What Is the Difference Between ESPN and ESPN+?

The main difference between ESPN (the app or channel) and ESPN+ (the subscription service) is exclusivity. The ESPN app is free and offers ESPN content to anyone with a computer, an internet connection and a zip code in the right service area. ESPN+, on the other hand, is really an extension of the ESPN app in the sense that it offers premium content that isn’t available to other users. 

Back in 2019, the former WatchESPN app was replaced by a newly designed ESPN app. If you want access to ESPN video clips, trending videos, match highlights and news/analysis, then the ESPN app is the place to be.
An image featuring the ESPN logo versus the ESPN+ logo comparing the two of them with the Security Gladiators background

Keep in mind that even though the ESPN app is free, you still need a supporting internet or cable service provider or TV to stream content live via ESPN networks. 

Let’s take a look at a comparison table to further differentiate the two services. 

ESPN (the app)ESPN+
FreeCosts $5.99 per month
Coverage available to everyoneCoverage available only to subscribers
Standard ESPN app contentExclusive content including stories and on-demand videos
Requires participating cable or internet service providerAvailable to anyone with an ESPN+ subscription
Doesn’t offer premium live games and matchesDoesn’t offer premium live games and matches
No access to other ESPN channelsNo access to other ESPN channels
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