Don’t Sign Up For OneVPN Before Reading This Review

Hang on a second before you believe everything a VPN’s official site tells you

Unlike many other VPN services out there in the market, OneVPN is a relatively new VPN service provider.

OneVPN has tried quite a number of way to gain a foothold in the overflowing VPN service market. If you just head over to OneVPN’s official website, the VPN service provider unabashedly states that OneVPN VPN service provider is the world’s fastest VPN service provider.

Of course, we already know that most VPN service, if not all, claim that their service, and not anyone else’s, is the fastest VPN service of them all.

But we’ll give OneVPN a decent chance to prove what it claims to be true. In the process, we’ll also try to stack OneVPN against some of the other premium VPN service providers out in the market such as IPVanish and ExpressVPN.

Perhaps, it should be mentioned from the start that OneVPN was nothing to talk about when the VPNs service provider first launched its VPN services in the market. We’ll get to the problems it had in a bit, but for now you should know that OneVPN, since the company’s launch, has improved itself by leaps and bounds.

It has filled some, not all, of the glaring gaps in its VPN service and has also worked hard to actually improve itself. As a result of those efforts, users have reported that OneVPN has definitely done well to enhance its reputation in the tough market of VPN service provider and has smoothened out most of the rough edges.

Potential new users can now sign up for OneVPN service by just using a name and an email address. Of course, that is exactly the same kind of information that virtually every other online service requires of its prospective users.

Note: According to our tests, this VPN provider is not at the same standard as the industry leader IPVanish.

OneVPN Price


Let’s get to the money matters in the beginning because, hey, if you can’t afford a VPN service in the first place then there is little point in talking about the service at length.

So, first off, if you sign up for a single month of OneVPN service, that will set you back around $7.95.

If you commit to the VPN service for a little longer, say six months, then you’ll only have to pay around 4.99 per month.

There is a special Halloween offer on OneVPN’s service at the time of writing but that probably would expire by the time you read this post. Though, if you want to take advantage of it then it is probably the cheapest VPN service we have ever seen in the VPN service provider market.

As of this moment, if you sign up with OneVPN service for a period of 4 years then you’ll only have to pay a paltry $0.9 per month which is a staggeringly low price for any VPN service provider.

OneVPN Features


First and foremost, you should know, that OneVPN does not develop its own client-side software application.

Instead, OneVPN requires the end user to actually download an open-source OpenConnect software application and then install that application package on their computer machines.

Not the most comfortable of starts but we’ll let this one slide as well.

OneVPN allows users to set up a PPTP connection with the help of their specific device’s built-in VPN settings, manually.

If that sounded a bit too complicated for you then there is still some good news. As indicated before, OneVPN also offers users to use another OpenVPN application that is compatible with OneVPN service.

And since OneVPN does not have its own application, some basic features like,

  • DNS leak protection
  • A kill switch which shuts down all internet connections
  • Security customization options
  • Speed measuring tests
  • Connection protocols

among many others are, sadly missing. But coming back to our OpenVPN application issue.

Of course, OpenConnect is not the best of options when it comes to intuitiveness as far as a new entrant to the VPN business is concerned. Novice users who have never used a VPN service before are likely to get put off by such technical steps in the initial set up phase.

The process of setting up the OneVPn service is fairly complicated since users will often have to input server domains, install client side certificates and then set passwords.

If that wasn’t enough for you already then there is more bad news. OneVPN’s official website doesn’t even have a fully functional tutorial on how to set up the VPN service on user’s computer machine.

Some users reported to have experienced a lot of problems in troubleshooting issues that arose because of the incomplete tutorials on the VPN service’s official website.

Then there is also the problem of configuration files and certificates being stored in a compressed .rar format, which is always annoying if not outright irritating.

In other words, you’ll need to have a third-party unrar software installed on your computer machine in order to execute these rar files. You can do that by installing an application like WinRAR or 7zip on your machine if you want to unzip all the configuration files and certificates.

If you want to connect to more than single server, which of course you do, then you’ll have to set up a configuration process for each of the servers you want to connect to.

And hence, the task of setting up several servers has been made unnecessarily long and tedious.

We don’t know about users who have been using a VPN service for eons, but as far as beginner level users are concerned, the decision of recommending OpenConnect application over other standards which are more intuitive and easy to use, like OpenVPN-GUI, is a baffling one to say the least.

OpenVPN GUI is simple to set up in the sense that they only require a small download and a single server configuration file import. Of course, you will still need a separate configuration file for each of your servers but at least the process is more straightforward when compared to OpenConnect app.

Nevertheless, it shouldn’t take you long to add, one by one, all the servers that are made available on OneVPN service.

You might ask why is that? It is because OneVPN only has four of them. And that leads us to our next section.

OneVPN Servers


As you might have already guessed by now, OneVPN is far from being the best VPN service out there in the market in terms of the number or variety of the servers it has rented or purchased for the purpose of runnings its VPN service.

At the current moment in time, OneVPN does not have a single server located in the United States of America or the United Kingdom.

OneVPN offers new users, and probably old ones too, servers that are located in place such as,

  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • Netherlands
  • France

What does that mean as far as the end-user is concerned?

Well, for starters, it means that you won’t have an awfully great amount of variety in terms of different available VPN servers.

Secondly, if you signed up for a VPN service for the sole purpose of unblocking locked content on different sites, then you’re sure to be disappointed.

In other words, you won’t be able to view that is the UK or the US restricted. We’re talking about you not being able to access the US version of Netflix, YouTube or even BBC iPlayer.

However, there are other VPN services which do allow users to view the United States version of Netflix. We won’t go into too many details about Netflix here, but you should know that the United States version of Netflix is the vastest and the most entertaining version of Netflix available anywhere in the world.

As mentioned earlier, OneVPN doesn’t develop its own software application. That puts OneVPN at a severe disadvantage against its competitors since OneVPN is unable to support a lot of features that are considered standard ones in the VPN industry.

The inability to unblock US version of Netflix is one of them.

Update: We have been informed that OneVPN indeed has increased the number of countries in which the VPN service offers VPN servers. The number is now up to 18. That is a massive increase from the company’s initial four.

Now, the VPN server countries offered include the likes of United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Users who like to engage in P2P transfers along with torrent transfers are likely to go for Netherland based servers for the simple reason that torrenting is not considered illegal in that country.

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OneVPN Installation and Interface

The Windows version of the VPN service app comes in the form of an executable file that has been compressed to a zip folder. This folder required administrative privileges to extract and execute.

Comparitech, reported that the app for OneVPN failed to work at all. As indicated earlier, OneVPN requires users to install OpenVPN app separately from the main application. But it was revealed that even once the users follow these instructions, the OneVPN app failed to locate the installed OpenVPN app on the system.

Trying the other method of L2TP didn’t return any favorable results either. If the app had even connected to any of its servers, we would have probably given OneVPN another pass because it is really hard for a newcomer in the VPN industry to make a name for itself.

Of course, you have the other options of not using OpenConnect app on your Windows and instead, opt for using OpenVPN GUI app.

If you go to OneVPN’s official website, you should be able to navigate to the site’s knowledge base section. There you can easily find the configuration files, which are downloadable, and then import those into the OpenVPN GUI app.

Configuration files for other protocols such as TCP and UDP are also available for those willing to dig a little deeper.

Readers should also know that generally speaking, a TCP configuration is always more reliable than a UDP one, but the UDP protocol always outranks TCP in terms of speed.

As far as the iOS setup of the app is concerned, it requires some more manual work. And that too, through the use of a third-party software application.

We recommend that you use AnyConnect if you want to install OneVPN service on your iOS machine.

But since, according to the latest reports, over 70 percent of online users in America are going to access the internet through smartphones, OneVPN is able to make up for its lack of effort on other platforms with a complete app for the Android mobile operating system.

Though it’s another fact that the Android app on Google Play store gave a 404 page not found error in the past, the page seems to be fixed now.

Our experience with OneVPN set up tells us that a new user is likely to spend around 45-60 minutes setting up the VPN app using manual configuration. Users who have had experience with setting up a VPN app before are likely to get through the process in less than 20 minutes.

As mentioned earlier, you can find tutorials on how to set up the application on platforms such as Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android and Linux in the knowledge base section on the official OneVPN website.

We can’t stop but repeating the fact that all platforms will require you to manually set up the application for every single VPN server.

Needless to say, the lack of well-developed apps hurts OneVPN’s case as a strong contender in the VPN industry in terms of user friendliness or functionality.

OneVPN Compatibility

Perhaps this is a good time to mention that OneVPN does offer software application that are in their beta stages for platforms such as Windows and mac OSX.

OneVPN Speed

Our tests showed that OneVPN’s claim of being the fastest VPN service provider of the universe is, to say the least, a gross hyperbole.

But, for the service’s sake, it is trying hard to improve its product. The latest round of improvements has ensured that OneVPN, now, outranks the likes of Buffered VPN and TigerVPN in terms of speed and download time.

OneVPN Protocols

OneVPN offers PPTP and OpenVPN protocols. As we have already mentioned earlier in the article that we suggest you should always go with OpenVPN protocol since the PPTP one has some serious security flaws even though it has been developed on the most advanced operating system.

As far as OpenVPN is concerned, this protocol has a 128-bit AES algorithm encryption by default. For ninety percent of online users, that is more than enough protection.

If you read up a little on OneVPN’s privacy policy, then you’ll know that the VPN service has made some serious efforts there because in the beginning it simply didn’t exist.

Now, the privacy policy clearly states (albeit in a mere eight sentences) that OneVPN does not keep any activity logs. It also states that the VPN service does keep a record of session logs.

Sessions logs can prove to be useful when trying to catch users who have engaged in hacking or other scamming activities.

Users who like to torrent are safe though.

OneVPN makes use of shared IP addresses but no one should be surprised to learn this fact since most VPN services offer the same kind of IP addresses nowadays.

Shared IP addresses enable users to have an extra layer of anonymity since shared IP addresses aren’t easy to track back to a specific user.

OneVPN is a Hong Kong based VPN service so that puts users in a sweet spot between having enough privacy and regular checks by authorities.

OneVPN Customer Service

If there is one thing OneVPN can boast about, it is the fact that the VPN service offers 24/7 live chat support on its official website.

Though OneVPN could do better with regards to its overall site content. The only page where you’re likely to see any amount of text apart from the signup page is the knowledge base one.

The knowledge base page is packed with tutorials that teach new users how to set up the VPN service on each compatible operating system either desktop or mobile.

Moreover, the fact that the website is ad-free gives it another mark of being a legitimate VPN service.

Should You Buy OneVPN Service?

There is no doubt about the fact that OneVPN still needs a lot of effort. First of all, the company should hire some decent developers to flesh out its apps.

And though the overall speed of the VPN service has improved, it still needs to do more in helping users get accustomed to its apps’ user interface and setup tutorials.

If you are serious about getting the best value for money VPN then you should check out IPVanish. They are our top ranked VPN provider. Read the IPVanish Review here.
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  1. very poor service, most of the VPN servers are always down. OneVPN’s support is always offline as you can see on their website. and no reply on emails so cant get any help. and on the support page in knowledge-base section, which ever link you click, it returns in “404 not found”..

    fake claims of 24/7 support as support is not available for even a single minute,, you cant even ask for a refund after purchase as there is no way to contact them,, Please stay away from them

  2. onevpn’s website ( can’t open for 2 days. Dont know what is happening. They already had no customer support for around a month as the live chat was always offline and they did not reply on emails but now, the website is offline itself. Any idea where they went after selling too many annual, lifetime and other accounts? If you have paid for a onevpn acount, just keep regretting now bcoz you have been fooled..

  3. Service is down since months. Support is not reachable. But they probably still take money. Preferably long-term subscriptions. Most probably an exit-scam going on (read other comments). I recommend to not trust them in any way. Their website was incorrectly configured for several _days_. Most probably giving away private information. Was a bad choice anyway. You get what you pay for. Will look for a more trusted (and more expensive) service now. Fool me once..

  4. completely unusable. no any server of onevpn connects. they are only interested in making money and no one to help you out. Apps are faulty, actually useless, and servers neither connect through App nor manually.
    i wonder how this scam is happening so openly on internet?

    • Thank you for the comment Martin,
      We’re sorry that you had such a terrible experience with OneVPN.
      Have you tried contacting their customer support with your problems?
      Are you still within your money back guarantee period?
      Check to make sure that you don’t qualify for these facilities, otherwise you should ask for your money back.

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