever need are safely uploaded to a torrent site and the next day you are close to having a panic attack knowing that the site you trusted will go out of existence in a couple of days.

That is the reason why we have compiled a complete list of only the best torrent search engines.

You can rest assured that all these search engines work.

In this guide, we will also discuss a little bit about the best torrent search engines that you are currently making use of.

Apart from that, we will also talk a little bit about some fake ones.

Let’s go.

List of best torrent search engines in 2021

We have already mentioned that if you want to torrent successfully then you will need to know the nature of torrent sites and that is, they are prone to legal takedowns among many other things.

And no.

Just because your favorite torrent site says it is indestructible doesn’t mean it is.

A website may work perfectly well for you today but you never know how it is going to work tomorrow.

You don’t need to worry though since we have you covered.

In the list below, we have mentioned all the good torrent meta-search websites.

These work pretty flawlessly as far as we could tell.

We have worked hard coming up with this list to take as much benefit from it as possible.

Before you begin though, we would like to mention that you should always make use of a VPN service with any torrenting application or website. 

That is the best for your online privacy and safety. 

For torrenting, click here to read more about the best VPNs for torrents. 

And stay safe out there. 



How can we possibly leave this one out?

The is perhaps the world’s most known torrent search engine.

In fact, as far as BitTorrent search engines go, there is hardly anything better out there.

There is a good chance that you might already have come across this search engine.

So why is it placed at number one here at Security Gladiators?

Well, the reason is very simple.

Torrentz2 has got a lot of experience.

In reality, Torrentz2 actually represents Torrentz website that got shut down a couple of years ago.

Torrentz2 is its successor.

We know that because torrentz2 makes use of the same content repository as the torrentz official website.

Moreover, both sites have the same kind of look.

They even feel the same.

Of course, you have to ignore the 2 that is in front of

Our research shows that Torrentz2 currently indexes well over 60 million torrent files.

Those torrent files may be present on close to thousands of different sites for torrents around the world but you have the opportunity to access everything from a single user interface.

We hope we do not have to say this any other way that if you are searching for good torrents and lots of them then you need to try out before anything else.

On that note, we should also mention that Torrentz2 does have this tendency to just shut down and go offline frequently.

Hence, if you are unable to access the site, instead of throwing a tantrum, you should try one of the many listed Torrentz2 proxy services.


At second place we have Xtorx.

And for good reason.

This torrent search engine,, is a bit of an unknown in the torrenting world.

And we do not know why that is the case since it is good enough.

At least good enough for people who download from Torrentz2 but want another alternative just in case.

In other words, it is worth checking out.

Our research shows that the site has a very clean interface.

Not only that, but thankfully, the site does not make use of intrusive advertisements.


You will not see any advertisements that bother you on any page on the website.

All that you have to bear with is a logo for xtorx.


There is a search bar on the home page along with two or three sharing buttons.

And that is how it should be.

We should add though that just because the website has a clean and minimalistic user interface doesn’t mean that it doesn’t offer good torrents or other advanced options that some other torrent search engines offer.

In contrast to the simplicity of its user interface, the search engine is itself very complex and powerful.

With that said, we will mention though that Xtorx is missing a very important feature in the form of filters.

More specifically, there are no filters.

If you can ignore the fact that Xtorx does not offer any filtering options then this is one of the most capable torrent search engines after Torrentz.


You can access this torrent search engine by first going to

Do not just leave the site at first glance.

Many readers feel that the website is indeed a little appalling to look at in the beginning.

However, if you just show some patience and try to dive right into what the torrent search engine has to offer, you will find that it has a lot of things that will not only amaze you but also surprise you.

Veoble is very accurate when it comes to finding files and folders for the end-user.

As we have mentioned before, the user interface of Veoble torrent search engine is no way near eye-catching.

In fact, if you give it enough thought it does look like that old-looking retro Google search engine page back when the company first came onto the scene.

Keeping user interfaces aside, the Veoble torrent search engine is not only powerful but also consistent.

Last time we checked, this torrent search engine indexed hundreds of different torrent sites and also offered users an advanced filtering feature.

There is not a lot more that you can ask of a torrent search engine.


We will be the first ones to admit that this torrent search engine’s name is quite a mouthful.

In case it was not clear enough already, we need you to go to in order to use this search engine.

Our research shows that this is one of the more popular and reliable torrents Metasearch engines.

If you compare the design of this torrent search engine to what’s out there in the market you will come to know that it is well done and possibly perfect for web browsing.

With that out of the way, we would like to mention that Torrentz.Colorask has managed to index well over 500 different torrent websites.

If there is something you want to find and you cannot find it on any other torrent site then you need to search for it here on Torrentz.Colorask.

On the subject of finding good torrents, we should also mention that when you make use of this torrent search engine in order to search for a specific file and/or folder, pretty much all of the shown results which the service deems relevant to your search will pop-up right underneath your search.

You may not be able to tell it right now but trust us when we say that such a design choice is not only convenient, it is also smart.

Do you want to access this torrent search engine?


Just go to

It is not only one of the most favorite-D torrents search engines but it is also the most thorough one.

One of the reasons why this torrent search engine is trending so much these days is because it is able to penetrate Google search engine results pages very well.

Just try and search for any given torrent file and you will find that will appear on the first page of Google.

Our research shows that currently, has a minimalist and modern design.

However, it somehow manages to offer users a good amount of information on its homepage without overwhelming them.

To take an example, whenever you go to official website you will see that the homepage always has a graph which shows the current trending torrent files.

There are also charts for various different torrent categories along with other top torrent websites.

The information presented on the homepage if more or less comprehensive.

From an overall perspective, we feel that is not only perfect for people who want to find obscure stuff on the internet but it is also good for normal users who just want an easy time finding stuff on the internet.

BTDB  (no longer online)

Go to if you want to search on a torrent search engine which is as low key as they come.

Formerly, this torrent search engine went by the name of BitTorrent search engine.

The design is, again, fairly simple and the homepage only bothers to show the user a search bar.

With that out of the way, we would like to mention that you will find it an absolute pleasure to make use of BTDB.

Our research shows that it has successfully added a ton of torrent sites.

Not only that but it also provides users with some pretty handy filtering functions.

If you wanted more from BTDB then know that it makes use of the search function in order to specifically filter your results according to,

  • Ratings
  • Date of upload
  • Size
  •  Relevancy

Isn’t that great or what?

Let’s move on.

What should I do if I have a Mac?

Well, for you we have a list of the best torrent search engines for Mac users in 2021.

The first thing you should understand here is that searching for and downloading torrent files on a machine that is running macOS is pretty much the same as it is for any other given device or operating system.

Generally speaking, there are two things that you need to take care of before you can start downloading torrents successfully on your machine.

First, you need to find a good torrent website.

Then you need a good search engine for your torrent files.

At this point, a lot of our readers would wonder why can’t they just go to Google, the search engine, and then search for their torrent files there?

Well, the answer is simple.

Google is not good for torrent files.

If you go to Google right now and search for a torrent file, you will come to know that it ranks plenty of sites which are, at best, sketchy.

These websites are not only malicious, they are also useless.

They usually try to spam you with garbage content.

Now, you might not mind getting dirty from time to time but here your computer machine is at risk.

Each and every time you try to download something from a less than reputable site you are putting the integrity and security of your machine at risk.

The fortunate thing here is that there are a good number of reliable torrent solutions.

Using these solutions, Mac users can rest assured that they can download torrents safely just as Windows users do.

With that said, keep in mind that for the macOS platform one torrent file search client has cut itself above the rest.

The name of the client is Folx.

What is Folx?

As indicated just now, Folx is a torrent client.

It comes with torrent downloader search as a built-in feature.

Users on the macOS platform can make use of this torrent client in order to perform two tasks with the help of a single application.

Not only that but Folx also comes with a bonus feature which enables users to download full YouTube videos as well.

So what are your options apart from Folx if you are on the macOS platform?

Our research shows that the best Torrent client on the macOS platform are as follows.



We did not misspell Google there.

The name of the torrent site really is Toorgle.

If you want to access this site you will have to go to

In our experience, Toorgle is one of the most visited torrent search engines.

Do take note that Toorgle, as a site, does not host any torrent files.

Instead of doing that what it does is that it makes use of the user’s search query and then matches the query with 450 + popular torrent sites.

It keeps on doing that unless it has found a good match.

We have also come to know that the site has actually optimized its search mechanism so that any user who makes use of the search function is always able to get relevant results back.

And that’s not all.

Toorgle is working hard and expanding every single day.

We think that in a couple of years time it may give a tough time to the likes of Torrentz2 and others for the top spot in our torrent search engines rankings.

Aio Search

To get to this torrent search engine you need to go to

Formerly, this site went by the name of

Our research shows that this torrent search engine offers users a customized torrent search criteria.

Not only that, users also have the option of searching for torrent files by specifying the exact sites that they want to get their search results from.

There are checkboxes available for that and users can simply tick the ones that they want to search.

Such a feature also enables users to get their files from that torrent sites that they like.

Aio Search currently lists well over 100 websites for users to search on.

Torrent Searcher

Log on to in order to access an old torrent search engine site that has over a decade worth of experience in the industry.

The name might have given it away but it never hurts to state the obvious and that is:

This site has an affiliation with herokuapp.

Our research shows that it gets a decent level of traffic regularly.

Torrentsearcher offers users a fairly simple user interface.

This torrent search engine does a decent job of offer explanation for some torrenting terminologies.

There is also a search bar near the top of the screen which helps users with search functions.


Another powerful and robust search engine that we would like to mention here is TorrentSeeker.

You can access it by going to

Currently, TorrentSeeker tries to set itself apart from other torrent search engines in the sense that makes use of Google in order to siphon torrents from over a hundred different torrent search engines.

Despite the fact that the search engine is very powerful, new users should not find it hard to operate and benefit from.

In fact, the entire user interface just feels to easy to use and top-notch.

With that said, it is also true that in its attempt to offer users a pleasant experience, it makes the results page a bit too jumbled for the average user to understand what is going on quickly.


Now, we should mention this right now that just because this torrent search engine has the number 1 as a prefix, this torrent search engine is definitely not the best in the world.

Not by a long shot.

But it is worth a go though.
To do that you need to go to (not available anymore)

The reason why we feel you need to check this site out is that, firstly, it is free, and secondly users have the option of downloading pretty much any type of content that they can imagine.

We feel that 01Torrent makes it very easy for people to find stuff they are looking for whether it may be related to,

  • Video games
  • Books
  • Audio content
  • Movies
  • Software
  • Other animation

Perhaps the best feature is that users do not even need to register to use the website.


These are just some of the lesser-known torrent search engines that we feel our readers should try out at least once to appreciate how far the torrenting community has come.

Zohair A. Zohair is currently a content crafter at Security Gladiators and has been involved in the technology industry for more than a decade. He is an engineer by training and, naturally, likes to help people solve their tech related problems. When he is not writing, he can usually be found practicing his free-kicks in the ground beside his house.
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