5 Best Free OpenVPN Service Providers

We’ll need to solve one general misconception first. OpenVPN is truly Open Sourced, but this doesn’t mean that it’s free. This means that you don’t need to pay for software, but you will need to pay for subscription plans that will get you server access.

What Are VPN Protocols?

There are different types of VPN protocols besides the OpenVPN. VPN protocols are often riffed to as tunneling protocols. This process allows the process of encryption to happen. When you’re choosing your VPN provider it’s important to know what type of encryption it uses, but it’s more important to know what are the protocols that stand behind it.

VPN Protocols are important because they increase or decrease the speed of your internet connection while you’re using VPN services. The most used VPN protocols are: PPTP stands for Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, L2TP stands for Layer Two Tunneling Protocol, SSTP stands for Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol and OpenVPN stands for Open Sourced tunneling protocol.

What is OpenVPN?

OpenVPN is consisted out of double authentication processes. The one process is focused on the data that goes from your computer to the VPN server and the second process is mainly focused on the data flow that you receive from the VPN server. This results with a more quality security of your device.

When the authentication process finishes, the encryption process starts. OpenVPN uses symmetric encryption that can be 128 bit, 256 bit or even 448 bit. This is the value of the length of the key. The longer the key, the secure the connection is.

Benefits Of Using OpenVPN

OpenVPN services are perfect for technical users because this protocols can be recognized when other types of protocols fail to be recognized. It will not decrease the speed of your internet connection or it will have insignificant impact. Reason for this are the high levels of security and very efficient encryption. OpenVPNs are mainly used to avoid internet censorship in countries like China or Iran. The only problem is that you need to install software in order to use free OpenVPN services and they are usually not available for mobile device platforms.

If you end up using a free VPN then do yourself a favor and make sure to test it with our custom-built Security Gladiators VPN Leak Test Tool. The tool will test your VPN to make sure it isn’t leaking any sensitive information that can let people trace you and your identity.

5 Free OpenVPN Solutions


The good thing about VPNbook is that it’s free of course and it doesn’t require installation of huge software that will affect your computer’s performance. The performance and the security that it provides are very good for a free OpenVPN platform. It is one of the rare systems of its type that can run on modern operating systems and smartphones. Although it doesn’t have huge installation files, the process itself can be complicated for novice users. The company also doesn’t state the type of encryption they use. Another problem is the small choice between geographical locations.


FreeVPN.me is backed up by individuals which are highly experienced in the networking industry. That’s why it is one of the most customer orientated free OpenVPN platforms out there. Their OpenVPN supports Windows operating systems, Android and Linux. Their OpenVPN service provides unlimited bandwidth, no login information required and the best of all you can also download torrents. In order to keep their services totally free the company is seeking donations that can be as low as $1 and you can also pay in bitcoins.


CyberGhost is a reliable solution, when it comes to free OpenVPN services available within your reach. It offers a free subscription aiming at protecting a single device with AES 256-bit encryption and featuring OpenVPN as the security certificate suitable for Windows, Mac and Android. 58 servers can help you out towards shielding your anonymity from 15 countries. Of course, the premium subscriptions provide even more appealing features for you to enjoy. The OpenVPN free service is super easy to install and this simplicity does not compromise quality standards at all.


Moving forward, SecurityKiss is a great option for ensuring free VPN services with the state-of-the-art technology of OpenVPN certificate. The free service provides servers from the UK and the US, France and Germany. Apparently, the IP addresses are limited to just 5 to 10 and with overall data up to 300MB per day. Unlimited switching is available to the users, which can come in really handy. What is more, all platforms are supported (Windows 8 as well!). Exclusive and Octopus tunnelling are also included, which are qualitative features.


Last but definitely not least, VPNMe.me concludes our list of the free OpenVPN services available online. This is a really fast functioning VPN, which allows you to mask your IP with servers from the US. Strong encryption of premium quality is enabled at AES 256-bit, which is advanced. You need to install the free OpenVPN client, in order for you to enjoy its features. Fortunately, all types of devices, platforms and OS are supported. Without any hidden fees and with a promising increase in the overall servers available by VPNMe.me, there is certainly a lot to look forward to.

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HideMyAss VPN

Besides OpenVPN this provider also has PPTP, L2TP and IPsec protocols available for use. This means that they are highly experienced in the fields and you will not see any problems with their platform. The only setback is that they will decrease your internet connection more than other companies in the field. The price of HideMyAss pro VPN starts from $11.85 per month and you get discounts depending on the time period of your subscription. The service has servers in more than 35 countries.

Express VPN

This is a company based in the US, so it may apply some local laws thus limiting your freedom of usage of their services. The good thing is that the OpenVPN that they provide will not affect your connection speed at all. It has a big price tag on it, but it will be worth your money. The ExpressVPN monthly plan is worth $12.95 and you can receive time connected discounts. One of the most user orientated OpenVPN providers out there with a 24/7 customer support.


This is a clear customer’s favorite because they have more than 10,000 loyal customers from around the globe. Reason for this is that they are cheaper than most of their competitors with a price tag of $9.95 per month. At the same time they offer the best OpenVPN services that will slow down your internet connection by only 5% in total. PureVPN OpenVPN software is very easy to install and you will have no problems with understanding it.


OpenVPN is the way of tomorrow and it will take the place of the other types of protocols for sure. The positive side about this protocol is that it doesn’t affect the internet speed that much and it provides greater security while using longer encryption key. We’re sure that some of you have tried the OpenVPN service from some of these providers. Your personal experience will be invaluable for us and our other readers that are currently searching for the right OpenVPN provider for them. We can continue the discussion in the comments section.

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